Outdoor Kitchen Design Plans

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Outdoor Kitchen Design Plans – Designing your perfect outdoor kitchen may need lots of considerations.

Sometimes you need the help from professionals too considering the complicated plumbing and electricity system.

But if you really want to set up one, these simple ideas on outdoor kitchen design plans can be your starting point to get to know the future kitchen of your dream.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Plans

The most important thing for your outdoor kitchen design plans is of course the lay out.

Check up the area where you want t set your kitchen.

Make sure that your plan includes an area which is easy for you to access water and electricity.

Adding a new plumbing and electricity system is possible but it will be costly.

Do not forget to check up the landscape and the surrounding environment which benefits your setting plan.

If you have a pool, you can set your kitchen nearby it for the sake of the view and the cozy atmosphere.

If you have trees and bungalows, you can make use the available conveniences as your shading which means that you do not need a new shading system.

Decide the function of your outdoor kitchen design plans.

Choose whether you will use your kitchen for entertainment or for private use only.

If it is only for daily meals and grilling time with your family, a simple kitchen table in front of your kitchen set will suffice.

You do not need to add unnecessary thing for entertainment, only add a fireplace when it is necessary.

Add shading facility to shade your family since the kitchen will be used often.

You can apply a permanent pergola which is more durable and reliable.

You do not need to constantly set them up.

If you will use your outdoor kitchen design plans for entertaining guests only, it means that you need to consider the plans for some entertainment elements.

Besides the basic appliances for outdoor kitchens such as grill, stoves, cabinets, sinks and fridge, you need to set the position of your entertainment area too.

Set your cooking area such as grill, stoves and prepping area away from your entertaining area to prevent smoke and smell.

You can make use of any kind of lay out start from the simple on wall until G shape one.

Set an island in the middle to separate working area and entertainment area.

You can choose to set your couches, televisions and sound systems across of it or back to back with your kitchen.
Outdoor Kitchen Design

Make sure that your outdoor kitchen design plans include a thorough consideration on the functional first then the style.

Further reading and researching might help you with it.

Outdoor Summer Kitchens

Summer is coming!

It is time to update your kitchen in to a more summer friendly ones.

If you are bored with your old small indoor kitchen, maybe it is the time for you to look outside the window and consider making an outdoor kitchen.

Imagine having a cheerful and happy family dinner or barbecue party on your backyard there.

If you have no idea of how to make an outdoor kitchen, here are some tricks for outdoor summer kitchen ideas for you.

Decide the site.

You have to check the available space of your backyard.

If you have only a small space, make an on wall, L or U shaped kitchen lay out.

Check out your plumbing and electricity.

Make sure that you build your kitchen nearby the plumbing and electricity lines for a cheaper cost.

Check the surrounding area of you outdoor summer kitchen will be.

Make use all of the natural elements of it.

You can set your serving area under the oak tree for shade or nearby the pool for the scenery.

Choose the appliances.

To choose the appliances for your outdoor summer kitchen, you have to think about the budget, space and functionality of your appliances.

If you have limited budget, it means that you need to choose cheaper but still durable materials such as stainless steel.

If you have smaller space, it means that you can only choose small compact appliances rather than grand luxurious appliances.

Don’t forget to think about the functionality.

If you need a grill, then set one.

It is better for you to choose the wheeled portable aluminum ones than the grand brick ones if you want to entertain more people since it can be moved to an area away from seating when grilling to avoid smoke.

Consider the material.

Outdoor summer kitchen appliances must have these characteristics: highly durable, weather resistance and portable.

Since you will set all of your appliances outdoor, they need to withstand against the harsh weather.

Materials such as stainless steel, granite, and hard rock materials are perfect.

They are highly durable and easier to maintain and clean.

Remember that your appliances will get dirty and wet easily outside.

Choose accessories or decorations which can stand wet and dirt.

Make sure that the cushions, rugs and decorations are movable so you can take them out of your cabinets whenever you need them.

A patio or pergolas for shading can be a good option to protect the appliances and your family.

