Best Dual Fuel Generators in 2024: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Best Dual Fuel Generator – In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top dual fuel generators on the market that are ideal for homes and businesses.

With less toxic emissions than diesel-only models, these are ideal for many applications. The best dual fuel generator can be a more cost-effective and eco-friendly source of power compared to regular units. 

You’ll find that they are highly flexible and allow you to take advantage of optimal performance in many operating conditions. We review the top dual fuel models available.

Best Dual Fuel Generator Reviews

1. DuroMax Dual Fuel Generator

The DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator boasts many great features, one of which is its electric start system. Also, it has a rugged and bulky design perfect for plenty of outdoor projects.

Top Specifications

  • 457cc engine
  • 9,500 watts of running power
  • 12,000 watts of startup power
  • Electric start
  • Low oil automatic shutoff
  • Idling control
  • All-terrain wheels

Product Highlights

This Duromax generator is a highly reliable option with plenty of power and convenient dual-fuel technology.

  • Powerful Engine

You’ll find that this model is powered by its unique DuroMax 18HP engine with 457cc. When you first start the generator, you’ll have 12,000 watts of starting power with 9,500 of running watts.

With that much juice, it will be easy to run an assortment of appliances using this unit. You can use it on anything from lamps to refrigerators and air conditioners.

Also, homeowners and workers will love how you can power multiple high-amperage tools thanks to this generator’s high-powered engine.

  • MX2 Technology

One of the most exciting features of this Duromax generator is its MX2 technology. Each of the receptacles on the outside of the unit can operate at 120V or 240V simultaneously.

You can also opt to use solely 120V when it is fully powered, allowing you to have maximum power at all times.

  • Dual Fuel Technology

As mentioned, the DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator has dual-fuel technology. Therefore, you can decide between running it on propane or gas, giving you more flexibility with fuel choice.

  • Idling Features

When your new generator idles, the idle control allows you to save fuel. What’s more, it also reduces the operating noise. By lowering the number of used RPMs, you’ll find that its best for environments where you’ll use power intermittently.

  • Low Oil Shutoff

If the generator runs out of oil, it will automatically power down. As soon as the sensors detect low oil levels, it will turn off to protect your machine.

  • All-Terrain Tires

Because it is perfect for outdoor applications, this generator features all-terrain rugged solid-fill tires. You’ll easily navigate it through all types of terrain, from paved roads to muddy environments.

  • Electric Start

Another great feature of the DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator is its keyed electric start. With this, you’ll no longer have to worry about cranking the unit to life, allowing you to start it much quicker.

Also, you’ll find that this feature is ideal for starting the unit in the winter, as it’s faster.

  • Copper Windings and Metal Construction

Instead of dealing with a shoddily-made generator with plastic parts, this unit is all metal. It also features copper windings, which are ideal for promoting the generator’s longevity over many years of use. 

You’ll love the versatility, durability, and reliability of its design, making it a great home backup. Learn more about DuroMax dual fuel backup generator

DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator
DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator


  • Consistent energy
  • Large fuel tank
  • Very user-friendly
  • Easy-to-use keyed start
  • Powerful engine


  • Wheels may flatten under pressure
  • Confusing propane regulator
  • Lacking warranty
Westinghouse iGen4500
Westinghouse iGen4500

2. Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generator

With 4650 peak watts, the Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel Generator is a great option. There are many intuitive features built into the unit that make it much easier and more reliable.

Top Specifications

  • Remote start with a key fob
  • Electric push start
  • Camper and RV ready
  • Quick fuel change
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • Easy-to-use controls

Product Highlights

One great thing about this generator is its convenient plug-and-play design. This means that it is ready to use right out of the box with minimal assembly.

  • High-Powered Engine

This dual fuel generator offers 4,650 peak watts and up to 3,600 rated watts when running on gasoline. With propane, you’ll have up to 4,650 peak watts and 3,240 rated watts.

Fortunately, starting the unit is as easy as using the electric push-button and remote start feature.

All in all, the engine features 212cc of power. It is a four-stroke OHV engine with specialized cast-iron engine sleeves for longevity.

