speckled sussex chicken

Speckled Sussex Chicken: A Chicken Breed for Meat and Eggs

Learn about the Speckled Sussex chicken and if it’s right for your hobby farm. They are a bit larger than other chicken breeds with  friendly personalities. In addition to being good egg layers and an excellent meat source, speckled Sussex chickens have an interesting appearance that makes them very popular among homesteaders. They have speckled white on their feathers which almost looks like snow. This breed has a single comb with five defined pointy ends. … Read more


Australorp: A Care Guide for Your Flock

Australorp sounds like a unique name for a chicken, but you’d be surprised at how common they are. You’ve even likely seen one, as they are a popular breed for homesteaders. They are hardy in cold as well as hot temperatures.  Also known as “egg-laying machines”, they are a beautiful chicken breed that quickly became the honorary national bird of Australia. This Australorp care guide explains the need-to-know information about these chickens. You’ll also learn … Read more

which duck breeds are best

Duck Breeds: Which Is Best for Egg Production, Meat or Pet?

There are many domestic duck breeds to consider if you want to raise backyard ducks. Learn which is best whether you want them for meat, eggs, to show, for breeding, or down. Many duck breeds are dual-purpose. Whether you are starting out homesteading or have a small farm, ducks make a good addition. If you plan to raise them for meat or a pet, you will still have the benefit of eggs. If you want … Read more

buff orpington

Buff Orpington Chicken Breed Guide for Beginners

The Buff Orpington is among the most popular chicken breeds. It is a large and attractive chicken known for its docility, quiet personality, and great temperament. It is also classified by the American Poultry Association (APA) as a heritage chicken. They naturally mate and have a long, productive outdoor lifespan of 5 – 7 years. Buff Orpingtons make an excellent addition to backyard chicken coops. History of the Buff Orpington When the “chicken fever” died … Read more

how long do fresh eggs last

How Long Do Fresh Eggs Last: Food Safety 101

Some common questions are, “How long do fresh eggs last?” and “Do you refrigerate fresh eggs?” This is because modern people in the USA live with several layers of separation between themselves and their food. Most modern food contains preservatives, so it’s difficult to know how long fresh foods, such as eggs, last.  We will answer these questions and more to ensure you eat healthy and fresh eggs all the time. What Are the Differences … Read more

turkey eggs

Turkey Eggs 101

Here’s what to know about turkey eggs. The domestic turkey is a large fowl native to North America and characterized by its blue and red head with a prominent snood and wattle. It is often rotund and considered a form of poultry. As domesticated birds, you would think people would eat more of their eggs. After all, people consume turkey meat. Many homesteaders raise turkeys from chicks. However, turkey eggs never seemed to catch on … Read more

silkie chicken

Silkie Chicken: Getting to Know the Breed

The Silkie chicken name is appropriate. This breed of chicken is characterized by luxurious plumage, which feels like silk or satin when pet. Silkies have notable characteristics, including black meat, fur-like feathers, and tufts on their heads. These chickens are bantams, and they lay small eggs. Silkie hens are excellent brooders as well. Many people choose to keep Silkie chickens as an ornamental fowl rather than a producer of eggs. In addition, because they are … Read more

incubating chicken eggs

Incubating Chicken Eggs: The Process and Requirements

Here’s what to know about incubating chicken eggs whether you are a beginner or have some experience. Perhaps your hens are non-broody or maybe you want to buy fertile eggs to incubate yourself. Eggs from non-broody chickens means that incubating eggs has sometimes become the duty of the farmer instead of the hen. Alternatively, you may have purchased eggs with the plan to incubate them yourself. Incubating Chicken Eggs in Four Steps If you raise … Read more

rhode island red

Rhode Island Red: Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking to be successful at breeding chickens, luck is definitely on your side with the Rhode Island Red. Compared to other bird breeds, this one doesn’t require much effort in the care department and is generally robust and healthy. These are the main traits that have made this chicken popular across the globe, even with the challenges of modern farming practice and modern industrial hens standing in the way. Of course, these aren’t … Read more

polish chicken

Polish Chicken: Facts You Need to Know

The Polish chicken has long been a favorite among eccentric owners of feathery fowl. It has a unique crest with feathers all around its head that makes a large tuft that can block its vision but makes it appealing and unique. They look like royalty. The Polish breed is an ornamental fowl. It is a great bird for showing but not usually chosen for egg production. It will not work as a meat bird because … Read more