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Best Guard Dogs – Anything can happen at any time in today’s world, which is why people must be vigilant about their personal safety and the safety of their family.

Whether you’re relaxing at home or out for a walk, a personal protection dog is a great way to keep you out of harm’s way and to give you peace knowing you’re safe.

Don’t mistake these dogs for ones that only guard the front door or the gate.

They are smart, and with proper training, can defend their owners from virtually any threat.

What are the Best Guard Dogs

If you’ve thought about a personal protection dog before, or are intrigued by this article, let’s look at the top 5 dog breeds from which to choose should you decide to take the next step for your safety.

Best Guard Dogs
Best Guard Dogs

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd was originally bred to be a herding dog.

The German Shepherd is easily trained and views protection as its purpose.

While these dogs look fierce, they’re extremely loving and loyal, which makes them the perfect companion animal for people and agencies who need protection.

German Shepherds get along well with children and aren’t afraid to fight to defend their ‘family’ without giving up.

Rottweiler Guard Dog
Rottweiler Guard Dog

If you’re in the market for a loyal, hard-working protection dog that follows commands and bonds with you and your family, you can’t do much better than a German Shepherd.


The Rottweiler is a stout, muscular dog that has incredible strength for its size.

Like the German Shepherd, this animal is bred for protection, which makes it highly sought after for people and agencies that need its service.

The Rottweiler is both loyal and affectionate but won’t hesitate to defend and protect with everything it has when faced with a threat.

Because of its intelligence and defensive capabilities, agencies like the FBI and police forces often choose the Rottweiler.

Rottweilers, like the German Shepherd, have the advantage of scaring off potential threats because of its intimidating looks.

Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd is a lean, muscular animal that wards off threats simply due to its intimidating appearance.

This animal, like the others on our list, is highly intelligent and easily trainable to follow commands.

This dog is very loyal to its adoptive family and loving but also won’t hesitate to jump into action to protect them when needed.

The Dutch Shepherd likes to be active and loves to play, which makes it a good dog for a family with kids.

Belgian Tervuren Protection Dog
Belgian Tervuren Protection Dog

Belgian Tervuren

This animal is distinctive because of its long mane, and it’s been bred to offer protection mainly in cold climate areas.

If you live in a warmer climate, however, you can shave them down to keep them cool.

Like the German Shepherd, the Tervuren is also bred to be a herding animal, so protection comes naturally.

Belgian Malinois Guard Dog
Belgian Malinois Guard Dog

The Belgian Tervuren has a high IQ, follows commands, and loves to please their masters.

Belgian Malinois

The last dog on our list, the Belgian Malinois, is a popular breed often chosen by military police, FBI, and police forces.

The Belgian Malinois needs a lot of activity due to its high energy, so make sure you give it plenty of playtime if you choose this breed.

The Belgian Malinois is very affectionate and will fight to the end to protect its family.

How To Care For Your Protection Dog

If you want your protection dog to be effective, you have to make sure they’re always in tip-top shape, and the best way to do that is to properly care for them.

Unlike the average household pet dog, your protection dog needs a little more attention to keep their joints healthy and to keep them in good physical condition.

First thing to do to Care for Your VIP Protection Dog:

Talk to your vet about the specific breed you have and see what they recommend to keep their joints healthy and their weight down.

Some experts recommend discouraging your dog from jumping on and off furniture, and in and out of the car to avoid wear and tear on their joints, and instead use a ramp if needed.

Exercise is essential for keeping your dog in the best shape, so make sure your dog gets plenty of walks, but be careful not to overexert them in hot weather.

Experts recommend that you keep your dog in great physical and mental shape by engaging in play designed to keep your dog’s mind sharp.

You can design games to stimulate your dog’s brain like search games where your dog has to seek out treat-filled toys.

Also, man dogs enjoy obstacle courses, so make use of them if they’re nearby to keep your dog alert and in good shape.

If your dog enjoys a good chase, playing fetch with a ball in the backyard is a great way to entertain them and give them a good workout in the process.

Nutrition for Your Dog

Good nutrition is essential to keeping your dog healthy and its weight low.

Check with your vet and find out what they recommend when it comes to food and feeding frequency.

Find high-quality food that’s high in nutritional value and doesn’t have a lot of filler.

Consider feeding your dog several small meals during the day rather than one or two large ones.

Many tend to overdo it with treats, which makes their dogs put on weight, so incorporate them sparingly into the dog’s diet to keep them lean and healthy.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog to protect your home and family, you can’t go wrong with any of the animals on this list.

All of them are highly intelligent, loving, but fierce when the time calls for it.

And if that weren’t enough, they all make excellent additions to the family.

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