Ka-Bar Becker BK7

Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Knife Field Test Review

This is about the Becker BK7 Knife. There are so many reviews on the Becker BK7 Knife. There is a reason for that. It’s a great knife. Specs for Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Knife It’s high carbon steel, 1095 Cro-Van, and Rockwell Hardness 56-58. Even better: It’s made in the USA. It’s a quality 7-inch blade with a saber or flat grind, not a full flat which I found does a great job splitting wood, that … Read more

Gun Safe

Best Gun Safe For Your Home and Vehicle Gun Safe Review

Now, I want to be really clear about gun safe. Having a good full-size gun safe is essential but having an easily accessible gun safe for your pistol is also critical. But, what we’re talking about here is your primary personal defense handgun that you carry with you on a daily basis. “How do I store my gun at home securely using a gun safe?” How do I secure that? Well, there are a couple … Read more

Make Prepping Survival Your Way of Life to Be Prepared for Survival

Make Prepping Your Way of Life to Be Prepared

Prepping for survival, if you want to help your family, you need to learn to be prepared for survival. Make it your way of life so you are ready for Mother Nature and society. An example would be the worldwide outbreak that is disrupting the global supply chain. It is not a mindset you get into when you hear about a storm or hurricane coming, it is a mindset that keeps you alert and prepared … Read more

Heavy winds and flood

Planning Food Storage for When Disaster Strikes

Planning food storage for whenever a disaster strikes is essential. You need to be prepared for if there is ever a shortage of food, water, gas and other necessities for emergency food storage. The local help disaster help teams might not reach you in time because they might be needed elsewhere. What will you do then? You will definitely wish you had prepared for such a time. Whenever you hear about natural disasters that have … Read more

Gardening for Prepping

Homesteading Skills Every ‘Prepper’ Must Learn

If you like to live independently and feel you can provide for yourself without interacting with the society around you, you can become a prepper but need some Homesteading Skills. Preppers prepare for a number of different things, including economic downturns like the one the world is going through at the moment. So, if disaster does strike, they are in a good position to avert it and can easily adapt to the changing mores. One … Read more

Raise Chickens and eggs 1918 ad...AND YOU WILL NEVER GO HUNGRY! We have our share of eggs and chickens!

10 Realistic Ways to Overcome Food Crisis

Overcome Food Crisis – Prepare for rising food prices and potential shortages—starting right now. Our well-being is dramatically affected by things we can’t control: weather, inflation, politics, etc. More immediately, now there are worldwide concerns. Many popular processed foods are based on corn and soy. These two products and other grains are the foundation of commercial livestock feeds. Ways to prepare for food crisis Taking easy steps to prepare for a food shortage is in your … Read more

Storing Grain in Buckets

Guide to Grain Storage in Buckets and Mylar Bags

There’s a lot to know about storing grain in buckets. But the great thing is, once you learn how, it’s easy to do. Our hacks will make it even easier! Q#1:  How do you go about storing grain in buckets? Q#2:  Do you have to do anything to keep air out? A: We have two short answers and one long answer for that! Grain Storage in Buckets Grains can be poured directly into sanitized buckets with … Read more