Grizzly Tarps Are the Best Heavy Duty Tarps

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Grizzly Tarps camping – Camping has always been a favorite pastime. In fact, some of my earliest memories are of being with my family on a rainy weekend, all of us crowded into one leaky tent. Eventually, we got better gear. My time as a Boy Scout improved my knowledge and abilities in the outdoors. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate the difference that the right camping gear can make.

The right gear means the difference between being comfortable and being miserable. More importantly, it means the difference between getting home safely versus going home sick or ending up in the emergency room.

When I think of my most important pieces of camping gear, things like my pocket knife and all-weather matches spring to mind.

However, one of the more critical components in my kit is a heavy duty tarp. Fast forward and I now have two sons who are both accomplished Boy Scouts in an active Boy Scout Troop in Arizona. They plan camping weekends at least monthly and usually more frequently.

Grizzly Tarps

Our Boy Scout Troop uses Grizzly Tarps almost exclusively now because frankly they are the best. We have both the Blue Grizzly Tarp and the Silver Grizzly Tarp.

In our Troop, we prefer the Heavy Duty Silver Grizzly Tarps. Heavy duty tarps made with attention to detail quality

We’ve used Grizzly Tarps to make a shelter for a group of boys who’s tent got damage during transportation, create an adult cooking canopy, cover equipment and cover equipment on a trailer during a 700 mile camping and backpacking trip.

I recently used one of the Troop’s Grizzly Tent to cover my tent during a cold Arizona Mountain campout. This picture was taken at about 5,000 ft where the night time temperature dipped below freezing every night.

Grizzly Tarps – Best Heavy Duty Tarps

I’ll usually pack a tarp of two when I’m venturing into the wilderness. Our Boy Scout Troop takes 3 to 4 Heavy Duty Grizzly Tarps. They are that useful and versatile.

A Tarp Is Just a Tarp, Right?

I know what you’re thinking. “I’ve got a tarp. It’s nothing to write home about.” That might be because you haven’t tried Grizzly Tarps. I was once like you. I’d head to the hardware store, or Harbor Freight, to get a tarp.

Usually, I’d just buy the cheapest one in the size that seemed appropriate.

I’d take it camping or use it for one of the other purposes that you might need a tarp for, but the result was always the same.

The first good gust of wind would rip it, and it never quite seemed to be up to the task at hand. Before I knew it, I was back at the hardware store getting another tarp.

Grizzly Tarps Outlast the Others

Not anymore. Our Grizzly Tarps have outlasted — by far — any other tarp we have ever had. Even more, they are still in brand new shape.

These Grizzly heavy duty tarps still look brand new; they look hardly used.

Both our family and Boy Scout Troop use the heavy duty Silver Grizzly Tarps exclusively. The upshot is that those inexpensive tarps weren’t really inexpensive.

Nothing that you have to repeatedly buy is affordable, especially when that something is an item that you should be durable. I expect to buy groceries every week. Food is perishable, and it also gets consumed.


Grizzly Tarp covering building supplies for Boy Scout Eagle Project

Tarps should be built to last.

Grizzly Tarps are Different

Getting acquainted with a Grizzly was a revelation for me. At first, the price took me by surprise, but when I started to study the product, I realized that this was no ordinary tarp.

Heavy duty tarp

No, this was a genuine, heavy duty tarp.

Piping on borders

One of the first things that I noticed was the piping on the borders. It was immediately clear to me that this was a tarp I could use even in high-wind situations. It hardly matters how tight I strap it down or what kind of stress I put on it. The Grizzly wasn’t going to tear.


Another feature that I find is invaluable is the grommets. They are placed at 34-inch intervals. This means that no matter how I’m using this tarp, it can be securely tied down. No more flapping in the breeze when the tarp is covering a load in the back of my truck.

Trap Weave

The weave on my first Grizzly tarp also set it apart from the competition. It was an eight by eight weave, impressively tight and designed for competitive durability.

The laminated polyethylene material was built to last, and that was something that I tested repeatedly. The manufacturer highlighted many features: waterproof, mildew-proof and washable.

Once again, I found that my expectations were exceeded. This heavy duty tarp was just what I needed to take my outdoor adventures to the next level.

Then, I Discovered Silver Grizzly Tarps

The first Grizzly Tarp I encountered was a standard blue-color tarp. Of course, I could see that the color was the only respect in which the Grizzly resembled other tarps.

