Honda EU7000iS ~ What to Know About this Portable, Powerful Inverter Generator

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Many homeowners struggle with the decision to buy a portable generator. Then, once they’ve decided that having an emergency power supply is a smart choice, the next step is to choose the right type of generator with enough power and the right features to meet your needs.  Consider a powerful unit like the Honda EU7000IS.

With this portable inverter generator, you can supply continuous power to your furnace fan or A/C unit, along with your freezer/refrigerator, space heaters, and a few cooking appliances.

This state of art 7000/5500 watt generator also features smart controls that can reduce the chance of a carbon monoxide poisoning accident, has a low oil alert sensor, and you can monitor the unit’s status remotely, via Bluetooth.

Honda Power Equipment EU7000iS Inverter Generator

Don’t make the mistake of buying an undersized, portable home generator that will only power a couple of your home appliances or tools at a time. You can pay a few hundred dollars for a 3000W portable generator. But these smaller-sized gensets will only power a couple of your home appliances or tools at a time.

The Honda EU7000IS generator makes the perfect emergency supply during an extended power outage, and it can also be used to power a mobile home, or supply power for outdoor festivals, farmers’ markets, or other open-air events.

Honda is not only a leading automaker, the company’s name is synonymous with a wide range of high-quality small engines. That includes the 390cc, Honda GX390 EFI engine found in the Honda EU7000iS inverter generator.

This is the same engine found in many Honda branded products like pressure washers and water pumps, along with forestry, industrial, and construction equipment.

Why is this an important fact? Because this means the Honda generator EU7000iS is built with a powerhouse of an engine that can run longer, cooler, and more efficiently than its competitors – even during continuous operation.

This Honda EU7000iS review will show why this super-quiet, inverter generator is one of the most popular in its class.

Honda generator eu7000is
Honda generator eu7000is

It’s an Inverter Generator

The benefits of an inverter generator start with how this new technology is hands-down better than older, electromechanical models. The 7000 watt, Honda EU7000iS inverter generator produces a cleaner electrical current that is without spikes or power surges.

This is the same quality of current you would expect from a stand-alone, emergency generator that can cost 10 times more than a portable generator.

This means you can plug in your sensitive electronics like laptops and DVDs without worrying about dirty power frying the motherboard or hard drive. Inverter generators like the Honda EU7000iS will first convert the AC current generated within the unit into DC current.

That same DC current is then inverted back into a smoother AC current that is electronically controlled to produce a cleaner, higher-quality power output.

Honda power equipment eu7000is inverter generator
Honda power equipment eu7000is inverter generator

As power demand increases or decreases, an inverter-type generator uses the unit’s electronic controller to throttle up or down – instead of mechanically adjusting the flow of fuel. This also means the Honda EU7000iS generator will run more quietly and with lower emissions when compared to older electro-mechanical units.

Honda EU7000iS

Dramatic changes in global weather patterns will almost assure that power outages in the United States will continue to increase. And, if you live in a rural area, the chances of the power company prioritizing the loss of power to your home goes down, the further away you live from the city.

Consider looking for a Honda EU7000iS for sale at your local Home Depot, Lowes, or other big box home improvement store. This unit is specifically marketed as a good emergency power backup for residential or commercial applications.

It features dual 120-Volt and 240-Volt power capability so that you can even run your home’s furnace fan or power food truck appliances.

For a unit of this size, you would expect it to have some weight and generate a louder operating noise than smaller units.

At 262 lbs dry weight, the Honda generator EU7000iS is a bit bulkier and heavier when compared to a DeWalt 7000 watt generator at 254 pounds or a Generac XG7000E at 245 pounds. But the two rolling back wheels allow for easier movement and maneuvering without the need to lift the unit.

Likewise, the noise levels indicate a more powerful engine as the Honda eu7000is is rated at 60 dB(A) at rated load or 52 dB(A) at 1/4 load which is an admirable noise level for a generator of this size and power output.

Honda eu7000is generator
Honda eu7000is generator

The quietness of this powerful 7000-watt generator may be due to the enhanced muffler design that reduces the noise level to equal that of a conversation between two people and can be only slightly heard at 6 feet away.

What Can a Honda EU7000iS Generator Power?

As noted, the Honda EU7000iS inverter generator has a maximum AC output of 7000 watts at 120/240V (58.3/29.1A). You can access this power through a variety of ground-fault interruptible receptacles, including:

1 – 20A 125V Duplex
1 – 30A 125V Locking Plug
1 – 30A 125/250V Locking Plug

The Honda generator 7000 is a gasoline-powered generator that requires no manual manipulation of the choke or throttle, making it one of the easier units for a new owner to use. The pushbutton electric star and its power configuration make it the perfect unit for an RV or marine craft.

The unit’s running power is 5500 watts with a 5.1-gallon tank that runs up to 16 hours is the amount of continuous power output after initial peak start-up power. Most all appliances and tools have a higher start-up power that settles down to rated running power.

While a 7000-watt generator will not power a whole house, you can run most of the appliances and equipment you will need during an emergency power outage. When determining how many appliances or tools you will connect to the generator, always use this running power as a maximum continuous load. As you will see, 5500 watts can power a lot of equipment!