  • Intuitive Controls

On the control panel, you’ll find multiple outlets that are ready to be used. It features a 120V duplex outlet, a 30-amp L5-30R outlet, and an RV-ready TT-30R 30-amp outlet.

  • Low-Oil Shutdown

Like the generator we first looked at, the Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel Generator also has a low-oil shutdown. If the generator senses the oil levels are too low, it will automatically turn itself off.

  • Moderate Fuel Tank

Although this generator doesn’t have the most impressively sized fuel tank (only four gallons), it has a reasonable run time.

You’ll get up to 18 hours of use with a 25% load when it is running on gasoline. Overall, this could be a useful option for campers and small RVs, rather than a backup for your home.

  • Quick Fuel Changes

If you’re in a situation where you need to change power sources quickly, this generator simplifies it. Its design allows you to switch from propane to gasoline immediately, even if the unit is operating.

  • Ready to Use

As mentioned, this unit is nearly ready to use right out of the box, though there is some assembly. Owners will need to install the wheels and hookup the battery with the help of the instructions. There are plenty of useful accessories and tools included with your order, such as a tool kit, oil, oil funnel, and a user’s manual.


  • Simple fuel switching
  • Remote control start
  • Low oil shutoff
  • Easy to start in winter
  • Runs well on only propane


  • May cause electrical surges
  • Battery not covered by warranty
Champion Generator
Champion LP Generator

3. Champion 7500 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

If you need a simple, ready-to-use generator, the Champion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Generator might just be the right choice for you. With no assembly out of the box, all you’ll have to do is provide fuel to get this thing running.

Top Specifications

  • Built-in Intelligauge
  • GFCI household outlets
  • Up to eight hours of run time
  • Electric start
  • Cold Start Technology
  • Low-noise operation

Product Highlights

Coming from a trusted brand, you’ll find that this generator has many of the same features as some of the models on this list.

  • High-Powered Engine

The 439cc engine in this generator offers up to 7,500 watts of operating power right out of the box. Starting the unit is easy, as well, thanks to its electric start. Also, the four-stroke, single-cylinder engine is easy to maintain and features air cooling to prevent overheating.

Just like the WGen3600DF, this model also has a cast iron sleeve surrounding the engine for improved durability.

When you start it, the engine provides 8,400 starting watts and 6,750 running watts at 50% with propane. On gasoline, it boasts 9,375 starting watts and 7,500 running watts at 50% load.

  • Reasonable Run Time

This Champion generator isn’t the most high-powered unit on this list, but it can be quite useful. When it runs on gasoline with a 50% load, you can get up to eight hours of continuous use. With the use of propane, you can achieve up to six hours of run time on 50% load.

  • Protected Outlets

There are multiple outlets on the exterior of this generator. You’ll have a 120V 30A locking outlet, 120/240V 30A locking outlet, and four 120V 20A household outlets.

What makes these outlets unique compared to others is that they are also GFCI protected. This feature helps to ensure anything you have plugged into the outlets are protected from damage.

  • Never-Flat Tires

With the addition of the rugged all-terrain tires, you’ll never have to worry about them flattening. As such, you can easily navigate your new generator without losing control of the unit, making it easy to transport.

  • Electric Start

Implementing an electric start is an incredibly useful feature, as you won’t have to crank the generator. As an added benefit, this model also features Cold Start Technology, making sure it starts quickly in colder weather.

  • Intelligauge

Another unique aspect of this Champion generator is its intuitive Intelligauge. You can keep an eye on the runtime hours, voltage, hertz, maintenance, and low-oil shutoff sensor on this gauge.

  • Low-Noise

Most generators aren’t whisper-quiet, but this model is much quieter than others, with a minimal operating noise of 74dB.

You’ll find that it’s just as loud as a household vacuum. Learn about Champion dual fuel 9000 watt gas propane generator


  • Great for outdoors
  • Very efficient on propane
  • Convenient electric start
  • Ideal for frequent use
  • Easy setup


  • Oil could leak
  • No fuel level indicator
  • Control panel limitations
  • Heavy at 230 pounds

4. WEN Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The WEN DF1100 Dual Fuel Portable Generator makes it exceptionally easy and safe to switch between fuels. You’ll also notice that it has a more rugged exterior than others. As such, you might find that it’s one of the better options for outdoor use, especially for RVs that need plenty of power.

