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Modern Homesteading – Rural Living Dreaming of moving to the country?

…Tired of the rat race?

…Wishing for a simpler life?

Hello—and welcome to Rural Living Today.

We are an extended family that dreamed for many years of leaving the urban/suburban life.

Finally the time was right and we found an old homestead farm that we now call home.

Dreaming of Rural Life

Tips on bringing your dreams of a rural life to fruition.

With over thirty years’ experience in development and construction, he is available to personally help you with the master planning of your land, home, and outbuildings.

We’ll continually generate and share new resources to help all of us along the way. We always have several things in the works.

I wish you the very best as you start and progress on your journey to a rural and farm lifestyle, and hope to hear how you are doing!

We’d love to hear about your property development or rural building.

What Is Rural Living Today?

Rural Living Today is a family business created to support and encourage those who would like to make their home in the country, learn more rural self-sufficiency skills, and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We offer property development assistance, blog posts, ebooks, and other products designed for homesteaders, farmers, and gardeners.

Rural Living Today readers include seasoned farmers, new homesteaders, and everyone in between.

The specialties of the Rural Living Today team include rural property selection and development, income-producing projects, and increasing sustainability of the family farm.

Our clan of more than twenty family members spanning three generations participates in various aspects of life on our land in the beautiful northeast corner of Washington State, USA.

We’re learning a lot along the way and want to share with others as we encourage them to follow their dreams of living the rural life.

Rural Living

Interested in Modern Homesteading?

Perhaps you too have this dream.

Or maybe you are just tired of the pace of urban/city life or weary of the rat race and looking to see how you and your family could make a change.

Don’t know where to start Homesteading

We can help. Rural living is entirely different from life in the city or suburb.

It isn’t easy to make the change from an urban perspective to one that is so different.

Through Rural Living Today, we are here to encourage, inform, and educate you on facets of rural farm and ranch living.

We will help you consider the costs and benefits of making the transition of moving to country life—honestly and objectively.

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Here is what we can offer you:

We’ll share our experiences and those of others to encourage you as you consider a new and different life and the new practical skills that must be developed. Start small, with a single step. Starting on the journey to homesteading and rural living can introduce peace and a back to the basics feeling in your life.

We’ll tell you about our successes and our failures along our journey.

We’ll feature “Getting There” stories and interviews with other individuals and families that have made this transition, hearing about their experiences and getting their valuable insight.

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Beautiful hills and sunset

Escape to the Country

Things to Love About Rural Living: I sure do enjoy rural living 52 weeks a year in a place where I used to vacation for two weeks a year. A benefit to rural living is having land and space. There's just so much to see and do. My garden always needs tending, and I have animals that make for incredibly good company.

Of course, one of the best things about country living is being able to be so close to nature. For miles around, I can explore pastures, meadows and forests. The gently rolling landscape is just perfect for enjoying a healthy walk, and you can bet that I'm out there pretty nearly 365 days a year.

I will admit that as I have gotten older, the terrain has become a little more difficult to handle. It's only natural that after many years of activity I would experience some joint stiffness and other mild complaints. But on the other hand, rural living keeps me moving. I have a reason to go outside and be active.


Why do people escape to the country?

There are many reasons people like living in rural areas. Many of us are so used to living in a fast-paced world, and the only time we slowdown is for our one vacation a year (if we are lucky). And even planning for that is stressful. But imagine being able to live somewhere where you feel relaxed the majority of the time... where it feels like time stands still some days. That's what rural living is like.

Living in rural areas gives you time to enjoy where you are. You'll likely have a bit more land which will enable you to do more things outside. You might find you enjoy gardening or finally be able to buy that horse you've always dreamed about.

There is fresh air and just overall feeling more connected to nature. You will likely be able to do more because you will have some land. And you won't have to worry about city codes about having animals such as chickens or raising goats. 

Living in a rural setting means an opportunity to live more sustainably or off the grid in ways you can't do in the city.

10 Things to Love About Rural Living

  1. I don’t have to spend 10% of each day commuting
  2. I am happy when I wake up
  3. I live in a safe environment
  4. I know the history of much of my food nowadays
  5. Things are growing all around me
  6. My kids are learning about life
  7. My family is somewhat protected from potential issues in the future
  8. I can raise animals
  9. We live more sustainably
  10. I know my neighbors (ALL OF THEM!)

**BONUS: I can live more affordably!

What to know before you Escape to the Country

  1. Before moving to the country, it will be important to know about the area's infrastructure.
  2. What are the taxes?
  3. Will you have city water or be on a well?
  4. How are the schools? Even if you don't have children, an area's school system still impacts the area and residents.
  5. How close will you be to first responders such as the fire department?
  6. What is the access and availability of health care, doctors and a hospital?
  7. If you are religious, visit the place of worship you would attend.
  8. Do you plan to have certain animals? If so, you will want to be sure there aren't
  9. Will you be working from home?
  10. How strong is the internet connection? High speed internet?
  11. Cell Service? How Strong and available?
  12. Cable TV or Outdoor Antenna?
  13. You will need to consider which is the safest, affordable country as well as which one will get you closer to your goals of living a quieter, rural lifestyle.

Checkout our due diligence checklist and worksheet:

  1. What is the topography?
  2. How is the light?
  3. Structures on the property
  4. Quality of the soil
  5. Planning – City, County and State Zoning Issues
  6. Legal Issues When Purchasing Rural Land, Farm or Ranch
  7. Water rights
  8. Property boundaries
  9. Easements on the property
  10. Legal Access to Your Property
  11. Rural Property Utilities
  12. Rural Telephone Service
  13. Rural Internet
  14. Rural Cable Access
  15. Rural Water
  16. Drill a Well
  17. Sewer Septic Systems


Best place to live in USA

There are so many great things about living in a rural area. You will be forced to slow down. In many ways, you may be more active given you will be out on your property working on projects. There are so many possibilities for what you can do. Learn about the best rural places to live in the USA and start with a plan to do it.

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  1. This is one of the best sites with the most friendly informative content I have come across. So thankful for this site and all it has to offer I am more excited than ever to start my little farm of love, light and livestock.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment with this positive feedback. Best wishes to you. We hope you enjoy your farm!

  3. Kind of relieving seeing that there’s a community out there for this.
    I want to raise my kids away from a lot of the garbage that’s out there these days, somewhere where they can just run around and be kids.

    For myself and my family, I figure homesteading is the best way to go.
    Great info, thanks!

  4. Thanks for the comment! Absolutely, yes! For us, it’s about trying to get back to the basics. There are many ways to begin. Best wishes!

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