Chicken Swing Review – Comparing the Best Chicken Swings

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Chicken swings can be great fun for hens. They reduce coop boredom. When you keep your chickens occupied and happy, they are less likely to peck at one another.

Chicken swings introduce activity, exercise and recreation for your brood. We like to think of it as hen-tertainment.

Best Chicken Swings

When we bought these swings, our kids thought these were the best things ever. They were as excited as if the swings were for them! Our family and neighbors have enjoyed watching our chickens swing and play.

The Chicken Swing – Fowl Play Products

This is the first chicken swing we installed, and it remains everyone’s (people and chicken’s) favorite. It’s sturdy and well-built, bright and colorful.

The Chicken Swing is made from plastic and rope, and holds up well in all types of climates.

It was easy to mount. It’s adjustable for any coop size.

Like with all these swings, you will want to be sure there’s enough space for it to swing freely so it’s safe.

We first installed this swing when we had chicks. This is key. You will have much more success with chickens using this when they are adults if they start when they are young.

We made sure it was very low, about an inch off the ground. The chicks were able to get used to it while they were young, energetic and curious.

As they grew, we raised the swing to 3 – 4″ off the ground. They still enjoy it to this day.

A concern for all chicken swings is the risk of injury during a vigorous dismount. The Chicken Swing comes with a fully adjustable cross-member which keeps the swing from twisting when the chickens dismount.

Depending on the area in which you hang it, when the hens have gotten used to it, you may want to put it high enough off the ground so the other chickens can be near it and under it safely, even when it’s swinging.

Best chicken toys Chicken Swings
Best chicken toys Chicken Swings

Two solid poly-pro ropes support the swing. The perch is shaped like a small mailbox, with a corn-like surface the chickens can grip.

Pros of The Chicken Swing

  • UV and weather-resistant rope
  • Easy-to-install rope buckle makes it easy to adjust the height
  • Safety side ties
  • Easy for chicks and chickens to grip and stay on
  • Chickens can use it as a perch and a swing
  • The perch tongues allow the swing to have more torque, so the chickens can swing easily
  • It’s plastic — not wood — so it won’t warp
  • It’s easy to clean

Cons of The Chicken Swing (and all chicken swings)

Some chickens might be afraid of the swing so you may have to train them yourself

You may have better success with your chickens using the swing when you set it up when they are chicks or pullets.

Healthy Chicken Swing Perch

This is a simply chicken swing. It is very easy to install. Like all chicken swings, its purpose is to keep chickens happy, active and entertained.

It will help keep them from being bored, which isn’t good for them.

The Healthy Chicken Swing Perch is made from durable wood to last a long time.

Strong ropes support the swing, giving it a solid suspension. You can adjust the ropes according to the size of your coop.

The Healthy Chicken Swing Perch also comes with two carabiners which make the installation process easy. Even if your chicken are of a large and heavy breed, this swing will hold them.

What makes this one different is that there is sandpaper covering the perch so the chickens can sharpen their nails.

Pros of the Healthy Chicken Swing Perch

  • The swing is very sturdy, durable and easy to assemble.
  • The materials are good quality and safe for your chickens.
  • Sandpaper on the perch helps to sharpen their nails.
  • The perch is wide enough for all sizes to perch comfortably.

Cons of chicken swing

  • It can be a little wobbly especially when the chickens mount or dismount vigorously.
  • This may scare your chickens.
  • Even with the best chicken swings, some chickens may not find it appealing.
  • It helps to “train” them with treats when they are younger (chicks preferably) or when you first get them.
  • It still works with pullets and adult hens but each will have their own personality.
  • It’s better to start when they are young.

Bwogue Wooden Chicken Flexible Ladder, Parrot Chicken Swing, Toy

Typically, this will be the least expensive of the best chicken swings. It’s also a versatile swing in that it’s a swing/ladder. Chickens can perch on it to rock, or they can walk across it for fun.

It’s great for chicks. When our now chickens were chicks, they loved this wooden chicken ladder made by Bwogue.

Adult chickens might not find it to be stable enough. Ours were a bit afraid of it, and then ignored it completely.

However, it is such a well-made and colorful addition to our chicken coop, aka The Brood Lodge, that we keep it up for aesthetics.

When we get chicks again, we know they will love it. We will enjoy watching them try to knock each other off the ladder! We will be ready with the video camera the next go around!
best chicken swing ladder

If you have bold and fearless chickens, they may love this. Let them stretch their wings, perch and hop in fun with this flexible ladder.

It mimics the actual climbing process and is great for all breeds. It will entertain them and keep them active.


There are two lengths to choose from:

  • 31.5″ long
  • 47.2″ long

The ladder is made from wood and steel materials. A steel wire runs throughout the ladder to support it against the weight of the birds. The ladder rungs are wooden.

You can detach the chicken ladder easily with quick link fasteners that allow you to attach it to a fence or post or on the side of your coop.

Chickens love climbing, and you will enjoy seeing them on this ladder swing.

Pros of the Bwogue Wooden Chicken Ladder Swing

  • The steel wire gives the ladder additional strength to accommodate the chicken.
  • Natural wood also gives the ladder an authentic feel.
  • You can detach it easily and hang it anywhere in a short time.
  • It comes in two lengths: 47.2″ and 31.5″
  • More than one chick or hen can be on it at once.
  • It’s versatile. The chickens can walk across or perch and rock.

Cons for this wooden ladder swing

  • The sideways swinging motion might scare some birds.
  • You most likely will need to start training your chicks to use this and hope they continue to use it as chickens.
  • Also, note there seem to be different brands for what-seems-to-be the same chicken flexible ladder.

We are reviewing the one from BWOGUE.

Lanermoon Chicken Swing

This is another chicken swing to consider. It’s bare bones as far as materials. However, it does include bells to add to the chicken’s entertainment.

We didn’t purchase this swing and haven’t tried it so we aren’t reviewing it.

Chicken swings are fun chicken toys

Did you ever imagine yourself buying a swing for your chickens?! As more people raise backyard chickens, companies are coming up with ways to keep them busy.

Many people consider them as pets, giving them names, etc.

Just like having our chickens free range and spend time in the chicken run, we want to keep our flock happy and as stress free as possible. After all, they provide us with eggs and meat. We want these to be as high quality as possible.

Many people may enjoy DIY chicken swings. If you are handy, it can be a fun project. The most important thing is to be sure the swing is SAFE.

Remember, design it so there is no way the chickens would get caught up in the ropes.

It’s great to spoil your girls and keep them occupied. Introducing chicken swings and chicken ladders can be a welcome distraction for them.

Chicken swings and chicken toys can add some excitement and fun.

Comparing chicken swings

Having tried the three swings, The Chicken Swing from Fowl Play Products scores highly on safety, durability, design for assembly and effectiveness. It’s our favorite.

And remember, even if all of your chickens and roosters don’t hop on to the swings, they will still find it interesting.

They may have fun pushing it around and find it a novelty. Sometimes, the bold ones will lead the more timid ones. You will have great fun watching their personalities shine through.