Greg Head

Administrator / Author
Installing Solar & Rainwater Cisterns
Generators, Tools, Septic Systems, Preparedness
Moving Rural to City to Rural


  • U. S. Army veteran
  • Bachelor's in Business & Finance, Loyola University
  • MBA, Olivet Nazarene University
  • FEMA Surveillance & Security Certifications


Growing up on a rural property, Greg knows about working on the land. He has decades of hands-on experience working outdoors, caring for livestock (cattle and pigs), and handling the responsibilities that come with maintaining large properties. After several decades of living in various cities, he is back to his roots, living on acreage and being able do do more on his land. On his current home, he has added solar panels, a 2,500 gallon rainwater cistern, irrigation, and a workshop. Greg has experience using septic systems, generators, and lots of tools.


For his woodworking hobby, he built a shop where he enjoys making furniture and useful items from reclaimed lumber. Greg works hard to be sustainable and self-reliant. Drawing on his emergency readiness training, he's adept at navigating unforeseen challenges and ensuring safety and security in unpredictable scenarios in urban and wilderness environments. His guidance has helped many people to be prepared for the unexpected with practical knowledge and strategies.

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