Funny Duck Names ~ 300+ Names That Will Quack You Up

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Quack up with a good laugh. This gaggle of funny duck names was plucked from our wildest imaginations. Nothing brightens a day quite like a duck waddling around with a hilariously punny name. We’re all familiar with those classic ducky names like “Donald” or “Daffy,” but what if we ventured further into the pond of creativity?

These witty duck names are full of puns and play on words. They relate everything from quacking to feathers to eggs and swimming in ponds. So whether you’re looking for a name for a pet duck, lots of comical names for your flock, a new character in your story, or even if you just want to have a good laugh, we’ve got you covered.

As Duck Dynasty Director, you get to decide on the funniest names for your flock. As you delve into the delightful task of naming, remember to keep it fun, creative, and personalized to your duck’s one-of-a-kind persona.

Embrace the quirkiness, silliness, and the outright hilarity that comes with it. After all, ducks aren’t just birds. They aren’t just ‘another duck in the pond’. They’re part of our lives, each with a unique quack, waddle, and humorous character. The ducks we raise are our feathered friends, deserving of a name that reflects their unique place in our backyards and farms.

Hold on to your tail feathers as we dive headfirst into our fun-filled list of hilarious duck-themed names. Let’s ruffle some feathers and quack up some fun!

Funny Duck Names

  1. Daffy D’oh
  2. Duckington Post
  3. Beakoncé
  4. Quackie Onassis
  5. Yolki Polki
  6. Drake Gyllenquill
  7. Duck Norris
  8. Ducky McDuckFace
  9. Eggnest Hemingway
  10. Quacksimodo
  11. Feather Locklear
  12. Duck Goose (A play on duck, duck, goose in case you didn’t catch that!)
  13. Sir Quacks-a-Lot
  14. Eggsy Paddler
  15. Eggbert Paddler
  16. Feather McFeatherface
  17. James Pond
  18. Aquackdalf
  19. Quackula
  20. Waddle Depp
  21. Drake Bell
  22. Quack McFly
  23. Beakman’s World
  24. Flock Norris
  25. Quackie Chan
  26. Paddling Picasso
  27. Puddle Ducker
  28. Eggward Scissorfeathers
  29. Chuck Quackles
  30. Leonardo da Quacki
  31. Quacky Balboa
  32. Puddle Humperdink
  33. Donald Duck Trump
  34. Bill Clinton
  35. Quackimir Puddleton
  36. Waddlington Featherbeak
  37. Quackston Churchill
  38. Yolko Ono
  39. Pecky Blinders
  40. Paddington Quack
  41. Bill Nye the Duck Guy
  42. Dabbler Spielberg
  43. Mallard Streep
  44. Flapton
  45. Flapperdoodle
  46. Quack Daniels
  47. Duckstin Bieber
  48. Pekin Parker
  49. Quackston Powers
  50. Feather Duster Buster
  51. Ducky Balboa
  52. Jemima Puddle-duck
  53. Eggbert Einstein
  54. Drakedemia
  55. Dabbler Dali
  56. Flappaccino
  57. Yodka
  58. Eggnes Featherbottom
  59. Quacker Oats
  60. Ducktor Spock
  61. Sir Waddlelot
  62. Moby Duck
  63. Huevo Revolto (Spanish pun – Scrambled Egg)
  64. Paddle-de-doo
  65. Lucky Duck
  66. Ducktor Strange
  67. Waddlesworth
  68. Quackenstein
  69. Peckany Spears
  70. Eggsodus
  71. Puddle Swooper
  72. Indiana Quacks
  73. Quackie Kennedy
  74. Drake Skywalker
  75. Waddle Wonka
  76. Quack Sparrow
  77. Billvester Stallone
  78. Quack Nicholson
  79. Rubber Ducky
  80. Beaky Blinders
  81. Duckleberry Finn
  82. Featherstonehaugh (pronounced Fanshaw)
  83. Lord of the Wings
  84. Eggbert Humperdink
  85. Duckleberry Quack
  86. Beak Street Boy 
  87. Duchess of Duckingham
  88. Quacken the First
  89. Prince Paddle
  90. Smoked Duck
  91. Lady Waddleworth
  92. Mallard Majesty
  93. Duke of Duckshire
  94. Baron Von Beak
  95. Feathered King
  96. Princess Puddle
  97. Bug Gobbler
  98. Sir Chomps-a-Lot
  99. Lady Bugmuncher
  100. Insectivore Emperor
  101. Duchess of Dine
  102. Lord Larvae Lapper
  103. Fly Nibbler
  104. Prince of Pests
  105. Duck Ragu
  106. Juicy
  107. Bug Baroness
  108. Duck Confit
  109. Princess Parasite-Plucker
  110. Lord Splashington
  111. Princess Paddle
  112. Roast Duck
  113. Duke of Drift
  114. Marquess of the Marsh
  115. Lady Lap-a-Lot
  116. Sir Splashton
  117. Duck Fesenjan
  118. Baron of Buoyancy
  119. Queen Quack-a-lap
  120. Prince of Puddles
  121. Duchess of Drizzle
  122. Lady Webfoot
  123. Duke of Digits
  124. Princess Paddle-feet
  125. Grilled Duck
  126. Sir Splays-a-Lot
  127. Queen Quackerfoot
  128. Baron Webbed Waddler
  129. King Kick-a-lot
  130. Duchess of Digits
  131. Prince of Palmate
  132. Lord Lobe-toe
funny duck names girl
Use this list of funny duck names for girl ducks aka hens ~ Image credit: Alex Smith, Unsplash

