Solar Gem Greenhouse ~ Best Backyard Greenhouse Review

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Open the door to better growing with the best backyard greenhouse. Here we review the Solar Gem greenhouse. Solar Gem’s world-class greenhouses offer the easiest way to conduct professional-grade growing in virtually any outdoor space.

Our friends have a Solar Gem, and I’m impressed by it’s functionality and quality construction. You’re getting a fully portable experience that provides all the benefits of an established greenhouse. This spacious, easy-to-implement design is something that both hobbyists and for-profit growers should take notice of!

There has simply never been a better time to look into creating a growing space on your own property.

Garden enthusiasts will tell you, the best reason to grow your own vegetables is because you can control what goes into your food.

Are you intrigued by the idea of having a greenhouse on your property because you are interested in growing edible plants or are you interested in growing ornamentals?

A modestly sized greenhouse from SolarGem can be a great place to start. You may want to focus on an easy-to-manage greenhouse instead of having something built on your property if you are about to try out a crop for the first time.

Finding the Best Backyard Greenhouse

The Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment at the University of Massachusetts Amherst suggests beginning on a small scale when growing a crop in a greenhouse setting for the first time.

This is especially true when it comes to vegetable production. Of course, it’s important to use a high-quality, carefully insulated greenhouse even if your crop aspirations don’t extend past the hobby level.

Solar Gem Greenhouse

Solar Gem Greenhouses provide a nurturing environment for precious crops and plants. This is the only greenhouse to offer a marine-grade gel coat. The fact that each greenhouse’s fiberglass interior and coating have been UV stabilized means that your greenhouse will remain beautifully preserved.

Simply hosing off your greenhouse without any special cleaning techniques will ensure that your greenhouse retains its color, repels dirt and stays looking beautiful!

Protected Growing Space Without the Need for a Foundation

The biggest benefit of going with a beautiful Solar Gem backyard greenhouse might just be that there’s no need to dig for a foundation. This is significant because digging for a foundation often requires a permit. Additionally, this is just a very expensive and time-consuming endeavor in most cases because it requires equipment rentals and labor costs.

Solar Gem Greenhouses come with a built-in foundation that provides the security and resilience needed to enjoy your new growing space for the long haul.

You will simply need to dig a trench that’s roughly 3 inches deep by 10 inches wide when preparing to place a greenhouse on your property. Filling in the lip with dirt or gravel after completing placement is all that’s needed to call this project finished!

Design that Delivers Great Heights for Great Growth

With a Solar Gem backyard greenhouse, there’s always room for ambitious growing. Ceiling heights reach a minimum of 8 feet across the collection. This opens up exciting opportunities for lemon trees, tropical trees, scaling tomato plants, orchids and much more.

Perfect Environment for Beautiful, Protected Growth

Solar Gem backyard greenhouses are designed to prevent heat entrapment through the careful placement of vents at the top of each structure. Unlike most greenhouses available, Solar Gems do not require you to add any expensive fans or shade clothes.

That’s because these designs do not use clear panels that expose plants to levels of sunlight that researchers at Michigan State University might consider damaging. The glass fibers used to construct the walls of your new greenhouse have actually been designed to diffuse light.

What you’ll notice is that you get plants and flowers that are uniform in shape instead of results that are full of deviations. You also won’t see crop “casualties” like so many other greenhouses produce.

Each greenhouse is really its own perfect growing environment. The design features a storm door, rear window and two strategically placed automatic vents. The spacious interior inside Solar Gems leaves room for up to four benches.

Can You Have a SolarGem Greenhouse Delivered Fully Complete?

Solar Gem Greenhouses are fully complete by default! You truly don’t have to worry about any type of assembly because these marvels are made with single-piece greenhouse construction.

You’ll notice that your new greenhouse is something of a work of art when it is placed on your property. That’s because the composition features an arch design with ribbed walls to create stability, sturdiness and durability.

Do Solar Gem Greenhouses Have Seams?

Solar Gem Greenhouses do not have seams. Unfortunately, greenhouses that are designed with seams actually create problems like heat loss, framework rust and rot. Panels that are attached can also become loose quiet easily with a strong wind.

Solar Gem designs are seamless to prevent heat loss that can kill fragile plants that were supposed to be protected from the elements. There’s never any need to worry about rust or rot that could cause your greenhouse to collapse over time. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about a strong wind carrying away your panels.

Can Solar Gem Greenhouse Be Moved?

You can move Solar Gem portable greenhouses if needed. This provides the potential to reconfigure your yard or growing spaces to better suit your needs. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to secure your greenhouse to the ground, a concrete slab or some type of decking if you don’t intend to move it in the future.

How Can I Find a Greenhouse That’s Made in America?

Solar Gem Greenhouses are proudly made in the United States. Many people from the Seattle/Tacoma area come to see them being produced in the factory. You can simply connect with a dealer if a factory visit is a bit too far! Do a search for Solar Gem Greenhouse for sale near me.

Become a Successful Gardener in any Climate with the Best Backyard Greenhouse

Are you ready to explore what a Solar Gem Greenhouse can do on your property? There’s simply no greenhouse that’s easier to install or maintain! We think SolarGems are the best backyard greenhouse for the money and for what they offer. 

Discover how easy it is to get an attractive, ultra-sturdy piece of green architecture on your property in just one step!