Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas

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Our guide and recommendations for the Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas.

Many people that live in the city itself take for granted their access to cable providers and satellite companies they have access to, but many do not have access to any of that.

Those that live in rural communities still want to feel connected and even if all they can get are local channels (with the help of a digital converter of course) that is all they need or want.

This is a great way to stay connected while saving money, as well.

But unless you grew up in a rural community, you have no idea what to look for when you are thinking about getting you and your family an outdoor TV antenna.

Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas Reviews

There is so much to consider, and so many options that you may ask yourself is all this worth it just to be able to keep up on the latest season of your favorite television program.

Don’t fret, you will be able to know exactly what is going on once you have checked out our some of the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas of 2019.

Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas

We will also make sure with our carefully created buyer’s guide that you know just what makes for the best antenna. Check out this list of the best options for TV antennas on the market today.

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Vansky Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Our first entry comes from Vansky and is a multi-directional HDTV antenna perfect for all your rural television watching needs.

Highlights of the Vansky Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Designed for optimal outdoor signal reception, the Vansky Outdoor HDTV Antenna is an excellent choice for what you’re looking for.

The features included in the design of this outdoor tv antenna make it a high-quality option. This antenna is a great design that allows for a lot of versatility.

With its double output, you won’t need a splitter to allow for multiple TV use in the home. Plus, you get a wireless remote that helps control the rotor as well as other features of this antenna. 

Vansky Outdoor HDTV Antenna features include:

  • Designed with two TV outputs
  • Reception up to 150 miles
  • HD quality up to 1080p
  • Working frequency VHF 40300MHz/UHF 470890MHz
  • Comes with a wireless remote
  • Low noise amplifier
  • Coax cable (32.8 ft.)
  • Crafted with weather resistance

Vansky Outdoor HDTV Antenna – The Good

No matter what type of weather, you must deal with your will be set as it is whether proof including lightning. All of this is available for you with a reasonable price tag plus an easy installation that doesn’t take much of your time.

Vansky Outdoor HDTV Antenna Pros

  • Price is affordable
  • Easy to set up and install

Vansky Outdoor HDTV Antenna – The Bad

The biggest issue that this outdoor TV antenna has is not with the antenna itself, but rather with the coaxial cable that comes in the box.

Many feel that the durability of this cable is less than stellar. So, for a great antenna, all you really must do is replace that coaxial cable, and you will be set for your television viewing.

Vansky Outdoor HDTV Antenna Cons

  • The bad durability of the coaxial cable

Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

This antenna from Amplified offers a multi-directional HD quality picture with little to no work.

Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Product Highlights

Not only do you get an HD quality picture, but you also can move the Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna in the direction you need for the reception of whatever channel you are looking to pick up.

The multipath protection and excellent reception will only enhance the picture and makes for fewer interruptions.

With extra accessories like the wireless remote, the team at Amplified has assured that this is going to be an excellent decision for any rural TV lover no matter which direction the channel is broadcast from.

Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna also features:

  • Enhanced range of 150 miles
  • Ability to receive multiple frequencies
  • Designed with two TV outputs
  • High reception sensitivity
  • Created with a low noise amplifier
  • Wireless remote included
  • Built-in motor for better mobility

Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna – The Good

If you do not go with an HD antenna, you will have to invest in a digital converter as all television channels are now broadcast in digital format.

So, this antenna from Amplified is a great way to save a little money.

This system is super easy to set up well built high performing option when you are looking for an option for your rural television viewing.

Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Pros

  • Easy to install and setup
  • High gain for UHF/VHF reception
  • Multipath protection
  • Accessories included
  • Built-in rotor for easy mobility

Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna – The Bad

The only drawback when you are looking at this as an option is the overall design. Unlike some of the other models that have trimmed down their build over the years, this model has kept the bulkier build of the classic antennas.

Though it may be hard to hide when mounted and installed, it does offer a high level of performance.

This means that you trade style for function and in a piece of hardware that is all you can ask for.

Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Cons

  • Design is a bit clunky

Pinbingding Outdoor Antenna

The Pinbingding Outdoor Antenna unit is a multi-directional remote-controlled antenna that is built for optimal amplified digital reception.

Pinbingding Outdoor Antenna Product Highlights

This easy to set up an antenna with two outputs for TV connections are built to make your life a little easier. Pinbingding Outdoor Antenna features include:

  • Built-in double TV outputs
  • Long-distance range of 150 miles
  • HD 720p
  • Easy to set up snap-on installation
  • Includes wireless remote control
  • Mobility of 360 degrees with built-in motor
  • Superior high gain and low noise amp
  • 40’ coaxial cable included
  • Resistant to weather

Pinbingding Outdoor Antenna – The Good

The Pingbingding Outdoor Antenna is a tool that comes with everything you need including an easy to setup and install multi-directional coverage.

