Best Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas

Best Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas, Farms and Homesteads

Our guide and recommendations for the Best Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas. Cell phones are a way of life nowadays, and having no signal or weak signal can be frustrating. This is especially true if you live in a rural or remote location where you already must contend with a limited signal. A lot of different issues can cause this. Things like distance from cell towers, landscape interruptions like mountains and the materials your … Read more

Rural Property Investment: The Pros & Cons Of Investing rural property

Rural Property Investment: The Pros & Cons of Investing In Rural Locations

Rural Property Investment – There are about 60 million people, or one in five Americans, who live in rural areas in 2017, according to the US Census. These people opted to enjoy rural living by residing on farmhouses, ranches, lake houses, or in cottages within the forests or on top of the mountains for a variety of reasons. But is it really better to invest in rural properties instead of choosing to stay in the … Read more

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Desert Wildlife Tucson Homesteading ~ Seeing Desert Wildlife in Tucson

One of the benefits to rural living is seeing wildlife. When we set up our homestead in Tucson, Arizona, we didn’t expect to see desert wildlife on our property daily. Mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians are right outside our window. Once there was a lizard in our kitchen sink. We’ve seen a mountain lion snatch a rabbit. Another time, we watched a Gila monster amble by. We saw a coyote feast on kangaroo rats from … Read more

What No One Tells You About Selling Your Home

What No One Tells You About Selling a Home

What No One Tells You About Selling a Home – If you are about to sell your first home, you’re likely to be in for a surprise with the many unexpected preparations that need to be made. Something no one seems to tell you it if you don’t do it right, is that it could linger on the market for quite a while. What No One Tells You About Selling a Home For example, houses for … Read more

Built-in Barbecue Grills, Barbecue Grills Become More Refined

Clever Ways to Extend the Space of Your Rural Home

Rural Home – Size of America’s homes are shrinking, according to Business Insider, with higher construction costs and higher wages charged by builders affecting both city and rural homeowners alike. Even if you have a sizeable rural home, new additions to the family, a change on your home business, or even a new hobby can require an extension of space. Clever Ways to Extend the Space of Your Rural Home From glass extensions to a … Read more

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How to Find the Right Fencing for your Property

The Right Fencing for Your Property – At first glance, picking a fence may seem like a straightforward decision. But a fence can make a huge difference to your house’s look and functionality. Furthermore, picking the wrong fence for your area could end up in serious maintenance costs and possible issues later. This is why it is not a decision to be taken lightly. With the variety of materials available today, it’s important to do … Read more

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Eco-friendly Smart Home Devices You Need to Invest In

Eco-friendly smart home devices – Every day we make small efforts to make a smaller impact on the environment. Whether you go for reusable coffee mugs, skip the plastic straw, or bring your own tote bag to the market. Even with these attempts to not put more waste into the world, many who are serious about the environment don’t feel fully satisfied just doing this. As smart homes and home automation devices become more and … Read more

Household Burglaries Ways to Secure Your New Home in The Country

Burglary – 8 Ways to Secure Your Home from Burglar

Burglary ~ Property crimes continue to be among the most commonly reported. Every year, over 3.7 million burglaries are recorded throughout the country. Many of these cases remain unresolved, leaving their victims traumatized. Considering the number of burglaries and its impact to the victims, every household should take home security seriously. This is even more important if you’re in a new home or a new place. Every home and area has unique security threats that … Read more

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Ways to Make Your Home a Wellness Sanctuary

Wellness sanctuary – How do you feel in your home? Do you feel comfortable and relaxed, or is your home a source of stress for you? If your living space doesn’t bring you peace, change it. You can turn your home from distressing to a place of tranquility. Make Your Home Into a Wellness Sanctuary It’s easy to come home after a long day and feel stressed out. You might have dishes you’ve not gotten … Read more

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Best Ways to Get Rid of Possums and Other Pests

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Possums Depending on where you live, pests are inevitable. When they are attacking your crops, you need to act fast. Below are some of the best ways to get rid of possums and other menaces. It’s important to be self-sufficient. Cultivating crops makes you less dependent on others. One of the most important factors of a stable economy is that how much it is dependent on importing the … Read more