Careful consideration in choosing the durable and functional materials is the key for outdoor summer kitchen ideas.

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How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen

Designing an outdoor kitchen is indeed not that effortless.

Sometimes we need to consult the professionals to choose the right ideas for our new outdoor kitchen.

We have to choose the right appliances, setting of place, budget, styles and the kinds of activities we will do in it.

If you have troubles in designing the right outdoor kitchen for your summer, here are some tips on how to design an outdoor kitchen for your references.

First thing in how to design an outdoor kitchen is choosing the best area to set your outdoor kitchen up.

You have to consider the proximity and the difficulties you will get dealing with plumbing and electricity since it deals with your funding.

New plumbing means more money to spend.

Consider the environment surrounding your set.

Is it safe to set a kitchen there?

Is your weather condition allows you to build an outdoor kitchen?

Where does the wind come and how much sunlight it will get after you set your outdoor kitchen plan.

These questions will determine the necessary requirements of your kitchen such as kitchen sinks, counter tops, cabinets and roofs.

A functionality factor is essential in how to design an outdoor kitchen.

You have to consider what kinds of activities will happen in your outdoor kitchen.

If you need it for your family daily meals only, you might not need elaborated and fancy appliances and designs.

But if you want to entertain guests in it, you have to choose the luxurious and comfortable space for your guest to admire and enjoy your kitchen.

The kinds of activities will also determine the needed appliances in it such as whether you will need single or double sinks, smaller or bigger stoves, built in grills or portable smaller ones, where you set your bars to entertain guests and the grill position as not to get them disturbed by the smoke of your grilling.

The next thing in how to design an outdoor kitchen plans is choosing the right materials for your appliances.

Remember durability and easy maintenance.

Choose stainless steel or natural stones for your outdoor kitchen appliances such as cabinets, sinks, counter tops and grilling areas.

They are highly durable with different colors and designs and easier to maintain its cleanliness.

Consider also about the needed accessories and decorations.

Choose removable decorations such as removable cushions, rugs, chairs and tables to make you easier to prepare for the worst.

Get them out only when it is necessary.

How to design an outdoor kitchen is easy to do.

They only requires durable and easier to maintain appliances.

Style and designs can be adjusted with the need but the basic qualifications are the same.

Backyard Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchens have their own appeals for homeowners.

Not only they give bigger space and freedom of design ideas, they also bring out the homey feeling and closer to nature sense.

Outdoor kitchens have their own set backs too.

You have to be careful in choosing the right layout, appliances and budgets according to your need.

Here are some backyard outdoor kitchen designs ideas that can be helpful for you.

Consider your budget.

Backyard outdoor kitchen designs require you to prepare lots of funds for plumbing and electricity applications and choosing high quality as well as durable appliances for your kitchen.

Since it is outside the house which means that it will be exposed to nature, your hardware should resist the harshness of nature.

Usually, they are more expensive than the regular ones.

You will also need to add your expense for shading too.

Shadings tricks such as positioning your seats under the trees is possible but if you do not have enough space for trees, you can choose a cheaper patio umbrellas which are cheaper and portable.

Choose stainless steel for cheaper kitchens, hard stone or granite materials for more expensive ones.

Choose the right appliances and ornaments for your backyard outdoor kitchen designs carefully.

Everything that you put outdoor will easily get dirty and wet.

This will distress your appliances too.

Make sure that you choose highly durable and weather resistant materials.

Do not choose wooden materials with difficult maintenance and cleaning.

Stainless steel sinks and cabinets with hard stone granite countertops are durable and easier for maintenance and cleaning.

As for decorations and everything, choose the ones that are simple and weather resistant.

Draperies, throw-pillows, rugs, cushions and other decorations are not necessary to display outside all the time.

You can keep them in a separate nearby cabinets and take them out when you need it.

Do not add unnecessary appliances for your backyard outdoor kitchen designs.

Grills although it is highly familiar in outdoor kitchen, are not a must.

However, if you still desire it to be present, choose the portable cheaper cart model grills instead of the hard stone grandeur built in grills which mostly displayed in magazines.

