Top 3 Amazon Best Seller Greenhouses For Small Spaces

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Amazon best seller greenhouses – If you’re like me, you’d have dreamed of putting together a fantastic garden for years.

We’ve shortlisted 3 Amazon best seller greenhouses that you can assemble easily in small and medium-sized spaces.

These greenhouse sellers understand that though it would be awesome to have enough land for a walk-in greenhouse, it isn’t a realistic possibility for many of us.

And fortunately, they come in designs for the modern-day apartment or town homes.

Whether its growing herbs, vegetables or blooms, these high-performance greenhouses along with the right greenhouse equipment might be just what you need to craft the garden of your dreams.

Amazon best seller greenhouses — Three reliable small greenhouses

Let’s take a closer look at 3 small greenhouses that have earned the title of the most reliable greenhouses on Amazon:

Amazon Best Seller Greenhouses Option#1 — Home-Complete’s Plant Greenhouse on Wheels

These sturdy greenhouses are small in size, easily movable and compact enough to fit in balconies, corners and near windows.

Main features of the Home-Complete’s Plant Greenhouse on Wheels are:

  • They have mobility wheels for easy portability.
  • You can wrap your plants inside its quality plastic to maintain moisture.
  • You can plant at various levels to accommodate the plant’s growth cycle from seedling to full size.
  • Plant’s are protected from the elements because of the cover and wheels.
  • It can be easily assembled and cleaned.
  • They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The greenhouses are aesthetically pleasing to reflect your style.

Amazon Best Seller Greenhouses Option#2 — Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

The Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse comes as a lifesaver for those with limited space.

The greenhouse is a good option for starting seeds indoors.

Features of the Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse are:

  • This greenhouse has 4 tiers, suitable for growing several varieties of crops in various stages of life.
  • Mobility is easy with its wheels.
  • Its polyethylene cover along with a roll-up zippered door facilitates easy access to plants.
  • This cover can be removed and cleaned.
  • Assembly is easy for this light-weight model.
  • Its body is water- and rust-proof.
  • The greenhouse assembly kit comes with guy ropes and metal stakes which provide extra stability against high winds.

Amazon Best Seller Greenhouses Option#3 — U.S. Garden Supply’s Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse

U.S. Garden Supply’s Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse is similar to the Gardman one in features and is by far the most highly rated greenhouse on Amazon.

Let’s see why the US Garden Supply Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse is rank so high

  • Its multiple tiers are suitable for plants in all life stages.
  • Roll-up front panel of the greenhouse allows easy access to crops, and its double zippers provide protection from the elements and pests.
  • This greenhouse is sturdy and rust-proof.
  • The cover can be removed and cleaned.
  • Assembly is extremely easy.
  • It is compact enough to be used on decks, patios, balconies and outdoor gardens.
  • This greenhouse is perhaps the most affordable of the three.

Size comparison of the 3 greenhouses

All 3 of these greenhouses were designed for people who have limited space.

To that end, each model has a small footprint.

  • The Gardman measures 27 inches long by 18 inches wide and 63 inches high.
  • The U.S. Garden Supply model is similarly sized at 27 by 19 by 63 inches.
  • At 27.1 by 19.3 by 63.3 inches, the Home-Complete greenhouse is a near match for the other two.

The Gardman model is the slightly smaller greenhouse because it is only 18 inches wide while the other two are approximately an inch wider.

If space is truly at a premium for you, then it may be beneficial to choose the Gardman greenhouse.

However, each greenhouse compared here is similar enough in size to each other.

How sturdy are these 3 Amazon best seller greenhouses?

All of these models have frames that are constructed from tubular steel.

This makes them able to stand up to a fairly heavy load of plants on each of the four shelves.

Each shelf is further reinforced by a center bar for added stability.

It may be helpful to note that the shelves do not permanently attach to the frame.

This enables you to remove a shelf so you can place it on a workbench where you can easily access the full tray of seedlings.

Only the Home-Complete model includes zip ties so that you can permanently attach shelves to the frame.

This may minimize the chances of a shelf tipping over within the unit.

Although the Home-Complete model comes with zip ties, these can easily be purchased additionally for use on the other two models.

Where can you place these small greenhouses?

Each of the greenhouses detailed in this article is relatively sturdy, especially if you’re willing to do a bit of extra work to ensure that the wind doesn’t tip them over.

As a result, you can place these models practically anywhere.

Most people place a small greenhouse on a balcony or patio.

However, others put them in a garden or a garage.

Others place inside their kitchen for quick access to herbs.

This certainly works, but for easy clean up, place a tray under the unit to catch water or other spills that may occur.

Many users have had success by using zip ties to attach a greenhouse to a railing, wall or trellis in case of high wind.

If the greenhouse needs to be moved, the zip ties can be clipped away.

Of course, actually moving these greenhouses can be tricky unless you choose the Home-Complete model, which is the only one of these three models that has wheels.

Some users take full advantage of this feature by wheeling their greenhouse to different places depending upon where the sun is at its strongest.

The wheels can be a huge help, but it’s vital to note that if you load up the shelves with several large plants, then the unit may be too heavy to move on wheels.

How easy is it to assemble these greenhouses?

For those of you who find tools to be a challenge, you won’t find any trouble with these models.

That’s because they can all be put together without using any tools at all.

That said, it is really helpful if you’re good at following printed directions, which I know is sometimes a challenge.

The good news is that these models are pretty straightforward.

Someone with moderate knowledge and experience with regards to assembling furniture and similar items should be able to put together any one of these in under half an hour.

Of course, the better job you do of putting the greenhouse together, the sturdier it will be.

A rubber mallet might be a useful accessory for making certain that you’ve got all the components locked in and tight.

Just be gentle with the mallet.

Amazon best seller greenhouses are a great way to start seeds

Experienced gardeners know that the earlier you start seeds, the more successful your garden will be.

A greenhouse like the ones mentioned in this article, makes it possible for you to start your garden weeks or months earlier than you could otherwise.

Best of all, your seedlings are protected from the elements with the wheels and plastic covering.

If you like, you can completely control the temperature and other growing factors in any of these greenhouses.

Including grow lights is a cinch, and many people choose to add a wireless thermometer inside so that they can remotely monitor the temperature.

Any of these high-quality small greenhouses might be the ideal addition to your garden to kick start your greenhouse growing hobby.

Growing Food in Your Hobby Greenhouse From Amazon

Growing food in greenhouses is a hobby that helps the environment and the farmer himself.

Choosing a reliable greenhouse can feel like a challenge for many beginner gardeners.

Thanks to Amazon, you can now access a wide variety of greenhouses from sellers across the world who will deliver them to your doorstep.

This way, you can buy greenhouses that will fit your space, requirements and budget.

The top 3 Amazon best seller greenhouses are the Home-Complete’s Plant Greenhouse on Wheels, the Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse and the U.S. Garden Supply’s Premium 4 Tier Greenhouse.

Having a greenhouse on wheels facilitates easy movement of plants during harsh weather.

Protective plastic coverings that can be removed and cleaned also are good features for small greenhouses as they control the climate and humidity inside it.

These greenhouses come in multiple tiers, so that you can grow a variety of plants at all stages of the plant life cycle.

These best selling greenhouses are also easy to assemble and sturdy enough to resist high winds.

The U.S. Garden Supply greenhouse is the most affordable of the lot.

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