Funny Duck Names Girl (Hens)

Here we’ve hatched a list of funny girl duck names that are sure to quack you up. These fun names for hens span a broad range from pop culture references to classic literature characters and pun-filled plays on famous names. Remember, the best and funniest name for your duck is the one you love and that fits her unique personality!

  1. Ducktoria Secret
  2. Princess Layer (Perfect for a heavy egg-laying duck)
  3. Waddles Swift
  4. Beakyonce
  5. Madame Quack
  6. Ducky Minaj
  7. Quackie Kennedy
  8. Waddle Middleton
  9. Kim Quacksdashian
  10. Billie Ei-lish
  11. Lady QuackQuack
  12. Feather Locklear
  13. Quackie Collins
  14. Yolko Ono
  15. Mallardyn Monroe
  16. Paddle-ope Cruz
  17. Billgail Adams
  18. Jennifer Ani-quack
  19. Gwen Ste-duck-y
  20. Audrey Hep-quack
  21. Ducklyn Jenner
  22. Sarah Jessica Paddler
  23. Julia Rob-quacks
  24. Meryl Peep
  25. Eggma Watson
  26. Amy Pond (for Dr. Who fans)
  27. Ducklina Jolie
  28. Dinner
  29. Puddle-y Parton
  30. Ducktress Who
  31. Dolly Puddle
  32. Queen Elizaquack
  33. Duckerella
  34. Anne of Green Gables (a play on the classic novel)
  35. Ducklizabeth Taylor
  36. Virginia Quack
  37. Coco Quacknel
  38. Angelina Waddle-lie
  39. Quackie O.
  40. Megg-an Markle
  41. Olivia Quackton-John
  42. Duck-eye Minogue
  43. Eggvira, Mistress of the Duck
  44. Quackula’s Bride
  45. Egg-sica Rabbit
  46. Marquacklyn Manson
  47. Feather-in Scissorbeak
  48. Em-duck Watson
  49. Quackita Von Teese

Funny Duck Names Boy (Drakes)

Like the names for female ducks, these funny boy duck names give a nod to various famous people and characters, play on words, and also include some silly puns. Enjoy picking out the best funny names for your drakes! Splash into this list:

  1. Drake Gyllenquack
  2. Quack Sparrow
  3. Sir Quacks-a-Lot
  4. Mallard Gibson
  5. Quackie Chan
  6. Feather McGregor
  7. Beak Shakespeare
  8. Flap Jack
  9. Eggbert Einstein
  10. Duck Norris
  11. Fowlty Towers (for fans of British sitcoms)
  12. James Pond
  13. Quack Nicholson
  14. Leonardo da Waddle
  15. Bill Murray (for a funny duck with a strikingly colored bill)
  16. Ducktor Strange
  17. Ludwig Van Beakthoven
  18. Quentin Taraducko
  19. Ducklair Underwood (for House of Cards fans)
  20. Feathers McGraw
  21. Waddle Whitman
  22. Sir Quacks-a-Lot
  23. Marsh-quack Lynch
  24. Duck Vader
  25. Ducklas Adams (for fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
  26. Quackie Chan
  27. Waddlesworth
  28. Drake Bell
  29. Beak Grylls
  30. Cluck Kent (perfect for a duck who’s secretly super)
  31. Walt Waddleson
  32. Pablo Duck-casso
  33. David Beakham
  34. Quack Sparrow
  35. Christopher Waddle (especially if he’s a little round!)
  36. Clint Eastquack
  37. Bill Nye the Science Duck
  38. Quack Black
  39. Drake Skywalker
  40. Arnold Swimmzenegger
  41. Vincent Van Quack
  42. Russell Crow (for a duck who acts more like a crow)
  43. Bill Clinton (for a duck with an impressive bill)
  44. Sir Duckwin Waddleston
  45. Freddie Quackcury
  46. Hucklebeaky Finn
  47. Quack Hemsworth
  48. Benedict Quackbatch
funny duckling names
Use these funny duckling names ~ Image credit: Amy Humphries, Unsplash