Top Specifications

  • Electric key start
  • Over eight hours of run time
  • Easily switch between 120V and 240V
  • Assortment of outlets
  • Has an exclusive DC outlet
  • Two-year warranty

Product Highlights

WEN is a trusted brand that has been in business since 1951, so it’s easy to see why this generator is an excellent choice for many.

  • Easy Fuel Switching

To change the fuel on the WEN DF1100 Dual Fuel Portable Generator, all you have to do is use the selection dial. You’ll then be able to choose between propane and gas, depending on your needs.

  • Reliable Engine

If you opt to use gasoline with this generator, you’ll have 11,000 starting watts and 8,300 running watts. On the other hand, propane offers 9,500 starting and 7,500 running watts.

One of the best features is its electric start, which will immediately boost the 457cc engine when you need it. Also, much like the other generators on this list, it is a four-stroke OHV engine.

  • Voltage Switching

Depending on what you need your outlets for, you will have full control over their power.

The WEN DF1100 Dual Fuel Portable Generator allows you to switch from 120V to 240V so that you can transfer switches immediately. Also, this feature makes it better as an emergency backup.

  • Plenty of Outlets

In terms of outlets, you’ll have many to choose from. You’ll find four 120V GFCI outlets, a 120V/240V 50A outlet, a 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, and a 12V DC plug.

Plugging in an assortment of items has never been easier for a backup for your hydroponic grow lights or a source of camping power.

  • Moderate Fuel Tank

This model doesn’t have the most massive fuel tank, but it’s much more significant than smaller models. It can hold up to six gallons of fuel, offering approximately eight hours of run time with a 50% load.

  • Portable Features

You surely won’t have to carry this generator around your property because it’s designed with high-quality portable wheels.

Each wheel is just under 10 inches, allowing you to navigate through most types of terrain. However, they aren’t as rugged as the wheels on the other generators we looked at so far.

As an added benefit, the handles on the generator can completely fold down to help you save space.


  • Variety of outlet voltages
  • Easy to transport
  • High-powered
  • Protective circuit breakers
  • Runs multiple appliances


  • Difficult to learn
  • No trip breakers
  • Breakers prevent full power usage
  • 214 pounds

5. Pulsar Dual Fuel Generator

The Pulsar PG10000B16 Dual Fuel Generator has a fantastic RV-ready design that makes it ready for camping. It is quite high-powered, which means that you should be able to get power for everything in your RV without much hassle.

Top Specifications

  • Switch & Go Technology
  • 10,000 and 9,000 peak watts on gas and propane
  • 8,000 and 7,000 running watts on gas and propane
  • Electric push start
  • 12 hours of continuous run time (50% load)
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Six outlets

Product Highlights

This dual-fuel generator is a great option for an outside backup power source for your home or your business.

  • High-Quality Protected Engine

With the powder-coated steel frame, the engine of this generator is fully protected. The four-stroke 420cc OHV engine features air cooling, which is essential for preventing overheating in the summer.

Also, it has plenty of power for you to use. When running on gasoline, you’ll have 10,000 peak watts and 8,000 running watts.

Propane is slightly less, with 9,000 peak and 7,000 running watts. Still, it’s more powerful than plenty of other models.

  • Reliable Fuel Tank

You’ll be surprised at how little fuel this generator consumes, thus offering you plenty of run time. With its moderately sized 6.6-gallon fuel tank, you can run items for up to 12 hours continuously on a 50% load.

  • Switch & Go Technology

Switching from one fuel source to another has never been simpler than with this unit. Users will be able to change from propane to gas fuel sources, even when the generator is running.

  • Electric Push Start

Another fantastic feature that you’ll love having is the electric push start. Instead of cranking the engine, all you need to do is push the button on the front of the generator.

Even in cold weather, startups will be faster and easier than ever because of this feature.

  • Multiple Outlets

On this generator, there is an assortment of outlets for you to use for all of your tools and appliances. There are four 120V outlets, one 120V/240V twist-lock outlet, and a 120V/240V 50A RV port, which you can use simultaneously.

