what are fermented foods

What Are Fermented Foods and Beverages

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Depending on what types of food you like, you might have tried fermented foods, but you might not have eaten anything like it before. Here I explain examples of fermented foods. Fermented foods are often … Read more

home canning

Home Canning Guide: Tips to Keep Your Food Safe

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Home canning is an exciting activity for food preservation. It can also be a valuable resource to have in order to begin stockpiling food for medium- and long-term storage.  Ensuring you prepare home-canned foods appropriately … Read more

Everyday Carry EDC Knives

Best EDC Everyday Carry Knifes Review

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Best EDC Everyday Carry Knifes Review – Many people think that when talking about knives it automatically means self-defense. But knives are basically utility tools, a must-have in the pocket for emergencies and other daily … Read more