Are Orchids Poisonous to Cats?

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Orchids Poisonous to Cats – The presence of fresh flowers in a house not only adds character and beauty to your home but also gives that extra scent of freshness.

For orchid lovers, there remains fear whether they can have those beautiful flowers in their homes with cats running around.

There’s the constant struggle to prevent their cats from eating or choking or becoming poisoned. Are orchids poisonous to cats?

They therefore either have to give up owning a cat or having an orchid at home. This is because generally, people believe that orchids are poisonous to cats.

Nevertheless, this is hearsay and would be further explained as we go on.

Let’s bear in mind that before getting a kitty, it is always best to know what is toxic to it and how best to keep it safe.

After all, you do not want your pet to be sick or worse, your cat dying. You also want to avoid costly veterinary care center visits.  

Want to know if orchids are poisonous to cats or if you can really trust your kitties to be safe around orchids? Read on.

Why Do People Believe Orchids are Poisonous to Cats?

Although some flowers are entirely safe to have in the house around a cat, others are quite harmful to a feline.

Until now, most people still believe that orchids are poisonous to cats.

This isn’t unrelated to the stomach upsets experienced by cats after a good flower snack.

What I mean is that when cats eat flowers, they might experience stomach upsets which could require veterinary care; people, therefore, assume that some flowers, orchids included, are harmful to kitties.

This is contrary to information released by the American Society for the Prevention and Cruelty of Animals, which states that after due research, orchids have been found to be non-toxic to cats.

I know you are excited but hold on for a moment — no rejoicing yet.

Be careful not to think that this means all flowers are not harmful to cats.

Some are still harmful, and it’s best to learn which isn’t and which is just to be on the safe side.

For now, though, be assured that orchids are not toxic to your kitties.

So go ahead, get that beautiful orchid to beautify your home without worrying about your cat’s health.

Please do not stop here! Read on — there’s more to be known about orchid-cat relations.

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Why You Still Have to Keep Orchids Away From Cats

Despite the fact that your cats and orchids can co-habit in the same living space or house, there remain some other reasons why you need to separate them.

Reasons to be cautious:

Cats, you must have noticed already, are drawn to flowers, which is why they tend to nibble on them repeatedly.

Therefore, this newly learned fact of the non-toxic nature of orchids to cats doesn’t prevent your cat from pushing your flowers down.

Your cats can still eat your flowers or destroy them, bearing in mind that these orchids are meant to add character, fragrance, and beauty.

However, this cannot be possible if they are crushed, or half-eaten, which is why you should find a way to keep your cats away from your flowers.

Ways to Keep Your Orchid Plant Safe

Here are tips on how to keep your orchid safe from your feline friend. There are different ways of doing this.

You can decide to completely place your orchid plant completely out of the reach of your cat.

Another option is to use what I call “kitty repellent” to drive the attention of your feline friend away from your beloved plant.

Are Orchids Poisonous to Cats
Are Orchids Poisonous

Changing their location

First, you can decide to dedicate a section of your house to plants, always keep the door shut, and this would help keep your cat away from the orchid plant.

The loophole with this method is that you won’t get to enjoy seeing them as you otherwise might. In addition, visitors won’t get to see your beautiful flowers when they come into your home, except when they visit this separate section for your plants.

Using kitty repellent

A more house-aesthetic, friendly option is to dust your orchids leaves with cinnamon or cayenne pepper.

These act as excellent repellents to keep the cats away as even cats don’t like pepper in their eyes.

This works well, especially if you can’t afford to dedicate a section of your house to plants.

Another option similar to that of cayenne pepper and cinnamon powder is to make use of vinegar and water spray.

Vinegar and water spray also serves as a good kitty repellent and is easier than all the previously mentioned methods.

Hanging orchids

Another option to keep orchids away from cats is to hang them. Hanging your orchid can serve as a form of design to your house.

It keeps the cats away from the plant to an extent. It can help keep the plant healthier. 

It’s important to hang them in a corner or somewhere where cats won’t have access from furniture.

Orchids Are Not Poisonous to Cats

Although some houseplants are toxic to cats and can cause severe health issues or even death, the orchid isn’t one of them.

Orchids are not toxic to cats. Your feline friends are perfectly safe in your house with orchids around. Instead, the victim here, is the orchid plant, a casualty of constant attack, or you might say nibbling by the cat.

Therefore your plant needs protection from your cat.

As mentioned, a vinegar and water spray, cayenne pepper or cinnamon powder when sprayed or dusted on your orchid plant helps to repel the cat, preserving their beauty and fragrance.

So spray your orchid or place it separately so it won’t be disturbed.

But don’t ever think again that cats are the victims in the relations between them and orchids.

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