  • Included Propane Hose

Fortunately, you won’t need to buy any additional items, aside from fuel and oil, to get this generator running. Every purchase already comes with a convenient propane hose, so you can hook the unit up to power immediately.

  • All-Terrain Wheels

Because the Pulsar PG10000B16 Dual Fuel Generator is designed for RVs and camping, its wheels are quite durable. They are designed to be never-flat all-terrain wheels, making the generator easy to navigate through tough terrain.

Also, the fold-down handles are essential for secure storage during the off-season.

  • Built-In Indicators

Instead of guessing about the statistics of your generator, the built-in indicators have got you covered. With this, you’ll be able to keep track of oil levels and the run time of the generator.

Also, there is a low-oil shutoff feature that automatically powers the generator down when its oil levels drop.


  • Readable oil indicator
  • Useful all-terrain wheels
  • Easy to store
  • Automatic low oil shutdown


  • Power fluctuations
  • Inadequate instructions

6. Firman Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The Firman H03652 Dual Fuel Portable Generator is an excellent option for small outdoor tasks. Its engine is much lower-powered and quieter than some of the others, which makes it great for outdoor kitchens.

Top Specifications

  • 208cc engine
  • 4550 starting and 3650 running watts on gas
  • 4100 starting and 3300 running watts on propane
  • Air cooling
  • Low-oil shutdown
  • 14 hours of consistent run time
  • Extended propane hose included

Product Highlights

In emergencies, you’ll love having this moderately-powered generator on-hand because of its many great features. Learn more about choosing a Firman generator.

  • Efficient Power

This generator runs on a 208cc engine that provides 4,550 watts of starting power and 3,650 watts of running power on gas. On the other hand, you’ll get to enjoy 4,100 starting watts and 3,300 running watts on propane.

You’ll also find that the integrated Phoenix Fat Head Block helps make the engine more efficient and run cooler. So, even in hot weather, this generator is highly unlikely to overheat.

  • Long Run Time

The moderate power of the engine helps to make this unit ideal for fuel conservation. Once the five-gallon fuel tank is filled, you can get up to 14 hours of run time, depending on your load size. As always, the less energy you consume, the longer your fuel will last.

  • Low-Oil Shutdown

With the added low-oil shut down, you can guarantee your generator is protected at all times. Instead of having to monitor the generator, it will automatically shut off once the oil levels drop significantly.

  • Protected Engine

With the addition of the cast-iron sleeve surrounding the Max Pro Series engine, your investment is protected. This feature also makes it great to have for outdoor tasks.

  • Wheel Kit

Extreme portability is one of the more significant selling features of the Firman H03652 Dual Fuel Portable Generator. With your order, you’ll receive an eight-inch wheel kit with heavy-duty never-flat tires. Also, you’ll have a u-shaped padded handle for exceptional maneuverability.

  • Extended Propane Hose

Instead of having to invest in a separate hose, this unit comes with an extended propane hose. Users will have up to five feet of hose for secure connectivity with larger propane tanks.


  • Low emissions
  • Quiet running propane generator
  • Highly functional
  • Lightweight and portable, 135 pounds
  • Easy to troubleshoot


  • No 220V outlet
  • Low wattage

7. DuroMax Dual Fuel Generator

As a second DuroMax option, the XP4850EH is one of the quietest dual fuel generators you can find.

Top Specifications

  • Copper windings for longevity
  • Full metal design
  • GFCI protected household outlets
  • 4,850 starting watts and 3,850 running watts for gasoline
  • 4,608 starting watts and 3,658 running watts for propane

Product Highlights

You will easily find many conveniences for at-home and portable use within this generator’s heavy-duty design.

  • DuroMax Dual Fuel Technology

The DuroMax Dual Fuel Technology is ideal for people searching for a cleaner source of fuel. You can connect your generator to a BBQ gas line for cleaner-burning that won’t harm the engine’s internals.

Also, it provides a much longer shelf life with less maintenance than gas-only generators. You can also opt to use gasoline. This adds to the unit’s versatility, as all you have to do is flip the fuel switch.

  • Consistent Power

The maximum AC output of this unit is 4,850 watts, while the rated AC output is 3,850 watts when on gasoline. For propane, you’ll have 4,608 starting watts and 3,658 running watts.

