strawberry planters pots

Strawberry Planters Pots: Growing Your Own Strawberries

Learn how to grow your own strawberries by growing them in planters and pots.  Who doesn’t love the taste of a freshly picked, perfectly ripe strawberry? The flavor is the essence of summer. There is something truly nostalgic about biting into a juicy strawberry, even the store-bought ones most of us are used to. However, there is nothing better than strawberries grown straight from your garden. Strawberries can be quite expensive to buy in the … Read more

citronella plant

Citronella Plant: How to Grow and Use

Here’s what to know about growing and using a citronella plant. Summer is the perfect time for family gatherings and all kinds of outdoor activities like cooking using your barbecue grill. If only there were some way to limit the unrelenting nuisance that plagues all our summertime fun: the mosquito. Getting rid of mosquitoes is an everyday battle during the summer. Eliminating standing water and spraying yourself down with insect repellent are the best ways … Read more


Aeroponics System: How Does It Work?

Here we explain what an aeroponics system is and what it does. There are different types of gardening methods available, and one such method that never fails to amaze us is something called aeroponics. An aeroponic system is one that nourishes a plant with nothing more than a mist that is filled with special nutrients. Are you interested to know more about this way of planting and growing plants or herbs? Keep reading to learn … Read more

how to ripen green tomatoes

How to Ripen Green Tomatoes

Knowing how to ripen green tomatoes is a helpful skill. Perfectly-ripened tomatoes are the most flavorful and robust. There’s no doubt that vine-ripened vegetables far supersede the flavors of anything you would be able to find in the grocery store. However, often gardeners are left with green tomatoes on their vines. Whether the temperature dropped quickly in your area or it’s too hot, you can still make the most of these tomatoes so you don’t … Read more

growing tomatoes in pots

Growing Tomatoes in Pots and Containers For Huge Plants

Not everyone has space in a garden to grow a plant like tomatoes. The good news is growing tomatoes in pots is much easier than you might think. As long as you have a sunny spot and a place to put the pot, you can have juicy, delicious tomatoes throughout the season. Growing Tomatoes in Pots We are going to take a look at how easy it can be to grow tomato plants in a … Read more

growing your own basil plant

Growing Your Own Basil Plant: A Guide for Beginners

Basil is easy to grow at home. It does well indoors and outdoors. Here we discuss growing your own basil plant.  Basil is a woody plant that branches out. It loves warm weather and tends to grow extremely quickly when temperatures hit 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When you choose to grow basil, you should keep in mind that two or three plants are plenty for a family.  You can put a basil plant in … Read more

growing mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

As a mushroom lover, you’re probably wondering, “Can you grow your own mushrooms at home?” You’ll be pleased to hear that the answer is yes! Here’s what to know about growing mushrooms. Growing mushrooms at home is easy when you know how. They won’t even take up any room in your garden since they’re actually best grown indoors. If you enjoy growing your own food, then learning how to grow mushrooms at home could provide … Read more

how to grow carrots

How to Grow Carrots: Your User-Friendly Gardening Guide

Knowing how to grow carrots can give you a healthy root vegetable that can be perfectly paired with several dishes, from roasts and salads to a casual snack during the day. Not only do you have the opportunity to plant the traditional orange carrots, but you can also choose from an assortment of other colors, such as white, yellow, purple, or crimson. Having a healthy collection of this vegetable gives you many options when cooking … Read more

coffee grounds for plants

Coffee Grounds for Plants: Recyclable Miracle or Harmful Additive?

Coffee grounds for plants seem to be the new “it” thing when it comes to innovative ways to invigorate your garden. Yet gardeners have been using coffee grounds for generations. We’ve heard all kinds of tales about the ways to use coffee grounds for plants. Some of these include keeping slugs away, using them as fertilizer, and as a substitute for mulch… the list goes on. People have also reported horror stories about using coffee … Read more

osage orange

Osage Orange Tree: What You Need to Know

The Osage orange tree is also known as a bodark, hedge apple, prairie hedge, yellow-wood, bow wood, naranjo chino, or horse apple. If you have not heard of this tree before, you may be surprised when you see it, most especially the ugly fruit that it produces. The Osage orange fruit is the size of a large orange or grapefruit, and it has a warty-looking surface. It is green in color, though, not yellow or … Read more