80 Acres Farms Fully Automated Indoor Farm of the Future

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80 ACRES FARMS – In today’s world, the production and consumption of food are becoming increasingly complex with each day that passes.

For starters, environmental and economic issues result in great amounts of unhealthy, low-quality food being offered to often unwitting customers.

Meanwhile, organic and healthy produce is often grown in remote locations, making its distribution problematic and greatly increasing its cost once it finally hits the market.

Without a doubt, these conditions are adverse ones, making it very difficult for regular people to find healthy, clean and flavorful produce at a reasonable price.

Introducing 80 Acres Farms, a company that is changing the game when it comes to growing and distributing food worth eating.

Business Of Sustainable Micro Gardens

Micro gardens are small growing areas planted without the benefit of a plot of land, even without extensive space.

These are gardens that require only pots, which can be created out of any kind of vessel, encouraging creative recycling.

Urban citizens are encouraged to go green and grow their own food inside old flowerpots, buckets, and more.

Business Of Sustainable Micro Gardens

What is 80 Acres Farms All About?

At its very core, 80 Acres Farms is a company that produces clean, organic food using innovative new technology.

However, saying it like that can give out the impression that 80 Acres Farms is a simple and straightforward operation.

On the contrary, the company is a rather versatile one, combining a series of forward-thinking concepts and ideas into an impressively-functional business model.

Let me guide you through it!

A Fully Automated Farm

Without a doubt, the key concept for understanding 80 Acres Farms is that of automation.

Recently, the company inaugurated its new state-of-the-art facilities.

They are complete with mechanical and digital setups that automatically perform every task required in farming, from seeding to harvesting.

These facilities cost more than $40 million in equity capital from Virgo Investment Group, a private equity firm from San Francisco.

While that may seem like a very high number, the benefits of complete automation are expected to quickly make up for such a heavy investment.

Apart from including robotics, the facilities include artificial intelligence actors that help monitor, analyze and optimize every aspect of the farming process.

For decades now, there has been talking about automating farming and how that would transform the industry.

However, only 80 Acres Farms has taken the plunge into complete automation so far.

The risk taken is likely going to pay: Already, the new technology has proven to produce cheaper, healthier and more flavorful produce.

Food That’s Grown Near You

One thing that the creators of 80 Acres Farms were adamant about is freshness.

As you know, the only way to get truly fresh produce is to get it within a day of its harvesting.

Unfortunately, however, most of the produce that is sold in groceries and supermarkets across the country travels huge distances before it can be bought by customers.

The result?

Produce that is no longer as fresh, flavorful and healthy as it is intended to be.

To prevent this from happening, the people at 80 Acres Farms devised a distributing plan by which local major national grocers, local retailers, restaurants and food service companies can get fresh produce within a day of its harvesting.

Of course, this means that the old model of shipping huge amounts of produce from remote parts of the country needed to be abandoned.

Instead, 80 Acres Farms committed itself to only distributing its food to businesses that are located reasonably close.

As a result, whenever you buy produce grown in 80 Acres Farms, you can be sure that it’s fresh and locally-grown.

The Important Role of Sustainability

Another essential component of the operation carried out by 80 Acres Farms is sustainability.

Committed to the community and the environment, the company has implemented a series of processes that help make its production more sustainable.

Without a doubt, one of the most notable implementations is that the entire farm is powered using renewable energy.

That is not all, though: Using state-of-the-art technologies and techniques, the farm has managed to reduce its water usage by a whopping 97 percent.

What is more, the company has managed to greatly reduce its CO2 output through the implementation of clean technologies.

Not content with that, 80 Acres Farms also put in place various policies that help greatly reduce food waste.

What About Nutrition?

At this point, you may be wondering about the food itself.

Is it good?

Well, I am happy to say that the efforts of the people behind 80 Acres Farms have paid off.

Using high-tech processes and techniques, the automated farm is capable of achieving optimal nutrition for all its foods.

The fact that artificial intelligence determines the best time to harvest produce plays a huge role in this.

In addition, minimal handling ensures that no nutrients will be lost during the time between harvest and consumption.

What About Safety?

Something else that is remarkable about the food that comes from 80 Acres Farms is its cleanliness.

In a time when even organic farms use pesticides and other chemicals, 80 Acres Farms does not.

That is not all, however.

At 80 Acres Farms, the highest safety standards are observed.

Of course, the farm is GAP and GSFI certified.

Even more than that, every product that the company sells is 100% traceable from seed to package.

Don’t Forget the Flavor

If you are worried about the taste, don’t be: Using select seeds, advanced growing methods and strict product selection, 80 Acres Farms has achieved incredible flavor in all its vegetables.

Fresh and full of nutrients, every bite that you take out of an 80 Acres Farms produce tastes like nature itself.

History of 80 Acres Farms

Now that you know what 80 Acres is about, let’s take a look at its history.

80 Acres Farms
80 Acres Farms

A Remarkable Team

As food executives with a passion for sustainability, Mike Zelkind and Tisha Livingston were in the business of helping food companies get out of financial trouble.

