Ten Things to Love About Rural Living

After living for a long time in urban and suburban environments, I am now living a rural lifestyle.

Is this for everybody?

Maybe not.

But I sure do enjoy living 52 weeks a year in a place where I used to vacation for 2 weeks a year.

Here are some of the top reasons why I love rural living.

1. I don’t have to spend 10% of each day commuting. For years I did it in the morning, and then I did it at night, and I repeated the cycle five days a week. What a waste of time, energy, and emotional well-being. Nowadays,  my vehicle of choice is a tractor and there’s hardly any traffic!

2.  I am happy when I wake up. I don’t dread a new day. Each day is a new one full of adventure, projects and challenges. The old routine called the “daily grind” is history.

3.  I live in a safe environment. I leave my keys in my truck. My house is unlocked. My dogs are the best doorbell I’ve ever had!

4.  I know the history of much of my food nowadays. No more worry about food scares and where my food is coming from. My food doesn’t have unknown additives, hormones, enhancers, and other stuff that just isn’t good for you. I will live a longer life than if I had stayed in the city. My food has flavor, too.  Just try one of my tomatoes and compare it to one from a supermarket. Mine has flavor…

5.  Things are growing all around me. I am surrounded by real life—living things. I can look at my garden and watch my own livestock from my kitchen window. On my way into town one day, I saw literally hundreds of deer and wild turkeys. I really enjoy watching the eagles soaring above me as I work on my property.

6.  My kids are learning about life. They know where their food is coming from, and they are responsible for some of that. They are able to follow their desires and passions, whether it is growing food, flowers, or animals. Their world is unlimited. They run around and play and I don’t have to worry. They have become much more self-sufficient and confident. They are no longer addicted to the DS, text messaging, or video games.

7.  My family is somewhat protected from potential issues in the future. All is not well in the economic, political and global environments. Unemployment, home foreclosures, civil unrest… are things really getting better?  No. The civil consequences of all of this will be hitting the urban areas much more than the rural areas.

8.  I can be out hunting in five minutes. I can be catching a fish in thirty minutes. Couldn’t do that in my suburban neighborhood.

9.  I know my neighbors. They are ready to help me with a phone call and when we pass on the road, they always make time to stop and say hello. In my last neighborhood, I barely knew or even saw my neighbors.

And the top reason I love rural living:

10.  My family lives here too!


This is a compilation of several people’s favorite things about rural living.

What are some of yours?


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