Firman Generator ~ Choose the Right Size and Model for Your Needs

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There are many reasons for a homeowner to consider a Firman generator. It’s one of those purchases that can be an investment in your family’s safety and comfort when damaging weather leaves you without power for days on end.

In addition, Firman generators can also provide dependable power on construction job sites, for home renovation projects, when dry-camping, or if all RV power hookups are taken at your campsite.

The beauty of Firman generators is that they offer a wide range of generator sizes and types, including portable generators, inverter-type generators, dual fuel, and Firman tri-fuel generator models. Each of these types of generators will feature state-of-art power technology and smart control features.

Which Firman Generator Is Right for You?

The main decision for new generator buyers is to know which size generator will fit your current and future needs in wattage power. Also, consider how you plan to use the Firman generator. Here are 5 questions to ask that will help you narrow in on the right Firman generator for your specific situation:

Will available fuel sources be of concern?

If so, then choose a Firman generator that has flexible fuel options like the Firman Tri-fuel Generator T07571 7500W/9400W that runs on gasoline, propane, or natural gas and a larger fuel tank of 8 gallons capacity to keep power running longer.

A dual fuel option to consider is Firman H07552. It runs on gas or propane. Best dual fuel generators

Do you require a generator that is very mobile and easy to maneuver?

If yes, then consider the Firman 3000W portable generator that only weighs 90 pounds. It features a compact size of only 23.2″L x 17.8″W x 17.9″H and comes equipped with rear rolling wheels. Best portable generators

Are you concerned about generator safety and family-proofing against accidents?

Of course! Then select a Firman Whisper series generator that has a low oil shutdown and a noise rating of 58dB @ 1/4 load. That’s equivalent to the sound of an air conditioning unit running 100 feet away.

Do you want a generator for emergency use during a power outage?

If yes, then review the section on how to select the right generator size with the right wattage output to meet your needs. Consider a Firman T08071 that boasts 10000/8000 watts of power at 50A 120/240V.

Are you looking for a budget-priced Firman generator to start new work projects or home improvements?

Then consider a robust, small-to-medium wattage generator. A smaller generator like a 5000/4000 watt, Firman P04001 Performance Series generator, will suffice if you’re only using one or two tools at a time.

Firman Whisper series generator
Firman Whisper series generator

About Firman Power Equipment Inc.

Firman is a power generating equipment manufacturer within the international SUMEC Group. This parent company was started in 1978 and originally specialized in engineering and trade services, along with technical product development and investments. Today, SUMAC has diversified to include several modern manufacturing facilities, including Firman Power Equipment Inc. that is located in Peoria, AZ

Instead of advertising its line of portable generators as heavy-duty power-producing equipment, the company’s marketing focuses on its equipment being highly efficient while producing clean, and stable power that reduces energy usage and saves owners on maintenance and operating costs.

In addition to being a well-known US brand, the Firman generator review ranked number one for 6 consecutive years in China and is so popular in Africa and Southeast Asian countries that locals have a deeply rooted attachment to their Firman generators.

With strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading distributors in the generator industry and mergers with manufacturers like Koehler Engines, the company can provide a budget-friendly product line that is available around the world.

Conventional Generator vs Inverter Generator

Before learning more about the wide range of Firman generators that are available, it might be important to know why inverter generators are so popular in the power-producing industry. Inverter generators provide clean power that is free of power spikes that can fry sensitive electronic equipment or power dips that can cause data and computing systems to fail or reboot.

Like inverter generators, conventional generators also have a fuel-powered engine. But, because these engines feature electromechanical functions between the alternator and the engine’s rotating parts – any fluctuation in the power being generated will result in what is known as harmonic distortion.

Power conversions will always present some level of harmonic distortion that is typically caused by varying, nonlinear loads. This harmonic distortion can have detrimental effects on electrical equipment such as blown fuses, fried computer boards, reduced motor life, and appliances running hot.

An inverter generator solves the problem of dirty electricity from generators because the initial AC is converted into direct or DC current which is then sent through a microprocessor that converts the DC current back into a clean, AC sine wave without spikes or dips.

One of the main reasons why inverter generators are so quiet is because the motor’s RPM is held steady and without excessive revving or idling, which is not the case with older electromechanical generators. Learn more about inverter generator vs generator.

Firman inverter generator
Firman inverter generator

Ways to Use Firman Generators

Of course, Firman generators are often used for home emergency power, which we will discuss later. But, they are also an invaluable piece of equipment when it comes to tradespeople, small business owners, and homeowners who would like to complete outdoor home improvement projects that require the use of power tools.

Firman generators are categorized into the following power units:

  • 0 – 2000 watts
  • 2500 – 4000 watts
  • 5000 watts and up

Home Improvement Projects 0 – 2000W

For simple home improvement or cleanup projects after a storm, consider a Firman RD2910 generator for under 500 US dollars. This unit features 2600 watts of starting power and 2200 running watts of power and is rated 220/240V with an unleaded gasoline fuel tank capacity of 4 gallons.

A Firmans generator can help you complete cleanup jobs faster and home remodeling tasks will run more smoothly with ready power at your fingertips. Using only one or two power tools at a time, you can get a lot of work done with this Firman gasoline-driven generator:

  • Shop-vac – 1440 watts
  • Electric chain saw – 1200 watts
  • Drill – 500 – 1000 watts
    Air compressor – 2000 watts
  • Circular saw – 1400 -1800 watts
  • Table saw – 1800 watts
Firman P04001
Firman P04001

Firman 4000 – 5000W gensets for mobile work power

There are many uses for mobile generators to power heavy-duty tools and equipment in the construction field. Firman 5000-watt generators at Lowes and Northern Tools to power the lights that enable evening work or to power the mobile trailer used by general contractors and engineers while in the field. Firman generators are at Costco as well.