Make sure that you put them away from the seating area to avoid smokes from the grilling.

Do not be tricked with the grandeur pictures of backyard outdoor kitchen designs on magazines and televisions.

Most of them are set for the promotional purpose.

Be efficient and effective in designing your kitchen is important than the style.

Durability is the key for out door kitchen ideas.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Outdoor kitchen is now gaining its popularity.

Most American families start to prefer eating and cooking outdoor than indoor since it can give them closer to nature atmosphere and bring out the sunny happy feel whenever you have your activities in your kitchen.

If you are planning to set one outside, you have lots to consider.

Some people think that an outdoor kitchen will cost more money but with a little trick here and there, budget is not a problem anymore.

Here are some outdoor kitchen design ideas that you can use as your references for your new outdoor kitchen.

Look outside the window and think about your dream outdoor kitchen design ideas.

Picture where you want to build it, what you will do in it and who will be there with you.

If you only have limited space, build a small kitchen then.

Be effective and efficient in choosing the right lay out, smaller appliances and fewer accessories and decorations.

Consider an on-wall kitchen, L or U shape when you are considering about the lay out for your outdoor kitchen design ideas. Add an island, double sinks and built in grilling station when it is necessary.

A small portable table and grill will suffice.

If your kitchen is for daily family meals only, basic appliances in a family kitchen are enough.

But if you want to entertain more guests in it, you might want to impress them with your grand luxurious outdoor kitchen and you have to mull over the things to entertain them such as setting, sound system and even a television!

The next thing to consider for your outdoor kitchen design ideas is choosing the right appliances.

They should be judge from these criterion: durability, functionality and budget friendly.

For the durability, choose highly durable materials such as stainless steel, natural stones or ceramics tile for your counter tops, cabinets, and islands.

The cheapest among them is of course stainless steel, but you have to choose the 304 ones to guarantee the quality of it.

If you want to have wide varieties of models and designs to add the natural look of your outdoor kitchen design ideas, tile is your answer.

They are less expensive than natural stones but be careful in choosing the right tile since some of them may not be made for outdoor use.

Natural stone is more expensive but it stands the weather well.

Functionality over the style is your magic mantra in creating the best outdoor kitchen design ideas.

It goes for your kitchen appliances too.

Single sink and portable grill are enough when those are what you really need in it.

Exciting and easy outdoor kitchen plans

Outdoor kitchen plans don’t have to be long and complicated.

If you want to have a party in the backyard or want to utilize an unused barn in your farmhouse, there are many ways in which you can build an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen plans work for both temporary as well as permanent outdoor kitchens.

So if you are looking to remodel and use up the extra space outside the four walls of your house, take a look at these outdoor kitchen plans.

While building a kitchen outdoor, you need to make a list of the things you need.

These will depend of the kind of occasion you have on your hands.

Are you prepping for an outdoor barbecue?

Are you settling up a permanent kitchen?

If you are setting up a temporary kitchen, the things you’d want to keep in it would include a barbecue grill, a mini cooler and a filter.

You could also make good use of the portable kitchen islands in a temporary outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen plans would always suggest you keep one or more of these islands.

They come handy as storage as well as serving mediums.

Once done with the cooking, you can move the islands together to the center of the garden, put a tablecloth on top and use them as a table.

There are some great outdoor kitchen plans that help you in building a permanent outdoor kitchen as well.

You can have a heater stove, some wooden islands and a cabinets installed.

Get some tables and chairs.

Make sure you build a roof as this will protect the kitchen appliances and furniture from the rain and snow, not to mention the dust.

Outdoor kitchen plans help you build the perfect outdoor kitchen, whether you want to keep it forever or for a short while.

Outdoor Kitchen Island Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Island Ideas – An island in an outdoor kitchen should not be a problem considering the availability of space when you built you kitchen outdoor style.

It can also create the focal point for your outdoor kitchen which will determine the look of it.

Aside from its decorative function, a kitchen island can be useful functionally as well, whether it is for storage or for serving as well as working area.

