Polish chicken

Polish Chicken ~ Facts You Need to Know

The Polish chicken has long been a favorite among eccentric owners of feathery fowl. It has a unique crest with feathers all around its head that makes a large tuft that can block its vision but makes it appealing and unique. They look like royalty. The Polish breed is an ornamental fowl. It is a great bird for showing but not usually chosen for egg production. It will not work as a meat bird because … Read more

raising ducks

Raising Ducks: What You Need to Know

When you’re focused on raising ducks, there are many things to consider. In most cases, people like having them on the property because they are entertaining and cute. However, it’s also essential to know ducks are highly unique. Most people actually believe that the process of raising a duck and chicken are the same. While both species are similar in many ways, there are significant differences, as well. Before you decide to raise ducks in … Read more

best meat chickens

Best Meat Chickens: The Top Options

Here’s what to know when choosing the best meat chickens for your rural, suburban, or urban backyard. Raising chickens for meat can be a way to provide for your family and have a secure food source. Plus, raising chickens is fun! Every year, people focus on what they eat and desire to be healthier. Typically, supermarket meat has added hormones in it, so people try to grow food for themselves. If you didn’t grow up … Read more

duck eggs vs chicken eggs

Duck Eggs vs Chicken Eggs: Which Are Better?

Eggs are an excellent protein source, so it makes sense that many people want an endless supply. Here I discuss duck eggs vs chicken eggs. You may consider owning a chicken since they’re the most popular for eggs. There are many chicken breeds known as the best egg layers. Chicken eggs are easy to prepare, healthy, and delicious. Of course, ducks lay eggs, as well. Certain duck breeds are well-known for having an abundance of … Read more

best egg laying chickens

Best Egg Laying Chickens ~ 13 Prolific Layers to Consider

If you’re hoping to raise chickens and have plenty of eggs, you need to focus on the best egg-laying chickens. Choosing the right chicken breeds for eggs is essential. People throughout the world consume a lot of eggs, usually from chickens. Many people are now raising chickens on their property and in their backyards. You can save money each year by doing this, but you need enough space and the best egg laying chickens. Choose … Read more

guinea fowl

Guinea Fowl: What to Know When Raising

Most people who will see guinea fowl or guinea fowl on your property will automatically assume they are turkeys. They do look similar to turkeys and shuffle around as they do, but they are quite different. Many people choose to raise them because they are small meat birds and can provide a source of meat for small hobby farms. Here I explain how to raise a guineafowl to maximize meat and eggs from this dual-purpose bird. … Read more

best chicken coops

Best Chicken Coops in 2023 Reviews

Best Chicken Coops – More and more people are getting into the idea of owning livestock. In particular, many are interested in owning chickens so that they can have a fresh, reliable, and clean source of eggs.  Despite this interest, those interested (like you!) may not know what kind of coop they should get. Setting up your small flock of chickens can’t be complete without a coop to protect them and the eggs that they … Read more

best chicken feeder to prevent waste

Best Chicken Feeder for Your Situation and Flock

When it comes to keeping chickens, it’s important to invest in the best chicken feeder to prevent waste. Chicken feed isn’t expensive, but it can quickly become a costly investment if it allows for a lot of waste or easy access for other animals. Other factors to consider: Ease of refilling Ease of cleaning container How many chickens can use it at one time  Will feed stay clean and dry Will feed remain in the … Read more

best wire for chicken coop

Best Wire for Chicken Coops in 2023 Reviews

Best Wire for Chicken Coops – Setting up a chicken coop for backyard chickens is a rewarding way to get your own supply of eggs. You’ll also have some fun and interesting pets that you can take care of. Raising chickens is a practical way to obtain home-grown eggs without too much work. When setting up a coop, you need the best wire for chicken coops.  Both the coop itself and your chicken run should … Read more

best chicken egg incubator

Best Chicken Egg Incubators in 2023: Complete Review

Best Chicken Egg Incubators – The chicken or the egg, which came first? Well, both answers seem to be off the mark, because it all starts with an incubator! Yes, the importance of this heated environment in the hatching process should never be underestimated. Modern-day incubators come in all shapes and sizes, and the abundance of options can be overwhelming at times. For that reason, we listed the best chicken egg incubators on the current … Read more