Funny Duckling Names

Here are some funny names for ducklings that’ll surely bring a smile to your face. Remember, the best names for your ducklings are the ones that make you smile and fit their unique, little personalities!

  1. Sir Fluff-a-Lot
  2. Waddles McGee
  3. Squeakers
  4. Lil’ Paddler
  5. Quackling
  6. Puffball
  7. Mini Moby Duck
  8. Duckling Diva
  9. Feather McQuackling
  10. Baby Beaker
  11. Pee-Wee Paddle
  12. Nibbles
  13. Puddle Jumper
  14. Itsy Bitsy Quacker
  15. Fluff-n-Waddle
  16. Tiny Dancer (especially if your duckling loves to waddle around)
  17. Downy Dynamo
  18. Squiggle (especially if it never walks in a straight line)
  19. Pipsqueak
  20. Roly Poly (perfect for a slightly round duckling)
  21. Duckling Doodle
  22. Quackling Cuddles
  23. Flufferton
  24. Duckaroo
  25. Tater Tot (especially if it’s a small, round duckling)

Dynamic Duck Duo Funny Names

Here are some humorous names for your pair of ducks. These pairings offer a play on common phrases, puns, rhymes, and pairings that can add a layer of humor and fun to naming your duck duo. Remember, the best names are the ones that you enjoy and feel suit your feathered friends the best!

  1. Quack & Cheese
  2. Salt & Peeper
  3. Beak & Quill
  4. Drake & Josh (especially if they’re males)
  5. Eggnog & Fruitquack
  6. Splash & Paddle
  7. Waddle & Dabble
  8. Ducky & Mucky
  9. Dunk & Dive
  10. Feather & Down
  11. Webby & Wobbly
  12. Bill & Coop
  13. Quacker & Jack
  14. Puddle & Ripple
  15. Featherlock & Quackson (Sherlock & Watson style)
  16. Duck & Cover
  17. Splish & Splash
  18. Fluffy & Ducky
  19. Feather & Flap
  20. Flapper & Flyer
  21. Dabble & Dribble
  22. Huey & Dewey or Lewie (from Duck Tales)
  23. Eggbert & Yolko
  24. Paddington & Waddlington
  25. Sir Quacks-a-Lot & Lady Lays-a-Lot

Funny Names for Your Flock of Ducks

If you have a flock of ducks on your homestead along with some other animals, you may find it fun to refer to them by their group name. Here are some funny ideas of what you can call your flock of ducks.

  1. The Quack Pack
  2. Feathery Fleet
  3. Duck Tape Squad
  4. Fluffy Flotilla
  5. Quackson Five
  6. The Waddle Wonders
  7. Feathered Flash Mob
  8. Puddle Parade
  9. Dabble Dabblers
  10. Ducky Dynasty
  11. Quack Quorum
  12. Webbed Brigade
  13. Duck Doodle Dandies
  14. The Egg-xtraordinaires
  15. The Fowl Fellowship
  16. Mallard Mafia
  17. Beak Brigade
  18. Drake Dream Team
  19. Paddling Party
  20. Wiggling Waddlers
  21. Beak Street Boys
  22. The Splash Squad
  23. Aquatic Armada
  24. The Bill Club
  25. Ducking Around Crew
  26. The Quack Clan
  27. Flap Faction

What Makes Duck Names Funny

Humor is a subjective experience, but there are certain elements that make a duck name funny. It all boils down to surprise and creativity. A good play on words, puns, and unexpected connections are the soul of wit when it comes to funny duck names.

