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Moving to the Country Start of the Journey

Moving to the Country Start of the Journey – It was a dark and stormy night…. Really, it was! That night started my journey to move back to the country. As I was coming home from work in early evening, snow was swirling everywhere. I could barely see. I had actually left work early, as I had heard that the snow was coming. Of course, I wanted to get home before the worst of the … Read more

Working Remotely at Community Work Spaces

Working Remotely Doesn’t Have to Mean Working from Home

Working from home is a great option for those of us who don’t work well amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy office. Even with all the great benefits, there often comes a time when you need to pick up your laptop and get out of the house. But without an office to go to, you might be wondering where to go and we are here to help you solve that dilemma. What to … Read more

Living in the country

Living in the country ~ Best rural places to live ~ Best Places to Live in US

Best Places to Live in US – Best rural places to live – Living in the country – Dreaming of a different way of life? Many people seek solitude or just more of a back-to-the-basics type of lifestyle. Whether you plan to relocate from a large city or suburbs, you will find country life very different. Learn about living in the country and best rural places to live. There is nothing more breathtaking than living … Read more

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Modernizing Your Rural Home Upgrades to make more enjoyable

Modernizing Your Rural Home – Just because you’ve chosen to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city doesn’t mean you have to forego all modern-day amenities. In fact, the technology of today has made it so you can enjoy almost all the things of urban life. Maybe even more without compromising the simple one. Modernizing Your Rural Home Upgrades Take a look at these modern upgrades that will make your rural home … Read more

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Advice on Property Development that can hurt you

People have often asked me my best advice on property development. it is: “What you don’t know is the thing that can hurt you the most.” That statement is true for many situations in life, but is especially true as you embark on finding the perfect rural home or retreat. The thing you don’t know will not just cost you a little more money and time. It might mean the difference between meeting or missing … Read more

Holiday Gift Ideas From Rural Living Today

Holiday Gift Ideas From Rural Living Today

Holiday Gift Ideas – Is it that time of year again? Our family truly enjoys this special month of December. We celebrate Christmas in many ways, from a birthday cake for Jesus to special holiday menus, from stockings on the mantle to a fragrant Christmas tree. But our favorite facet of the month has to be the warm and festive gatherings with family, friends, and neighbors. And some of those get-togethers involve gift giving. Though we … Read more

Ten Things to Love About Rural Living

10 Things to Love About Rural Living

Things to Love About Rural Living: After living for a long time in urban and suburban environments, I am now living a rural lifestyle. Is this for everybody? Maybe not. But I sure do enjoy rural living 52 weeks a year in a place where I used to vacation for two weeks a year. Things to Love About Rural Living Apart from a few years that I spent as an urban dweller many years ago, … Read more

Rural Backyard

Restoring an Old Abandoned Rural Backyard

This is about restoring an old abandoned rural backyard. Several months ago, we had to relocate due to a job. In this economy, you often don’t have a choice. The job we relocated for was a blessing but it took us several months to find the right home. The one we found is incredible. It’s out at the end of a rural backyard road, and it has about twenty fruit trees, a grape arbor, blackberries, tons … Read more