If you are planning on adding an island in your outdoor kitchen design, this info about outdoor kitchen island ideas can be your contemplation.

Choose functionality over style for your outdoor kitchen island ideas.

Decide what the function of your kitchen island is.

If your kitchen is for daily meals only, it means that you only need a small island which can also be used for working area.

With this function you only need basic regular kitchen appliances such as side burners, fridges and sink.

However, if entertainment is what you seek and you will invite some guests in it, you may need elaborated designs and advance expensive looking appliances such as grill and other accessories to mull over.

The next for your outdoor kitchen island ideas is choosing the set.

You may choose either the modular ones or the custom.

It depends on your budget.

Modular are cheaper than the custom ones since it is in a regular model and setting.

But you do not have to worry about the style.

You can add some custom touches on it by adding or changing its accent such as changing the regular tile counter top into granite or stainless steel ones.

As for a custom kitchen island, it is indeed more expensive but you can choose whatever models and designs you want for you kitchen.

Next for your outdoor kitchen island ideas is additional accessories and setting.

Consider about the use of an island in your kitchen.

If you plan on entertain your guests, you might need additional entertainment appliances such as television or sound system.

You may need some cushions, chairs or stools around your island to let them stay while you are cooking.

You can either put your grill away to avoid smoke or set an overhead range hood if possible.

Setting up a shade is also necessary.

A pergola can be set in one side of your kitchen island to protect your guests from the sun.

When we talk bout design and styles, it is all about taste and creativity.

Be creative in designing your outdoor kitchen island ideas can be really accommodating.

Try to browse for outdoor kitchen island ideas scattered around the net for more options to reflect on.

Outdoor Kitchen Island Plans

An outdoor kitchen seems dysfunctional without an island to complement your design both functionally and decoratively.

As grilling while spending your quality time together with your family is the most favorite activity during the summer, your outdoor kitchen island plays an important role in this.

You can make use your kitchen island as your serving area or even prepping area.

Although the importance of a kitchen islands is undeniable in outdoor kitchens, some people still confused about how to set one.

Here are some outdoor kitchen island plans to help you.

The most popular set for an outdoor kitchen island plans includes placing the island in the center of your kitchen set.

If you have limited space, this kind of thing will not be possible.

If you cannot do so, you always have the side of your counter top area for your island.

Make one leg of your L, G or U shape kitchen as your kitchen island by making longer or bent.

That area can be used as your kitchen island which is possible for you to use it as a prepping area or a serving area.

Add a drop leaf top, island table and small chairs or stools on it will do.

You can set your grill across your island to avoid smoke if you want.

If you have more options on space, a center some outdoor kitchen island plans is a perfect option.

You can use it as both the prep and serve area by dividing the area into two sides; one for your guest to chat while waiting for the food and one for yourself or cooking station.

Add some bar stools on the islands to add the cozy effects.

You can even make one side of your prepping area’s counter top lower than the serving area creating a ‘wall’ which keeps your prepping activities hidden from view.

To choose the best some outdoor kitchen island plans, you have to remember about the function too.

Remember the triangle working area.

Use your island according to the triangle working area which means that you have to put your sink, stove or grill, and fridge accordingly so that you have better access to your most important kitchen appliances.

You can use your island as a prepping area with sink, cooking area with grill or storage with under fridge.

Either way you choose you have to place the other main appliances according to its triangle position.

There are lost of options for some outdoor kitchen island plans around.

Make sure that you do a thorough research and consult with professionals whenever it is necessary for a better result.

Prefab Outdoor Kitchen Kits

Prefab Outdoor Kitchen Kits are quite rare.

This type of kitchen only feasible for those who have enough space in their backyard, and often hold garden party, barbecue grill, or any outdoor parties.

If you having this type of regular activities, or at least often doing an outdoor celebration, then you may should create an outdoor kitchen.

