Homesteading Today

Maybe you are thinking of changing your surroundings. Many people seek a more rural lifestyle. Perhaps you've already made that change. Either way, our goal in homesteading today is to enable you to learn about and pursue a more sustainable existence. Whether you're from the city or suburbs, we'll help you along the way on your homesteading journey.

Homesteading today

Learn along with us as we share tips, ideas, and stories of real people making their homesteading dreams come true. We offer firsthand experience about homesteading, livestock, sustainability, prepping, survival, renewable energy, gardening, and personal finance.

We are an extended family that dreamed for many years of living a more outdoor-oriented, simpler and quieter lifestyle. Several years ago, we bought an old homestead farm we now call home. Three generations work and play together, learning to be more self-sufficient, developing a more sustainable lifestyle. We consider ourselves true homesteaders.

Our goal is to encourage others who are transitioning to a rural existence or who are already homesteading.

Have you been thinking that now is a good time to learn more about sustainable living? It's time for all of us to become more self-sufficient. There are many ways, to become less dependent on outside sources of food, household products, and other goods and services. Why the emphasis on sustainability and self-sufficiency? After all, many of us live where there is still plenty of everything.

Sustainable living

There are many reasons to consider a more sustainable lifestyle. Many people want to be prepared for the "what if" scenarios, including economic uncertainty, shortages of food, and weather catastrophes, even droughts. Additionally, others dream of living off-the-grid. They want to be able to provide for their family with minimal reliance on outside sources. In addition, others enjoy sustainable living as a hobby. Some want to save money. Also, some want to be more eco-conscious and create less demand for commercial products.

Therefore, we offer information about cooking with a solar oven as well as choosing the best water filter. We even have information about toilets that compost. You'll learn why it's important to be sustainable and how your choices and habits matter. We offer tips about how to live affordably off-the-grid, including having a garden or orchard, and how to preserve fresh food.

In conclusion, you'll find great ideas to get started on your path to sustainable living. You will learn about helpful products and best practices whether you are experienced or beginning.