What to Look For When Buying Quality Gun Safe

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Quality Gun safe – For anyone who owns guns, you have to make sure that your guns stay out of the reach of children.

Moreover, if you have a valuable gun collection, you have to make sure they are secure from burglars.

To cater to these needs it is best to make sure that you make necessary arrangements to keep your guns safe.

The best and safest option to keep your guns out of reach of children and safe from thieves is buying a gun safe.

The purpose of this review is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision as to the best gun safe for you.

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Why Should You Invest In A Gun Safe?

Buying a gun safe is a viable investment.

It protects your guns and also portrays you as a responsible gun owner.

One of the main reasons for owning a gun safe is to keep children safe from accessing your firearms.

Children are curious by nature and properly securing them in a gun safe is the responsible action to take.

Moreover, there are many states that require gun owners to keep their firearms safely secured.

This is merely to keep the children safe from gaining access to them.

You also save quite a lot of money if you own a gun safe (Check Prices Here.

Most homeowner’s insurance gives you a discount if you protect your guns against theft and fire.

To Show That You Are Responsible With Guns – Gun Safe

There are many anti-gun groups that are constantly trying to portray gun owners as irresponsible.

This is mainly done to stop people from purchasing guns.

However, owning a gun is your right as a citizen of the USA.

But it is also your responsibility to abide by the laws of the state and make properly secure your guns and one effective way is via a gun safe.

This is why it is best to get a gun safe.

Keeping a gun safe will show that you are a responsible gun owner.

It portrays that you are fully aware of the severity of gun related accidents and are doing your part to prevent them.

Owning a gun safe will also give you piece of mind but also reliable access when you need it.

To Prevent Access to Children

When you have guns at home, there is always a danger that your children, or children visiting your home, may gain access to them.

Children are not aware of how a gun has to be handled and should be kept out of the reach of children without proper supervision.

Or an unfortunate accident could take place and end up hurting others or themselves.

Most individuals make it a point to lock their guns in a cabinet or cupboard, but that is quite frankly unreliable and easily accessed by children.

A gun safe is meant to secure the firearm and only you will be able to access it.

Gunvault Deluxe Gun Safe
Gunvault Deluxe Gun Safe

To Keep Your Guns Safe

Most gun owners have a valuable gun collection.

While some guns may be brand-new and easily replaceable, others have sentimental value or are vintage or classic.

Such guns are difficult or impossible to replace.

Thieves often look for such guns and why it is essential that you keep your guns safe.

There are certain gun owners who have special guns.

These guns may be heavily modified or customized made to order.

In most circumstance, modified and highly customized firearms are not usually covered by homeowners’ or Homestead insurance.

If such guns are stolen, the owner would only be covered for the actual cost of the gun, if at all.

The hundreds of dollars spent on modification and customization would not be covered.

Discounted Insurance Rates

Homeowners’ and Homesteaders insurance covers each and every item that is in your home including your guns.

But there is a coverage limit up to which the value of guns is covered.

If you own more guns than the coverage limit, you will not be covered for it.

On the other hand, if you want to get extra coverage, you will have to secure a Rider and possibly pay a hefty sum.

However, if you get a gun safe, you can get a significant discount on the insurance rates.

This will not only keep your guns safe, but it could save you money as well.

What to Look For When Buying a Gun Safe

Buying the right safe for your situation is essential.

There are many things to consider when buying a safe, including your budget, quality of the safe and where you will be using the safe.

An important factor to consider is the build quality of the safe.

If it is not a quality constructed safe, it will not be the secure solution you are seeking and money could be wasted.

Lastly, you should consider the type of guns you own.

Build Quality of Gun Safe

The build quality of a gun safe is one of most important thing to consider.

Most standard safes come in 12-gauge steel.

This steel is quite strong, but it can easily be tackled with an axe or a crowbar.

Moreover, it is not quite heavy.

A couple of thieves can easily carry it out of your home and then open it elsewhere.

A 10-gauge steel safe, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

You should also inspect the fit of the door and seems to be sure it doesn’t allow for easy prying and can’t be opened without a plasma cutter or grinder.

The heavier the steel gauge, the more expensive the safe is.

Suitable Budget for Gun Safe

Determining the budget for a gun safe is a personal factor.

There are times when you absolutely need a topnotch gun safe.

There are gun owners who do not require, or can afford, extra protection or features.

A standard gun safe without all the bells and whistles can meet their needs.

If you have an expensive gun collection, then a top of the line gun safe is the best option.

We highly recommend that you purchase the best quality gun safe you can afford and fits within your budget.

It all comes down to your personal preference.

If you have money to spare, then you should get the best quality gun safe you can afford.

Determine Where You Will be locating the Gun Safe

There is no point in buying a gun safe that you can’t get into the location your home where you want it.

The first and foremost thing you should do is determine where you want to place the gun safe.

The best place is a location that it remains out of view of visitors, thieves and burglars.

Options might be a basement, closet or a room with no outside view and that you can control access.

