best food dehydrators

Best Food Dehydrators of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Last Updated on: June 8, 2020. Food dehydrators are an asset to any household. Here are the best food dehydrators to consider along with their features. These unique devices are essential for creating emergency food options. In addition, they give your family a new and exciting way to enjoy their favorite ingredients, ranging from meats to fruits. Getting tired of having the same meals, snacks, and treats every single day? By having the best food … Read more

how to store food long term

How to Store Food Long Term: The Best Tips and Tricks

Last Updated on: June 16, 2020. Learning how to store food long term is something that has helped people for centuries, beginning with families who had pantries or larders. Back then, long-term food storage was a necessity, as it was the only way to keep meals fresh without refrigeration like we have today. In modern society, preparing food for long-term storage can be a fantastic means of survival during emergencies. It is highly recommended that … Read more

growing mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

Last Updated on: June 8, 2020. As a mushroom lover, you’re probably wondering, “Can you grow your own mushrooms at home?” You’ll be pleased to hear that the answer is yes! Here’s what to know about growing mushrooms. Growing mushrooms at home is easy when you know how. They won’t even take up any room in your garden since they’re actually best grown indoors. If you enjoy growing your own food, then learning how to … Read more

how to grow carrots

How to Grow Carrots: Your User-Friendly Gardening Guide

Last Updated on: June 6, 2020. Knowing how to grow carrots can give you a healthy root vegetable that can be perfectly paired with several dishes, from roasts and salads to a casual snack during the day. Not only do you have the opportunity to plant the traditional orange carrots, but you can also choose from an assortment of other colors, such as white, yellow, purple, or crimson. Having a healthy collection of this vegetable … Read more

coffee grounds for plants

Coffee Grounds for Plants: Recyclable Miracle or Harmful Additive?

Last Updated on: June 6, 2020. Coffee grounds for plants seem to be the new “it” thing when it comes to innovative ways to invigorate your garden. Yet gardeners have been using coffee grounds for generations. We’ve heard all kinds of tales about the ways to use coffee grounds for plants. Some of these include keeping slugs away, using them as fertilizer, and as a substitute for mulch… the list goes on. People have also … Read more

osage orange

Osage Orange Tree: What You Need to Know

Last Updated on: July 8, 2020. The Osage orange tree is also known as a bodark, hedge apple, prairie hedge, yellow-wood, bow wood, naranjo chino, or horse apple. If you have not heard of this tree before, you may be surprised when you see it, most especially the ugly fruit that it produces. The Osage orange fruit is the size of a large orange or grapefruit, and it has a warty-looking surface. It is green … Read more

rosemary plant

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing a Rosemary Plant

Last Updated on: June 6, 2020. Rosemary is a common herb. It is used to flavor many dishes and is a perfect garnish to everything, from potatoes to steak. Instead of buying it at the grocery store, grow your own rosemary plant. This herb is often grown by home chefs, and you can grow it in a container, out in your garden, or even on your kitchen windowsill. If you are thinking of growing rosemary … Read more

rhode island red

Rhode Island Red: Your Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on: June 2, 2020. If you’re looking to be successful at breeding chickens, luck is definitely on your side with the Rhode Island Red. Compared to other bird breeds, this one doesn’t require much effort in the care department and is generally robust and healthy. These are the main traits that have made this chicken popular across the globe, even with the challenges of modern farming practice and modern industrial hens standing in … Read more

polish chicken

Polish Chicken: Facts You Need to Know

Last Updated on: June 5, 2020. The Polish chicken has long been a favorite among eccentric owners of feathery fowl. It has a unique crest with feathers all around its head that makes a large tuft that can block its vision but makes it appealing and unique. They look like royalty. The Polish breed is an ornamental fowl. It is a great bird for showing but not usually chosen for egg production. It will not … Read more

best generator for travel trailer

Best Generator for Travel Trailers of 2020 Reviews

Last Updated on: July 6, 2020. Having the best generator for travel trailers is a convenience you never knew you needed. With the ability to keep all of your essential electronics charged at any time, you won’t ever have to worry about being near a hook up while you’re on the road. Whether it’s for emergencies or to power a fan in the summer heat, these devices give you an endless number of benefits for … Read more