California White chicken

California White Chicken ~ The Quiet Superstar of Backyard Flocks

The California White chicken, robust and resilient, is an ideal choice for first-time chicken owners who want lots of eggs. Ideal for backyards and practical for those residing in urban settings, these friendly, prolific layers are sure to win your heart.   California Whites are a fitting choice if you are looking for a small or medium flock. I say this because with just a few hens, you can enjoy an abundance of eggs. With four … Read more

rosemary companion plants

Rosemary Companion Plants ~ 25+ to Grow and 9 Not to Grow

Here I explain rosemary companion plants. Whether it’s the sage that shares rosemary’s love for sunshine, or beans that enrich the soil, companionship in the garden can support productive plants. By learning what to plant with rosemary and what not to plant, you can maximize the opportunities to help enhance growth, protect plants from pests (including deer),, and create a symbiotic ecosystem in your garden. Keep reading to learn about what grows well with rosemary … Read more

hydroponic herbs

Hydroponic Herbs ~ Best Herbs to Grow and How to Do It

Fast-growing with higher yields, growing hydroponic herbs has many advantages over traditional gardening. You can grow in elaborate hydroponics setups or with a simple hydroponics kit in your kitchen. However big or small you want to go, herbs grow very well with this soilless growth method. Herbs are an excellent choice for hydroponics due to their relatively small size, fast growth rate, and versatility in the kitchen. It’s a great way to begin if you are … Read more

Can chickens eat bananas

Can Chickens Eat Bananas and Banana Peels ~ A Bunch of Helpful Tips

Can chickens eat bananas? Yes, they can. Chickens can also eat banana peels. In moderation, bananas are safe for your flock. Before feeding chickens bananas for the first time, there are a few different things you can do. The first time you give them a banana, you may want to peel it, set the banana down, and see what happens. You can leave it whole or chop it into pieces. It is fun to watch. … Read more

funny duck names

Funny Duck Names ~ 300+ Names That Will Quack You Up

Quack up with a good laugh. This gaggle of funny duck names was plucked from our wildest imaginations. Nothing brightens a day quite like a duck waddling around with a hilariously punny name. We’re all familiar with those classic ducky names like “Donald” or “Daffy,” but what if we ventured further into the pond of creativity? These witty duck names are full of puns and play on words. They relate everything from quacking to feathers … Read more

cow names

Cow Names Galore: 777+ Awesome Names for Your Bovines

Welcome to an udderly delightful adventure into the world of cow names! Whether you’re looking for names for newborn calves or mature cows, finding the perfect name adds a touch of personality and character to each bovine. Showcase your creativity and some fun to your farming experience. Below are hundreds of imaginative, cute, playful, and fun choices. I delve into unique names, breed-based names, color-inspired names, names based on your cows’ personality traits, for meat … Read more

goat playground

Goat Playground Ideas ~ Easy Ways to Keep Goats Engaged

As a goat owner, you know these curious and active animals are always on the lookout for new adventures. While goats are generally known for their agility and their ability to climb, jump, and explore, providing them with a goat playground can enhance their well-being and keep them mentally stimulated. Before doing anything, assess the available space in your backyard and consider the natural terrain and features. Think about ways of incorporating a variety of … Read more

homesteading ideas

67+ Homesteading Ideas to Get You Started

When I think of homesteading ideas, I think of doing something “from scratch” instead of taking the easy way I’m used to doing it. This can be anything. Homesteading doesn’t require a lot of space but how much outdoor space and opportunities on your property will determine what you can and can’t do. Decades ago, when I lived in a townhome in an urban setting, my homesteading initiatives involved growing herbs in containers. When I … Read more

how much does a cow cost

How Much Does a Cow Cost to Buy and What to Consider

Cows are domesticated mammals raised primarily for their meat, milk, and hide. Raising cattle can be a profitable and sustainable source of income for farmers and ranchers. Here I explain how much does a cow cost along with factors to consider that affect the price.   The cost of buying a cow varies depending on age, weight, cow breed, gender, purpose, and location. Prices range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Bulls cost more … Read more

Icelandic chickens

Icelandic Chickens ~ Cold Hardy, Resilient, Friendly

Icelandic chickens, also known as landrace fowl, are one of the most genetically robust chickens in the world. As the name suggests, Icelandic birds were developed in the Nordic islands. Because they were isolated and there was limited land mass for the chickens to roam, Norse breeders took the time to select chickens with nothing but the most resilient traits to come up with this breed. As a result, the hardy Icelandic chicken is capable … Read more