They were exceedingly good at this.

However, to them, having to deal with these companies after they went bankrupt was difficult.

Then they had a great idea: What about creating a company that, from day one, avoided all the pitfalls and common mistakes they had seen their clients make through the years?

As a result, 80 Acres was born.

Before that, however, some work needed to be done.

Prior to designing what would later become 80 Acres Farms, Mike Zelkind and Tisha Livingston traveled through the United States, visiting small farming towns in places like Ohio, Arkansas, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida and California.

Listening to hundreds of farmers talking about their problems painted a clearer picture of everything that was being done wrong.

Using this knowledge, and assisted by the best food technology experts in the country, the pair created a system that would help produce better, healthier, cheaper and more consistent food.

The Birth of 80 Acres Farms

After a lot of planning and a remarkable amount of work, 80 Acres finally became a reality.

From the very beginning, the effort put into the venture paid off: The innovative technology and processes that were used allowed 80 Acres Farms to grow clean, healthy foods three times faster than traditional farming.

Not only that: The results were incredible. Big, colorful, flavorful and aromatic vegetables that were packed full of nutrients.

The Technology Behind 80 Acres Farms

Without a doubt, technology has been essential for the success of 80 Acres.

The company has invested a lot of resources into implementing what is often referred to as smart farming.

This entails the integration of advanced technologies into existing farming practices, increasing production efficiency as well as the quality of the resulting products.

Moving On to Bigger and Better Things

80 Acres Farms wasn’t always a fully automated farm.

When it started back at the beginning of the previous decade, the farm used new technologies very sparingly.

That all changed, however, when the company’s owners secured $40 million in equity capital, which allowed them to completely renew their facilities and implement a wide range of automated processes.

As a matter of fact, every aspect of the farming process was renewed to feature handling robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics, around-the-clock monitoring sensors and control systems.

A Fully Automated Farm

Having artificial intelligence and robotics handling every aspect of the farming process had fantastic results.

For starters, the process of planting, growing and harvesting the food became a lot faster and efficient.

In addition to this, the quality and consistency of the food increased enormously, resulting in great financial gains for the company.

Of course, this also meant that 80 Acres Farms could offer high-quality produce for cheaper, resulting in benefits for the customers as well.

Innovation is Key

For the minds behind 80 Acres Farms, nothing short of perfection is acceptable.

You can tell this looking at the design of the farm itself.

Every element that comes in contact with the plants has been designed to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Even more than that, every process that is used was designed specifically to be thoroughly eco-friendly and sustainable.

As if all this wasn’t enough, an advanced artificial intelligence supervises every aspect of the process, ensuring no mistakes will be made at any point.

The Social Commitment of 80 Acres Farms

All the technology in the world would be useless without the community that 80 Acres strives to serve and help uplift.

From independent farmers to food distributors to the people who eat the produce, the company has a commitment to establishing and nourishing wholesome and beneficial relationships with everyone that takes part in the process.

To do so, 80 Acres has taken several meaningful steps:

Better Food for Local Communities

The people behind 80 Acres are very much aware that the bottom line is giving local communities access to high-quality, clean and nutritious food.

To achieve this, every element of the process from seeding to packaging has been optimized, ensuring that the vegetables can reach their maximum potential.

In addition, the company has taken the necessary steps to guarantee consistency, affordability, accessibility, safety and sustainability.

Freshness Above Everything

In order to ensure the highest level of quality, 80 Acres has strategic locations in different cities and towns of the United States.

These locations deliver produce to grocers, local retailers, restaurants and food service companies within one day of harvest.

I don’t need to tell you this is fantastic as it guarantees that you and your family will only consume the freshest vegetables any time that you purchase a product of the 80 Acres Farms brand.

What About the Environment?

As previously mentioned, 80 Acres Farms is an environmentally-conscious company.

This makes itself evident in various ways.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that the entire operation is powered using renewable energy only.

As a result, its CO2 output is dramatically small in comparison to that of a traditional farm.

Even more than that, though, 80 Acres in on a mission to eliminate food waste and cut back on water usage.

The goal, of course, is to make the enterprise as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Social Media Presence

In order to maintain a have and maintain a strong relationship with the community, 80 Acres has a strong presence in social media.

In addition to posting the latest news and responding to customer feedback, the 80 Acres Facebook page provides tasty recipes, useful tips for handling and conserving vegetables and much more.

Meanwhile, its Instagram page delivers beautiful pictures of fresh produce as well as inspirational and community-driven messages.

80 Acres Farms

Having gone through everything that 80 Acres Farms is about, it’s easy to see why the company has gained so much popularity during the last year or so.

Becoming one of the first fully-automated farms in the country (and the world) is only a part of it.

The company’s commitment to the community at large has resulted in an outstanding focus on issues like health, consistency, sustainability and affordability.

What is more, 80 Acres Farms is rightfully earning a shining reputation for consistently growing high-quality produce that’s chock full of flavor. Aeroponics System: How Does It Work?

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