Aeroponics System: How Does It Work?

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020Here we explain what an aeroponics system is and what it does. There are different types of gardening methods available, and one such method that never fails to amaze us is something called aeroponics.  An aeroponic system is one that nourishes a plant with nothing more than a mist that is filled with special nutrients. Are you interested to know more about this way of planting and growing plants or … Read more

turkey eggs

Turkey Eggs 101

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020Here’s what to know about turkey eggs. The domestic turkey is a large fowl native to North America and characterized by its blue and red head with a prominent snood and wattle. It is often rotund and considered a form of poultry. As domesticated birds, you would think people would eat more of their eggs. After all, people consume turkey meat. Many homesteaders raise turkeys from chicks. However, turkey eggs … Read more

silkie chicken

Silkie Chicken: Getting to Know the Breed

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020The Silkie chicken name is appropriate. This breed of chicken is characterized by luxurious plumage, which feels like silk or satin when pet. Silkies have notable characteristics, including black meat, fur-like feathers, and tufts on their heads. These chickens are bantams, and they lay small eggs. Silkie hens are excellent brooders as well. Many people choose to keep Silkie chickens as an ornamental fowl rather than a producer of eggs. … Read more

how to ripen green tomatoes

How to Ripen Green Tomatoes

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020Knowing how to ripen green tomatoes is an invaluable skill. Perfectly-ripened tomatoes are the most flavorful and robust. There‚Äôs no doubt that vine-ripened vegetables far supersede the flavors of anything you would be able to find in the grocery store. However, often gardeners are left with green tomatoes on their vines. Whether the temperature dropped quickly in your area or it’s too hot, you can still make the most of … Read more

incubating chicken eggs

Incubating Chicken Eggs: The Process and Requirements

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020Here’s what to know about incubating chicken eggs whether you are a beginner or have some experience. Perhaps your hens are non-broody or maybe you want to buy fertile eggs to incubate yourself. Eggs from non-broody chickens means that incubating eggs has sometimes become the duty of the farmer instead of the hen. Alternatively, you may have purchased eggs with the plan to incubate them yourself.  Incubating Chicken Eggs in … Read more

growing tomatoes in pots

Growing Tomatoes in Pots and Containers For Huge Plants

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020Not everyone has space in a garden to grow a plant like tomatoes. The good news is growing tomatoes in pots is much easier than you might think. As long as you have a sunny spot and a place to put the pot, you can have juicy, delicious tomatoes throughout the season. Growing Tomatoes in Pots We are going to take a look at how easy it can be to … Read more

home canning

Home Canning Guide: Tips to Keep Your Food Safe

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020Home canning is an exciting activity for home chefs. It can also be a valuable resource to have in order to begin stockpiling food for medium- and long-term storage.  However, ensuring that you prepare your foods appropriately can help you to avoid life-altering illnesses and diseases that come from the botulism toxin. Preserving fresh food properly is key. As one of the main concerns with canning at home, this guide … Read more

growing your own basil plant

Growing Your Own Basil Plant: A Guide for Beginners

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020Basil is easy to grow at home. It does well indoors and outdoors. Here we discuss growing your own basil plant.  Basil is a woody plant that branches out. It loves warm weather and tends to grow extremely quickly when temperatures hit 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When you choose to grow basil, you should keep in mind that two or three plants are plenty for a family.  You can … Read more

best food dehydrators

Best Food Dehydrators of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020Food dehydrators are an asset to any household. Here are the best food dehydrators to consider along with their features. These unique devices are essential for creating emergency food options. In addition, they give your family a new and exciting way to enjoy their favorite ingredients, ranging from meats to fruits.  Getting tired of having the same meals, snacks, and treats every single day? By having the best food dehydrator … Read more

how to store food long term

How to Store Food Long Term: The Best Tips and Tricks

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020Learning how to store food long term is something that has helped people for centuries, beginning with families who had pantries or larders. Back then, long-term food storage was a necessity, as it was the only way to keep meals fresh without refrigeration like we have today. In modern society, preparing food for long-term storage can be a fantastic means of survival during emergencies. It is highly recommended that every … Read more