how to use diatomaceous earth in the garden

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth in the Garden: Protecting Your Yard

Whenever people hear about using diatomaceous earth, they’re always unsure what to do. It’s a gardening secret that is often used as a last resort and is extremely useful.  Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a smooth powder broken down from bone that helps keep bugs and small critters away from your garden. It’s a naturally-occurring, silica-based substance. As useful as it is, there are precautions when using it — such as wearing protective eye wear — … Read more

How to Build Rain Garden

How to Build a Rain Garden Tips ~ Rain Garden for Success

Here’s how to build a rain garden and how it will help you. A rain garden is desirable for many reasons. It helps to filter water runoff from roofs, driveways, and other areas.  Planting a rain garden offers an eco-friendly water solution.  In most suburban neighborhoods in developed countries, a common water pollution problem persists. The fresh rainwater from each storm runs from rain gutters, across lawns treated with pesticides, into dirty gutters, and finally … Read more

80 Acres Farms fully automated indoor farm

80 Acres Farms Fully Automated Indoor Farm of the Future

80 ACRES FARMS – In today’s world, the production and consumption of food are becoming increasingly complex with each day that passes. For starters, environmental and economic issues result in great amounts of unhealthy, low-quality food being offered to often unwitting customers. Meanwhile, organic and healthy produce is often grown in remote locations, making its distribution problematic and greatly increasing its cost once it finally hits the market. Without a doubt, these conditions are adverse … Read more

How to Start Composting

How to Start Composting ~ How to Start a Compost Pile

Learn how to start a compost pile or compost heap. Composting is appealing because it has many benefits. It’s easy to do and enriches the soil from fruit and vegetable scraps, paper and cardboard, and yard material. These are things you would usually throw away — filling up the landfills — but with composting, nothing goes to waste! You can compost in most areas. First, you’ll need to consider whether you will start a compost … Read more

easiest vegetables to grow

How to Get the Most Flavor from Your Garden

Flavor from Your Garden – Have you made the decision to go green in your life and start living a more sustainable lifestyle? Maybe it’s not so much about eco-friendly choices, rather you’re just looking to live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle in general. If so, planting a garden where you can grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be a wonderful option. You will be able to take pride in growing your own ingredients. In … Read more

Are Orchids Poisonous

Orchid Types: Complete Guide

Complete Guide to Orchid Types  – So much beauty resides in the world, but nothing compares to the beauty of a fully bloomed flower. There are so many varieties of flowers in the world that it may be hard to choose just one as your favorite. Though in our mind, there is one that stands above the rest for both its beauty and mystery and that is the orchid. Even within this flower family, there … Read more

How to Repot an Orchid

How to Repot an Orchid

How to Repot an Orchid – Orchids belong to the Orchidaceae family and have more than 800 known types and more than 100,000 hybrid species. The main difference between orchid types can be seen in the size, color, and weight, and the actual differences can be extreme. It is not well-known that the largest variety of orchid is the Grammatophyllum, which grows up to 3 meters in height, and was once sold for over $200,000 … Read more

Best Simple Orchid Greenhouse Design Increases Beauty of Your Orchids

How Long Do Orchids Live?

How Long Do Orchids Live – So you’ve decided to decorate your home with some lovely, Pinterest-worthy flowers. You’ve chosen orchids because they are classic, versatile, and live for many years. Don’t they? Good question. How long do orchids live, and how much work does it take to keep them alive?  The lifespan of orchids depends not only on the quality of care they receive but also on the variety of the orchid you have … Read more

How to Reduce Irrigation Water Usage

Alternative Landscaping Ideas For Your Rural Property

Landscaping Ideas – Homeowners look forward to turning their yards into beautiful and usable spaces where the entire family can spend some good quality time. These days, a number of garden ideas and landscaping ideas are available for those who wish to turn their yards into Edens. We discuss some of the top ways to beautify your garden naturally with a few viable alternative landscaping ideas. Approximately 97% of America’s landmass is considered a rural area, … Read more

How To Water Orchids

How To Water Orchids

How To Water Orchids – Currently having about 28,000 species and distributed in approximately 763 genera, orchids are one of the most exotic-looking flower species in the whole plant kingdom. Their beauty, variant colors, and patterns make them an appealing choice for house plants. They are distinguishable and have some evident characteristics that include having highly modified petals, a temporary woody structure, fused stamens, and very small seeds. The most common and easiest type of … Read more

Are Orchids Poisonous

Are Orchids Poisonous to Cats?

