generator transfer switch

Generator Transfer Switch Types, Installation, and Buying Guide

Before you can successfully hook up a generator to your home electrical system and power your main appliances and other hardwired electronics, you need a generator transfer switch. Learn about generator transfer switches, including what they do, why you need one, and how they work.  Generator Transfer Switches Before you purchase a generator transfer switch, you must learn how it works along with the different types. How Does a Transfer Switch Work for a Generator? … Read more

what size generator do I need

What Size Generator Do I Need to Ensure Safety and Enough Power

A home generator can help keep things operating a little more normally, even when the power goes out. That leads to a common question: What size generator do I need? There is a wide range of different generator sizes and what your generator can do. You don’t need the same kind of generator if you’re just looking to keep the lights on versus running several appliances for hours. We discuss how you decide how much … Read more

best dual fuel generator

Best Dual Fuel Generators of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Dual Fuel Generator – In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top dual fuel generators on the market that are ideal for homes and businesses. With less toxic emissions than diesel-only models, these are ideal for many applications. The best dual fuel generator can be a more cost-effective and eco-friendly source of power compared to regular units.  You’ll find that they are highly flexible and allow you to take advantage of optimal performance … Read more

propane generator

Propane Generator Basic Information and Buying Guide

A propane generator is a good option for you if you need a power source for a camping trip or an emergency at home. However, knowing which unit to buy can be difficult. Not many people know what to look for in one of these generators, making the buying process overwhelming. We have picked, reviewed, and compared five products that you can consider purchasing and talked about propane and propane-powered generators. Best Dual Fuel Generators … Read more

best generator for travel trailer

Best Generator for Travel Trailers of 2021 Reviews

Having the best generator for travel trailers is a convenience you never knew you needed. With the ability to keep all of your essential electronics charged at any time, you won’t ever have to worry about being near a hook up while you’re on the road. Whether it’s for emergencies or to power a fan in the summer heat, these devices give you an endless number of benefits for your RV. Here we review five … Read more

Best Generator For Food Truck Reviews

Best Generator for Food Truck Reviews

Best Generator for Food Truck – Compared to a traditional restaurant, a food truck has many advantages, the most important being the mobility it allows. Unfortunately, however, the mobility of food trucks has a side-effect that is also one of its biggest disadvantages: More often than not, when you find the perfect street corner or parking lot, there will not be a reliable power source nearby. For that reason, having a power generator for your … Read more

Honeywell Generator

10 Reasons to Get a Home Generator Guide Review

One of the gifts you can give to yourself or your family is a home generator. We can’t depend on the general power supply 24/7 because it may fail at a crucial moment. Many areas experience power outages frequently, while some see it once in a while. But the important thing is your preparations for a backup light during those times. Don’t forget, without electricity; many things can go wrong in a home. Apart from … Read more

man standing with generator on a pickup truck

Generator Extended Warranty Considerations: Is an Extended Warranty Worth Your Money?

Generator Extended Warranty Considerations – Generators are vital for ensuring your home is safe and warm even during an emergency. Portable generators help you take the comforts of home with you while camping or RV’ing. They’re also an investment, and you want to make sure that investment stands the test of time. Generator Extended Warranty Considerations Making a smart buying decision is vital here. You need to buy a generator designed by a well-known manufacturer … Read more

Beautiful hills and sunset

How to Survive Blackouts In Rural Areas

Hacks to Survive Blackouts In Rural Areas – Have you ever been to the rural areas when there is a power outage? There is no light at night, the food going bad in the fridge, the livestock-especially the chicken suffering from the effects of cold temperatures and such dire consequences. Hacks to Survive Blackouts In Rural Areas The worst power outages are the ones that occur in winter. The extremely low temperatures can predispose you and your … Read more

Honda and Yamaha generator

Yamaha EF3000iSE vs Honda EU3000iS Generator Review

Yamaha EF3000iSE vs Honda EU3000iS: Yamaha 3000 watt vs Honda 3000 watt inverter generators When you’re looking to buy a 3000 watt generator, the two names to consider are Yamaha and Honda. Both Honda and Yamaha manufacture 3000 watt generators. Which one should you choose? Both can power a variety of appliances. Each feature a large capacity fuel tank and can run up to 20 hours on a single tank of fuel. Here are some … Read more