growing okra plant

Growing Okra Plants ~ How to Grow Lots of Okra!

Okra plants are easy to grow and great for beginner gardeners. If you have an area that gets lots of sun, start growing okra. It’s a warm season vegetable that will flourish. In addition to being simple to grow, okra doesn’t take up a lot of room in the garden. It grows tall, up to 5 – 6 feet, but it doesn’t spread out. Therefore, because it’s tall, lean and grows upward, you can maximize … Read more

lawn aerator

Lawn Aerator: Tips for At-Home Landscaping

Having a lawn aerator at your disposal can help you to improve your landscaping drastically, but what is it exactly? Unless you’ve done plenty of research into maintaining your lawn, it’s likely lawn aerating is a novel concept to you. By the end of this guide, we guarantee you’ll have a deeper understanding of why it’s necessary. Do You Need to Aerate Your Lawn? Every lawn can benefit from aerating, especially if it’s never been … Read more

compost tumbler

Compost Tumbler Pros and Cons: Is It Right For You?

Composting has many benefits, including reducing waste and producing your own feed for your garden. If you like the idea of composting, consider a compost tumbler. Here we answer some of the most popular questions about easy-turning compost barrels, what tumble composting is, how to use a compost tumbler, and how long it takes to compost. What Is a Compost Tumbler? To put it simply, a compost tumbler is a sealed container, such as a … Read more

cucumber plant

Cucumber Plant Growing, Caring, and Harvesting Tips

Cucumbers are versatile and healthy. Once established, your cucumber plant will flourish and fruit in abundance. So what do you need to grow cucumbers? They are adaptable to many growing zones and are easy to grow for beginning gardeners. Here you will learn the best way to grow cucumbers — including where, how, and when to plant them — to get the best yield. Cucumber Plant: An Overview The cucumber plant is a member of … Read more

peanut plant

Peanut Plant Growing Guide for Home Gardeners

Many plants can provide you with food, but one of the most interesting is the peanut plant or Arachis hypogaea. Arachis means that the plant’s pods grow underground, while hypogaea means underground crypt. From its botanical name, you can already tell that peanuts grow underneath the soil in their own little space, so they’re also known as groundnuts. Peanuts are believed to have originated in South America. Peruvian Indians were cultivating them approximately 3,500 years … Read more

hazelnut tree

Hazelnut Tree Growing Requirements, Maintenance, and More

Growing hazelnuts may be easier than you think. Here’s how to grow your hazelnut tree in your garden or backyard. Although many home gardeners may be hesitant to buy a hazelnut tree due to water requirements, spacing, and other issues, this guide will give you a complete picture of how you can succeed. Hazelnuts are also called filberts. They are nutritious and are a good protein source. The good news is you can grow your … Read more

broccoli plant

Broccoli Plant Growing, Caring, and Harvesting Guide for Beginners

How to Grow Broccoli Plant – Broccoli is a healthy and delicious vegetable, and if you have space in your garden, we highly recommend you try growing broccoli for yourself. Before doing so, though, you need to have a good understanding of the broccoli plant, including how, when, and where to grow it. Broccoli Plant Basics As part of the cabbage family, broccoli is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, so it is worth … Read more

best lawn edger

Best Lawn Edgers of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

The best lawn edgers can give you more control over the aesthetics of your yard. It gives you better results compared to using a regular string trimmer for the job. Lawn edgers are perfectly designed to edge straight and professional-looking lines around your lawn, between the driveway and your yard, around your garden, and more.  There are plenty of lawn edgers to choose from. Each has advantages. To help you find the perfect choice for … Read more

strawberry planters pots

Strawberry Planters Pots: Growing Your Own Strawberries

Learn how to grow your own strawberries by growing them in planters and pots.  Who doesn’t love the taste of a freshly picked, perfectly ripe strawberry? The flavor is the essence of summer. There is something truly nostalgic about biting into a juicy strawberry, even the store-bought ones most of us are used to. However, there is nothing better than strawberries grown straight from your garden. Strawberries can be quite expensive to buy in the … Read more

citronella plant

Citronella Plant: How to Grow and Use

Here’s what to know about growing and using a citronella plant. Summer is the perfect time for family gatherings and all kinds of outdoor activities like cooking using your barbecue grill. If only there were some way to limit the unrelenting nuisance that plagues all our summertime fun: the mosquito. Getting rid of mosquitoes is an everyday battle during the summer. Eliminating standing water and spraying yourself down with insect repellent are the best ways … Read more