You can buy an outdoor kitchen style designed by a landscape professional or architect along with the prefab outdoor kitchen kits like lighting, plumbing, cabinetry, counter tops, sinks, BBQ packages, storage and accessories kits by more than $60.000.
Prefab Outdoor Kitchen Kits
If you intend to design in on your own, the basic design of good outdoor kitchen consists of lighting, shelter, counter tops, hearth, materials, appliances, and layout.

The lighting needs to be designed to lighten the most active areas on the cooking areas, eating areas, including the pathway from and to the cooking area.

It usually uses the halogen track lights.

The shelter is functioned to protect your cooking process and eating time both from sunny heat, rain, or snow without block the breeze.

This can also be useful to protect

The counter tops usually set with the U shaped kitchen work floor.

Prefab heart sized for eight and half foot oven can be the focal point for the kitchen.

You can place box for wood chips, stainless steel gas grill, prefab outdoor kitchen kits and storage as standard appliances.

Use concrete slab as the flooring, poured concrete terra cotta as the counter tops and any durable material that can withstand with the weather.

Use triangle layout floor to make good movements

Prefab outdoor kitchen kits considered as the recommended kitchen appliances to complete your outdoor kitchen, because they are offer more benefits than if you choose the custom design.

Benefits of a Prefab Outdoor Kitchen Kits

  • Easy to be installed
  • Portable and easy to be move here and there
  • Easy to be use and placed, even if you don’t have much planning or design preparation
  • Doesn’t require labor cost

By using the prefab outdoor kitchen package, it will be like having portable outdoor kitchen to be carry and everything is easy to get because it is widely available in the market.

Modular Outdoor Kitchen

As the economy is getting worse by the hit from the global crisis lately, the need to be more economical becomes essential.

We have to cut off our budget for almost everything: our meals, clothes, appliances even for our kitchen.

Since the summer is coming, we cannot help ourselves from dreaming of a warm friendly and natural outdoor kitchen.

However, hiring professionals to install our appliances will cost much of our budget.

Do it yourself style by getting a modular outdoor kitchen is the best solution for it.

Here are some tricks in having your modular outdoor kitchen.

A modular outdoor kitchen should be easy to make.

Before buying one, you should consider whether you will be able to do it yourself or do you need any help from your family.

No matter how handy you are, you still need help for this one since you are building a kitchen not just painting a cabinet.

Call your friend to help you install the outdoor kitchen

Measure your available space and the modular outdoor kitchen set you need.

Make sure that you choose the right size which fit your outdoor kitchen space plan.

You do not want to throw away your modular kitchen just because you choose the wrong size for the wrong available space.

Measure your kitchen area, put them in blue print and bring it to the store where you want to buy the outdoor modular kitchen set.

Thorough measurements and the detailed ones will come in handy in the installation of your kitchen modular outdoor.

Choose the best modular outdoor kitchen product and the best materials

You have to make sure that the product you will buy is easy to install and read carefully on the detail explanations of the product.

You have to check the materials, warranty, the steps needed to install it and the complete parts of your modular kitchen.

Try to avoid woods since they are harder to handle and difficult to maintain.

It is better for you to choose stainless steel or polymer ones.

They can stand harsh weather better and easier to install and maintain.

You probably want to match your modular outdoor kitchen set with portable appliances since they are not fixed or permanent.

You can remove them when the winter is coming.

Choose cheaper stainless steel appliances ones since they are easier to install and maintain.

They come with simple kitchen designs and various shapes which goes to your kitchen too.

Do it yourself modular outdoor kitchen needs a hard work.

Do not hesitate to seek for help when you need it, make sure that you have both enough knowledge and tools to do it before you start it.

Outdoor Kitchen Counter tops

Outdoor Kitchen Counter tops – Building an outdoor kitchen is the dream of everyone but most of the times, that dream never comes true for people are afraid of the amount of budget they’ll need to install one.

It is true that an prefab outdoor kitchen kits needs more budgets for its special needs and function but we still can do some tricks here and there to tame down our budget.

One of which is choosing the right counter tops for your kitchen and your outdoor kitchen sink.

If you do not know what to do, this simple info about outdoor kitchen counter tops might help you.

When talking about outdoor kitchen appliances, durability and functionality always come before style.