Other trades and service providers that often use 5000-watt portable generators to get work done on the go include:

  • Auto mechanic shops
  • Mobile car wash and detailing
  • Carpenters and welders
  • Agriculture and ranching
  • Nighttime road work
  • Roofers and solar power installers
  • Miners and quarries

When power is critical to the success of your business, you have a large selection of Firman generators in the 4000 to the 5000-watt range that will fit most of your field power needs.

For example, the FIRMAN P04001 5000/4000 Watt Remote Start Portable Gas Generator is an excellent choice for field operations at a manufacturer’s retail price of only $500. Here are some specs that demonstrate the power and usefulness of this portable workhorse of a generator:

  • Running watts – 4000
  • Starting watts – 5000
  • Decibels – 76dB @ 3/4 load
  • Fuel – gasoline 6-gallon tank
  • Unit weight – 125 lbs.
  • Unit dimensions – 24.8 x 21.7 x 21.7
  • Low oil shutoff – yes

While compared to other generators of this size and wattage, this Firman 5000 watt generator is a bit heavier, louder, and bulkier than competitors. If you can live with the larger weight and size, then the cost of this Firman 5000w generator is among the lowest you will find in its performance range.

Firman tri fuel generator
Firman tri-fuel generator

Firman T07571 Tri-Fuel Generator

A Firman tri-fuel generator is a perfect choice for home standby power during an emergency, especially if you live outside urban and suburban communities. Not only is the US experiencing more power outages per year, but they are also lasting longer due to the increased damage to power lines and homes.

Extreme weather patterns, hurricanes western forest fires, and failing power grids (like the 2021 Texas power crisis) are the most common reasons why homeowners decide to invest in a Firman T07571 tri-fuel generator. These popular units run on gasoline, liquid propane, and natural gas — making them the perfect choice when disaster strikes.

When gas stations shut down and natural gas lines are shut off due to flooding, earthquake, or tornado activity, you’ll be glad you can pull out the propane tanks you use for your outdoor grill, and use this fuel to stay warm and dry.

The unit delivers both 120 and 240 voltages, so you can even power your larger appliances like air conditioner, oven/range, and washer/dryer.

Submitters of a Firman generator review for the T07571 tri-fuel generator, some respondents stated that the unit ran a bit loud and one had difficulty starting the unit. But most other Firman T07571 reviewers stated that the unit was perfect for surviving power outages with plans to permanently connect to the generator to the home’s natural gas lines. See best generators for hurricanes

The most common delight was the fact that the unit could be used as a home stand-by power source, while also doubling as a portable unit for RV travel and to power outdoor events.

This Firman tri-fuel generator can run for 12 hours and it comes with a generous 3-year warranty on parts and labor. You can find this model Firman generator at Costco. 

Choosing the Right Size Firman Generator

In the past, when looking to supply whole house emergency power, homeowners’ only choice was a large generator that is permanently located near the home. Today, you can get a Firman generator that has enough wattage to supply power for all your home’s systems, including HVAC, kitchen appliances, and entertainment.

Learn what size generator you need. This will help you determine just how much power you’ll need in a mobile generator for home emergency power. The goal is to add the peak wattage to start your highest-demand appliance to the running wattage of all other appliances you will have simultaneously plugged into the generator.

Firman P09201
Firman P09201

The sum of your Total Running Watts added to your Highest Additional Starting Watts will be the amount of power you need in a portable Firman generator. The Firman Performance Series is the perfect model for standby power and is available in models such as the Firman P09201, 11400/9200 Remote Start Gas Portable Generator.

Firman P09201 

This 120/240V generator can run continuously for 12 hours on one tank of gasoline in the 9-gallon tank. It has plenty of connections to supply all your home power needs, including one of each of the following receptacles:

  • 5-20R 120V 20A DUPLEX GFCI
  • L5-30R 120V 30A TWIST LOCK
  • L14-30R 120V/240V 30A TWIST LOCK
  • 14-50R 120V/240V 50A
  • TT-30R 120V 30A RV

So, exactly what can you expect to power on a Firman P09201, 10,000-watt Firman Generator? You can power the following:

  • Your refrigerator and freezer
  • Number of small appliances
  • Water or sump pump
  • Window air-conditioner and/or furnace blower
  • A few light circuits along with television and laptops

This is the bare minimum for home comfort, and a 10,000-watt generator can handle it all! As a rule-of-thumb, if you plan to run your air conditioning system during a power outage, then 10,000 watts is the minimum size of the generator to consider.

Firman T08071 Tri-Fuel Generator

If you want more flexible fuel options, then the Firman tri-fuel generator model T08071, 10000/8000W Tri Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator 50A 120/240V is an excellent choice. This model is marketed as best for large RVs, home backup power, farm, ranch, and work. You will find this unit available online from many retailers priced from $1200 to $1500.

Considering that this unit will power most of your home’s appliances and systems during a power outage, the price is drastically lower than a comparable, non-mobile, or permanently installed generator set, which can cost $4000 and up. So, if you’re looking for emergency home power on a budget, then Firman is the manufacturer to consider.

Firman Generators

There are many Firman generator models available in all sizes and models to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a portable generator for camping, a hybrid generator for home backup, or an industrial generator for construction site use, they are quiet, reliable, and affordable. Costco carries Firmin generators, including dual fuel and tri-fuel models.

These gensets are ideal to use for emergencies as well as additional power and backup power in planned situations. 

Author Linda D. Jones