Greenhouse Benches — Garden Furniture Ideas For Your Yard

Best Greenhouse Benches – Today, having a beautiful yard with a mini greenhouse has become a very popular trend.

You will find lot of individuals trying hard to embellishing their outdoor garden and plantation areas.

Greenhouse benches are a great addition to your garden, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

As the furniture used around your home yard forms one of the most crucial elements of designing, we want to help you choose the right type that can lend beauty and comfort to your little green heaven.

Potting benches are another type of furniture that can enhance your work areas.

These benches are the frames where plants are placed, watered and nurtured, and they need a sturdy built.

We’ll also see how we can select the right potting benches for greenhouses in this article.

Things to consider when buying greenhouse benches

An outdoor garden bench is a fantastic option to turn your yard into a well equipped space for display and growth.

Generally, greenhouse benches can not just accentuate the beauty of your garden, they can also serve as a place where friends and family can get together and bond during warm summer days.

Questions you should ask yourself before buying greenhouse benches:

Portable Greenhouse Models

Is it practical?

Greenhouse benches should be cost-efficient.

They need to justify their cost in terms of use.

Is it comfortable?

Perhaps one of the most important criteria when choosing garden furniture!

How long will it last?

Having flimsy greenhouse benches is not worth your money.

You need to to account for cold weather, intense rains and storms, snow, thunder, dry heat and the maintenance cost.

Is it portable?

If you like to shift around your furniture, then plastic-based easily movable greenhouses benches will work better.

For permanent settlements, you can have more sturdy benches that are sealed to the ground.

Outdoor seating ideas — Greenhouse benches

An outdoor garden bench is a simple yet effective piece of outdoor furniture that can fill up space and make it new wonderful garden.

There are various materials for garden benches available in the market.

Let’s look at some of the main ones:

Metal garden benches

Perhaps, the most durable, usually rust and rot-free, metal benches can be a true asset for the grower.

They can come in seasoned iron, aluminium or steel and are found in a variety of designs.

Metal greenhouse benches have a more modern feel to them.

They also come in both lightweight and heavy duty categories and can be moved around with wheels.

Wooden greenhouse benches

These are the classic benches which you see in parks and on streets.

These are also easily movable and never cold to sit on, unlike their metal counterparts.

Teak is the best type of wood used for greenhouse benches as it will last centuries with careful maintenance.

 wooden greenhouse bench
A wooden greenhouse bench

Concrete or marble greenhouse benches

These are more permanent structures with great aesthetic value.

Their colors blend in well with those of the garden.

But these structures cannot be refurbished easily.

They are cold to sit upon and pretty expensive for the budget farmer.

Potting benches for greenhouses

Potting benches (commonly known as ‘potting tables’) are great places to pot plants, trim your greens and store greenhouse equipment.

They form some of the most essential accessories you need to grow an outdoor garden or a miniature one indoors.

Other essential greenhouse accessories can be found in our article here — click to read.

Potting benches are a basic requirement for many plants of short stature.

And they come in all shapes and sizes.

You can also reuse home furniture as benches and thereby save lots of money!

There are numerous other advantages of using these benches.

Advantages of Greenhouse Benches

  • Plants are at a more comfortable height for growth.
  • There’ll be a more efficient and productive display of plants.
  • Environmental control and improved air circulation around plants.
  • Layering option offering growth control and better disease resistance.
  • Greater attention of owner — Greenhouse benches elevate flowers and plants closer to eye contact where they can be superior observed and slouched without the discomfort of stooping or bending.

Greenhouse potting benches come in various types of materials.

The most common are lightweight plywood, hardwoods like cedar and pine, and aluminum.

Wood is very sturdy and can handle heavy load, spills and harsh weather.

Aluminum is rust and rot-proof, hence, a good idea for use in humid climates.

Many of these benches come in easy-to-assemble forms that are cost-efficient and time-saving.

They will have sufficient features like closed drawers and pallets on them for hanging garden tools and storing gloves or seeds.

One of the ideal places to keep greenhouse supplies and work benches is by the side of the plant nursery.

Types of Greenhouse benches

  • Display benches
  • Lightweight rolling benches
  • Benches with canopies
  • Heavy duty concrete benches
  • Metal benches

The bench top can come in separate or in-built trays of plastic, welded wires and expanded metal.

They can be arranged in different positions to ensure that maximum heat and water has reached the plant.

Greenhouse benches for storage of supplies

Choosing greenhouse benches and supplies, materials and designs can be a challenging decision for you, because of the wide variety of items available today.

There are many models of greenhouse benches and supplies to help you better manage your greenhouse growing and extend your growing season.

When growing flowers or produce, lots of supplies such as watering cans, trowels, nutrients, fertilizers, soil and garden wear come into play and need storage.

You will need a secure place to store these items.

Greenhouse potting benches will help solve this problem.

Where to find greenhouse benches

Farm and home yards supply shoppers often have greenhouse benches, supplies and regular farming accessories.

Greenhouse benches made from exotic or organic mixed materials and fiber glass are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

However, their suppliers maybe a little more difficult to locate.

A quick Google search can sometimes yield results.

You can also check out agricultural libraries and directories of the state you live in.

Hardware shops are another place where you can find greenhouse supplies.

A lot of large department stores have a garden and farm center which stock utilities and accessories for planting all year round.

If the correct benches and suppliers are not available, you can also try your hand at constructing benches yourself.

With a little effort and skill, some stapling of wire mesh and spanking of wood, you can make your own work bench at a fraction of the cost.

For a more in depth analysis about potting benches, its type, materials and suppliers in the US, check out this link here.

Being creative and cost-efficient with greenhouse benches and other garden furniture

The right garden furniture can turn your yard into an Eden.

However, buying and installing such furniture pieces can be costly.

Tips to reduce garden expenses

Consider using old furniture from your house.

Kitchen work stations, rolling carts, bookcases, large barrels, highchairs and drawers with chests can be used as greenhouses benches once they are treated with generous coats of disinfectant and paint.

If you are single, do you really need an entire bench for yourself?

Can you suffice with a good old Adirondack chair?

You can hollow out fallen trees from your yard and turn them into garden and work benches.

Old plastic and steel pipes can be bunched up together, welded and painted to create homemade benches.

Instead of a garden bench which is slightly expensive, can you consider setting up a hammock or a swing?

Make the purchase a family affair.

Involve your children in painting and generating ideas.

They will enjoy the action and can maybe even come up with a few ways to save a buck or two!

Greenhouse and Garden Furniture

Garden furniture can accentuate the beauty of your yard in many ways.

The right furniture can also add to garden functionality.

Garden benches are a great way to add decor and storage to your outdoor garden and greenhouses.

Greenhouse benches come in different materials like concrete, marble, stone, plastic and wood, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Potting benches are another type of essential garden furniture which can be used to place pots and store tools.

These greenhouse benches help plants stay organized, cater to their growth spurts and help catch the owner’s attention due to their height.

They also come in various types of materials with wood being the sturdiest and aluminum being the most lightweight and functional.

You can purchase greenhouse benches and other garden furniture in any hardware store which cater to outdoor furnishing.

Garden stores the best bet.

These days, the online market has no dearth of garden furniture and you can definitely find pieces that suit your tastes, needs and budget on the internet.

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