how long can chickens go without water

How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water

How long can chickens go without water? Like all living things, chickens need water to survive. However, the answer to how long can chickens go without water usually depends on the kind of chicken we’re talking about. Other factors related to fowl behavior are also taken into consideration, like laying eggs, molting, and growing feathers. Temperature levels factor into the equation, as well. How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water? Generally, if the climate is … Read more

Ameraucana Chicken

Ameraucana Chicken: Understanding the Breed For Your Homestead

Creating a homestead can be a difficult process if you’re not sure what type of livestock can help sustain your rural lifestyle. One of the most beneficial is to invest in is the Ameraucana chicken. This unique chicken breed is fairly new and only made its first appearance in the early 1970s. The Ameraucana breed of chicken is known for being ideal for rural areas due to its skittish nature. They don’t do well in … Read more

Delaware chicken

Delaware Chicken – How to Raise and Why You Should

The Delaware chicken breed is one of the fastest-growing of the popular heritage chicken breeds. It’s a dual purpose chicken raised for eggs and meat production in backyards. It is a stunning hen that lays brown eggs. Additionally, its calm demeanor and friendly temperament make it ideal for beginners. Due to its thick feathers, it’s suitable for cooler climates. Learn about Delaware chickens, their characteristics, usefulness, and what it takes to raise them in your … Read more

bantam chicken

Bantam Chicken: Miniature Breed to Consider

A bantam chicken is a smaller version of a regular-sized chicken. Bantams are ideal to raise in backyards and urban settings because they require less space than medium and large chickens. Even though bantams are small, they are mighty. They will still produce a wonderful harvest of fresh eggs. They just lay smaller eggs. Consider raising bantams if you are just starting out or if you have a smaller space and not a lot of … Read more

Best Chicken Breeds

Best Chicken Breeds for Your Backyard or Rural Living

Best Chicken Breeds – When it comes to building your backyard flock, it’s best to understand what chicken breeds are out there. Whether you already have a flock or are planning on creating one, knowing the different breeds can help you find chickens that suit your lifestyle. Multiple factors go into choosing which chicken breeds you need. Considering the climate, whether or not you want to pluck the chickens, or even use them as a meat … Read more

Chicken Water Heater

Best Chicken Water Heater in 2023 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Chicken breeders know that in warm and mild weather, chickens are fine with their water being placed in chicken water feeders, but it’s a different story in colder weather. If you’re away for a short period, the best thing you can do for your chickens is invested in a proper chicken water heater, so they’ll have flowing water when they need it. Chickens will get ill if you do not keep them appropriately hydrated – … Read more

Eggs getting incubated

Incubation for Beginners ~ How to Hatch Fertile Eggs at Home

Incubation for Beginners – Hatching your own chicks can be an educational and rewarding experience and with the right equipment and some best practices, you can be on your way to having backyard chickens in no time. By incubating fertile eggs at home, incubation allows small flock owners and backyard poultry enthusiasts to hatch chickens and ensure the eggs are developing correctly in a controlled environment. Incubators can control the temperature and humidity and turn … Read more

farm chickens eating

Best Chicken Feed Options for Your Flock

Chicken feed – Chickens like people, really only need one thing to get by: a consistent source of nutrition they can depend on. Mealtimes are central to a healthy and fulfilling life. With that in mind, as a chicken owner, what your birds eat is the beginning and end of almost all of your problems. A proper diet can prevent things like illnesses, obesity, agitation, and premature death. Moreover, it means your chicken will live … Read more

common chicken diseases

Common Chicken Diseases and How to Treat Them

There are many common chicken diseases and illnesses. Having a good nutrition plan for chickens is one way to prevent chicken illnesses. Also, there is a lot you can do to help promote a clean and stress-free environment, which will help keep them healthier.  This means preventing contraction of diseases, treating them when they occur, and possibly even culling chickens when they’re in danger of spreading dangerous infections. Learn all about the most common chicken … Read more

Cute chick sleeping

Facts about Raising Chickens in Your Backyard

Facts about Raising Chickens in Your Backyard – Chickens have long been part of the world’s history. Facts about Raising Chickens is that they are believed to be domesticated for cockfighting purposes, initially, before becoming food sources. Today, they serve both purposes across the globe. Best Chicken Breeds Facts About Raising Chickens Scientifically known as Gallus domesticus, the chicken is said to be first tamed in China around 6000 BC. Four thousand years later, flocks … Read more

Healthy chickens

What’s the Best Nutrition Plan for Healthy Chickens?

