best chicken feeder to prevent waste

Best Chicken Feeder to Prevent Waste 2020 Reviews

Last Updated on May 23rd, 2020If you’re thinking about keeping chickens, or maybe you already do keep chickens, it’s important to invest in the best chicken feeder to prevent waste. Chicken feed isn’t expensive, but it can quickly become a costly investment if it allows for a lot of waste or easy access for other animals. Pick your chicken feeder from our list below. This will ensure you’ll get the most out of your investment … Read more

best wire for chicken coop

Best Wire for Chicken Coops of 2020 Reviews

Last Updated on April 25th, 2020Best Wire for Chicken Coops – Setting up a chicken coop with a few chickens at home is a rewarding way to get your own supply of eggs as well as some fun and interesting pets that you can take care of. Chicken ownership isn’t a lifelong dream for everyone, but it is a practical way to obtain home-grown eggs without too much work.  When setting up a coop, you … Read more

best chicken egg incubator

Best Chicken Egg Incubators of 2020: Complete Review

Last Updated on June 3rd, 2020Best Chicken Egg Incubators – The chicken or the egg, which came first? Well, both answers seem to be off the mark, because it all starts with an incubator! Yes, the importance of this heated environment in the hatching process should never be underestimated. Modern-day incubators come in all shapes and sizes, and the abundance of options can be overwhelming at times. For that reason, we listed the best chicken … Read more

what to feed baby chickens after hatching

What to Feed Baby Chickens After Hatching: A Helpful Guide

Last Updated on June 3rd, 2020What to Feed Baby Chickens After Hatching – Much like any newborn, baby chickens require special attention, but especially when they’ve just hatched.  You could say that they need “egg-cellent” nutrition to give them the best possible start in life.  They need to have strong defenses and armed and ready to begin their journey from a baby hatchling to a fully feathered chicken. Baby chicks undergo rapid development and transformation … Read more

can chickens have strawberries

Can Chickens Have Strawberries: Some Fruity Ideas for Your Flock

Last Updated on April 15th, 2020Can Chickens Have Strawberries – Many people keep chickens as pets, and the fresh eggs produced daily are something of a bonus. Whether you’re keeping chickens as pets, or solely as egg producers, it’s essential to understand their diet better so that they stay healthy and happy. If you’ve been wondering what to do with all of those cut-off strawberry tops, then you may ask “Can chickens have strawberries?”. Let’s … Read more

chickens laying eggs with no shell

Chickens Laying Eggs With No Shell: Why?

Last Updated on June 3rd, 2020Chickens Laying Eggs With No Shell – Have your hens ever laid soft-shelled eggs that got you worried? A host of factors could be influencing this occurrence. Chickens laying eggs with no shell or soft shells isn’t anything new. In fact, the reasons behind it are easy enough to understand that you should be able to do something about the situation when it arises. Incubating Chicken Eggs: The Process and … Read more

how long can chickens go without water

How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water

Last Updated on February 22nd, 2020How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water? Like all living things, chickens need water to survive. However, the answer to how long can chickens go without water usually depends on the kind of chicken we’re talking about. Other factors related to fowl behavior are also taken into consideration, like laying eggs, molting, and growing feathers. Temperature levels factor into the equation, as well. How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water? … Read more

Ameraucana Chicken

Ameraucana Chicken: Understanding the Breed For Your Homestead

Last Updated on April 26th, 2020Creating a homestead can be a difficult process if you’re not sure what type of livestock can help sustain your rural lifestyle. One of the most beneficial is to invest in is the Ameraucana chicken. This unique chicken breed is fairly new and only made its first appearance in the early 1970s. While it may not seem like an ideal breed to keep in your backyard, you’ll be surprised by … Read more

delaware chicken

Delaware Chicken: The Dying Breed You Should Consider Raising

Last Updated on May 30th, 2020The Delaware chicken breed is one of the fastest-growing of the popular heritage chicken breeds. One of the best ways to be self-sufficient in rural areas is to produce your own food, and many homesteads benefit from the addition of Delaware chicken. It is known for being a stunning hen that produces brown eggs which are perfect for breeding and consumption. Additionally, its calm demeanor and friendly temperament make it … Read more

Bantam Chicken

Bantam Chicken: The Miniature Breed to Consider

Last Updated on May 30th, 2020When it comes to rural living, it’s important to understand that a viable food source is recommended. The Bantam chicken may be one of the most useful for those living in rural areas. They are tiny chickens that don’t require much space to produce a wonderful harvest of fresh eggs. They have a lovely disposition and are not fond of moving around. This is ideal for those looking to work … Read more