what to feed baby chickens after hatching

What to Feed Baby Chickens After Hatching: A Helpful Guide

What to Feed Baby Chickens After Hatching – Much like any newborn, baby chicks require special attention, but especially when they’ve just hatched.  You could say that they need “egg-cellent” nutrition to give them the best possible start in life. They need to have strong defenses and armed and ready to begin their journey from a baby hatchling to a fully feathered chicken. Baby chicks undergo rapid development and transformation during those formative days, weeks, … Read more

can chickens have strawberries

Can Chickens Have Strawberries: Some Fruity Ideas for Your Flock

Can Chickens Have Strawberries – Many people keep chickens as pets, and the fresh eggs produced daily are something of a bonus. Whether you’re keeping chickens as pets, or solely as egg producers, it’s essential to understand their diet better so that they stay healthy and happy. If you’ve been wondering what to do with all of those cut-off strawberry tops, then you may ask “Can chickens have strawberries?”. Let’s find out more about the … Read more

chickens laying eggs with no shell

Chickens Laying Eggs With No Shell: Why?

Chickens Laying Eggs With No Shell – Have your hens ever laid soft-shelled eggs that got you worried? A host of factors could be influencing this occurrence. Chickens laying eggs with no shell or soft shells isn’t anything new. In fact, the reasons behind it are easy enough to understand that you should be able to do something about the situation when it arises. How to Classify Soft Chicken Eggs Eggs that have underdeveloped outer … Read more

how long can chickens go without water

How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water

How long can chickens go without water? Like all living things, chickens need water to survive. However, the answer to how long can chickens go without water usually depends on the kind of chicken we’re talking about. Other factors related to fowl behavior are also taken into consideration, like laying eggs, molting, and growing feathers. Temperature levels factor into the equation, as well. How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water? Generally, if the climate is … Read more

Ameraucana Chicken

Ameraucana Chicken: Understanding the Breed For Your Homestead

Creating a homestead can be a difficult process if you’re not sure what type of livestock can help sustain your rural lifestyle. One of the most beneficial is to invest in is the Ameraucana chicken. This unique chicken breed is fairly new and only made its first appearance in the early 1970s. The Ameraucana breed of chicken is known for being ideal for rural areas due to its skittish nature. They don’t do well in … Read more

Delaware chicken

Delaware Chicken – How to Raise and Why You Should

The Delaware chicken breed is one of the fastest-growing of the popular heritage chicken breeds. It’s a dual purpose chicken raised for eggs and meat production in backyards. It is a stunning hen that lays brown eggs. Additionally, its calm demeanor and friendly temperament make it ideal for beginners. Due to its thick feathers, it’s suitable for cooler climates. Learn about Delaware chickens, their characteristics, usefulness, and what it takes to raise them in your … Read more

bantam chicken

Bantam Chicken: Miniature Breed to Consider

A bantam chicken is a smaller version of a regular-sized chicken. Bantams are ideal to raise in backyards and urban settings because they require less space than medium and large chickens. Even though bantams are small, they are mighty. They will still produce a wonderful harvest of fresh eggs. They just lay smaller eggs. Consider raising bantams if you are just starting out or if you have a smaller space and not a lot of … Read more

Best Chicken Breeds

Best Chicken Breeds for Your Backyard or Rural Living

Best Chicken Breeds – When it comes to building your backyard flock, it’s best to understand what chicken breeds are out there. Whether you already have a flock or are planning on creating one, knowing the different breeds can help you find chickens that suit your lifestyle. Multiple factors go into choosing which chicken breeds you need. Considering the climate, whether or not you want to pluck the chickens, or even use them as a meat … Read more

Chicken Water Heater

Best Chicken Water Heater in 2023 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Chicken breeders know that in warm and mild weather, chickens are fine with their water being placed in chicken water feeders, but it’s a different story in colder weather. If you’re away for a short period, the best thing you can do for your chickens is invested in a proper chicken water heater, so they’ll have flowing water when they need it. Chickens will get ill if you do not keep them appropriately hydrated – … Read more

Eggs getting incubated

Incubation for Beginners ~ How to Hatch Fertile Eggs at Home

Incubation for Beginners – Hatching your own chicks can be an educational and rewarding experience and with the right equipment and some best practices, you can be on your way to having backyard chickens in no time. By incubating fertile eggs at home, incubation allows small flock owners and backyard poultry enthusiasts to hatch chickens and ensure the eggs are developing correctly in a controlled environment. Incubators can control the temperature and humidity and turn … Read more