Burglary – 8 Ways to Secure Your Home from Burglar

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Burglary ~ Property crimes continue to be among the most commonly reported. Every year, over 3.7 million burglaries are recorded throughout the country.

Many of these cases remain unresolved, leaving their victims traumatized.

Considering the number of burglaries and its impact to the victims, every household should take home security seriously.

This is even more important if you’re in a new home or a new place.

Every home and area has unique security threats that you have to consider. A great way to secure your home is to think like a burglar.

This way, you can identify security threats or lapses in your home, review and fortify your defense, and ultimately prevent potential break-ins.

Using Night Vision and Thermal Technology To Protect Your Home

Burglary – 8 Ways to Secure Your Home from Burglar

Burglary - 8 Ways to Secure Your Home from Burglar
Burglary – 8 Ways to Secure Your Home from Burglar

It’s actually great to have a criminal mind every now and then, isn’t it? To help you feel more secure in your new home, we list down few smart tips you can do today.

Secure your doors

Just like most of us, burglars would want the easy way in. So, before they try other ways to enter your home, they will surely try to break in through main entry points – doors.

In over a third of all burglary cases, the crooks entered through an unlocked door.

Sadly, 1 in 5 Americans still leave their doors unlocked giving burglars free and unimpeded entry.

To avoid being a victim, make it a habit to always lock the door upon entry and after leaving home.

Ideally, all doors, both exterior and interior, should be kept locked.

If you have sliding doors, you can install a glass break sensor and/or a dowel in the track.

You should also invest in reliable door locks, such as a deadbolt.

Some homes have double locks.

You can go extra mile by installing smart locks that can be automatically controlled using your smartphone.

Check your windows

Next to the door, the windows are another potential entry for burglars. Almost one-third of burglars access their targets through an unlocked window – especially first-floor windows.

Most of the time, we unintentionally forget about locking the windows.

During nice days, we even leave the windows open to enjoy the fresh air.

Both of these present an opportunity for intruders.

To secure your home, always lock the windows.

You can also invest on window break sensors or window security film.

If you want to get some fresh air, you should use window stops and avoid opening them wide open.

Keep your home well-lit at night

Homes that appear unoccupied attract burglars. Without anyone at home, it gives them the sense that they can easily break-in.

Keeping the lights on lowers the risk of burglary by making the home appear occupied.

Many homeowners invest on smart lights that can be programmed to turn on and off at different times of the day.

They can even be controlled remotely through smartphone.

Aside from interior lighting, you should also keep the premises well-lit by installing outdoor light.

Motion-activated and smart lights are recommended due to its energy efficiency. They turn on only when necessary, thereby deterring intruders.

Get a guard dog

You might be surprised to know that majority of burglaries happen in broad daylight! Quite obviously, burglars attack when you’re away, such as when you’re at work.

Having a dog in your household can give you added security.

Whether you adopt a personal protection dog or a small one, it can make a difference.

Larger dogs can threaten intruders while smaller dogs can make noise and alert nearby people.

Consider surveillance cameras

If your new home is located in an area where property crimes are high, it is wise to install security cameras.

These cameras have become an effective deterrent.

According to studies, burglars are very cautious that any slight possibility of being caught will make them think twice.

Having surveillance cameras scare them off.

Aside from being a deterrent, security cameras also provide useful reference that police investigators can use to identify and track intruders.

Although only less than 15% of thieves are ever caught, it would still help to have records of possible thieves in the area.

Modernize your home security system

Over the recent years, we have seen how home security system has rapidly evolved. Aside from security cameras, we now have modern, full-fledged home security system that can fully safeguard your home.

Integrated smart devices work together to ensure the safety and security of your home.

A comprehensive, automated home security system includes security cameras, smart lights, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, smart locks, video doorbells, and even smart appliances.

Home automation allows you to monitor and even control home devices remotely.

For instance, you can turn on the lights or open the gates with just voice control.

This security features are perfect especially if you frequently travel or leave your home for long periods.

Secure the garage

Garage doors are another potential entry points that many homeowners overlook.

Even if the garage doesn’t have access to your home, thieves can still find some valuable items in it or even use it as a hideout while waiting for the right time to attack.

Make sure to always lock the garage doors all the time.

This prevents burglars from seeing any valuable stored in there.

Garage door windows should also be covered so they won’t see what’s inside.

If you have budget, you can install a smart garage door opener for better security.

Be friends with your neighbors

When moving into a new house, one of the first things you need to do is to get to know your neighbors.

Aside from helping you settle into your new community, they can also help you watch over your home while you are away.

Many subdivisions have a local neighborhood watch that look over every member’s welfare.

If you have a similar program, opt to be part of the network.

Usually, burglars target new residents because of their lack of familiarity in the area and established social network.

By enrolling in this program, you can avoid being targeted by thieves.

At the same time, you can actively participate in keeping your neighborhood safe for everyone.

If you are friends with your neighbors, you can entrust with them your home whenever you’re away.

You can have them pick up your newspaper or mail so that thieves won’t know you’re gone.

Instead of leaving spare keys under the carpet, you can even entrust to a neighbor.