Shamo chicken

Shamo Chicken Traits, Uniqueness, and Aggression

Originally bred as a fighting chicken, the Shamo chicken is an Asiatic game fowl from Japan. It isn’t a native of Japan; it was only developed there. Its ancestors were mostly found in Thailand, known as Siam at the time. Shamo chickens are tall, hard-feathered, and mostly bred as fighting birds. It’s for this reason that the Shamo chicken has grown in popularity across the globe. Even though there are many different game chickens in … Read more

chicken names

555+ Chicken Names for Your Fun Feathered Flock

Use this ultimate list of chicken names to find the perfect ones for your lovable flock. There are names that are cute, funny, and unique. Some are based on the chicken’s size, color, breed, temperament, personality, how many are in the flock, hen and rooster duos, and more. A chicken’s name can reflect its personality and appearance. For example, if you have a hen who is always strutting around and showing off her feathers, a … Read more

meat sheep breeds

Meat Sheep Breeds and What’s Best for Your Farm

Meat sheep breeds are bred specifically for meat production. They have a high growth rate and weight gain, good meat quality, efficient feed conversion, and strong immunity. When raising sheep, choosing the right breed for your climate, land, and goals is important to ensure optimal production and profitability.  People raise sheep for a variety of reasons, including meat, wool, dairy production, conservation grazing, and as pets. If you are primarily interested in meat production, you … Read more

growing Swiss chard

Growing Swiss Chard the Right Way the First Time

Growing Swiss chard is easy when you do it the right way. Swiss chard is typically grown as a cool-season crop that thrives in cool temperatures and tolerates frost. Swiss chard can grow back after you cut it. It is a “cut and come again” crop. You can harvest the outer leaves while leaving the inner leaves and the center growing point intact. This allows the plant to continue growing and producing more leaves you … Read more

how to grow turnips

How to Grow Turnips the Right Way for a Great Harvest

Turnips are cool season root vegetables. They are easy to grow, with some varieties taking 35 – 40 days to mature from seed. Plant at the right time of year for your climate and use decent soil. Learn how to grow turnips so you can enjoy a bountiful harvest with minimal effort and expense. You can grow turnips in a variety of soil types, as long as the soil is well-draining and has a pH … Read more

turnip greens

Turnip Greens Recipe Sauteed and So Easy

Whether you buy fresh turnip greens from the store or are trying to make the most from your harvest, I explain how easy it is to prepare turnip greens. They are edible but bitter and peppery when fresh so most people cook them instead of eating them raw. Cooking or sautéing them with herbs and spices helps minimize the sharp taste. Turnip leaves, turnip tops and turnip greens are all the same thing. The green … Read more

au gratin potatoes

Easy Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe

Whether you want to make au gratin potatoes or have lots of potatoes and want to make something with them, this recipe is the answer. It uses ingredients you may already have. You can improvise as well because it’s a forgiving recipe. Pull out your oven-safe dish, and use enough potatoes so it fills the dish. You can make these potatoes in an 8×8, 9×9, 8×10, or 9×12 casserole dish. I make as many potatoes … Read more

roasted turnips

Roasted Turnips ~ Easy & Quick Turnips Recipe

This roasted turnips recipe is easy to make and tasty. Whether you grow turnips in your home garden or buy them at the grocery store or farmers market, roasting turnips is simple. Here, I focus on preparing and roasting turnips. In a separate recipe, I’ll explain how easy it is to sauté turnip greens. You can prepare them separately, and mix them together if you choose. I prefer to serve them separately. Whether you have … Read more

Leg of lamb with rosemary

Leg of Lamb with Rosemary Recipe in Dutch Oven

This is a quick leg of lamb with rosemary recipe with just 6 ingredients. I make it in my Dutch oven. I season it with rosemary, garlic, onions, olive oil, and Dijon mustard. It’s always savory and juicy. I wanted to share this easy leg of lamb recipe because it is delicious and easy to make. Lamb is expensive. The last thing you want is for it to be dry or overcooked. While the fat … Read more

California tan chicken

California Tan Chicken ~ Everything You Need to Know

The California Tan chicken is very closely associated with the California White chicken. In fact, it’s not uncommon for novice farmers to confuse the two. However, they are not the same breed of chicken. The California Tan chicken is technically not a breed of chicken but a hybrid. It crosses two other breeds—a Production Red (similar to Rhode Island Reds) and a White Leghorn. One of the main reasons breeders worldwide endeavor to come up … Read more