Ouessant sheep

Ouessant Sheep ~ Small Sheep for Your Farm

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Ouessant sheep, known by many other names, including Ushant, Mouton d’Ouessant, and Breton Island Dwarf, is a dwarf sheep breed originating from the Ile d’Ouessant, which is a small island just off the coast of … Read more

ongole cattle

Ongole Cattle ~ Robust and Resilient

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There are few beef cattle breeds so resilient and disease-resistant as Ongole cattle. This hardy breed is mostly found in India and comes from the Ongole region. It’s also often referred to as the Nellore … Read more

how to trim goat hooves

How to Trim Goat Hooves

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There are a lot of skills that go into raising healthy goats. Learning how to trim goat hooves happens to be one of those necessary skills. Goat hooves are made of keratin, just like human … Read more

barbados sheep

Barbados Sheep ~ Everything You Need to Know

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Barbados sheep, also known as the Barbados blackbelly sheep or just the Blackbelly sheep, is a domestic breed of sheep from Barbados. Raised mainly for its meat production capabilities, this breed of sheep can easily … Read more