Then, I discovered that Grizzly makes a tarp that’s meant for even more stressful applications. These silver tarps are remarkable, and once I discovered them, there was no going back.

Heavy Duty Silver Grizzly Tarp Covering Wood
Heavy Duty Silver Grizzly Tarp Covering Wood

Highly Recommend the Silver Heavy Duty Grizzly Tarp

Grizzly constructs these tarps out of an incredibly tight 14 by 14 polyethylene weave. That means that these tarps are even more durable than the blue version. Plus, the silver tarp has grommets placed at every 18 inches and a thickness of 10 mils. The result is a heavy duty tarp that’s pretty much the best in the business.

If you need a robust tarp that can stand up to just about anything, then the silver Grizzly is for you.

Protection from UV rays

One of the other aspects of the silver tarps that I appreciate is that they are UV proof. UV rays are damaging to pretty much anything, so this extra layer of protection can be really important. That’s especially true if you’re like me and you use your tarps constantly. And living in Arizona at a higher altitude, you have to watch out for sun damage during the summer months.

Right Size for Every Application

The blue tarps from Grizzly are available in a range of sizes. They are as small as 5 x 7 feet and as large as 30 feet by 40 feet. I haven’t had occasion to buy the largest size yet, but I don’t rule it out.

This diversity of sizes makes these tarps right for any application. Silver Grizzlies are available in four sizes that include:

  • 8 x 10
  • 12 x16
  • 12 x 20
  • 20 x 30

You Can Use Tarps Anywhere

This is especially true when they’re manufactured by Grizzly. In fact, Grizzly sells its products to consumers and for industrial purposes. In my job, I don’t have any need to use tarps, but if I did, I’d insist upon a Grizzly. These products have proven themselves to me time and again.

Here are a few of the ways that I’ve used a Grizzly Tarps:

I’m sure that there have been others as well. The upshot is that these tarps are up to the task no matter what.

I love the number of grommets in these tarps because it means that they are never flapping in the wind. That translates to fewer chances of a tear.

Plus, I have to say that I really appreciate the rope that’s sewn into the hem. This piping makes for an all-but indestructible tarp.

If you’re going with a really heavy-duty application, then don’t hesitate to get the silver one. I swear that it could just about stand up to hurricane-force winds.

Tarps from Grizzly are the Perfect Camping Accessory

I’ve used these tarps a lot, but by far my most frequent use is in connection with camping. The family and I love to get away for a weekend or even a week.

Also, since I became a Scout Leader for my sons’ Boy Scout troop, I’ve had even more uses for my Grizzlies. The Boy Scout organization puts a great deal of emphasis on camping and how to live in the outdoors.

There is no end to the books and instructional videos with the hope of helping scouts to be better prepared for camping.

Tarps Save a Rainy Camping Expedition

While my son and I are fairly experienced campers, the same can’t be said for other troop members. Before our first camping expedition with the Boy Scouts, many of the members had never spent a night in the wilderness.

This meant that our first outing was accompanied by a lot of excitement and not a small amount of apprehension.

Some of the boys were pretty uncomfortable with the thought of being technology-free for a couple of nights, but I was determined to prove to them how fun camping could be.

It was the middle of summer, and we’d been dealing with hot, dry conditions for weeks. It was a good chance to combine lessons about the outdoors with overall fire safety.

What I didn’t expect was the rain. The day before we left, the forecast suddenly changed. I got calls from alarmed parents. It might rain over the weekend. Were we still planning to go camping?

Now, a little rain never slowed us down, so as far as I was concerned, we were good to go. The trip was still on. Luckily, the dry weather held for most of the weekend.

When the rain finally came on the second evening, we were prepared. Each tent was covered with a Silver Grizzly Tarp. And each tent was using a Blue Grizzly Tarp for their respective ground cover under the tents

No one was going to be sleeping wet on this trip. I know there’s a bit of debate about using tarps as ground cover versus inside the tent.

I come down squarely in favor of using your tarp as a ground cover, the tent as many people don’t properly size and place their ground cover.

Your Grizzly won’t let you down either way if you use it right. We even got to sit around the campfire that night because I rigged up another Grizzly over our heads.

No one got wet, and everyone was happy.

Tarps are an essential part of any camping gear kit. When you choose one that’s manufactured by Grizzly, you’ll be certain to get years of successful use out of it.

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