herding cattle

What Is Herding Cattle and What to Know About It

What is herding cattle? Depending on who you ask, it could be all about the gentle movement of cows from one pasture to another. Or it could be a chaotic experience that comes with lost cows, exhausted cowboys, and a throbbing headache. Like most things that have been around for thousands of years, there are different ways of herding cattle. The technique you use will determine the kind of experience you have. Here are some … Read more

Shorthorn cattle

Shorthorn Cattle for Mighty Milk and Meat

Shorthorn cattle are a popular cow breed across the globe. Known for their high fertility and excellent mothering ability, this cow is reliable (in terms of milk production) and quite hardy. Having existed and grown in numbers for centuries, the shorthorn cow is now in a slow but steady decline. While this decline isn’t exactly attributed to any key medical concerns with this breed, agricultural changes over the past few years have unfortunately had a … Read more

Belgian Blue Cattle

Belgian Blue Cattle ~ Everything You Need to Know

Belgian Blue cattle go by many names depending on the circle. They are also known as Belgian Blue-White, Belgian White Blue, Blue Belgian, and Blue as Race de la Moyenne et Haute Belgique. These cows are unlike most other cattle. Originally, they were bred for their meat as well as milk. This is a massive cow that stands out wherever it goes. All you have to do is see one, and you’ll immediately know that … Read more

Rambouillet Sheep lamb

Rambouillet Sheep ~ The Breed, Origin, and Purposes for Raising

Rambouillet sheep, developed in France, was initially bred to produce wool and meat. However, it’s now frequently used as an exhibit animal. This breed has distinct traits, like its thick wool coat. If you’re looking to compare the various kinds of sheep breeds available, you’ll face many choices. Whether you are thinking about raising sheep, adding to your flock, or maybe just curious, here is information about Rambouillets and advantages and disadvantages of raising them. … Read more

why do pigs like mud

Why Do Pigs Like Mud ~ What Wallowing Does for Pigs

Learn why do pigs like mud. Wallowing in mud is a favorite pastime that cuts across all species of pigs. The adorable oinkers love luxuriating in sludge. If you’ve even seen a pig in mud, you will have seen the porcine joy that comes with wallowing. Their love for mud is one of the chief reasons several people think pigs are dirty animals, but in reality, they are some of the cleanest animals you can … Read more

what is a truffle pig

What Is a Truffle Pig

Learn what is a truffle pig, and why are they so valued for truffle hunting in culinary circles. While most people knew about truffles, mostly because of their delicious aroma and high price, few knew about truffle pigs. The movie “Pig,” starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Michael Sarnoski, effectively introduced millions of people around the world to the concept of “truffle pigs” or “truffle hogs.” In the movie, Nicolas Cage plays Robin “Rob” Feld, … Read more

Idaho Pasture Pigs

Idaho Pasture Pigs ~ Everything You Need to Know

One of the newest arrivals in the hog family, the Idaho Pasture pig, is a favorite among small-scale farmers for several good reasons. Commonly referred to as the IPP, “Pasture Pork,” “Grazing Pig,” and “Natural Pork,” Idaho Pasture pigs have quickly become a popular pig breed within the homesteading community. Let’s take a quick look at the Idaho Pasture pig and why you might consider adding it to your farm. What Is the Idaho Pasture … Read more

Chester White Pigs

Chester White Pigs ~ All You Need to Know

When people think of intensive pig farming, some breeds that come to mind include the Hampshire pig, the Duroc pig, and the Yorkshire pig. However, the Chester White pig is just as wonderful an option for people who want to rear large, fatty pigs for commercial and domestic use. They gain weight quickly and are excellent to raise for meat. This popular white pig is actively used for domestic and commercial crossbreeding all across the … Read more

How Long Are Pigs Pregnant

How Long Are Pigs Pregnant and What to Know

A pregnant pig requires special treatment in terms of food, housing, and overall handling. During pregnancy, the sow’s health has a huge impact on the health of the piglets she will give birth to. This special care requires the creation of capacity that can only be accurately provided if you can estimate the gestation period. Learn how long are pigs pregnant and what this means for your farm. Knowing the duration of your pigs’ pregnancy … Read more

icelandic sheep

Icelandic Sheep ~ Ideal Provider of Meat, Milk, Wool & More for Your Homestead

Known as the oldest purebred sheep in the world, Icelandic sheep are valued across the globe due to their sturdy wool and fibers, dairy products, and delicious meat. If you are wondering whether they are suitable for your farm — they are ideal for homesteads or small farms — or just curious about this sheep breed, then this article is for you. We will discuss everything about purebred Icelandic sheep, including their origin and why … Read more

How Long Do Sheep Live

How Long Do Sheep Live and What Affects Sheep Lifespan

Sheep are incredibly cute and productive animals and depending on the breed, can be raised for milk, meat, wool, and more. If you don’t know much about sheep, keep reading to learn how long do sheep live.  Climate can be a big factor in affecting life expectancy. However, with proper care, including nutritious food year round — even when it may be too cold or snowy to graze on pasture — as well as proper … Read more

how many sheep per acre

How Many Sheep Per Acre So You Can Have a Healthy Flock?