Do not be tempted with the grandeur looking designs on the magazines and stick your mind on your own kitchen plan and budget.

If you only have limited budget, the best option for your outdoor kitchen counter tops is the tile counter tops.

They come with various colors and design which can be easily matched with the other appliances in your outdoor kitchen.

Nowadays, you can even have luxurious natural stone looking counter tops with cheaper price.

Tile is easier to install, clean and highly durable.

You can easily set it yourself but remember to be careful when you buy it.

Make sure that your tile is especially used for outdoor kitchen.

Otherwise, it’ll crack easily.

The next one is concrete outdoor kitchen counter tops.

This one is not as expensive as natural stones, highly durable and easier to maintain when it is finished well.

Some designs with pieces of glass or fiber-optic lighting are available to create sparkling look for your kitchen.

Concrete outdoor kitchen counter tops will cut your budget for sink too since you can set an integral sink on it.

Remember that your concrete counter top must be installed and sealed correctly to avoid cracking.

The most expensive one is the natural stone outdoor kitchen counter tops.

Be careful in choosing the right natural stones for your counter tops since not all of them are perfect for outdoor use.

Some stones are softer and cannot stand the harsh weather.

Choose the ones without pores and bumpy surface for easier maintenance and durability.

Granite can be a perfect option since it is not only good looking but also it has no pores, very strong and weather resistance.

Choose the ones with less veining and brighter colored ones since highly veined granite is not good against the UV and darker colors absorb the heat of the sun.

Practicality, functionality and durability are the key for your outdoor kitchen counter tops.

No matter which countertop you finally choose, careful maintenance and professional advice when necessary will assist.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Summer is coming and having a barbecue party in your backyard with your friends and family seems like an excellent idea, isn’t it?

It will bring the whole family and friends together and give you a bonding moment together under the warm summer sun.

It’s time to start to plan your outdoor kitchen now!

If choosing the right cabinets is your problem, these tips on outdoor kitchen cabinets ideas can be your references.

It is a public knowledge that cabinets for an outdoor kitchen is like the flour in your cookie dough.

You cannot make one without one.

To choose the right outdoor kitchen cabinets ideas, you should consider its functionality first.

Will it going to be storage for food supplies and cooking wares only or will it be the storage for your cushions and outdoor decorations?

If you only need them for cooking supplies and wares, you only need the smaller ones and the bigger ones for your cushions, which also means much more money to spend.

The next thing that you should not forget in choosing the right outdoor kitchen cabinets ideas is the material.

Remember that your kitchen will be set outdoor which means that it will stand against the harshness of nature.

Thus, your kitchen appliances including your cabinets should be durable and easy to maintain.

Choose stainless steel ones as the most durable material for you outdoor kitchen cabinets ideas.

They are presented in various coating colors and patterns even some wooden colors are available.

They are also easier to maintain than the wooden cabinets which are more expensive and harder to maintain.

After choosing the right materials, the next thing you need to do for your dream outdoor kitchen cabinets ideas is getting the style.

Decide on the kind of outdoor kitchen you will have.

If you want it to be a farmhouse country outdoor kitchen, you can choose a stainless steel cabinet with wooden pattern.

They blend well with your traditional color tone.

If you want to have a sleek modern outdoor kitchen, you might want to consider metal or painted stainless steel cabinets.

You can choose contrasting and bold colors for this kind of style to sharpen the edges of your kitchen and create the sleek impression of your kitchen.

As for your vintage outdoor kitchen, you can choose natural with bright and cheerful color for your outdoor kitchen cabinets ideas to give the cheerful feel of your kitchen.

Function over style is the thing that you have to consider in your outdoor kitchen cabinets ideas choice.

Browse some of their samples on the net will be of assistance to get your finest outdoor kitchen ever.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Outdoor kitchen cabinets designs are getting more popular these days.

The idea is coming from the garden party that is quite very popular for the last few decades in European country.

The garden party usually doesn’t require large area but they don’t put the kitchen outside they need to walk quite far just to serve the food and drinks on the table outside.