Duck terms like ‘quack’, ‘drake’, ‘ducky’, ‘bill’, ‘eggs’, and ‘feathers’ can be used cleverly to create amusing names that are sure to elicit a chuckle or two. Parodying famous people, movie characters, or popular cultural references can also add a layer of humor.

Puns, for instance, are a hilarious way to give your duck a name that’s both adorable and giggle-worthy. They rely on the humorous use of a word that has more than one meaning, or of words that have different meanings but sound similar.

Why Give Ducks Funny Names

A funny duck name adds an element of humor and light-heartedness to your day. It also embodies the joy and amusement that comes with raising ducks. A name like “Quacker Oats” or “Sir Quacks-a-Lot” pays homage to a duck’s unique traits while also inviting laughter and cheer.

Raising ducks is an experience filled with both challenge and reward. Usually, it’s a lot of fun. These feathered friends waddle their way into our hearts with their charming antics and vibrant personalities. Ducks are far from just being the “quacking machines” that some might believe them to be. They’re fascinating, social creatures that quickly become cherished members of our families and backyard.

Each duck has its own unique personality, making them even more endearing. Some may be the daring adventurers, always first to splash into a new pond or to investigate a rustling in the bushes. Others may be the cautious observers, preferring to take a step back and survey the situation with a watchful eye.

I’ve got one duck who will chase after every rodent or rabbit they see, and one who will run the other way! 

You may have the social butterfly duck, always surrounded by its feathered friends, or the independent duck who likes to take long, solitary walks around the yard. There’s also the perennially hungry duck that seems to have a bottomless pit for a stomach and the sleepyhead who’s always looking for a cozy spot to take a nap.

These fun personalities not only make ducks entertaining to observe but also make them deserve names that match their individual quirks and eccentricities. And what better way to honor their characters than with funny duck names. Bring a smile to your face each time you call them!

Should You Give Funny Duck Names for Meat Ducks?

As you may know, there are duck breeds better suited for egg production, such as Indian Runner ducks, and others better to raise for meat, such as Rouen ducks. (Some, like Pekin ducks, are well suited to raise for eggs and then meat.)

For some Quackmaster Generals (duck owners), giving ducks funny names when raising them for meat is a delicate matter. It’s a personal choice that often depends on how closely you’re involved with raising the ducks and what your comfort level is with the process.

Funny Names for Meat Ducks

For some, giving funny names to their meat ducks helps to establish a connection and respect toward the animals they raise for food. It reminds them that the meat they consume comes from a living creature, promoting a sense of gratitude and responsibility.

However, others may find it emotionally challenging to name ducks raised for meat. The bond that forms through naming might make it harder when the time comes to process the ducks. 

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to treat the ducks humanely and with respect during their life.

Choosing Funny Names for Ducks

As we paddle to the end of our delightful journey through the pond of funny duck names, we hope you’ve found more than a few that have tickled your funny bone. Whether you’re an aspiring duck parent, a seasoned duck owner, (aka Feathered Fellowship Foreman) or simply a lover of all things fowl and humorous, these names offer a fun twist on the simple joy of naming your feathered friends.

Naming your ducks can be a hoot, especially when they’re your loyal egg layers, your insect control squad, or simply your cherished pets. Each name carries with it a story, a memory, or even a joke.

It’s an egg-citing adventure watching their personalities unfold and noticing how often they live up to their names.

For us Grand Quackers who also raise ducks for meat, assigning names can be a slightly more difficult process. We may hesitate to give them amusing names, as the bond that names often create can make the inevitable more challenging. And yet, these ducks, too, play a vital role in our lives by providing for us. They deserve recognition and respect, even if we choose to show it differently.

You are the Master Namer: Have Fun with It

Ducks have their own unique personalities and quirks. Whether you choose to give them a funny, punny name or keep things more straightforward with regular duck names, the bond you form with these feathered friends will be truly special.

In the end, whether we name our ducks something hilarious like Sir Quacks-a-Lot, or something more practical like Dinner, each duck brings something unique to our lives. They give us a reason to laugh, a reason to appreciate nature, and even a reason to wake up early in the morning (some days are better than others!).

Here’s to all the funny ducks in our lives, named and unnamed, for the joy, laughs, and companionship they bring us each day. Remember, the best name for your duck is the one that quacks you up the most. And if you are raising ducks alongside chickens in your backyard, have fun with these chicken names as well.

May your duck-naming ventures be filled with giggles and quacks of joy!

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