Orchids Poisonous to Cats – The presence of fresh flowers in a house not only adds character and beauty to your home but also gives that extra scent of freshness. For orchid lovers, there remains fear whether they can have those beautiful flowers in their homes with cats running around. There’s the constant struggle to prevent their cats from eating or choking or becoming poisoned. Are orchids poisonous to cats? They therefore either have to … Read more

Growing the Best Orchids

How to Care for Orchids

How to Care for Orchids – You may look at an orchid and think you could never grow that. They look beautiful, but in truth, there is no reason to fear these magnificent plants. They are easy to care for as long as you understand the orchid species you have chosen and follow a few simple rules. In this article we are going to get down to the roots of just how to care for … Read more

Growing the Best Orchids

Orchid Blooming Guide Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Orchid Blooming Guide – One of the most beloved and popular members of the flower family is the beautiful, exotic orchid. This gorgeous, tropical plant is an all-time favorite in the botanical world with plant-pros and beginners alike. The reason for its popularity may well be the fact that there are so many fabulous colors to choose from, and it can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Sometimes known for being a sensitive plant, … Read more

No-till Gardening

No-till Gardening: Your Complete Guide to An Easier Way to Grow

No-till Gardening Guide – Advancements in the field of gardening have introduced different ways of preparing the soil and planting the crop. These methods promote better crop growth and increased yield. One of these impressive methods is no-till gardening. This particular style of gardening does not require any kind of tilling. Instead, you start planting the crop without exposing the dirt. With this method, you put decomposable materials on top of the soil and leave … Read more

Maximize The Space In Your Garden

5 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Garden

Maximize Space in Your Garden – Even for green-fingered garden enthusiasts, a small space can seem restrictive. When you don’t have a lot of room to play with in your garden, you might assume that you’ll be limited on what you can grow, or the kind of landscaping you can do. You don’t even need to be living in a house with a small garden to face this challenge. People with rural properties need to … Read more

green trees and grasses

Natural Lawn Care Tips and Ideas to Save Time and Money

Natural Lawn Care tips – Last weekend, we mowed our lawn for the first time this year. From the sound of it (and the smell of freshly cut grass), the neighbors are in the full swing of lawn care as well.  We have dogs, children, and a desire to be good stewards of our immediate environment, so this year, we’re looking for ways to practice natural spring lawn care. Turns out, there are surprisingly easy … Read more

Beautiful purple flowers

5 Gardening Mistakes that Could be Costly and How to Fix Them

There are several gardening mistakes that could be costly. However, if you do your research and come up with a good plan, gardening is pretty straightforward. Know that by neglecting even a single part of the initial garden planning research, you could end up wasting your money instead of ending up with the garden of your dreams. Great pruning shears is a must to take care of your garden. Gardening in areas with poor soil  … Read more

Pruning sheers cutting stem

Best Pruning Shears For Roses & Orchids

Best Pruning Shears – Many gardening enthusiasts find that roses and orchids are some of the most difficult flowering plants to cultivate. But when you’re armed with the correct gardening arsenal and top growing tips, you too can have a garden full of blooms. When it comes to tending your precious roses and orchids, only the right tools will cut it. To get the best growth and the most beautiful flowers, you need gardening tools … Read more

Heat Mat for Seed

Recycle Christmas lights to Make a Heat Mat for Seed Starting

Now that we know how to build a grow rack, let’s see how to make inexpensive Heat Mat for Seed from Christmas lights! How to Make a Heat Mat for Seed Starting This is a “readers’ favorite” post our how-to site. When you are learning to grow from seeds, often you might see reference to a heat mat for seedlings. Heat mats can really help speed up germination for many seeds, especially tomatoes and peppers. … Read more

Hydroponics garden

Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardens How to

Series of posts on fall and winter vegetable gardens. We included lots of info on planting, structures, great pruning shears review and winter garden care. Many of you were inspired to keep your summer gardens going longer or to plant seeds just for fall and winter harvesting. Again this fall, there has been a lot of interest in extended-season gardening. Fall and Winter Vegetable Garden Think about growing fresh vegetables in fall and winter. Many of … Read more