Learn how many sheep per acre you can successfully raise. The amount of land at your disposal is a key determinant of the optimal size of your flock. There is an inclination to overestimate your property’s carrying capacity, particularly if you are a small acreage landowner. Farmers are optimists. They will make decisions based on days when their crops are thriving, forgetting the sheep will be there throughout the year. For sheep to thrive, they should … Read more

lamb vs sheep

Lamb vs Sheep ~ What Is the Difference Between Lamb and Sheep

Learn all the differences between lamb vs sheep. Sheep were among the first and most successfully domesticated animals across the globe. Human beings have been rearing sheep for thousands of years for their meat production, milk, and skin. Domesticated sheep are the most useful domestic animals on any farm. Most people, however, prefer the taste of lamb to that of sheep. So, what is the difference between a lamb and a sheep? Lamb vs Sheep … Read more

What to Feed Goats to Gain Weight

What to Feed Goats to Gain Weight

Goats are not the easiest animals to fatten, which you may realize if you raise them for meat. They are very active and will burn through calories like they are practicing for an upcoming CrossFit tournament. Dairy goats expend a lot of energy producing milk. Here we explain what to feed goats to gain weight. Boosting their growth and a goat’s weight requires advanced knowledge of their nutritional needs and the right combination of foods … Read more

how long do goats live

How Long Do Goats Live ~ Learn Which Breeds Live the Longest

Whether you are thinking of breeding or just raising goats, or just curious, keep reading to learn how long do goats live. While they have an average lifespan, there are things you can do to increase their life expectancy as well.  How Long Do Goats Live There are two separate considerations: How long do goats live and how long can goats live. According to Guinness World Records the, oldest goat ever was called McGinty, and … Read more

When Can Baby Goats Go Outside

When Can Baby Goats Go Outside ?

Breeding and raising goats can be both fun and complicated. Like with the young of almost every animal, the first few days of a baby goat’s life are extremely crucial to its survival. So, when can a baby goat go outside? It needs its mother, but it also needs to be kept warm and safe from other animals and the weather. However, since goats are social creatures, keeping a kid in isolation might be detrimental … Read more

How Many Goats Per Acre

How Many Goats Per Acre ~ Raise Goats the Right Way

Finding the optimum balance between the size of your goat herd and the available forage is critical for successful grazing management, regardless of whether your farm is on a continuous or a rotational grazing system. Here we explain how many goats per acre is acceptable. As much as you don’t want to underutilize the farm’s capacity, it is always better to reduce the number of goats when the space is limited because you might end … Read more

Why Do Goats Headbutt

Why Do Goats Headbutt? Learn the All the Reasons

Here we explain why do goats headbutt. It may seem barbaric, strange, and dangerous to you, but headbutting is a natural part of goat behavior. The slamming of heads together has several functions, including establishing the chain of command, exercising, drawing attention, self-defense, etc. It only becomes a challenge when you cannot keep it in check, and the goats become a nuisance among themselves and other animals or farm residents. Knowing why goats headbutt in … Read more

what is feeder cattle

What is Feeder Cattle and Why Are They Important

Feeder cattle are a valued product across businesses like farming, fashion, sporting materials, and musical instruments. In this article, we explain what is feeder cattle, why it’s important, what we need it for, how to produce it, and what controls its value. What is Feeder Cattle Feeder cattle include weaned calves that weigh 600 to 800 lbs. At that stage, live cattle farmers provide them with a feed of high-energy nutrients to encourage weight gain. … Read more

what is a cattle shed

What Is a Cattle Shed?

You’ve probably wondered what a cattle shed is. It provides a separate “loafing” area for cows and helps you control the climate inside the barn. Sheds can protect cows from rain and different diseases by avoiding long periods of exposure to the elements. If you’re not sure what this valuable asset is, read on for some tips on building one. What is a cattle shed used for? A cattle shed isn’t just about protection. Let’s … Read more