Duromax generator

Duromax Generator ~ 4 Duromax Models to Find the Best for You

Here we discuss four small, medium, and heavy-duty power Duromax generators, along with Duromax dual fuel generators that are rated as high as 12,000 watts. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a powerful job site generator or a standby emergency power source for your home or RV. You will certainly find a selection of quality Duromax portable generators to meet your emergency power needs. Duromax boasts an extensive product line-up of 20 different generator … Read more

Generac Portable Generator

Generac Portable Generator ~ What to Consider Before Buying a Generator

Before deciding on the type and wattage of the Generac portable generator you should purchase for standby or emergency power, you need to answer some questions. First, you should consider the different types of Generac generators. They are categorized by:  How much power the unit delivers What type of fuel is used to drive the engine A Generac portable generator natural gas is a good choice if you prefer a clean-burning fuel without odors (unlike … Read more

Firman Generator

Firman Generator – Choose the Right Size and Model for Your Needs

There are many reasons for a homeowner to consider a Firman generator. It’s one of those purchases that can be an investment in your family’s safety and comfort when damaging weather leaves you without power for days on end. In addition, Firman generators can also provide dependable power on construction job sites, for home renovation projects, when dry-camping, or if all RV power hookups are taken at your campsite. The beauty of Firman generators is … Read more

Honda EU7000iS

Honda EU7000iS ~ What to Know About this Portable, Powerful Inverter Generator

Many homeowners struggle with the decision to buy a portable generator. Then, once they’ve decided that having an emergency power supply is a smart choice, the next step is to choose the right type of generator with enough power and the right features to meet your needs.  Consider a powerful unit like the Honda EU7000IS. With this portable inverter generator, you can supply continuous power to your furnace fan or A/C unit, along with your … Read more

Predator 3500 Generator

Predator 3500 Generator and How It Compares to Others

If you’re looking for a work-horse of a generator that runs quietly in the background, the Predator 3500 generator by Harbor Freight is one of the most silent units on the market. It’s a perfect choice for tailgating or powering your RV on camping trips. It has an easy electric start. What’s more, is that this model with its built-in set of wheels makes for easy movement over grass and dirt surfaces. The thick and … Read more

Natural Gas Generator

Natural Gas Generator ~ What to Know

At one time, a natural gas generator for the home was considered a luxury. Now with climate change causing extreme heat and severe weather patterns, long power outages are much more common. A natural gas generator is a device that converts natural gas into electric power. The fuel is compressed and ignited in a chamber to produce heat, which boils water to create steam that drives turbines. Natural gas generators are used for producing electricity … Read more