Best Weed Killer in 2024 ~ I Compare 5 Weed Killers

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Having the best weed killer can help you to achieve a perfectly manicured lawn more easily. With the ability to control undesirable growth, you can have a professionally landscaped yard that will be the envy of the entire block.

Weed control doesn’t have to be an endless chore. There are many different types of weed killer to consider based on your property’s needs. To help you out, I narrowed down the options to the best five.

Best Weed Killer for Lawns

1. Roundup Ready-to-Use Weed & Grass Killer III

As such, it is often considered the best weed killer for lawns. With its innovative formula, you’ll find that it has plenty of advantages over traditional weed killers.

Product Highlights

It’s important to note this weed killer also targets grass, which makes it ideal for patios. You can take advantage of the user-friendly Sure Shot Wand to get into every nook and cranny. This product is specifically formulated to kill grass and weeds at the root, so they’ll never grow back.

The Roundup Ready-to-Use Weed & Grass Killer III is an innovative formula safe for tree rings, flower beds, and more. Another exciting aspect of the formula is that it’s designed to be safe for sensitive areas. You can use it around flower beds, vegetable gardens, and tree rings.

There’s a unique protective shield that covers the spray wand to help protect your desirable plants. You’ll have impressive control, too, as its wand extends up to two feet.

Also, it has a continuous spray function that allows you to target weeds in less time. In turn, you won’t experience as much hand fatigue as you would with other spray wands.

If you’re in the market for a rainproof weed killer, the Roundup Ready-to-Use Weed & Grass Killer III is a great option. It becomes entirely rainproof within three hours, ensuring weeds will be killed even with oncoming inclement weather.

When sprayed, the leaves absorb the formula, which then travels to the roots for total eradication. A single bottle will allow you to cover up to 400 square feet of your property.

What to Like About It 

The Roundup Ready-To-Use Weed & Grass Killer III kills weeds effortlessly within one to two days. Depending on the number of weeds on your property, it might only take two rounds to get rid of everything. Also, you can plant edible plants on the same soil within three days.

If you have weeds growing along your fences, you’ll like the maneuverability of the hose.

What Not to Like About It

The most significant issue with this weed killer is that it has a poorly designed pump and wand. The pump consistently gets clogged, and the wand won’t push out any weed killer, making it frustrating to use. Also, it has an intense chemical smell, which is something to be wary of.


  • Kills weeds easily
  • No-mix formula
  • Rainproof in 10 minutes
  • Works fast with visible results in 3 hours
  • Could take only two rounds
  • Can plant edible plants after three days
  • Great for weed killing along fences


  • Extreme chemical smell
  • Pump continually clogs
  • Poorly designed wand

2. Compare-N-Save 016869 Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer

The Compare-N-Save 016869 Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer packs a powerful punch that weeds won’t forget. As a concentrated formula, it’s incredibly strong for even the hardiest weeds and grasses. It works similarly to most other brands in that it targets the roots. 

Product Highlights

There are over 175 different types of weeds that this product is designed to kill. With it, you can kill weeds after one application, guaranteed. Also, you’ll have more than enough concentrate to tackle up to 25,500 square feet.

This weed killer is a versatile formula that is ideal for many areas on your property. You’ll love using it on walkways and driveways, as it targets weeds and grasses effortlessly. It’s also a fantastic option for using along your fences to help keep your grass line maintained. Even if you need a weed killer for in and around flower beds and vegetable gardens, it’s useful.

With that said, because it’s a concentrate, you will need to mix it yourself. You’ll need to mix three tablespoons of concentrate with one gallon of water to get optimal weed control.

If you have tougher grasses and weeds, you can mix up to five tablespoons per gallon of water. This should give you enough product to conquer 300 square feet at a time.

There are also instructions on how to get the best possible application. Ideally, it should be applied on a warm and sunny day. Although it states that it becomes rainproof within two hours, you should choose a day with 24 hours of sunlight.

It’s important to note its most active ingredient is glyphosate. Glyphosate is a post-emergent herbicide, so it doesn’t prevent new growth from forming. You can easily plant any edible and non-edible plants within a few days of treating that specific area. Refer to the packaging to see the recommended wait time before planting.