Its long-range reception is one of the best on the market. The best thing about this whole setup is that there are no tools needed due to its snap-on mounting system.

The fact that you don’t need tools, or a more splitter and an adapter will have you saving plenty of money.

Pinbingding Outdoor Antenna Pros

  • Easy to install and setup
  • Greta multi-directional coverage
  • Long-range of reception

Pinbingding Outdoor Antenna – The Bad

If there is one thing that most recent buyers find flaws with it is the motor’s flexibility. Though it has a 360-degree motor, its option is not as smooth nor as fast as it should.

If you can overlook the motor issue or do not have much use for moving your antenna, then this first entry from Pingbingding could be the perfect option for you.

Pinbingding Outdoor Antenna Cons

  • Motor rotor is not very flexible

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna

Another multi-directional long-range antenna this model from ViewTV is chock full of great built-in features that make this easily one of the best options on the market today.

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna Product Highlights

The ViewTV antenna is a well-built high-quality option that has a lot of great features to aid you in your television needs. Being able to handle multiple HD resolutions makes this a versatile choice.

And the ease of setting up numerous televisions attached to this unit gives it a wide range of use if you have many TVs in your home.

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna built-in features:

  • Long-range reception (150 miles)
  • Multiple HD capabilities
  • Wireless remote included
  • Built with dual TV outputs
  • Protected from weather including lightning
  • Coaxial cable (40’) included

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna – The Good

The box comes with a lot of great things like a wireless remote and a coaxial cable. With its excellent range of 150 miles, you will be able to enjoy your shows with ease.

The antenna is easy to set up and install and will last even in the most torrential weather due to the attention to detail in creating a weather-resistant unit.

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna Pros

  • Good range (150 miles)
  • Comes with wireless remote
  • Weather-resistant
  • Multiple HDTV capability

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna – The Bad

Some people may want an antenna that can be used both indoors and outdoors, but that is not what this antenna is all about. So, if that is something you are looking for, then you need to keep reading.

The only other drawback of this unit is that you will have to purchase a mounting rod separately, which makes this not as budget-friendly as other options.

Even with the few issues that have arisen this antenna is still an excellent choice for anyone looking for rural television capabilities that offer high-quality HD options.

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna Cons

  • Not suitable for anything but outdoor use
  • Mounting rod not included

Safstar 360 Rotor

The Safstar 360 Rotor is a lesser ranged option for those that are not far from the tower.

Safstar 360 Rotor Product Highlights

The Safstar 360 Rotor is crafted with a lightweight, durable design that is stocked with tons of features. Safstar 360 Rotor features include the following:

  • High-grade performance reception
  • Range up to 62 miles
  • Ability to pick up VHF/UHF with a channel booster
  • Designed to be waterproof

Safstar 360 Rotor – The Good

The Safstar 360 Rotor is a budget-friendly option that is easy to set up and installs. With a shorter range of others on the list, this unit is still a viable and high performing antenna that will give you a lot of channels to choose from.

Safstar 360 Rotor Pros

  • Easy to set up and install
  • Good frequency reception
  • Price is affordable
  • Pics up a lot of channels

Safstar 360 Rotor – The Bad

Though it is durable, many user reports having a problem with excessive sunlight damage after extended use as well as some of the parts being easily broken.

The rotation is another issue that some people have a problem with.

None of the issues that trouble users are universal, and in the end, when looking at the overall quality of this antenna, you can easily see why we chose it as one of the best.

Safstar 360 Rotor Cons

  • Issues with sunlight wear
  • Durability of product
  • Problems with rotation capability

Pingbingding Outdoor TV Antenna

Amplified digital reception and an optimal multi-directional capability are all controlled by wireless remote control.

Pingbingding Outdoor TV Antenna Product Highlights

Our next entry from Pingbingding is just as high quality as the last one and has similar features as well. They stick true to what makes them a great brand.

Pingbingding Outdoor TV Antenna features:

  • Built-in double TV outputs
  • The long-distance range of 150 miles
  • HD 720p
  • Easy to set up snap-on installation
  • Includes wireless remote control
  • Mobility of 360 degrees with built-in motor
  • Superior high gain and low noise amp
  • 40’ coaxial cable included
  • Resistant to weather

Pingbingding Outdoor TV Antenna – The Good

When you are getting your television antenna up and running, the last thing you want is an antenna that is difficult to set up and use. So, this unit is the perfect option for you.

