Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ Grills

Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ – With summer in full swing, the smell of barbecue is in the air.

Friends and family are gathering in backyards all across the country to enjoy the great weather and good times that summer is well known for, and nothing adds to summer fun like a good old fashioned barbecue.

It’s a pastime that is as American as baseball and apple pie.

We love barbecue, cooking safely and we want to share our knowledge and experience with fellow barbecue enthusiasts.

So, whether you’re a novice griller, or a seasoned veteran, you’ve come to the right site.

Infrared BBQ’s are quickly catching up in popularity to charcoal and gas grills.

These Infrared BBQ grills are designed to maximize efficiency when cooking, and as a result can usually do the cooking in a fraction of the time it would take on any other type of grill.

Infrared barbecue

As a matter of convenience, gas and/or infrared barbecue grills can be an excellent choice.

In most cases these grills are quite easy to light.

Most modern gas grills have an electric start button, which eliminates the need for matches and keeps your hands and face out of the danger area.

Temperatures can be easily adjusted by a simple turn of a knob, much like the average stove in today’s kitchens.

A gas grill also heats up much more quickly than does a charcoal grill.

This means that your cooking time is much shorter, leaving more time to enjoy the food and good times with friends and family.

Infrared barbecue grills are the new kid on the block.

These grills use ceramic tiles, filled with thousands of microscopic holes.

These holes focus the energy from the heat source, thereby creating an extremely hot surface on which to cook.

These grills can often achieve temperatures in excess of 600 degrees.

They are the idea way to cook a steak in just a few short minutes.

However, these high temperatures are not recommended for grilling fish and vegetables.

Because of this, many grill manufacturers are combining infrared and gas grills into one single unit.

This offers the consumer the best of both worlds.

With the right set of barbecue tools, these grills are ideal for cooking up a quick bite to eat.

As with gas grills, many people recommend that you use barbecue grill mats between the grill and the patio to keep any dripping grease from damaging the patio surface.

If you have any further questions regarding any of the topics covered in this site, please feel free to browse through our learning center.

There you will find a host of detailed information regarding a number of barbecue related topics.

Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ Grills

Cooking with infrared BBQ designs is a grilling option which has been gaining much popularity in recent years.

This is because the technology for such grills was patented in earlier history. However, those patents expired in the year 2000.

This provided opportunities for companies to further expand upon the product and to offer better deals.

As opposed to cooking with infrared BBQ designs, regular grills heat food through either the intermediary of an object or a fluid.

In the former case it is referred to as conduction. In the latter, it is convection.

Infrared options, other the other hand, utilize radiant heating.

Cooking with infrared BBQ systems offers many advantages over tradition ones.

Most people associate meat cooked in such ways with a significantly juicier taste.

This is attributed to intense heating capabilities of the infrared, which are said to sear the meat’s exterior, locking more flavorful juices within.

Infrared Cooking

Infrared cooking makes use of infrared energy.

This is located on a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum than light.

Other areas of this spectrum include radio waves, microwaves, as well as UV, gamma, and x-rays.

Unlike regular cooking options, infrared cooking relies upon radiation for heat transfer.

Standard cooking means, on the other hand, use either conduction or convection.

Conduction transfers heat object to object while convection uses liquid or gas to achieve heat transfer.

Radiant heating goes directly from molecule to molecule as opposed to using a middle liquid, solid, or gas.

Infrared cooking is highly efficient for this reason.

Less energy is lost going through such hoops as having a flame heating air, a radiant, and more air before finally heating one’s food.

This latter example is the way in which a traditional grill operates.

No heat is lost when you simply make use of radiant heating.

Infrared Grilling

With infrared grilling, you can char the outside of the meat while leaving the inside rare.

One of the best things about infrared is that it sears the meat, trapping the juices inside.

While traditional grilling can dry the meat, you won’t have this issue with infrared.

A flame concentrated on a ceramic plate within the grill is what causes the infrared heat.

This can reach temperatures above 700 degrees.

This means faster cooking time, which means less flavor and liquid loss.

This is the main reason why so many people recommend infrared grilling.

The biggest drawback to these grills is how much they cost.

For a long time their high price tag made it difficult for people to get a hold of them.

But the patent on them expired recently, so other companies are bringing out cheaper models.

Soon, many people will have access to infrared grilling.

Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ Grills Mesh

Benefits of cooking with infrared BBQ grill mesh may be a part of the burner.

However, infrared options advertise their non-mesh design.

There is a significant reason for why such material choices can be considered ideal.

Radiant heating is used when cooking with an infrared BBQ grill.

Mesh, on the other hand, is generally a part of traditional options which cook foods by heating the air.

Placing food over an open grill allows the hot air to easily surround it.

For an infrared BBQ grill, mesh is likely to encourage unnecessary air heating.

This represents a loss of energy.

For that reason, burner design emphasizes more solid structures.

Of course, sometimes the mesh is part of the burner which can have another surface separating it from whatever is being cooked.

Best Resource Regarding Infrared BBQ Grills
Best Resource Regarding Infrared BBQ Grills

Best Resource Regarding Infrared BBQ Grills

In the United States, barbecue history has been influenced primarily by the southern states, especially those along the Gulf Coast.

Barbecues were common for many occasions including family events, church functions and political rallies.

It is largely believed that southern barbecue, as we know it today, is a descendant of a method of cooking over hot coals, known as barbecoal and common to the West Indies.

Infrared Barbecue Grill Learning Center

From this style of cooking came a host of modern barbecuing techniques.

Many homeowners build permanent barbecue pits in their backyards in order to create a true, southern-style barbecue experience.

Barbecue smokers are also quite popular.

While these can be purchased through a number of sources, the best examples are often homemade.

A barbecue smoker can be easily built at home using a 55 gallon steel drum, some metal grating and a few pieces of angle iron.

There are numerous sources on the internet that offer plan sets and short video clips to help you build your very own backyard smoker.

Many people go “whole hog” when it comes to their outdoor cooking set-up.

Entire outdoor kitchens can be constructed to make the grilling experience that much more enjoyable.

Many of these include barbecue islands, which serve the same purpose as a common kitchen island.

Refrigerators, sinks, and ample counter space are all staples of the best cooking islands.

These are most often situated near the grill for convenience.

Infrared Barbecues Quickly Gaining Popularity With Backyard Chefs

The debate between which type of barbecue, gas or charcoal, is the best just became a bit more complicated.

Infrared barbecues are quickly gaining in popularity with backyard chefs throughout the country.

These grills are quick to heat up, reduce cooking time, and are exceptionally easy to use.

A traditional charcoal or gas grill cooks via the convection process.

A fuel source (gas, charcoal or wood) is burned, giving off heat.

This heat circulates around the food inside the grill, thereby cooking the meat.

This method has been the way backyard grills have worked since they were first invented.

However, infrared barbecues work in a slightly different manner.

Infrared Barbecues use tiles, usually made from ceramic, to quickly and efficiently cook the food.

As the fuel source is burned, the heat is focused through thousands of microscopic holes in the tiles, thereby producing an extremely hot cooking surface.

This cooking method has several advantages.

The number one advantage is a significantly reduced cooking time.

The high heat generated by this cooking method means that food can be cooking much faster than any traditional barbecue methods.

This reduced cooking time brings about the second advantage of this type of barbecue, and that is less fuel consumption.

The less time it takes to cook a piece of meat on an infrared barbecues, the less fuel is required to cook said piece of meat.

This is true whether you’re using charcoal or gas as the primary heat source.

And because it uses less fuel, it means that you will spend less money to buy fuel for your outdoor grilling activities.

It also means that the cook can spend less time slaving over the grill and more time enjoying the company of friends and family.

Cooking with infrared barbecues can also help improve the quality of your finished product as well.

Hot air can dry out a steak fairly quickly if not watched carefully.

However, the intense heat generated by an infrared barbecue is the ideal way to properly sear the outside of a thick steak while leaving the inside tender and juicy.

In most cases, this can be done in just a few short minutes, meaning less time salivating and more time eating.

If you’ve been looking into purchasing one of these infrared barbecues, there are some small disadvantages that should be considered first.

While the heat produced by these barbecues is ideal for cooking dense meats such as beef and chicken, it can also ruin a good piece of fish or any grilled vegetables.

To help meet the demands of barbecue aficionados many manufacturers are now building grills that have a section dedicated to infrared cooking techniques, and one for traditional grilling.

These grills offer the best of both worlds and make it much easier for the cook to meet dietary requests of anyone he is cooking for.