What to Like About It

Fortunately, this concentrate is easy to mix with water on your own, compared to pre-mixed brands. It will also work well with the most common weeds and grasses on your property. Within two weeks, you’ll begin to see noticeable changes to the number of weeds in your yard. A single application could also last up to two months, depending on if you have dormant weeds.

What Not to Like About It

Pay close attention to where your spraying wand is located while treating your lawn. This formula is extremely potent and will kill surrounding plants and your lawn quickly.

Still, it doesn’t work as quickly as some of the other types of weed killers on the market. Also, it contains glyphosate. Many prefer to use avoid this ingredient. There are other options than glyphosate for weed control in lawns.


  • Easily mixes with water
  • Kills many common weeds
  • Rainproof in 2 hours
  • Plants shrivel within two weeks
  • One application lasts months


  • Ove-spraying kills plants
  • Contains glyphosate
  • Doesn’t kill dormant weeds
  • Won’t work quickly

3. Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate

Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate is another excellent option for a concentrated weed killer. It’s known for working exceptionally well on clover, dandelion, crabgrass, foxtail, and more. Compared to other lesser quality brands, this formula is said to work faster and more efficiently.

Product Highlights

When used as directed, you can reduce lawn damage with the help of this concentrate. It is formulated to target your weeds specifically, as well as clover and certain types of grasses. After application, the concentrate will be rainproof in an hour, especially on a clear, sunny, and warm day.

Since it’s a concentrate, it will need to be mixed inside of a tank sprayer. You can also opt to purchase the Ortho Dial-N-Spray for a more accessible application. It’s best if you’re able to treat weedy areas during the spring and fall, so you can kill them while they’re active.

If you need to target specific grasses, you will need to refer to the included instructions. Certain mixtures are recommended for dealing with Ryegrass, Fescues, Buffelgrass, and other invasive weeds.

Overall, it is highly useful at targeting over 200 varieties of weeds, especially if they’re broadleaf.

With the full bottle of concentrate, you can mix up to 12.8 gallons worth of weed killer. For most, that should give you up to 5000 square feet worth of coverage in total.

By mixing two and a half fluid ounces of concentrate and one gallon of water, you can cover 400 square feet.

What to Like About It 

Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate works relatively well with some common weeds. You’ll begin to notice them shriveling and dying within four to five days. Mixing the perfect amount of concentrate is simple, even if you have to make two applications.

What Not to Like About It

Compared to other weed killers, this product is far more time-consuming with most weeds. You might have to wait a few weeks before seeing any of the weeds dying. It’s not recommended for dealing with dandelions, as it appears to be resistant to the formula.


  • Takes two applications
  • Easily mixes with water
  • Some weeds die after four days


  • Not recommended for dandelions
  • Very time-consuming
  • Requires specific instructions

4. Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer 

Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer is unique because it’s an organic weed killer. This is the best safe weed killer. Instead of having to mix kitchen ingredients yourself, this pre-mixed formula is ideal. You’ll especially love using it around sensitive areas, such as mulch beds, flower beds, and more.

Product Highlights

Instead of relying on toxic chemicals to kill weeds, this formula uses vinegar which is an alternative to glyphosate. It’s an age-old trick that gardeners have been using for years, and it’s organic. Within 24 hours, you should begin to see signs of desiccation, mainly when appropriately applied.

Along with vinegar, the formula contains 20% acetic acid, which is ideal for clover, moss, dandelions, and more.

There are many areas on your property where you can use this weed killer. It’s safe for agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential use. If you are seeking natural lawn care tips and products, this is a better choice than the others.

Homeowners can cover their sidewalks, driveways, pavers, flower beds, and mulch beds with little worry. According to the manufacturer, this formula is certified organic, which eliminates toxic chemicals from your yard.

Some users have found that it’s up to 4X stronger than regular vinegar. Another unique feature is the base of the formula, which is derived from corn. By using unique processes, this has been made from corn-based ethanol.

After your first application, it will be absorbed by your weeds and will begin dying immediately.