BBQ party created by the Americans adapted this habit by put the BBQ grill place as the small kitchen.

This way, they should not have to carry to many things from the kitchen outside.

This later on, developed such way into outdoor kitchen designs.

The first designs of outdoor kitchen design, the kitchen area only consist of sink, the counter tops and the table.

You still have to move some of the cooking tools and equipment outside, because they do not build a kitchen cabinet there hence, you will still easily cooking.

However, this type of kitchen still considered not efficient enough to accommodate the needs of garden or backyard party.

The only way to make it at the maximum rate is by creating the whole outdoor kitchen cabinet designs.

There are many things that will hamper people in designing outdoor kitchen.

First, it is only easier if you live in a home, not in an apartment.

Every apartment has their own rules and provisions, and apartments that are allowed you to make outdoor kitchen can be very limited.

If you have a home, it should have enough space to build the kitchen.

Remember that the kitchen is not the only thing needed in an outdoor party.

You still need to set some place to eat, to sit and gather besides cooking space.

You may adjust the size, but larger yard or space is better because outdoor kitchen cabinet designs require larger spaces.

The most common material used to create the outdoor kitchen cabinet designs are stainless steel, concrete, and natural stones.

Any material use for outdoor kitchen should have to be durable and can keep up with the weather; on rainy days, summer, including the winter.

Although place and use for an outdoor activities, it will be better if you build a shelter or small roof to protect them from the weather.

This will help you maintain the kitchen and extend the life of your kitchen cabinets.

Building outdoor kitchen cabinets designs are require more things to consider.

Plan them carefully to get the best shoot.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Hacks

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Hacks – Kitchen sinks have become an important appliance in your kitchen set.

A perfect placement and choice of kitchen sink will definitely enhance both your kitchen performance and your own performance as a cook for your family.

When choosing the right kitchen sink for your kitchen, functionality comes before styles, but for an outdoor kitchen, durability comes first.

Choosing the right kitchen sink for an outdoor requires careful considerations.

If you do not know what to do, these tips on outdoor kitchen sink ideas may help you.

Consider the plumbing system for you outdoor kitchen

Water is indeed very essential for your kitchen.

Before going out to buy a new sink, you should consider about the water access for your outdoor kitchen.

If you think that creating a water line is expensive for your outdoor kitchen sink ideas, you can use a hose to link your kitchen water system with your indoor water system.

It will be less expensive and highly practical since you just need to cut them off when the winter comes to avoid freezing.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Hacks

The next is the functionality.

Setting up a kitchen sink will help you a lot since you do not need to run in and out of your house just to wash your dishes and food.

Use a small single sink if you think that it is enough to accommodate your need but if you have bigger space and need to entertain more people, you might need double sink or bigger ones which can hold more dishes.

An integral kitchen concrete sink is perfect for your outdoor kitchen sink ideas since it can be used as your ice box to keep beverages when you entertain more guests.

Materials are the next thing to consider for your outdoor kitchen sink ideas.

Choose stainless steel as the most durable and easiest to maintain.

In choosing a stainless steel kitchen sink, choose one which has higher resistance on corrosion and sturdy.

Make sure that you choose grade 304 or 18/8 stainless steel.

Use magnets to check the right grade, if it sticks, it means it is 304 grades stainless.

Grade 430 is cheaper and noisier but it is more susceptible to pitting and rust.

20 gauges stainless is thick enough and if sprayed with undercoating sound dampening substance, it will give the same performance as the more expensive heftier 16 gauge bowls.

No matter what kind of kitchen you have, a sink is necessary since you will need it most of the times for your kitchen activity.

Outdoor kitchen sink ideas might need thorough consideration to choose but it is worth the trouble when you start to use it for real.

Outdoor Kitchen Roof Hacks

Outdoor Kitchen Roof Hacks – Cooking outdoor is a fun activity to do, especially in the summer.

It will enhance the atmosphere in the family and it will also give you pleasure when you prepare your food.

However, having an outdoor kitchen can be problematic.

