what size chainsaw do i need

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need | How to Size a Chainsaw

Before using a chainsaw, it’s good to ask, “What size chainsaw do I need?” especially with the many available designs. Unless you’ve owned a chainsaw in the past, it can seem overwhelming to find a right-sized model. You want it to be robust and powerful enough for what you want it it do. At the same time, you want to feel comfortable handling it. Safety is paramount. You’ll need to know the cutting bar is … Read more

best electric chainsaw

Best Electric Chainsaw of 2021 – Complete Reviews and Comparisons

With the best electric chainsaw, you’ll be able to cut bushes and tree limbs. You will be able to fell and buck up trees with ease.  By eliminating harmful emissions and offering low-noise operation, they’re a fantastic option for residential neighborhoods. Keep in mind, it’s not safe to use corded, electric chainsaws outdoors when it’s wet. Learn about five of the best electric chainsaws on the market with these reviews. Best Electric Chainsaw  1. Oregon … Read more

how to start a chainsaw

How to Start a Chainsaw – Step-By-Step Guide and Tips

Learning how to start a chainsaw seems simple enough, but it can be challenging when running into problems. Whether you own an electric or gas chainsaw, there are specific steps you need to follow. With the help of our step-by-step instructions, you’ll safely and quickly get to starting a chainsaw. How to start a chainsaw You can use a chainsaw for tree felling, bucking, limbing, pruning, harvesting firewood, and more.  The answer to, “What is … Read more

types of fishing reels

Types of Fishing Reels – Their Differences & Which to Choose

As you become experienced fishing, it’s important to consider the types of fishing reels.   Choosing between different types of fishing reels will depend on the kind of fishing you want to do. It will also depend on other factors, such as the types of fish you want to catch and your skill level. We explain the types of fishing reels and what kind of fishing they’re best suited for so that you know which one … Read more

how to make a fishing rod

How to Make a Fishing Rod – Easy DIYs Anyone Can Do

Learning how to make a fishing rod can help you when you’re in a pinch. Although it won’t be as sturdy as professionally manufactured rods, this DIY project can be an exciting task. Thankfully, there are a few unique ways to repurpose everyday household items for building fishing rods. Here’s what it takes to make your own fishing rods. How to make a fishing rod There are several methods you can follow to make your … Read more

best braided fishing line

Best Braided Fishing Line of 2021 – Reviews With Comparisons

Learn about the best braided fishing line. Whether you are new to fishing or looking to add to your equipment, this will help. The best braided fishing line is known for its strength and resilience, among many other benefits. As such, it can help you catch an assortment of fish. To help with your fishing journey, we’ve reviewed five of the best braided lines to choose from. Use the pros and cons from these reviews … Read more

5g danerous 5g dangers

5G Dangers: Do Not Burn Down The 5G Cell Tower

5g Dangers – Since the outbreak of Covid 19 there have been many conspiracy theories about its creation, evolution over time, and how it can be transmitted. The most ludicrous of all is that the new 5G network is to blame and that the virus can be transmitted through the 5G signal. Since this fake news hit the internet, almost three months ago, there have been a spate of cell towers being set alight in … Read more

What is 5G - 2G Flip Phones

What is 5G in the US and Canada – Rural 5G

What is 5G? In the beginning there was no “G” (G stands for Generation) not even 1G…there was only cellular communication… and everyone was happy that they could talk on the phone while walking around or driving in a car. Then, in 1991 we moved from analogue cell phones to digital cell phones and started the whole “G” naming experience with 2G. It was only when we looked back at the analogue phone that we … Read more

best riding lawn mower

Best Riding Lawn Mowers 2021 Reviews | Find Which Is Right for Your Lawn

If you are mowing a large piece of property week after week with nothing but a push mower, you probably dream of having the best riding lawn mower someday. You can sit back and relax while you sit on top of a reliable machine that does all the hard work for you, giving you a perfectly-cut lawn. We’ve reviewed the best riding lawn mowers. We reviewed their features, benefits, and pros and cons, so you … Read more

best garage heaters

Best Garage Heaters of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best garage heaters – Owning a garage is great, especially since it is an excellent place to store tools, yard equipment, and your vehicle itself if you find enough space. However, a garage tends to be poorly insulated and not connected to a home’s central HVAC, which means it gets cold quickly. Thus, if you know you will spend a lot of time in the garage or the garage itself is your working place, and … Read more