The other major disadvantage is that infrared barbecues tend to be a bit on the expensive side.

However, it should be noted that as the technology progresses, and their popularity continues to increase, it is fairly certain that these prices will eventually come down.

Infrared Barbecues and Infrared Gas – Grills

Infrared gas grills are some of the most desirable grills on the market.

Their style of cooking is leading-edge, and has been used by many restaurants for a long time.

Right now the high-end infrared gas grills will cost you over $1,000, but there are many mainstream models under $500.

But anyone who uses one will say that if you love perfect grilling, the money is well worth it.

The patent on this technology has recently expired, allowing many competitors into the field.

This has brought a lot of innovation to the sector.

Another thing is it causing is a drop in prices.

Since there is more competition, the price of one of these grills is going to drop substantially.

There aren’t that many people who understand how an infrared gas grill works.

This is mainly because these types of grills are not commonly owned by the average family.

Infrared grills are very expensive, and because of that have mostly been owned by restaurants and the wealthy.

What makes an infrared gas grill work the way it does is the ceramic plate in it.

A flame is focused on this plate, which has a multitude of tiny holes in it.

Once it is hot, it is radiating infrared heat, not unlike what we feel coming off the sun.

Now that multiple companies have access to this technology and can improve upon it, many variations are coming out.

There are now grills that have an infrared burner, charcoal firebox, and standard burner in them.

If you can spend the money to get an infrared gas grill, it is well worth it.

Infrared Heat Technology

Infrared technology is considered by many to be the pinnacle of good grilling.

It sears the meat and keeps the juices in better than other kinds of grilling.

Infrared heat is complicated, but companies that have been doing it for a long time are coming out with even better models.

The original infrared heat was created using ceramic plates.

Now all-metal infrared grills are coming out, and there are many improvements to these new models.

They last longer than the ceramic plates and provide an even better cooking surface.

Infrared heat is radiant.

The meat is not being burned by flames, and there is very little air moving around cooking the meat, which also dries it out.

There are some new cleaning techniques that are needed for the new models, but these are easily mastered.

Propane and Gas Infrared

Barbecuing and grilling with the help of an infrared grill is the latest trend among homeowners.

There are many types of propane & gas infrared grills.

The infrared technology was patented till 2000 but now you can get infrared grills being manufactured by various brands.

As compared to other types of grills, infrared grills are energy efficient and take less time to cook food.

The whole process of barbecuing on an infrared grill is done by super-heating a ceramic tile with natural gas or propane which in-turn emits infrared radiation.

This radiation cooks the food.

I haven’t used infrared grills for smoking the perfect ribs, but I’m looking forward to it.

There are lots of advantages while using propane and gas infrared grills.

For instance, it evenly distributes heat across the cooking surface and due to very high temperatures one can easily sear items quickly and easily.

Infrared Barbecue Grill Manufacturers

The food prepared on infrared grill is much juicer and tastes similar to that prepared on a charcoal grill.

This is because other grills heat the air to cook food but infrared radiation directly heats the food.

There are lots of benefits in using an infrared grill as these grills feature easy to clean mechanism, ignites instantly, provides better heat control and a uniform heat source.

BBQ Catering: Perfect for Any Size Party

BBQ catering is ideal for any sized party because caterers can supply as many portable barbecues and chefs as you need, regardless of the number of guests.

Similarly, if you host a small to medium-sized party, it can seem overwhelming when you are preparing food yourself.

It may be suitable to have full-service catering with cooks and servers for a large gathering.

BBQ catering may be a perfect compromise for a small party because you can purchase food that can be dropped off but does not require a lot of manpower to cook or clean up.

Additionally, you can also purchase ready-made, cold salads that can complement the main course.

BBQ Catering for Large Party
BBQ Catering for Large Party

If you intend to serve a choice of entrees, a caterer will offer a selection that is prepared with different marinades or rubs.

You can select multiple dishes without taking the time to purchase the individual ingredients yourself.

Fish, poultry, meat and vegetables can be cooked on a barbecue.

Mother’s Day Lunch Menu That will Show Her Your Love

BBQ Catering Makes Variety Easy

The food can arrive already cooked on the caterer’s grills, and you can put it on warmers.

You can also reheat the barbecued entrees on your own grill.

The food is ready quickly, and you do not have to take the time to cook it completely.

