Best Kamado Grill Provide Ultimate Grilling Experience

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Ceramic grills is an Kamado grill that are designed to provide the ultimate grilling experience – providing delicious smoked flavor and precision grilling, easy start-up and unmatched flavor.

Shop our selection of brand name ceramic grills today and taste the difference Kamado-style ceramic charcoal grills can make.

Kamado Grills claim a legacy going back thousands of years.

Typically these are grills/smokers are made of ceramic shells, but at least one is all metal and others use a variety of stone like materials.

This gives these charcoal grills excellent insulation, high efficiency, and the ability to hold very high and very low temperatures making them perfect for grilling and smoking.

A good Kamado Grill is durable, has good support and quality components like the Big Green Egg.

Kamado style cooking comes from ancient cooking methods that used large clay ovens for insulation.

Kamados of recent years are made of heavy ceramics.

Truly the best food you will ever cook on a grill.

Kamado Grill That’s Best For You

Americans love their grills!

We cannot get enough of that grilled, smoky goodness at our dinner tables and strive to do bigger and better things all the time.

Kamado has many different varieties and one is sure to meet and even exceed your expectations.

Here is a short review of 3 different kinds that range from small to large to assist you in deciding what is best for you.

Kamado Joe Grill

When it comes to grills, you can’t do much better than a Kamado Joe.

They were built out of love, dedication to the art of grilling, and a desire to make a product that people actually want to use.

There are plenty of grills on the market, but this one really takes the cake for exceptional style, design, and functionality.

Sure, you can get a decent grill for a fairly inexpensive price, but the Kamado Joe is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Once you start working with one of these grills, you won’t look back.

How Much Does a Kamado Joe Cost?

These grills sit right in the sweet spot between flimsy grills and high-end goods.

Some of them retail for as little as five-hundred dollars, but higher-end, larger models sell for a little over two thousand.

While it’s a large investment, these grills will serve you and your family well for years to come.

Think about it this way; you’re going to spend loads of money replacing your grill if you buy a bottom-basement model anyways.

You might as well get a quality product and know that it will always be there for you when you need it.

Where Are Kamado Joe Grills Manufactured?

Although the company is headquartered in the United States, these grills are actually manufactured in China.

There is a lot of disinformation about the quality of Chinese goods, but experts say that prevailing ideas about Chinese factories are wrong.

Excellent products really do come out of them, and this company is a great example.

These grills are made with loving care, using only the finest ingredients.

They are created and crafted in China, then shipped over the United States where they are enjoyed by grill masters and BBQ enthusiasts all over the country!

Who Owns Kamado Joe?

Bobby Brennan and Kerry Coker founded the company because they loved the art of grilling and wanted a sophisticated, effective grill to use.

There was nothing good enough on the market, so they created something from scratch and the company was born.

The original mission still holds true today, with each grill being sent out into the world to take the backyard grilling experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Are Kamado Grills Worth It?

These grills are absolutely worth every penny.

Although they are a steep investment in the beginning, Kamados stand the test of time and will not let you down.

If you are serious about grilling, you need one of these in your corner.

Kamado Joe Vs Big Green Egg

One of the biggest rivalries out there is between the Kamados and the Big Green Egg.

Although the Big Green Egg has something of a cult following, it might not be all that well deserved.

When you stack these grills up against each other you can see how Kamados beat the Big Green Eggs every single time.

There simply is no contest when it comes to functionality or ease of use.

If you purchase a Big Green Egg you can plan on spending about an hour to an hour and a half getting it set up.

Compare that to Kamados, which go together seamlessly in about twenty minutes.

With a Kamado, you can be up and grilling in less than half an hour!

Kamados also have a lot more bells and whistles than Big Green Eggs do.

Instead of having just one cooking grid, Kamados use a multi-tiered system that allows you to cook different types of foods at varying temperatures.

This means that you can get that perfect piece of fish done at the same time you’re firing up some vegetables.

Kamados also come apart easily, so clean-up is a breeze.

While the Big Green Egg has a cast iron chimney cap, Kamados utilize an aluminum cap that keeps the elements away and allows you to control the temperature inside.

This gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to preparing your food properly.

Lastly, Big Green Egg lids require nearly twenty pounds of force to lift.

If you don’t have muscles of steel, or simply don’t feel like doing it, that’s a lot.

Kamados lids are sturdy, but light as a feather, meaning that just about anyone can lift them up with no problem.

There’s simply no contest; in the showdown between Kamado Joe and the Big Green Egg, Kamados win at every level.

They are worth the investment, easy to use, and are completely practical.

Char-Griller Akorn Jr. Kamado Kooker Is Versitile

The Char-Griller Akorn Jr. is a smaller version of the original Char-Griller Akorn at half the price and half the size, but all of features of a Kamado and a full-sized grill.

With its smaller, egg-shaped design, the inside is covered with the Ceramics of the Kamado which gives it that insulation that larger ovens have with clay.

It was built to be portable at 38 pounds and comes with a stand and handles.

According to BusinessInsider, this grill would be a great option if you are searching for that awesomely grilled meal in an apartment or for tailgates, picnics, the beach or simply another area at your home atop of a sturdy table.

It cooks remarkably well, just like a clay or ceramic oven.

We think the added cast iron grates gives more evenness to cooking, so you do not get well done on the outside, but rare on the inside.

What’s even better, it also includes dampers to control your air-flow, so it can double as a smoker, too.

But even with its small design, the Akorn Jr. cooks just as well as a full-size Akorn without the expense and much more versatility.

Burgers and steaks are cooked juicy and you would swear that your pizza came from the clay oven down the street.

Pit Boss Kamado BBQ Ceramic Grill Is Full-Size Affordability

The Pit Boss 71220 Kamado Grill can turn an average Joe into a world class, outdoor BBQ chef.

It’s an all-in-one versatile ceramic cooker that has adjustable cooking vents which allow you to smoke mouth-watering Boston butts or Texas ribs, bake pizza, or grill those burgers, veggies or steaks for your family.

With its thick ceramic, egg-shaped wall, your food’s flavor will be locked in with moisture and taste.

This grill is built to last and has an affordable price that most anyone can afford.

The thick ceramic walls of this grill allow it to easily maintain the perfect internal temperature for optimal results at the table.

The Pitt Boss gives you 567 square inches to cook on with a two tiered cooking surface.

The cooking grates are made of solid stainless steel, so it makes for easy clean-up, too.

Chargrills loves the top grate that easily can be flipped up to accommodate any kind of cooking you desire.

The lid is attached by heavy duty hardware and springs.

With a strong wooden handle, these make the lid easy to lift up, in addition to shock-absorbing felt edging to help protect it.

The Pitt Boss also comes with a rolling stand and attractive, folding bamboo shelves on either side, which will give you plenty of space for your plates or platters.

These shelves easily fold down for storage.

There is also a large exterior thermometer that makes it easy for you to monitor while cooking.

Grill Dome Infinity Series Large Kamado Grill Is The Ultimate

The Grill Dome Infinity Series large Kamado grill is the ultimate in the all-in-one ceramic charcoal grill.

It has been around since 1989 and with such exceptional manufacturing, it is one of the best on the market.

All-natural and exclusive Terapex Ceramics on the Grill Dome is twice as thick as others on the market.

Construction-wise, it has rust resistant stainless steel to expedite incredible heat retention that will lock in all those flavors and juices you are striving for.

TheSpruce says that the triple-baked enamel finish is also available in beautiful finishes of blue, red, silver, gold and black.

The Grill Dome Kamado charcoal grill allows you to do most anything you want with food – smoke, sear, grill or bake.

By adjusting the sliding damper at the base and the pivoting disk at the top, you are in control of the temperature.

According to Kamadoguru, it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

A large cooking surface of almost 260 square inches on an 18” diameter will give you enough space to cook for the whole family at once.

There are also up to three levels of porcelain coated steel cooking grates available and a spring-loaded Featherlite lift hinge that makes the heavy lid a breeze to open and close.

