pig breeds

Pig Breeds to Start Raising for the Homestead or Backyard

Last Updated on: June 22, 2020. There are many pig breeds to consider raising. Whether you have a small hobby farm or are new to the world of homesteading, raising pigs is a satisfying and worthwhile pursuit. When you think about raising livestock, you may want animals to have a protein source. One of the most common is pigs. Have you ever wondered what the different types of pigs are? Have you ever thought about … Read more

best lawn edger

Best Lawn Edgers of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

The best lawn edgers can give you more control over the aesthetics of your yard. It gives you better results compared to using a regular string trimmer for the job. Lawn edgers are perfectly designed to edge straight and professional-looking lines around your lawn, between the driveway and your yard, around your garden, and more.  There are plenty of lawn edgers to choose from. Each has advantages. To help you find the perfect choice for … Read more

bison vs buffalo

Bison vs Buffalo: The Truth About Their Differences

Last Updated on: June 16, 2020. Bison vs Buffalo – Are you confused about the difference between buffalo and bison? It’s common to confuse them. Learn about the difference between bison vs buffalo. What sets them apart? Is there really a difference in the first place? Is Bison Another Name for Buffalo? One thing that led us to this state of confusion is because we are accustomed to people who use the word bison to … Read more

animals with horns

Animals With Horns ~ Types & Differences from Animals With Antlers

Animals with horns can be found around the world, whether at the peak of mountaintops or backyard family-owned farms. If there’s one thing to be said about these fascinating beings, they are likely some of the most exciting and curious creatures in the entire animal kingdom. Their fantastical headgear can be used for an assortment of tasks, whether it be to attract a mate or to defend themselves from their rivals. What Are Horns and … Read more

how long do fresh eggs last

How Long Do Fresh Eggs Last: Food Safety 101

Last Updated on: June 19, 2020. Some common questions are, “How long do fresh eggs last?” and “Do you refrigerate fresh eggs?” This is because modern people in the USA live with several layers of separation between themselves and their food. Most modern food contains preservatives, so it’s difficult to know how long fresh foods, such as eggs, last.  We will answer these questions and more to ensure you eat healthy and fresh eggs all … Read more

alpaca vs llama

Alpaca vs Llama: Which One Is Better to Raise?

Last Updated on: June 16, 2020. Alpaca vs Llama – There are different types of livestock that one can raise. You will never run out of options, but we personally have a sweet spot for alpacas and llamas. They are such a joy to raise, and if you’re thinking of raising either of them but can’t decide which one is better, we’re here to help. We’ll look into the differences between alpaca vs llama and … Read more

strawberry planters pots

Strawberry Planters Pots: Growing Your Own Strawberries

Last Updated on: June 19, 2020. Learn how to grow your own strawberries by growing them in planters and pots.  Who doesn’t love the taste of a freshly picked, perfectly ripe strawberry? The flavor is the essence of summer. There is something truly nostalgic about biting into a juicy strawberry, even the store-bought ones most of us are used to. However, there is nothing better than strawberries grown straight from your garden. Strawberries can be … Read more

citronella plant

Citronella Plant: How to Grow and Use

Last Updated on: June 16, 2020. Here’s what to know about growing and using a citronella plant. Summer is the perfect time for family gatherings and all kinds of outdoor activities like cooking using your barbecue grill. If only there were some way to limit the unrelenting nuisance that plagues all our summertime fun: the mosquito. Getting rid of mosquitoes is an everyday battle during the summer. Eliminating standing water and spraying yourself down with … Read more


Aeroponics System: How Does It Work?

Last Updated on: June 16, 2020. Here we explain what an aeroponics system is and what it does. There are different types of gardening methods available, and one such method that never fails to amaze us is something called aeroponics. An aeroponic system is one that nourishes a plant with nothing more than a mist that is filled with special nutrients. Are you interested to know more about this way of planting and growing plants … Read more

turkey eggs

Turkey Eggs 101

Last Updated on: June 16, 2020. Here’s what to know about turkey eggs. The domestic turkey is a large fowl native to North America and characterized by its blue and red head with a prominent snood and wattle. It is often rotund and considered a form of poultry. As domesticated birds, you would think people would eat more of their eggs. After all, people consume turkey meat. Many homesteaders raise turkeys from chicks. However, turkey … Read more