3 Reasons to Choose Propane for Your Home

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Propane for Your Home – Fun fact: Americans use approximately 9.3 billion gallons of propane every year, and that number is only rising.

Propane is consistently one of the most popular choices for both home and business energy needs.

But why? What are the reasons for its continued growth? And why should the average homeowner consider switching to propane instead of using natural gas or electricity?

Reasons to Choose Propane for Home

Propane is one of the best ways that you can power up your home efficiently, cost-effectively, and in a way that benefits the environment.

Having propane makes it easier and gives you options for what you want to use it for. Plus, considering the difference between natural gas and propane and the propane vs natural gas cost, propane for home makes sense.

According to Propane, this liquid is really a compressed gas, that is non-toxic and doesn’t have an odor.

For years, it’s been used to fuel commercial enterprises, and people are finally catching on that it can do just as well in their homes.

Yes, I can use natural gas for all of those things as well, but as a DIY’er having propane makes it easier to install the propane equipment myself and I have more choices in want I want to do and fixtures I want to purchase.

Besides the fact that not all areas have easy access to natural gas pipelines (while residential propane delivery is available virtually everywhere).

What makes propane so alluring? There are a few fantastic reasons why plenty of people have made the smart switch, and you should consider doing so as well.

Propane Generator Basic Information and Buying Guide

Here are reasons to choose propane for your home:

Propane is Cheap

Looking to lower your monthly expenses? Propane is an excellent way of maximizing energy benefits while minimizing costs.

Don’t be fooled by purchase prices. While propane can seem more expensive than electricity at first glance, it’s proven to be more than twice as efficient.

For example, a propane-powered clothing dryer uses 50% less propane than one using electricity.

Tankless propane water heaters, meanwhile, can easily reach a whopping 94% efficiency level.

When considering propane vs natural gas cost, it’s the difference between buying ten dollars’ worth of healthy food versus five dollars’ worth of junk food. The former lasts a lot longer, makes more meals, and provides more nutrients, making it a better bargain in the long run.

Switching to Propane Can Save You Money

Some people think that propane is more expensive than other alternatives because the price per unit is higher, but these folks simply aren’t looking at the bigger picture.

Propane is way more cost-effective because it works harder than other types of fuels, and it runs more efficiently.

Propane generates more heat per unit than other types of fuels, meaning that you need less of it to run your home.

It also pumps out this heat in bursts, as opposed to a steady stream. This is a massive feature because it allows you to regulate the heating of your home and waste far less energy.

Propane burns better and runs smarter. Both of these things will have you a lot of money in the long run.

People generally find that they save a lot of money by merely switching over to propane, and they are always happy that they did!

Propane is Reliable

One of the best things about choosing propane is the peace of mind it provides. As long as your propane tank is well maintained and 80% full, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power.

One gallon of propane reliably produces 27 kilowatt hours of electricity and 91,600 BTUs of heat.

That means in the case of an emergency or to survive a blackout, while those hooked into the nearest electrical grid might be left in the dark for hours or even days, having your own on-site propane system ensures your lights, heating, and appliances won’t stop working anytime soon.

Simply put, propane provides independence.

Propane is Clean

As Americans become increasingly environmentally conscious, it’s worth noting that propane’s low carbon content makes it one of the cleanest energy sources currently available.

Recognized as a clean-burning fuel by the 1990 Clean Air Act, propane has proven preferable over both gasoline and oil by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases and air pollutants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide released into the atmosphere.

Additionally, unlike other fuels, if for some reason a propane tank springs a leak, homeowners can rest easy knowing that propane does not contaminate soil or water, making it one of the safest choices for the environment both locally and worldwide.

Propane is Environmentally Friendly

According to Sciencing propane has a comparably lower carbon content as opposed to other fuel types, which makes it a much more efficient and clean source of energy.

Propane is one of the cleanest fuels around, and since it’s non-toxic, it puts far less pollution and wastes into the environment than other options.

Unlike diesel and traditional oil, propane doesn’t create greenhouse gases or pose a threat to our lands or oceans.

You can rest assured that you are being a good steward of the environment when you use propane.

Propane is Versatile

When it comes to heating with propane, there are many ways you can use it. Some examples include:

You Can Use Propane Anywhere In Your Home

Propane is endlessly versatile, and you can use it just about anywhere in your home. Many people think that propane is only suitable for use with grills, but this is a misconception.

Propane can seamlessly move indoors and charge up your daily appliances with powerful, clean energy that won’t let you down.

One of the best applications for propane inside of the home is a propane-fueled fireplace.

Unlike traditional fireplaces, you won’t need to deal with messy ash or residue when you make the smart switch to propane.

You’ll also enjoy the calming glow of an indoor fireplace without the smell of chemicals or harm to the air.

When you think outside of the box, you realize that there are dozens of places that propane can be used inside of your home.

With a few simple switches, you can be running all of your appliances on propane. This can save a lot in energy costs, and being a friend to the environment.

Propane is an often-overlooked source of energy, but it is a powerful and highly efficient way to run your home.

Consider making the smart swap to propane today.

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  1. I like that you mentioned that it’s propane is a very clean fuel to use for my home. I’m considering to get a propane gas tank installation soon for my newly installed boiler. I hope that it would take a while to deplete a full tank despite using the heating all day.

  2. It really stood out to me when you mentioned that a propane tank will never run out of power as long as you keep it filled and properly maintained. It seems like it would be a good idea to have your propane tank inspected at the same time as you have a professional fill it. This seems like a good way to knock both of these things out at the same time which can help you be efficient with your money.

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