Caring for Livestock, Caring Livestock

Basics of Caring for Livestock – Different Animals Certain Requirements

Last Updated on: June 16, 2020. Caring for livestock can be difficult if you don’t know the basics. While different animals may have certain different requirements, there are some basic needs that are common for all livestock. You need to take some necessary steps to ensure your livestock gets through the toughest seasons. Basics of Caring for Livestock – Provide Shelter The most basic part of caring for livestock. You can’t leave your livestock outside all … Read more

Toilet with toilet paper

Guide to Composting Toilets – How to Use and Maintain

Last Updated on: July 10, 2020. With more and more people searching for ways to become more eco-friendly, composting toilets are a popular way to start in that direction. Becoming environment friendly requires more than just buying energy saving bulbs or trying to recycle everything made of plastic. Taking care of human sanitation in an eco-friendly way is also a very effective way of going green. Rainwater Collection: A Complete Guide to Collecting Rainwater Compost … Read more

Renewable Source of Energy Solar Power Electricity

Solar Power Electricity Best Source That Virtually Never Runs Out

Last Updated on: February 13, 2020. The sun is an amazing source of energy… solar power electricity. It is always there and will keep doing its job for a few billion more years. It is the best alternate source of energy for electricity, a renewable source that virtually never runs out. Even though you cannot utilize the power during night, cloudy or stormy days, it can be counted upon to be there the next day, … Read more

Heat Mat for Seed

Recycle Christmas lights to Make a Heat Mat for Seed Starting

Last Updated on: April 17, 2020. Now that we know how to build a grow rack, let’s see how to make inexpensive Heat Mat for Seed from Christmas lights! How to Make a Heat Mat for Seed Starting This is a “readers’ favorite” post our how-to site. When you are learning to grow from seeds, often you might see reference to a heat mat for seedlings. Heat mats can really help speed up germination for … Read more

Gardening for Prepping

Homesteading Skills Every ‘Prepper’ Must Learn

Last Updated on: March 22, 2020. If you like to live independently and feel you can provide for yourself without interacting with the society around you, you can become a prepper but need some Homesteading Skills. Preppers prepare for a number of different things, including economic downturns like the one the world is going through at the moment. So, if disaster does strike, they are in a good position to avert it and can easily … Read more

Rooster and Backyard Chickens

Raising Roosters Guide and Important Tips

Last Updated on: May 19, 2020. Raising roosters is tricky business, and you need all the help and advice you can get on Tips on Raising Roosters. Chicken farming is becoming more popular as an increasing number of people become more health conscious. Being able to raise your own roosters and chickens to get the healthiest eggs is a great thing. Here are five important tips on raising roosters that can help you do it. … Read more

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Modernizing Your Rural Home Upgrades to make more enjoyable

Last Updated on: June 2, 2020. Modernizing Your Rural Home – Just because you’ve chosen to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city doesn’t mean you have to forego all modern-day amenities. In fact, the technology of today has made it so you can enjoy almost all the things of urban life. Maybe even more without compromising the simple one. Related Content:  Best Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas and Farms Cell … Read more

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Advice on Property Development that can hurt you

Last Updated on: June 17, 2020. People have often asked me my best advice on property development. it is: “What you don’t know is the thing that can hurt you the most.” That statement is true for many situations in life, but is especially true as you embark on finding the perfect rural home or retreat. The thing you don’t know will not just cost you a little more money and time. It might mean … Read more

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Are We Living or Just Existing?

Last Updated on: July 8, 2020. Are We Living or Just Existing – Here I am, living on 100 acres and real jazzed about it. I’m jazzed at night looking back at the day, and I’m really jazzed when I wake up! I remember one day years ago in my corporate life. I was in a meeting discussing TPS report cover designs and I found myself daydreaming. I can’t even recall what I was dreaming about, but it … Read more

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Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardens How to

Last Updated on: July 6, 2020. Series of posts on fall and winter vegetable gardens. We included lots of info on planting, structures, great pruning shears review and winter garden care. Many of you were inspired to keep your summer gardens going longer or to plant seeds just for fall and winter harvesting.  Again this fall there has been a lot of interest in extended-season gardening. Rural Living Today’s Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardens Grow Potatoes … Read more