Use it to power your small appliances

Check the manufacturer’s label on your small appliances to see how much power they consume. You can easily tally up the power it takes to run a few lamps, a fan or two, a television, and portable electric heaters or electric blankets. As long as the total power or wattage rating stays below 5,500 watts – you’re good to go!

Power your home systems in an emergency

When you need to stay dry and warm, having over 5000 watts of emergency power will certainly do the trick! A 7000/5500-watt generator can start and maintain a combination of home systems depending on their power consumption. This includes a sump pump, your freezer, and refrigerator, an electric stove, your furnace, and/or a window air conditioning unit. See what size generator do I need for more information.


Generator for your mobile home

A 30amp RV connection can utilize the Honda generator EU7000iS to easily power the RVs appliances and even the unit’s AC unit of up to 13,500 BTU. It is typically suggested to use a generator of 3000 watts or more for an RV, so this generator is truly a safe bet!

Power tools for storm cleanup

You never have to wait for a service provider to start your storm debris removal. Consider using an electric drill at 600w, a circular saw at 1400w, an air compressor at 975w, a leaf blower at 1440w, or a chainsaw at 1100w, and you can see how much work you can accomplish in a short time.

Honda EU7000is generator for recreation

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, then this Honda EU7000iS review and its many recreational uses are for you! Let’s start with tailgating. At only 47.2″ H x 27.6″ W x 28.4″ D, the compact size of this unit makes it very portable on game day. Fully loaded, it will run for 6 continuous hours – or up to 18 hours at 1/4 load.

This generator is compact enough and allows for plenty of time before and during the game to connect to your flat-screen TV, a few space heaters, and charge a few phones and laptops to post your team celebration on social media. And, you can certainly feed a hungry crowd by powering your electric grill, coffee station, smoothie, and cocktail blender, along with a slow cooker full of hot, simmering chili since all these appliances typically use 900 watts or power or less.

Using it Safely

These numbers are estimates. You must refer to the manufacturer’s label when calculating the wattage of your appliances and tools to make sure you stay within the rated load of 5500 watts when using the Honda EU7000iS.

To ensure safety, it is important to store the gasoline in approved containers and never inside the home or garage.

Intelligent Features of Honda EU7000iS Generator

This generator helps homeowners avoid accidents when a generator is placed too close to a home’s windows or doors or a build-up of the unit’s carbon monoxide in a confined area causes injury or fatalities.

The Honda generator EU7000iS features a CO minder sensor that continuously measures the CO levels around the unit. If and when carbon monoxide levels reach a dangerous level, the generator will automatically shut down.

On this model Honda generator that features an electric start, you can use The Honda My Generator Bluetooth® App to remotely start the unit. All that is required is a compatible Apple device or Android smartphone and a Bluetooth signal within a 75-foot line of sight.

During a storm or at a remote campsite, this feature gives you valuable information about your generator’s status and fuel levels no matter where you are.

The Honda EU7000iS inverter generator features intelligent features like the i-Monitor™ system that will track battery voltage, engine speed, hours in operation, and wattage output. Also, in the case of a malfunction, the onboard diagnostics can be used by a generator repair service or dealer to help speed up repairs.

Never worry about running out of oil and damaging the generator’s engine or rotating components. The Honda eu7000is is protected by OIL ALERT® which shuts down the engine when the oil is low.

Compare Honda vs Generac generators to learn about the differences in their inverter technology.

Where to Find Honda EU7000iS For Sale

At the time of this writing, Northern Tool was advertising the Honda EU7000iS generator for $4,699.00 with free delivery to your local store or your home. For a bit lower price, some online camping equipment outlets like Camping World advertise the same unit for $3,693.80.

Because the unit is much larger and more powerful than what a local store would carry, you will not likely find a Honda EU7000iS for sale at your neighborhood Lowes or Home Depot. Yet, you can certainly order them online from these outlets. The largest inverter generators stocked in these stores are typically 5000 watts of peak power. 

All-in-all, this Honda 7000-watt generator features advanced inverter technology and delivers reliable and clean power to protect sensitive equipment. With a single tank of gas, the Honda eu7000is generator will run up to 16 hours depending on how much the unit is loaded. That’s pretty good fuel efficiency on only 5 gallons of gasoline.

Honda EU7000iS Exhaust System
Honda EU7000iS Exhaust System

While this 7000-watt generator is priced around $4,000, you get your money’s worth during an emergency or for recreational use. 10 Factors to Consider When Buying Honda Generator

Quiet Generator

In conclusion, the Honda EU7000is generator is a great product for people who want to be prepared for emergencies as well as use it on the go. It is fuel efficient, and with the extra features, we think it is worth the money. Honda has produced an innovative generator for home use, one that is powerful and reliable to ensure the safety of homeowners. 

This crowd favorite is your MacGyver in a box… It’s perfect for home backup or recreation use. Compare the Honda EU7000iS to the Honda EM6500s.

Learn about other Honda generators: Honda EU2000i and Honda EU1000i. We believe you can never do too much research when it comes to making a decision about which generator to choose.

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