You will receive a sprayer with your purchase for your convenience, so the weed killer arrives ready to use. It has an adjustable nozzle on the sprayer that can be turned on and off for your safety. Compared to other sprayers, this unit reduces cramping hands, foaming, trickling, and clogs.

What to Like About It 

There are many concentrations of this formula to choose from based on the hardiness of your weeds. You can quickly dilute the formula by carefully adding water, which also stretches it out for square footage. Compared to other weed killers, this product smells more like vinegar than harmful chemicals.

If you need a ready-to-use formula, this is an excellent option because it comes with everything you need. Also, the sprayer makes it very easy to use in targeted areas.

What Not to Like About It

Surprisingly, the Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer is incredibly corrosive and can eat through concrete. With that said, it is concerning when it comes to pets and small children. It might also not be as effective as other store-bought options, as some weeds will regrow quickly.


  • Safe weed killer
  • Easily diluted if necessary
  • No glyphosate
  • No heavy chemical smells
  • Ready to use formula
  • Easy to apply


  • Highly corrosive
  • Dangerous to pets
  • Some weeds return

5. Ortho GroundClear Year Long Vegetation Killer 

Finding an annual solution to your weed problem is ideal. The Ortho GroundClear Year Long Vegetation Killer is a fantastic option for when you need to clear your property long-term. With its concentrated formula, you’ll be able to eradicate most types of weeds after one application.

Product Highlights

It can be frustrating to have to reapply a weed killer monthly. With heavy-duty products, you’ll be able to kill the weeds on your property for up to a year. This is helpful when growing a lawn care business as well as you will save time.

It’s also highly recommended for dealing with unsightly grasses that can grow uncontrollably.

Like many of the other products on this list, this formula is a concentrate that must be mixed. You’ll need to combine 24 fluid ounces of concentrate with one gallon of water.

When mixed, you can apply it relatively anywhere on your property, including fences, sidewalks, driveways, rocks, and curbs.

The potency of Ortho GroundClear Year Long Vegetation Killer makes it challenging to use on your lawn. You will also want to avoid sensitive areas, like vegetable and flower gardens, as it can kill useful plants.

After spraying, some homeowners noticed signs of desiccation after three hours. A single bottle can cover up to 400 square feet of hardscapes around your home.

It also becomes rainproof within an hour, though it’s best used in direct sunlight. Also, you’ll want to ensure you target your weeds when they are actively growing.

Once applied, this weed killer targets the roots, which immediately stops active grasses from growing.

What to Like About It 

As long as you use this formula on hardscapes, you’ll notice most of its benefits. It dries quickly after application, and the chemical smell will disperse after 20 minutes. The sprayer is also notable, as it’s powered and does all of the hard work for you.

What Not to Like About It

On average, homeowners noticed the weed killer worked for a maximum of six months.

You might also be disappointed with the amount of product it offers. You won’t cover a large area, especially as you have to use a lot of the product for one job.


  • Great for desert climates
  • Dries very quickly
  • Chemical smell disperses quickly
  • Strong sprayer
  • Highly recommended for hardscapes


  • Lasts up to six months
  • Covers a small area

Choosing the best lawn weed killer

Finding the perfect weed killer takes a lot of research to ensure it’s highly effective. With the numerous ingredients and types available, there are plenty of choices to consider. You’ll also need to consider if you want a natural weed killer. In this buyer’s guide, I’ll go over the most important things to look for in your weed killer.

1. Type

There are six different types of weed killers on the market, all with their advantages.


Pre-emergent weed killers will stop most weeds from growing before they become active. Using these means you need to know where to apply the product before weeds are visible.


This formula is recommended if you already have visible weeds on your property. If you can see you have an existing weed problem, this is the type to choose.

Selective Herbicides

You’ll find selective formulas to be beneficial for targeting particular types of weeds and grasses. Using selective herbicides is also important for fruit and vegetable weed control.

These products are best used by professionals who can identify plant species. However, they are highly recommended for protecting your healthy grass.

Non-Selective Herbicides

Also important to consider are non-selective herbicides kill everything they touch. When applying, you’ll have to be cautious about where the spray goes.