You’ll love using this generator for tailgating, job sites, emergency backup, camping, and your RV. Also, all of the windings are constructed using copper, which helps to prolong the generator’s longevity.

  • Three Outlets

The DuroMax XP4850EH doesn’t have as many power outlets as some of the larger models.

With that said, you can plug up to three household appliances at once. There are two 120V 20A household outlets (GFCI protected) and one 120V/240V 30A twist-lock outlet.

  • High-Quality Build

Overall, this generator is built to last because all of the parts are made from metal. You won’t have to worry about broken plastic parts or shoddy machinery, making it easier to maintain.

  • Small Fuel Tank

Compared to other generators at the same price point, this model has a small fuel tank. You’ll be able to hold less than four gallons of fuel at a time, limiting your available power.


  • No assembly
  • Has a tool kit
  • Propane is efficient
  • Never-flat tires
  • Lightweight at 130 pounds


  • Limited warranty
  • LPG hose might melt
  • Faulty propane regulator

8. Sportsman Dual Fuel Portable Generator 

The Sportsman GEN4000DF Dual Fuel Generator has plenty of flexibility for any activity. At just 94 pounds, it’s portable. However, it doesn’t have wheels.

You can easily use this unit to travel on the road in your RV, travel trailer, or as an outside source of power at work.

Top Specifications

  • 4,000 watts of rated power
  • 3,500 watts of starting power
  • Moderate run time
  • Six available outlets
  • Clean fuel burning
  • 69dB noise level

Product Highlights

With the ability to switch between propane and gas, you’ll always have power available thanks to this generator.

  • Cleaning Burning

Similar to any other dual fuel generator you choose, you can burn cleaner fuel while working.

Not only does it help the environment, but you’ll also be prolonging the life of your generator. Propane doesn’t affect the internal components of the engine as poorly as gas.

  • Moderate Engine Power

The Sportsman GEN4000DF Dual Fuel Generator is an excellent option for small to midsize tasks. The 212cc OHV engine boasts 4,000 watts of rated power and 3,500 watts of starting strength. At 50% load, you should have a reasonable amount of power to put to good use.

  • Average Run Time

This model doesn’t have the most extended runtime, with only 10 hours on a 50% load. It also has a small fuel tank, which can hold less than four gallons of fuel. As such, this is perfect for someone looking for a highly portable generator.

One benefit of its smaller design is that it’s relatively quiet, operating at only less than 69dB. Overall, although it doesn’t hold the most fuel, it’s one of the most fuel-efficient models on this list.

  • Six Outlets

You can guarantee you’ll have plenty of space for you to plug in all of your essentials with this generator.

Owners will have access to six separate outlets, including RV, DC, and household outlets. These include one 120V RV outlet, four 120V household outlets, and one 12V DC outlet.

  • Included Propane Hose

One of the most substantial selling features of this unit is that it’s ready to use right out of the box. With the addition of the propane hose, you can quickly hook the generator up to fuel and begin using it immediately.

It is a fantastic option for anyone searching for flexible, portable, and affordable power.

  • Lacking Accessibility

There are a couple of concerns with this generator in terms of accessibility. First, you’ll find the oil connection is poorly placed, making it tough to access. Owners will likely have to purchase a flexible funnel to refill the oil quickly.

Another issue is its lack of wheels. Although the unit only weighs approximately 90 pounds, you won’t be able to transport it without having to carry it.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight at 94 pounds
  • Fuel efficient
  • Low-noise operation
  • Clean burning
  • Multiple household outlets
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to use


  • Does not have wheels
  • Poorly placed oil connection
  • Hard-to-read dipstick

Another to consider is a Generac portable generator. Generac makes several dual fuel generators to consider.

Do I Need a Dual Fuel Generator?

Deciding whether to invest in a dual fuel generator or not is up to personal preference. Having the ability to switch between two types of fuel is essential for many households, though. For example, if you have available propane tanks, you can easily use those instead of gas.

Consider these benefits when deciding whether to invest in a dual fuel generator or stick with your current model:


The amount of money you’ll save with a dual fuel generator should be more than enough reason to switch.

Instead of relying solely on gasoline, you have the option to take advantage of propane. Also, as propane is likely less expensive than gas, you’re bound to save right off the bat.