Not only will you have it up and running in no time but the high-quality functionality of this antenna.

The versatility of direction also ensures that you will be able to capture the most channels possible with the best reception of many of its competitors.

Pingbingding Outdoor TV Antenna Pros

  • Easy to install and setup
  • The long-range capability of reception
  • Uses multi-directional coverage

Pingbingding Outdoor TV Antenna – The Bad

Much like many of their units, the flexibility of the rotation system is less than desirable. This may make the rotation slower, which may play a part in less clear images being obtained.

Though it suffers just like the previous model with the flexibility of the rotation, it performs at the same level. This makes it an excellent option for anyone looking for the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas.

Pingbingding Outdoor TV Antenna Cons

  • The rotation system is not as flexible as customers would like

Antennas Direct 8 Element Bowtie

Of all our options, this is by far the most uniquely designed with its bowtie design and multi-directional capabilities.

Antennas Direct 8 Element Bowtie Product Highlights

His small antenna is excellent for your outdoor needs and is fitted with a few of the best features needed to give it a strong ability in a small package.

Many of these features may seem like small assets, but they combine to offer high-level functionality.

Antennas Direct 8 Element Bowtie features:

  • Bowtie antenna with2-element design
  • Range up to 45 miles
  • Wide range of channels received
  • Designed with a multi-directional element
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Comes with amount

Antennas Direct 8 Element Bowtie – The Good

This small but mighty entry on our list is excellent for a home that is rural but not so far away from the towers as it does have a limited range.

Even with that limited range, you still get by far one of the best compact antennas for your outdoor installment on the market today.

It offers a 2-element design that increases functionality and overall reception. This bowtie unit is a great choice and will have you watching your favorite shows in no time.

Antennas Direct 8 Element Bowtie Pros

  • Fitted with the latest digital technology
  • Reception if great quality
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Price

Antennas Direct 8 Element Bowtie – The Bad

The only issue with this antenna is the range. Having only 45-miles as the range means that those that live rurally will not get much use out of this unit.

The lack of range will not affect everyone, and those that are about to take advantage of the benefits of this piece will find themselves with a high-quality receiving piece of equipment that looks kind of cool too.

Antennas Direct 8 Element Bowtie Cons

  • Only le range45-mi

Pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna

For a little more power compared to the other Pingbingding entries, you should look at the HDTV Amplified Antenna.

Product Highlights

There are a lot of the same features that come together in this unit to make yet another brilliant antenna from Pingbingding. Though the core features may be the same, there are a few others that stand out with this model.

Pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna features outstanding options:

  • Built-in double TV outputs
  • Long-distance range of 150 miles
  • Multiple HD capabilities
  • Easy to set up snap-on installation
  • Includes wireless remote control
  • Mobility of 360 degrees with built-in motor
  • Superior high gain and low noise amp
  • 40’ coaxial cable included
  • Resistant to weather
  • Value

Pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna – The Good

With more and more TV’s being made with higher levels of HD capability, finding an antenna that meets these requirements is a great option.

The capabilities on top of the HD ability make this unit stand out even more.

It is easy to install and use for anyone, and this antenna will find the channels you need quickly with the motorized rotation.

Plus, there is no need to worry about inclement weather because the team at Pingbingding has covered that as well by making the unit weatherproof.

All these things come together to create the perfect antenna for any rural living families.

Pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna Pros

  • Easy to install and use
  • Dual output for TV’s
  • Motorized rotation
  • Equipped with weather-resistant capabilities
  • HD capabilities

Pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna – The Bad

This unit does have a few issues that may cause some to reconsider it as an option. The first is the overall design, which is clunky and is not too pleasing to the eye.

So, if you are a person who is concerned with how your home looks from the outside, you may want to look at another model.

The other aspect of that aesthetic point is the size of the model. It is quite large, and as we already said, it is a little clunky.

If you want a highly functional, well-built antenna to be used as your outdoor TV antenna, then this option from this fantastic company is a great choice.

With it, you will find yourself lounging on the couch watching the latest episode of whatever your chosen addiction is.

Pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna Cons

  • Size may be large for some
  • Not the best looking antenna

Rural Outdoor TV Antenna Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have a good list of options available, you may be wondering just what makes a good TV antenna. There are a lot of factors, but the ones in our buyer’s guide below are the most important to consider.

