Honda 7000 Watt Generator is the One Super Quiet Generator

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If you are looking for a top-notch generator you can count on, you need to know about the Honda 7000W Super Quiet Generator.

Reviewers give it tremendously high ratings for being so robust and quiet. Multiple reviewers were “blown away” with it’s capabilities. The EU7000iS is a quiet inverter generator. It’s powered with gasoline and has an electric start.

What is the quietest 7000 watt generator?

Honda’s EU7000iS is ultra quiet. Measured in decibels, it operates between 52 and 58 dB(A). A normal conversation is considered to be 60 DB(A).

Why people love the Honda 7000W Generator

This Honda inverter generator is a top choice for many reasons. The Honda EU7000iS has quiet operation along with being fuel efficient, easy to start and operate, and can run consistently for hours.

Using as an emergency power source or for planned events, it’s reliable. Some mentioned the cost, but in a way to say it’s worth it even though it may be more than other generators.

What reviewers love about the EU7000iS:

  • 7000 surge wattage
  • Super quiet; low decibel levels
  • Electronic fuel injection makes it extremely fuel efficient
  • Produces power steadily
  • Robust and can power multiple appliances
  • Portable and easy to maneuver (though heavy to lift as are most all generators)
  • Handles and wheels fold in for storing
  • Gas generator
  • Electric start with a pull-cord option
  • Mobile app connects to Bluetooth

Customers cite reduced noise as one of the most attractive things about this generator.

In fact, many people report that it cannot be heard when standing just 50 – 100 feet away.

This makes it ideal to use working on projects at home, while camping, RV-ing, and other outdoor pursuits. It’s also a reliable backup power source for emergencies.

Honda 7000W Generator

At 260 pounds, this is a very capable, portable generator that reviewers say you can move around very easily because of the wheels.

One reviewer compared the Honda 7000 watt generator to the Yamaha generator and remarked how it was very difficult to maneuver the Yamaha because of how they designed the wheels. This reviewer raved about how easy it was to move the Honda 7000W around. Many people buy this generator to power their RVs and small cabins.

Florida residents and other owners in hurricane-prone areas bought the 7000W to be prepared if a hurricane or other catastrophic weather disrupts their lives again.

The Honda 7000W is the one to choose when you want to prepare your home with a heavy-duty, quiet generator you can count on to work when you need a source of power.

Super Quiet Honda 7000 Generator consumer guide

When you’re shopping for quiet generators, there are a few basic considerations to take into account to help you narrow down your search. Primarily, you need to identify what type of generator will meet your needs.

Then, you can begin to compare the engines, features, prices, specs, and capabilities of models that fall under the category best suited for you.

Where to use your quiet generator

You can use your portable power station generator in the following ways:

  • Backup residential use
  • Recreational use
  • Industrial use

The Honda 7000W Super Quiet Generator has plenty of power for practically any RV or home.

With an output of 5500 watts, it’s one of the stronger portable models on the market.

More than likely, it’s strong enough to get the job done if your needs are based on recreation or residential use.

If you are concerned about how much wattage you require, Wattage Guide is designed to help you choose the right amount of power based on your needs.

According to the guide, this particular model is capable of supplying the power needed for many tools used on job sites.

If you are in the construction industry, it can run almost any of the commonly used power tools.

And, although it may not be reliable for high powered electric pressure washers or lawn mowers, it can also function with several basic landscaping tools.

For practical purposes, however, this generator is best categorized for recreational use and as a residential backup power source.

Benefits of a quiet inverter model

Inverter generator models tend to be cost more than others on the market, which may lead consumers to wonder if they’re really worth it.

They typically offer the advantages of cleaner power delivery, less noise and greater efficiency than conventional generators.

However, in the case of the Honda 7000W, Amazon reviewers are happy with it’s performance. Even Consumer Reports has rated it as a top performer consistently since its debut. One year recently, they named it as one of the “Best Emergency Gear” to own.

Features of Honda’s Quietest Generator

The Honda 7000W Light Weight Super Quiet Generator features:

Two wheels lend to its portability

Although weighing over 200 pounds, it would likely take two people to lift off the ground. But, you can’t deny the heavyweight’s durable construction. There are wheels which make it a portable inverter generator.

Fuel injection button

This provides easy startup, even after multiple uses. It also has an electric turn-key startup option as well.

Can run specifically at the RPM needed for the load

Instead of many conventional models that have to operate at full capacity, the Honda 7000W is fuel efficient and saves on wear and tear.

Noise reduction

Consumers who plan on using their model recreationally, for RVing, camping, tailgating, etc., will appreciate this quiet generator. Some may even call it a silent generator for all that it does. iMonitor LCD incorporates top-of-the-line technology above older conventional generators.

Stable power

Inverter technology offers stable, consistent power for charging electronics, such as laptops, desktop computers, and cell phones, along with other sensitive devices.

Fuel efficient

With 5.1 gallons of fuel, the Honda EU7000iS can run up to 15 – 16 hours.

Optional Generator accessories

Although the generator would likely stand up to most weather conditions, a cover is recommended for storage if it’s going to remain outside. The model comes with a 30 amp plug but can accommodate a 50 amp with an appropriate adapter or do-it-yourself cable.

It will run off of propane with the purchase of a converter.

There’s also a remote control accessory that allows you to operate the generator from a distance, an attractive feature when adjusting from inside of your RV, or from another area of your house.

It comes with a 3-year warranty. There are optional extended warranty product protection plans as well. On Amazon, they offer a 2-year or 4-year additional protection plan.

General maintenance for generators

No matter what generator you buy, you will need to perform some easy, general infrequent maintenance.

  1. Top off the battery once a month.
  2. Make sure to drain the gas when you are finished using it.

This way, it will be ready when you need it.

Honda 7000 Generator review

In the online customer ratings on Amazon, the Super Quiet Honda 7000 Generator received five stars almost 90% of the time, with just one negative rating that compromised a 100% score.

Customers found the generator’s noise reduction, fuel efficiency, and power capability to be some of the most desirable features.

While it may be more than other generators, it has the performance to match its price. Reviewers thought it was worth it.

It’s even been lauded by off-grid enthusiasts as a fuel-efficient alternative to going completely off-the-grid.

Honda quiet generator review

The 7000W produces steady power. It’s an excellent choice to handle a lot of operations, including heavier loads. You will be able to count on it when you need it.

If you are looking for a quiet generator with a carburetor-free design, get the Honda 7000W inverter generator. It’s a top choice for quiet generators.

It’s the perfect companion to take with you on the road as it’s lightweight. It will help give you peace of mind at home during power outages and extreme weather.

When comparing Honda generator with Champion and Yamaha, Honda is a reputable brand with excellent customer support as well.


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