DUE DILIGENCE WORKSHEET for Farm or Ranch Purchase

Real Estate Due Diligence Worksheet for Rural Property

Completing a Due Diligence Worksheet for rural property is so important. When you are considering the purchase of a ranch, farm or rural land, it is essential to have answers to some very important questions before you actually close the deal. Due Diligence Real Estate This due diligence real estate list can save you a lot of headaches. It can also help you prioritize what you will need to do to make your new “slice … Read more

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Tech Solutions Help Your Remote Employees Feel Less Remote

Remote employees are becoming more common these days, but it can be tough to stay connected to the office while working from home. However, with the latest tech products, remote employees can quickly get up-to-date with what’s going on in the office without missing a beat. One of the best ways for remote workers to stay connected is by using group chat app and other technology. Not all small towns are dying as the population … Read more

Birdhouses Plans amd Ideas

Best Birdhouse Plans and Ideas

Birdhouse Plans and Ideas – Do you love seeing birds fly in and out of your yard? For many homeowners, a birdhouse is a good addition to their yard as it provides a safe haven for their feathered friends. It’s also a place for birds to raise their young. Birdhouses, using or not using a birdhouse kit can also be a good do-it-yourself project; something that even a person with limited DIY skills can pull … Read more

Birdhouses for Birds and Nesting

Best Birdhouses for Birds and Nesting

Birdhouses for Birds – Nestbox, from the name itself, is a man-made box or enclosure that is used as a place for animals, such as specific mammals and birds, for nesting. Birdhouses for birds are different-sized nesting boxes typically made from wood, and sometimes metal. These boxes are built to look like small houses, and are made creatively using different colors and embellishments. These birdhouses are oftentimes found in gardens or outdoor spaces to attract … Read more

Homestead House Plans

Homestead House Plans and Designs That Are Captivating

Homestead House Plans and Designs ~ It is wonderful to experience life on a homestead. You live life so much closer to nature in a healthier and natural way. The happiness indexes are of the charts for people who make the initially difficult choice of homesteading. The reason for this choice can be many. Conduct a through and complete due diligence when buying rural farm, property or ranch. Some people want to do it as an … Read more

Escape to the Country ~ Start of the Journey

Escape to the Country ~ Start of the Journey

Escape to the Country ~ Start of the Journey – It was a dark and stormy night…. Really, it was! That night started my journey to move back to the country. As I was coming home from work in early evening, snow was swirling everywhere. I could barely see. I had actually left work early, as I had heard that the snow was coming. Of course, I wanted to get home before the worst of … Read more

Working Remotely at Community Work Spaces

Working Remotely Doesn’t Have to Mean Working from Home

Working from home is a great option for those of us who don’t work well amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy office. Even with all the great benefits, there often comes a time when you need to pick up your laptop and get out of the house. But without an office to go to, you might be wondering where to go and we are here to help you solve that dilemma. What to … Read more

Escape to the Country, best places to live in the USA, Living in the country

Best Rural Places to Live ~ Escape to the Country ~ Best Places to Live in USA

If you want to escape to the country, check out this list of best rural places to live. Living in the country is so different than living in the city or even in suburbia. Dreaming of a different way of life? Many people seek solitude or just more of a back-to-the-basics type of lifestyle. Whether you plan to relocate from a large city or suburbs, you will find country life very different. I’ve had the … Read more

What No One Tells You About Selling Your Home

Modernizing Your Rural Home Upgrades To Make More Enjoyable

Modernizing Your Rural Home – Just because you’ve chosen to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city doesn’t mean you have to forego all modern-day amenities. In fact, the technology of today has made it so you can enjoy almost all the things of urban life. Maybe even more without compromising the simple one. Modernizing Your Rural Home Upgrades Take a look at these modern upgrades that will make your rural home … Read more

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Advice on Property Development ~ What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Get the real deal on real estate and before you develop property. People have often asked my best advice on property development and buying a rural property. It is: “What you don’t know is the thing that can hurt you the most.” This statement is true for many situations in life, but is especially true as you embark on finding the perfect rural home or retreat when moving to the country. The thing you don’t … Read more