Maui chickens

Maui Chickens and Why There are So Many Chickens in Maui

Tourists in Maui spend much of their time and money searching for sea whales and turtles. However, one local species requires only a tiny bit of effort to spot. Which one, may you ask? The wild Maui chickens.  You will see Maui chickens everywhere, even in the densest areas of Maui. Why are there so many chickens in Maui? What kind of breed are Maui chickens? Let’s take a closer look. How did chickens get … Read more

silkie chicken

Silkie Chicken ~ Why These Fluffy Chickens are a Joy to Raise

Here’s what to know about adding a Silkie chicken to your flock. These friendly, small chickens are ideal for beginners and backyards. Silkies have luxurious plumage, which feels like silk or satin. Their notable characteristics include black meat, puffy feathers, and tufts on their heads. They look like fluffy chickens. Silkie hens were bred to be broody. This breed makes excellent mothers and can rear the offspring of other birds as well. You can raise … Read more

Swedish flower hen

Swedish Flower Hen ~ A Swoon-worthy Breed

The Swedish Flower Hen is a dual-purpose chicken. It is less common than other chicken breeds but in demand if you can find the chicks for sale. They are also called Blommehons. Their uniqueness comes from the fact that every single one of them looks different. When you see them together in a flock, each will have a variety of colors. Some have white-tipped feathers or whitish spots at the tips of their feathers. This … Read more

plymouth rock chicken

Plymouth Rock Chicken ~ Barred Rocks and Varieties Easy to Raise

A chicken with a striking black and white striped appearance, the Plymouth Rock chicken is one of the most historically popular chickens in the United States. These lovely chickens are friendly, easy to keep, and are good sources of both eggs and meat.  If you are looking for a cold hardy, healthy breed that could be considered dual purpose to add to your flock of chickens on your homestead, the Plymouth Rock is an excellent … Read more

ISA Brown

Isa Brown Chickens ~ What to Know about these Mighty Producers

A modern crossbreed of chickens, the ISA Brown is low maintenance and personable. It lays plenty of large dark brown eggs. These chickens, also called the Red Star, are adaptable, easy to raise, and relatively healthy. ISA Brown hens have a low feed-to-output ratio which means they have a high ROI. If you prefer brown eggs, they may be ideal for your homestead. ISA Browns are known worldwide as hardy chickens who lay lots of … Read more

Welsummer chicken

Welsummer Chicken ~ Chatty Birds with Lovely Brown Eggs

With a cordial, docile demeanor and lovely, gleaming plumage, the Welsummer chicken is one bird that will stand out for its good looks in your coop. However, there is more to this breed of chicken than meets the eye. Welsummers can also add value to your chicken flock by its egg laying and meat abilities. Learn if raising Welsummer hens and roosters is right for you and where you live. They do better in a … Read more

Jersey giant chicken

Jersey Giant Chicken ~ Dual-Purpose for Your Yard

The Jersey Giant chicken is the largest chicken breed in the world. With large bodies and good egg laying abilities, Jersey Giants can supply the meat and egg laying needs for your homestead. They aren’t a common breed. However, these gentle chickens make a good addition for hobby farmers looking for a dual purpose breed.  Jersey Giant hens lay up to 200 extra large eggs per year, making them very productive. If you are considering … Read more


Infectious Coryza ~ Keeping Your Flock Healthy

To keep your flock healthy and productive, knowing the signs of common illnesses is crucial. Coryza is one such illness of which chicken keepers should be aware. Infectious coryza is a serious bacterial disease that is contagious and can spread among chickens. It affects the upper respiratory tract. This sickness can be dangerous for very old chickens, chicks, and chickens who aren’t as healthy overall. It isn’t the end of the world for most in … Read more

muscovy duck

Muscovy Duck ~ Learn About Raising these Red-Faced Ducks

Good for meat, the Muscovy duck is also useful around a pond, cleaning up insects. Muscovy ducks are a popular domestic breed to raise in North America. They are usually kept as backyard or hobby animals, and sometimes as pets. They are friendly and not aggressive. They are highly adaptable and hardy. Muscovies are not considered to be productive layers. They lay between 40 – 80 white eggs each year. Hens will start laying around … Read more

can chickens eat tomatoes

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes ~ What to Know about Tomatoes

If you have a bit of excess garden produce, tomatoes going bad from the grocery store, or some kitchen scraps, you may have an idea. You may wonder, Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes? Yes, chickens can eat tomatoes. But chickens should not eat green, unripe tomatoes because of the solanine. I love giving my chickens fruits and veggies. I grow tomatoes in my garden, and sometimes the birds or insects get to them before I do. … Read more