Learn about the best nutrition plan for chickens and ways to keep chickens healthy. Over time, their environment has changed from the farmhouse to the backyard. Domestication has led to healthier, vibrant flocks. Commercial feed is an easy solution for feeding chickens but not always the best option for their nutrition. Raising healthy chickens are a staple of homesteading. The urban farming movement and trend toward a rural lifestyle shift has spurred an increased demand. … Read more

Water Your Backyard Chickens 

Water Your Backyard Chickens: Watering Systems and Waterers

Water your backyard chickens with the best chicken waterer for your situation. As the proud owner of a robust flock, you know there are certain responsibilities that go along with the title of “keeper.” You must attend to your brood’s needs. You must make sure they have a clean environment with fresh bedding, food and water. There are chicken watering systems you can use to make your job easier and keep your hens content. It … Read more

chicken swing

Chicken Swing Review – Comparing the Best Chicken Swings

Chicken swings can be great fun for hens. They reduce coop boredom. When you keep your chickens occupied and happy, they are less likely to peck at one another. Chicken swings introduce activity, exercise and recreation for your brood. We like to think of it as hen-tertainment. Best Chicken Swings When we bought these swings, our kids thought these were the best things ever. They were as excited as if the swings were for them! … Read more

Best chicken toys Chicken Swings

Best Chicken Toys For Entertaining Your Backyard Chickens

Best chicken toys – Keeping chickens is steadily gaining popularity. As useful as they are to us humans, it is important to consider their quality of life too. Scientists have only begun to touch on the remarkable capabilities that chickens have for feeling emotion and intelligence. Providing fun things for chickens to do will keep them stimulated and happy. Here are great ways to keep chickens busy. They are all unique and good in their … Read more

Chicken standing

Keep Chickens Cool in the Summer Heat

Keep chickens cool, Depending on where you live and your climate, it can be difficult to raise chickens in the summer. Imagine living in the dry southwest or the humid southeast. Can you still safely raise chickens in the heat? Yes! Here’s how to keep chickens cool in the summer. Remember the importance of shade. It is usually simple to install a shade sail or other form. You can also remove it when the weather … Read more

2 chick playing on backyard

How to Raise Backyard Chickens Guide | Here’s What to Know

Raise Backyard Chickens Hacks – The trend of raising backyard chickens is catching up and for a very good reason.  Producing your own food is a good way to cut expenses and also reduce your exposure to chemicals used in commercialized food production. People who raise backyard chickens are those that would want to maximize their unused outdoor space and in a way control a small part of their food source. Best Meat Chickens: The … Read more

Hen and chicks on farm

10 Tips for Raising Backyard Chickens for Beginners

Raising backyard chickens for beginners is exciting and very rewarding. Chickens can be seen as pets and/or a source of food. Either way, chickens can give you joy, a sense of fulfillment, and eggs. If you have kids, the fun is exponentially multiplied as chickens are very social. It’s also a great way for children to help with chores as well as involve them in 4-H. While it may be overwhelming in the beginning, there … Read more

Rooster and Backyard Chickens

Raising Roosters Guide and Important Tips

Raising roosters is tricky business, and you need all the help and advice you can get on Tips on Raising Roosters. Chicken farming is becoming more popular as an increasing number of people become more health conscious. Being able to raise your own roosters and chickens to get the healthiest eggs is a great thing. Here are five important tips on raising roosters that can help you do it. Tips on Raising Roosters Tips Give … Read more

Backyard Chicken Adoption Guide

Successful Hen and Backyard Chicken Adoption

Backyard Chicken Adoption – A few months ago, one of our hens, Pigwidgeon, went broody. She was soon joined (literally, in the same nest) by her pal Hedwig. Before long, April had taken over the nestbox in the other coop. Some hens will sit on a nest for a few days and then go back to business as usual. So I kept an eye on these girls, and they all remained on their nests. We … Read more

Colorful Rooster

Keeping a Rooster Pros and Cons ~ Learn Which is Best for You

Deciding on keeping a rooster or not, that is a big question! When it comes to owning roosters, there are pros and cons to consider. There are many people making money by owning chickens and roosters as well. Pros and Cons of Keeping a Rooster Rooster has several positive roles in a flock of chickens. A rooster provides fertilization services to the hens in the flock. Fertile eggs means you can hatch baby chicks. Rooster … Read more