This is ideal if you want to minimize the time you spend in front of the barbecue but still want to feel that you have a hands-on role in preparing the food.

BBQ Catering
BBQ Catering

Many caterers will also drop off prepared, seasoned and marinated entrees that you can barbecue yourself.

This saves time and eliminates kitchen cleanup if you plan to serve chicken or meat that requires trimming.

It also reduces kitchen odors if you are serving fish or seafood.

Additionally, the caterers will leave you detailed directions for preparing the food, so you are likely to barbecue very flavorful entrees regardless of your culinary skills.

You can request the recommended cooking times in advance, and ask the caterer questions before firing up the barbecue.

BBQ catering is really perfect for any size party.

It makes it easy to serve delicious food to your guests without a lot of work.

Whether you already own a barbecue grill, plan to purchase one or want to enjoy hosting barbecued food without a grill, BBQ catering is just what you need.

Infrared Barbecue Grill Learning Center

Barbecue Grills come in three basic varieties; charcoal, gas and infrared.

There are many BBQ grills that you can choose from so you get the one that is perfect for you.

An infrared BBQ grill will provide you with superb cooking.

An electric grill barbecue offers greater safety and efficiency for the outdoor cook.

Gas Barbecue Grills may incorporate a smoker box into their design.

Gas BBQ grills are some of the most popular grills available.

A gas BBQ grill will use either natural gas or propane as its fuel source.

Gas grills are popular with many people due to their convenience and cleanliness.

Barbecue Grill Cook delicious meals outside with a barbecue grill.

With good weather comes good food, and the best food is anything off a Barbecue Grill.

Portable Barbecues Portable barbecues come in many styles and prices, and you can easily find the one that is just right for you.

Big Green Egg and Kamado Grills

Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ Grills
Benefits of Cooking with Infrared BBQ Grills

Infrared Barbecue Grills

Infrared Gas GrillThe technology behind an infrared gas grill is very different from a regular grill.

Infrared gas grills are very expensive, but their prices are dropping.

Infrared BBQ grills work by igniting propane or natural gas to super heat a ceramic tile, causing it to emit infrared radiation that cooks food.

Infrared Grilling An infrared grill will give you the best possible grilling that you can buy.

Infrared Barbecues Infrared barbecues are the latest in outdoor grilling technology.

Infrared grilling takes much less time than traditional grilling, and preserves the flavor and juices of the meat.

Portable Infrared Grill A portable infrared grill will let you take your best grilling tool on the road.

BBQ Smokers

Barbecue smokers are the only way to cook for the true barbecue fan.

With a smoker BBQ grill, you can cook many types of food in a couple different ways.

BBQ smoker slowly cooks meat with indirect heat and infuses the cut with a smoky flavor

BBQ Tools, Parts, and Accessories

BBQ Tools Simplify the bbq experience by using the right bbq tools.

Quality BBQ Tools Quality BBQ tools will give you what you need to grill properly and safely.

Infrared BBQ Grill Mesh For an infrared BBQ grill, mesh provides different services for the design.

BBQ Accessories Make grilling a little easier with a few key BBQ accessories.

BBQ Grill Rotisserie Accessories BBQ grill rotisserie accessories turn a grill into flavor enhancing rotisserie.

BBQ Hot Dog Tools Cooking hot dogs on a grill without burning them is a lot easier with bbq hot dog tools.

Stainless Steel BBQ Accessories Stainless steel BBQ accessories are some of the nicest grilling tools you can have.

BBQ Tips and Other Information

BBQ Grill Tips Grilling can be easier by following these bbq grill tips.

Oil Drum BBQ Making your own oil drum BBQ can be a relatively simple endeavor.

Cooking with Infrared BBQ Cooking with infrared BBQ burners is said to result in a more flavorful meal.

Infrared cooking involves radiant heating as opposed to the conduction or convection methods used in standard practice.

Infrared heat cooks your food without drying it out.

Gas BBQ Cooking Gas BBQ cooking has seen many developments in recent years including infrared and flattop designs.

Built-in Barbecue Grills and Islands – A barbecue island can be built at home and kits for bbq island frames make it simple.

Bbq islands give the bbq an attractive home in the backyard.

Bbq pits produce meats with that one-of-a-kind juicy, smoked flavor.

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Infrared Grill: Innovative Cooking or Gimmick?

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