If you want to target weeds at the root, you’ll need a systemic weed killer. They are specifically formulated to force grasses and weeds to absorb the product.


Contact weed killers are recommended for short-term solutions. They will kill them upon contact but don’t target the roots, causing them to grow back.

2. Ingredients

The most prevalent ingredient in most weed killers is glysophate, which is a non-selective systemic formula. 

It targets everything in its path and will go deep down into the root to kill the entire weed. Many who care for their lawns want to avoid glysophate. Three other highly popular ingredients in weed killers include:

Acetic Acid

If you find an organic product, it likely has high acetic acid concentrations derived from vinegar. This ingredient is well-known for being fast-acting and will kill the grass while spraying. Some homeowners have even found that it eats away at concrete.


With this ingredient, your weeds will likely grow back, as Diquat is a contact herbicide. It will give you immediate results, but nothing that’s recommended for long-term effects.


Broadleaf weeds hate Imazapyr because it’s a phenomenal non-selective herbicide. You can use it either as a post- or pre-emergent treatment, which makes it quite versatile.

3. Weather Resistance

When you spend a lot of time treating your lawn against weeds, you won’t want your efforts to go unnoticed. Unless you choose a weather-resistant formula, rain could wash away your hard work in minutes.

Most weed killers will have a length of time until they’re rainproof, which is essential to note. You can find rainproof ratings anywhere from 1 – 4 hours. However, it can be highly beneficial to treat your weeds when you have 24 to 48 hours of bright and sunny days.

4. Organic vs Inorganic

Personal preference is the main reason why you might consider an inorganic or organic weed killer. Some households prefer organic, especially if they have small children, dogs, and other pets. Also choose organic if you raise livestock.

Still, just because it’s organic doesn’t mean the ingredients are entirely safe. Organic weed killers are also far more expensive and harder to find.

Alternatively, inorganic formulas are effective, inexpensive, and easy to use. They’ll be more powerful, which can give you long-term results when treating your lawn.

Their most considerable disadvantage is that they’re dangerous when breathed in or touched.

5. Longevity

No homeowner wants to treat their property for weeds continually. You’ll want a formula that is designed to offer months of protection against current and future weeds.

Some of the higher-end brands state that they offer up to one year of protection. Decide whether to apply weed killer to your grass before or after you use a lawn aerator.

Weed Killer FAQs

What weed killer is safe for pets?

Any formula that is made from common household ingredients could be a safe weed killer. You’ll want to pay close attention to the formula’s concentration to decide if it’s reliable or not. For example, too high concentrations of acetic acid can be dangerous if ingested.

A safe weed killer will contain commercial-strength soap, vinegar, sodium, and essential oils.

Does weed killer kill grass?

Weed killer can kill grass, especially if it’s a non-selective formula. This is why you must apply the product to the desired areas and avoid your healthy grass. Often, homeowners find their weed killer can kill grass upon impact, causing it to discolor and eventually die.

Does weed killer expire?

Weed killer can expire, which is why you must pay close attention to the packaging’s label. It must also be stored properly to avoid early spoilage. You’ll want to make sure your weed killer is kept in their original containers in a cool and dry spot, too.

How long does weed killer take to work?

The length of time it takes for weed killer to work depends on the brand you’ve chosen. Some can kill on impact, while others can take up to two weeks to show results. Regardless, you’ll want a product that targets the roots, which can take longer to work than contact weed killers. 

How often do you apply weed killer?

It’s best if you’re able to apply weed killer as soon as you begin to see any regrowth on your property. If you’re lucky enough to find a long-term formula, you might not need reapplication for months. On average, you can expect to spray every four to six months. Taking five minutes to pull any new weeds will also help lessen weeds overtime.

Best Weed and Grass Killer

The Ortho GroundClear Year Long Vegetation Killer is easily the best weed killer for lawns that delivers long-term results. It does contain glyphosate so many dog owners keep their pets off the lawn for 24 hours. 

Although it’s pricey, it is well worth the investment because it shows the best results in the least amount of time. With the best weed killer, you can quickly treat hardscapes and begin to see a noticeable change in your property.