Golden Laced Wyandotte

Golden Laced Wyandotte ~ The Supermodel of the Backyard Flock

A versatile, all-American breed with a friendly personality and nice egg laying abilities, a Golden Laced Wyandotte is an excellent choice for a backyard or small homestead flock. When you add in the fact that their plumage practically glows in the morning sunlight, you may write Golden Wyandottes at the top of the list of new breeds to try when you are choosing your spring chicks at the feed store. These birds are eye-catching with … Read more

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte ~ Dual Purpose with Flashy Good Looks

With eye-catching, unusual plumage, the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is a lovely chicken who has more going for it than just the fancy color pattern. These large birds have much to offer to the backyard hen keeper or someone who raises hens to sell eggs at the farmer’s market.  They are cold hardy, making them ideal for a steady supply of eggs in the colder months. If you are looking for a friendly chicken that … Read more

lavender chicken

Lavender Orpington ~ What to Know About These Beauties

The Lavender Orpington, also referred to as the Self-Blue Orpington, is a regal breed that’s a welcome addition to most homestead flocks. They have an easy-going temperament and lay approximately 200 eggs per year. Due to their extensive feathering, they are cold hardy. They do well free-range or confined. Its stunning plumage along with its many other outstanding characteristics makes Lavender Orpington chickens a popular choice for many homestead families. Keep reading to learn more about … Read more

Rouen duck

Rouen Duck ~ Hardy and Friendly Meat Breed

If you’re on the market for ducks to raise, the Rouen duck is an excellent choice. They are a large breed, well domesticated, offer delicious meat, and require little maintenance. In addition, they are excellent foragers, making them ideal for pest control. Rouen ducks are not great egg layers. They are usually kept and bred for their meat. Rouen meat is considered one of the two best types of duck meat available, known for its … Read more

black copper marans

Black Copper Marans – Gorgeous Eggs and Chickens

Black Copper Marans are a dual-purpose chicken breed. Their history, physical appearance, behaviors, meat production, and eggs contribute to their uniqueness and popularity. They are usually toward the middle of the pecking order so consider raising them with less aggressive breeds if raising them in a mixed flock. They are of French descent and are winter hardy. This breed is also called French Black Copper Marans. Hens will begin laying when they are 5 – … Read more

serama chicken

Serama Chicken ~ Reasons to Raise, How to Care For, Cost and More

Originating from Malaysia, the Serama chicken is a lovable breed that has sparked the interest of many in the western world. Their lovable nature and tiny size make desirable for chicken lovers.   Though their appearance may pull at your heartstrings, these little beauties can be quite costly. It’s the smallest chicken in the world and a true bantam breed. It’s important not to raise them in a mixed flock. Let’s take a look at some … Read more

Sapphire gem chicken

Sapphire Gem Chicken ~ Everything You Want in a Chicken

If you like to raise chickens that require minimal work, and you love fresh eggs, the Sapphire Gem chicken is for you. These medium-sized chickens have fun personalities and are great with kids. Sapphire Gem hens will lay nearly 300 large brown eggs a year. This makes them a good choice if you are wanting prolific layers. They are also fairly cold and heat tolerant. It’s a relatively new variety and can be difficult to … Read more

Why do roosters crow

Why Do Roosters Crow? 5 Reasons for Crowing

While rooster crowing might seem like nothing more than mindless noise to us, it plays a variety of important roles in mating, security, and more. Why do roosters crow? Let’s take a closer look, including how you can potentially limit any disturbance. If you keep roosters on your property, or live near someone who does, you’re likely quite familiar with the sound of their crowing. A rooster’s crow is often heard far and wide, and they … Read more

Indian Runner Ducks 2023

Indian Runner Ducks ~ Wonderful for Eggs and Insect Control

Indian runner ducks are known for their upright, slender bodies that resemble bowling pins. They resemble penguins more than any other duck breed, but they can run quickly. This domestic duck cannot fly. People usually raise them for their eggs rather than meat because they are lightweight ducks. Runner hens lay 300 or more eggs per year making them a great duck breed for eggs. They are active foragers making them ideal for insect extermination … Read more

Coturnix quail

Coturnix Quail ~ Why They Are Ideal to Raise

In my experience, Coturnix quail are not just delicious to eat, but they are also easy to raise, and they produce plenty of eggs and meat for you and your family. Coturnix quails are a smaller type of game bird. They are smaller than chickens or other fowl which makes them ideal for backyard farms. They are an excellent alternative poultry source. Mature in just six weeks, this makes them efficient in terms of producing … Read more