Clever Ways to Extend the Space of Your Rural Home

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Rural Home – Size of America’s homes are shrinking, according to Business Insider, with higher construction costs and higher wages charged by builders affecting both city and rural homeowners alike.

Even if you have a sizeable rural home, new additions to the family, a change on your home business, or even a new hobby can require an extension of space.

Clever Ways to Extend the Space of Your Rural Home

From glass extensions to a dedicated cabin for guests or your home business, there are many ways to create contrasting yet complementary spaces that fit into the natural surrounds.

Let in the Light

Glass has been touted a ‘modern’ material since the 1970s, yet if this material has one appealing quality, it is its ability to complement any style – from art deco to traditional brick, and of course, simple minimalistic constructions.

If you have enough space on either side of your home, adding a sunroom with glazed glass and an insulated roof and wall will enable you to enjoy floods of natural light while staying warm.

For inspiration on how glass can be used to increase space, check out work by Koichi Takada Architects, who recently topped traditional brick archways in Sydney with a stunning round glass tower.

Extending Outdoor Space

Building an al fresco terrace with the help of a remote control pergola or constructing a permanent flat roof to cover your terraced space will enable you to create various additional spaces in your home.

One terrace can house three or more spaces, including a resting area, dining room, and TV area.

Ideally, this space should have glass sliding doors or moveable crystal walls, to keep you safe from the elements in cold or hot weather.

Terraces can be pushed further forward through the use of decking.

Cedar, pine, and wood are some of the most popular choices for wooden decks.

The Perfect Addition to Your Home’s Exterior

Whether it is to enjoy the serenity of nature or to simply give your home a better look, a home porch would be the perfect addition to accomplish either.

The advantages of a porch are numerous and include being a welcoming decorative exterior, and a helpful transition from the yard to your home. 

The porch is no doubt the best place to enjoy nice weather and all the beauty nature has to offer.

Be it a back porch, front porch or even a side porch, a necessary addition to enjoy the maximum benefits of a porch is a screen.

Screen porches, especially drop-down screen porches, ensure that you enjoy the best of both worlds: protection from the harsh elements and flying insects while enjoying the best nature has to offer.

There is a broad range of variety among screen porches.

Your pick should be based on which of the following factors/characteristics are most important to you. 


Using a transparent, easy to see through material like fiberglass, might be optimum. 

Otherwise, any screen or possibly even curtains may serve as a helpful barrier to certain outdoor elements.


If you are very sensitive to people seeing into your home then a slightly opaque screen, which prevents the view from outside but permits a rather clear view from inside, would do the trick.


The stress of cleaning, raising and lowering, regular maintenance, etc. sometimes makes it a major source of discomfort.

However, there are a lot of high ends automated screen porches that are very easy to use and maintain.


If you are worried about the security of your home, know that under certain circumstances, screens are actually helpful with security.

With the right installments, your screen porch would be helpful rather than a hindrance.

Combining All Features

If you are looking for a barrier that will address all these issues, there are options available. 

An option that seems to combine all four key factors of a screen porch is the drop-down screen porch.

It makes it easy to lower or raise the screen porch checking off the ease of use box.

It can be easily pulled down to keep prying eyes away making it a pristine choice for privacy.

You can also pull it up completely so you can get a clear natural view.

Easy installation and a pocket-friendly price is yet another bonus. 

And of course, it is yet another barrier of security for your home.

Additions to Home Exterior

Screen porches are not a one size fits all affair.

Beyond your taste and requirements, thoughts should also be given to the general body language of your house. 

You must take into consideration how the porch and even the screen would fit into the overall architecture and design of your home.

Color, style, material, etc. should all be in sync with your home’s character.

Completed correctly, your porch should look like an integral part of your home, rather than an out of place add on.Extend the Space of Your Rural Home

Investing in an Independent Log Cabin

Ample plots of lands can definitely benefit from a log cabin construction.

Depending on how you wish to use the space, your cabin can contain specific pictures that will enhance your working or living experience.

Understanding what goes into log cabin plans is key. It will prevent you from making mistakes that can be expensive to fix.

Important considerations to consider include:

  1. The number of stories you need
  2. How much light your cabin will need
  3. Whether or not you will need a basement

If your cabin will be used for anything other than storage, make natural light a priority.

Large windows, sliding doors, and atrium rooftop are just a few ways to up the appeal factor of your cabin.

Adding Height

High ceilings add major style to living areas, increasing volume considerably and relaxing the mind by opening up available space.

If you have an attic, you can probably raise the ceiling in the space beneath it.

If you have a stick roof, you may have to remove the existing roof and build a completely new one.

You should also inquire about any building regulations, since a permit may be necessary before you create more vertical space.

Most people who own rural homes have one luxury that urban dwellers crave: space.

By either extending your home or building an entirely new space on your land, you can create your own home office or guests house without breaking the bank.

To whiz your home into the future, vertical height is definitely the way to go. It will significantly increase volume and create the airy, elegant look that is gracing luxury homes featured in home style magazines across the globe.

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