Another advantage of using propane in a generator is how fuel-efficient it is. Even with a 50% load, you’ll find that the generator will last longer on propane than gas.

Easy to Use

At first, you might assume that a dual fuel generator is difficult to use when it’s genuinely simple. As a more advanced option, you might even find that it’s easier to operate than your existing unit.

Most of these models have push-to-start or remote start, instead of having to crank the engine to life.

Switching between fuel sources is simple with the use of a button, switch, or small lever, too. Some units even allow you to switch between gas and propane while the generator is running.

You’re bound to find plenty of other user-friendly features, as well, such as wheel kits, included tool kits, and intelligent gauges.

One of the essential easy-to-use features on these units is their assortment of outlets. Instead of only offering one to two types for heavy-duty appliances, there are many to use.

Some generators have a combination of RV outlets, household outlets, and DC outlets similar to cigarette lighters.

Flexible in Emergencies

One of the main reasons why you might want to invest in a generator is for emergencies. The last thing you’d want to deal with is running out of gas and being unable to buy any if you lose power.

With the help of these dual-fuel units, you can switch between different fuel sources in a pinch.

This is especially important for houses in areas with hurricanes and earthquakes. When your gas connection is disrupted from natural disasters, you can easily switch to gas if needed.

Easy to Maintain

Because propane burns much cleaner than gas, you can guarantee that your generator’s maintenance will reduce dramatically.

You’ll no longer have to worry about buildup getting to the internal components and causing permanent damage. When it comes time to store the generator, you’ll be able to save a lot of space with fuel storage.

Most of the units are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear, so you won’t have to worry about damage.

Highly Portable

Depending on the size of the generator you choose, some could be more portable than others. All in all, even the most significant models have foldable handles and never-flat tires that are highly maneuverable.

Buying such means you’ll never have to worry about carrying a large generator from one point to another.

What Size Generator Do I Need

Dual Fuel Generator FAQs

Are dual fuel generators any good?

Dual fuel generators are one of the best options for generators on the market. Every owner can switch from one type of fuel to another, depending on their situation.

Indeed, it is a sure-fire way to make sure you get the most out of your investment for an assortment of activities. They also have a ton of remarkable features that are easy for first-time users to put to good use.

Does Honda make dual fuel generators?

At this time, Honda doesn’t make dual-fuel generators, although their models are highly fuel-efficient. They do have an assortment of dual-voltage generators. However, all of them currently run on either gas or propane rather than both.

With the booming popularity of dual-fuel units on the market, Honda might likely create some in the future. There are specific conversion kits that you can purchase to convert your existing generator into a dual-fuel model. It’s recommended you work with a professional to convert the unit to ensure it’s done correctly.

Honda eu2000i generator

Does Generac make a dual fuel generator?

Known as their BI-FUEL line of products, Generac has several dual-fuel generators to consider. According to the manufacturer, they meet all NFPA and NEC code requirements for storing fuel on-board. You can easily choose whether to run the generators with diesel fuel or natural gas.

Kohler generator vs Generac generator

Generac vs Ariens generator

How to find best price on Generac generators

Do dual fuel generators have remote start?

One of the most exciting features of some generators is that they have a remote start. Like an electric start, you won’t have to worry about cranking the engine to turn it on.

Remote start allows you to start the generator from anywhere. Just like a key fob to your car, you can use a remote to start the generator from the inside of your RV or home.

This feature can be essential for general convenience or during a natural disaster where you can’t go outside.

Can dual fuel generators run on natural gas?

Most dual fuel generators you’ll find for everyday use don’t have the inherent ability to run on natural gas. With that said, you can purchase kits that allow you to convert them into models that work with natural gas.

It’s highly recommended you consult the user’s manual to see if it’s capable of being converted.

Best Dual Fuel Generator

The best dual fuel generator is the Pulsar PG10000B16 Dual Fuel Generator, thanks to its high-powered 420cc OHV engine. With this, you’ll be able to run plenty of appliances and accessories simultaneously in all weather conditions.

It is also highly portable, making it ideal as a backup for your home or a primary power source for your RV. Portable generators mean you can use them for more things in your home and on your property.