Generator Extended Warranty Considerations: Is an Extended Warranty Worth Your Money?

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Generator Extended Warranty Considerations – Generators are vital for ensuring your home is safe and warm even during an emergency.

Portable generators help you take the comforts of home with you while camping or RV’ing.

They’re also an investment, and you want to make sure that investment stands the test of time.

Generator Extended Warranty Considerations

Making a smart buying decision is vital here.

You need to buy a generator designed by a well-known manufacturer from a reputable retailer.

However, what about once you get that generator installed and operating?

What happens when things go wrong?

Your Generator Manufacturer’s Warranty – How Long Will It Last?

In most situations, your generator will come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

The length of that warranty will vary depending on the type of generator.

Portable generators usually have a shorter warranty than larger, stationary generators designed to power an entire home.

You could be looking at three to five years of protection or you could be looking at a warranty that lasts about a year.

Some manufacturers only offer a couple of months.

Does it make sense to buy an extended warranty?

The first tip here is to know how long you’re covered by the manufacturer.

You also need to consider how long you expect the generator to last.

Is this something that you’ll depend on year in and year out, or is it something that you’ll be happy getting a year or two of use out of?

Most of us are going to want to get as much use as possible out of a generator.

Now you have another option – do you buy a generator with an extended warranty included or do you purchase a warranty separately?

Buying an Extended Warranty at the Time of Purchase

Your generator is a significant investment, but buying an extended warranty at the time of purchase is going to dramatically increase your costs.

Is it worth the extra?

Not really.

Why is that?

Again, your generator is going to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty already.

So, you’re essentially paying for protection that you’re not going to need for what may be several years down the road.

For instance, Honda covers their larger generators for five years, while Generac offers protection for three years after your purchase.

Buying an extended warranty now makes little sense.

Why pay for coverage when you won’t need it?

Buying a Generator Extended Warranty Later

So, we’ve established that it doesn’t make much financial sense to buy an extended warranty on a brand-new generator.

But what about an older one?

One that might be nearing the end of its manufacturer coverage?


Extended appliance warranties are smart investments when your existing protection is about to expire.

They ensure that if something does occur with your appliance, you’ll have a way to get it repaired or replaced without having to foot the bill for a brand new model.

Are All Generator Extended Warranty Companies the Same?

Let’s make this as clear as possible – no.

There’s plenty that could go wrong if you choose a poor warranty provider.

Some warranty companies have prohibitive exclusions that might mean even though you’ve paid for the protection, they won’t cover your generator.

Yet others may require that you use a specific repair center that’s located far from you, or they might be difficult to get a hold of when you need to file a claim.

Other companies may not be around when you need them.

It’s sad to say, but warranty companies can lack stability and if they’ve closed their doors after you buy, there is really no way to get your money back or to have your generator repaired or replaced.

That begs the question – how do you ensure you’re working with a reputable warranty provider?

What sets one generator warranty insurer apart from another?

  • There When You Need Them: Make sure that any insurers you’re considering have a reputation for outstanding customer support and service. They must be there when you need them.
  • Exclusions: Take a long, hard look at any exclusions before signing on the dotted line.
  • Cost: The cost should not be exorbitant, and the fee structure should not be set up to charge you multiple times for the same repair.

With a little research and some time spent comparing your options, it’s entirely possible to find a reputable warranty company that will protect your investment and give you peace of mind.

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