Big Green Egg – Only Outdoor Cooker You Will Ever Need

The Big Green EGG is a unique barbecue product, with unmatched flexibility and capabilities that surpass all other conventional cookers combined.

It is a smoker, a grill, and an oven, and you can cook any food on it year round.

Big Green Egg
Big Green Egg

Benefits of the Big Green Egg

Fast lighting — ready to cook in 10 minutes with no lighter fluid

Ceramic walls retain heat with accurate temperature control and no hot spots

Fuel efficient so there is no need to add more charcoal while cooking

Constant tending not required; with enclosed cooking there are no
grease flare-ups

Withstands temperature extremes from below 0° to 1800°F

Can be used year around, even in freezing temperatures and rain

Surface stays cooler and is safer around children than metal grills

Weatherproof ceramics won’t rust

Handsome, decorative and unique design

Produces the juiciest, most succulent food you’ll ever taste

Big green egg is a Kamado Style grills

This one is the most popular of their models and is big enough to cook one 20-pound turkey.

What makes this unit great is that while it can produce high temperatures due to the focused heat of its ceramic shell, it can also hold low temperatures making it a great smoker.

It’s the versatility of the egg that makes it stand out as one of the great charcoal grills of our time.

With many accessories available there really isn’t much this charcoal grill can’t do.

The Big Green Egg is legend amongst backyard cooks.

With the ability to hit temperatures over 600 degrees or hold them as low as 200 degrees this unit is perfect for searing steaks and smoking briskets.

The Large unit is the most popular of the Eggs and the 18 inch diameter cooking surface (255 square inches of primary cooking space) is large enough to hold a 20-pound turkey.

This gives you the space too grill or smoke plenty of food.

The ceramic shell of the big green egg is strong and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures so you don’t have to worry about it cracking if you heat it up on a freezing cold day.

What makes this grill work so well is that the heat is held inside.

Even at its highest temperature the outside remains relatively cool.

Because of this efficiency of the design you will find that you don’t use as much charcoal as you would on comparably sized grills.

When you are done cooking you can close up the vents to stop the remaining charcoal inside from burning and hence save it for your next cookout.

Heat is controlled on this smoker-grill by a vent in the bottom of the unit and another one on the top.

These vents are simple to use but give you a great deal of control. In fact I find that you get better heat control on this charcoal grill than you do on most gas grills.

Big Green Egg is renowned for their service and support so you can really trust making this investment.

Eggs tend to last for a long time, the cost of a Big Green Egg large may seem high divide that out by the ten year minimum you will get out of the grill and it really is a reasonable investment.

Big Green EGG as a Grill

Searing the perfect steaks, pork chops or burgers on the Big Green EGG.

High temperature “steak house” grilling – even at 750º F / 400º C – is quick and easy!

Using the two dampers for accurate control, you can lower the heat to a more moderate temperature for other grilled foods.

Fish and seafood turn out moist and tender with a flavor-packed crust unmatched by other grills.

Big Green EGG as an Oven

Using the indirect cooking method with a Plate Setter, the Big Green Egg bakes bread, pizza, casseroles, cobblers and pies better than your kitchen oven … you may never cook indoors again!

The Big Green Egg retains heat and moisture so well that foods don’t dry out!

Poultry, lamb, beef and vegetables are naturally tastier because the juices and flavors stay locked inside.

Big Green EGG as a Smoker

The insulating ceramics of the Big Green Egg allow you to precisely control the temperature even at low heat.

A controllable 200 to 350°F / 93 to 177°C gives succulent results with turkey, ham, lamb, chicken, ribs or any of your favorite cuts, infusing them with the aromatic wood smoke flavor.

Want to slow cook at low heat for sixteen to eighteen hours … no problem!

Which Big Green EGG fits your needs?

The Big Green Egg stands alone as the most versatile barbecue or outdoor cooking grill on the market, with more capabilities than all other conventional cookers combined.

From appetizers to entrees to desserts, the Big Green Egg will exceed all of your expectations for culinary perfection.

With 5 convenient sizes to choose from, there is a Big Green Egg to fit any lifestyle!

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