We need to be able to choose the best outdoor kitchen roof ideas.

Below are the alternatives that you can use in your outdoor kitchen.

If you need more economical outdoor kitchen roof ideas, sun umbrellas or patios are the best.

You only need not more than three sun umbrellas and set them up on the floor by using special stands.

These sun umbrellas will provide you shelter from the sun and it is portable.

Another option is retractable awning which is foldable.

For this one, you will need to hire a professional for the installation.

It works just as well as the umbrella when it is installed to your outdoor kitchen and protects your kitchen from the rain and sun.

The biggest advantage of this outdoor kitchen roof idea is that they are foldable and can simply roll them back whenever you want and enjoy the scenery.

A green shade cloth is another inexpensive option for your outdoor kitchen roof ideas.

You can easily fix it with some binding wire on nearby areas.

You can create a basic structure and then lay the cloth on it.

This cloth is commonly used for greenhouses but you can also use it to create shade for your outdoor kitchen.

This cloth is made of plastic so it is washable with water.

Pergola is made of wood and is basically a wooden logs frame which is installed on four sturdy wooden pillars.

It is better if you use the sturdy wooden materials, and then paint it according to the theme of your outdoor roof kitchen design.

You can grow some vines over the pergola and your outdoor kitchen will be shaded against the sun just like a kitchen wall.

As an alternative, you can install synthetic roof tiles or place glass or metal corrugated roofing tiles on the pergola roof.

This will protect your kitchen both from the rain and sun.

If you prefer to add greenery to your outdoor roof kitchen ideas, you can simply hang plenty of colorful plants near the roof or on the pillars of the pergola.

A solid roof is the last option for your outdoor roof kitchen ideas.

This job calls for a lot of hard work and it will cost you a lot too.

However, once you have installed a solid roof over your outdoor kitchen it will stand the natural forces better.

And it will stand for many years.

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Outdoor Stainless Steel Sink Cabinets

Outdoor kitchens offer you the sense of closer to nature and provide more inspirations and wider space for working or gathering.

Choosing the right appliances for an outdoor kitchen needs thorough calculations and considerations since you need to choose durable appliances.

Remember that you will put them against the power of nature.

For an outdoor kitchen, stainless steel sink is the best option.

Here are some tricks on outdoor stainless steel sink cabinets choice.

Before choosing the right outdoor stainless steel sink cabinets, you should decide on the budget for your kitchen budget first.

Making an outdoor kitchen will cost you more than the regular ones since you have to spend more on plumbing and electricity.

If you don’t have much fund, regular stainless steel a sink cabinet with single bowl is enough, but if you have enough budgets, a double bowls is possible too.

Better buy a single bowl sink with good quality than buying a double bowls sink with inferior quality with the same price.

The next thing to consider is the materials of your outdoor stainless steel sink cabinets.

Choose a kitchen sink which has higher resistant on corrosion and resilient.

Consider the grade.

Make sure that you choose grade 304 or 18/8 stainless steel.

But if you want the cheaper ones grade 430 stainless will suffice.

It is more susceptible to pitting and rust.

Use magnets to check the right grade, if it sticks, it means it is 304 grades stainless.

You do not need to buy the thickest outdoor stainless steel sink cabinets for durability.

20 gauges stainless can be your option since it is thick enough and if sprayed with undercoating sound dampening substance, it will give the same performance as the more expensive heftier 16 gauge bowls which performs resistance to the weight of heavy objects.

Choosing the right size and style of your outdoor stainless steel sink cabinets is the next thing to do.

Look at your kitchen lay out and the theme of your kitchen.

Although kitchen sinks do not consume lots of space, make sure that you install them according to the triangle position.

Choose the right kitchen sink’s size to go with the needed free countertops space you want.

The smallest will be bar sinks, and then single bowl sinks, double bowl sinks are the biggest.

They are provided with various shapes and models.

Adjust it with your kitchen’s style.

Applying appliances outdoor requires durability and quality of your appliances.

Adjust your outdoor stainless steel sink cabinets with your budget and thorough calculation will facilitate.

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