Take measurements of the area where you want to place the gun safe.

But the most critical factor is weight!

Most gun safes are heavy, bulky and usually come assembled.

Positioning your gun safe will/could impose significant challenges.

Pre-planning properly will help ensure that the gun safe you purchase is a perfect fit for your home.

Type of Guns You Own

You should also take into consideration the type of guns you own.

Most big gun safes advertise a lot of space.

In reality, those safes can only store half of the guns properly.

Yes, I’ve seen the picture of the interior of safes with the guns neatly and properly placed and it’s a perfect fit.

But, not all guns are the same size (barrel length, width and or course stock sizes can vary).

You might be able to store the specified number of your guns, but it might be a challenge and the space will be extremely crammed.

So much so that you will not want to unload even a few of them to get at the particular gun you want…which will always be the one in the back.

There is no point in buying a large gun safe if you own handguns only.

I prefer (and own) a gun safe that has both long gun space and dedicated handgun storage and selves for miscellaneous gear and items.

Also, keep in mind that at some point you might want to expand your collection and will need additional room in your gun safe.

These are a few reasons why the type of guns you and what uses, should receive close consideration when determining the type of gun safe you want to buy.

I recommend (and I practice this myself) that it is better to purchase 2 or more gun safes of higher quality but of moderate size to accommodate efficiently my needs.

Attributes Of a Good Gun Safe

There are many attributes of a high quality gun safe.

You should consider each aspect of a gun safe properly.

Make sure you ask the manufacturer or dealer detailed questions regarding the operation and safety features of the safe.

Keep in mind that the door will be the most fortified part of the safe and the walls noticeably thinner.

A good quality safe will be constructed of 10 gauge steel with 5/16th solid steel plate door.

Do not overlook the fit (gap) of the door of the gun safe.

If a thief can get a pry bar in between they will be able to peel back the steel.

handgun safe
handgun safe Fort Knox

Heavy Gauge Steel

The best type of steel is a 10-gauge.

However, such safes are quite heavy and difficult to move.

But then again, these gun safes provide the best possible protection.

But you can also choose the 12-gauge steel option for average protection.

Number of Draw Bolts on a Safe

Gun Safe doors are locked into place by draw bolts.

Average safes have one or two draw bolts.

But good quality safes have multiple draw bolts, number of which will depend on the overall size of the safe.

One thing to keep in mind is that the more draw bolts a safe has, the more difficult it is to pry such a safe open.

Safe Fire Safety and Seal

Most safes are made of steel only. Such safes are not that fire resistant.

If fire resistant safes are an important feature, you should look for a safe that has concrete lining for fire protection, a fire seal and has a fire rating from the manufacturer.

The fire seal ensures that smoke and heat cannot get easily into the gun safe.

This keeps your guns and other items safer if there is a fire.

Locking Mechanism Options on a Gun Safe

Bear in mind that each and every safe can be cracked, burned, cut or pried open given enough time and the right tools.

Low-end safes can easily be opened with minimal effort.

However, good quality safes require a lot of time to be cracked.

The better the locking mechanism of your safe, the more difficult it will be for thieves to gain access.

The only difference is the time it takes.

You have four basic types of locking mechanisms: Biometric, Combination Dial, Keyed and Electronic Keypad

I’ve had the above types.

Key are definitely out, they are a pain to keep track of and you have to secure them to secure access to the gun safe.

I’m just not coordinated enough to open a traditional spin dial on the first try…usually takes 2 to 4 tries.

It’s also a slow process and it never fails that as soon as I spin the dial I need to get back in there to put something back or retrieve something…never fails!

Biometric has two quirks that I do not like; beeping noise if it doesn’t read your fingerprints correctly, and that sometimes it can take several minutes and tries for the reader to read your prints so you can gain access.

I highly HIGHLY recommend an electronic keypad regardless if it is a full size safe or a handgun safe for your nightstand, office or vehicle.

You can program it with an easy to remember number of your choosing and it is very efficient and fast to access the safe when you want.

Options for Bolting the Gun Safe to the Floor

Another option I strongly believe in but rarely implement, bolting the gun safe to the floor.

This will keep the safe from tipping over when you open the door.

In addition, it will keep thieves from caring off with the safe altogether.

Make sure the bolts are secured with an over sized washers and bolts, it will defeat the purpose if the bolts can be pulled out from the floor or the gun safe itself.

Type of Gun Safe to Purchase

If you have handguns, pistols, rifles and/or other items you want secured, you should consider purchasing a full size cabinet gun safe.

This will have sufficient room for your rifles on one side and shelves for your hand guns, bullets and such gun safes can even be used for storing important documents, jewelry and other valuables.

For handgun safes and vehicle gun safes checkout our Best Gun Safe For Your Home and Vehicle Gun Safe Review.

Always remember that the better the gun safe, the safer your guns are.

Which is why you should spare no expense and research when buying a gun safe.

One often overlooked safety precaution is ensuring that your safe is well hidden from view.

If no one knows you have a gun safe, the safer it is.

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