The basics of an antenna are relatively easy to figure out, but there are a few factors that may skip your mind when you are looking to get yourself a TV antenna.

There are a few of the factors that we feel are the most important to consider during your decision-making process. By paying close attention to these details, you will be able to find the right TV antenna for you and your television needs.

Outdoor TV Antenna Direction

There are two varieties when it comes to direction. You either have a directional or multi-directional antenna. The one that is right for you depends on the channels you want to pick up.

If all the channels you wish to watch come from one tower, then you will be okay with a directional.

On the other hand, which is more often the case, if the channels you want are broadcast from multiple towers, you will want to go with the multi-directional option.

Outdoor TV Antenna Frequency

You will want to make sure that the frequencies that the antenna picks up are within the frequencies used to broadcast the channels you are looking to watch.

You can do this by going to the television station’s website and making sure that whatever antenna you are looking at meets the frequency of the station.

Outdoor TV Antenna Reach

You will also want to keep in mind just how far away the towers used to broadcast the channels are from your home and find an antenna that will be able to reach those distances.

By making sure you get the antenna that has the furthest range, you will be ensuring that you will be able to tune into whatever show you want with ease and without the worry of missing out.

Outdoor TV Antenna Signal Strength

You will want to make sure that you pay attention to the signal strength or reception of the antenna you choose. If you get a weak reception, you may have a problem getting a good picture or must deal with constant cutting out of the channel.

This will be affected by weather conditions as well.

Outdoor TV Antenna Aesthetics

Though you may not see this as the first factor to consider, you may want to think about it. After all, you are dealing with your home, and you may want something that fits your style and doesn’t detract from your home’s look.

Some small models are easy to hide if this is a concern.

If not, going with a larger, more visible option may give you the power and functionality you are needing.

Channels I get on my Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Living

Knowing which and how many channels you are looking at be able to watch is a minor consideration, but still, it is one that you may want to think about.

Once you have a great list of choices as well as an idea of what you need to be looking at while making this decision, you may find that you have some questions.

If so, you should check out the FAQs below.

Outdoor TV Antenna FAQs

By answering these for you, we hope that you feel better armed with the knowledge you need for further installation and issues that may arise.

Can You Hide an Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Living?

The right answer is a split one. For the main part of the antenna, the one with the teeth, you may find it quite challenging to hide.

However, you can hide the cord and cable that you will need to run into your home. With some creative use of skirting or edging, you will be able to make those cables invisible.

Which End is the Front of a TV Antenna?

Making sure you are setting your antenna to the front-facing position is crucial as it is the most receptive to the broadcasts. If you have a multi-directional outdoor antenna, this may not matter.

But if you opted for a directional antenna, knowing that the end with the shortest elements is the front will help save you a lot of headaches.

What is the best TV Antenna for Rural Areas?

Model-wise, choosing from the ones laid out above will have you going in the right direction. If you are talking about type, it all depends on how many channels you want and where the towers are.

To play it safe, we highly suggest getting a multi-directional antenna. That way, you will be covered no matter what.

Why Does Weather Affect My Signal?

There are many reasons why your channels may get worse when there is inclement weather like rain or wind. Most often it is because the antenna itself is not firmly attached to the pole.

This will make it sway, and while it sways, it may lose connection with the tower as it will not be specifically focused in that area.

The other reason that it may happen is poor coaxial cables or splitters. So, if this keeps happening, make sure to check and replace those as needed.

Can I Hook My Antenna to More Than One TV?

Yes, having two TV’s attached to the same antenna is very doable. You will just need a few extra pieces of equipment like a splitter, and extra coaxial cable and a pre-amp so you don’t lose digital quality.

Is an Outdoor Antenna Better Than an Indoor antenna?

This depends on how close you are to the broadcasting tower that is sending out your channel’s frequency. If you are close, then using an indoor antenna might be better and more aesthetically pleasing.

If you live in a super-rural area in the middle of nowhere, the outdoor model may work out better for you and your viewing needs.

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Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas Final Thoughts

Rural areas have a lot of significant advantages. This includes fewer people, less pollution, and the freedom to live your own life without your neighbors being all up in your business.

But on the flip side of that coin is the fact you are removed from access to some of the creature comforts like cable and satellite.

This doesn’t mean you have to feel isolated or out of communication with the world.

Hopefully, now that you have some ideas about excellent TV antenna options and what to look for when considering an Outdoor TV antenna, you feel better equipped to make your final decision.

After all, you want to make sure you are up and running when the new seasons start, right!

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