homesteading ideas

67+ Homesteading Ideas to Get You Started

When I think of homesteading ideas, I think of doing something “from scratch” instead of taking the easy way I’m used to doing it. This can be anything. Homesteading doesn’t require a lot of space but how much outdoor space and opportunities on your property will determine what you can and can’t do. Decades ago, when I lived in a townhome in an urban setting, my homesteading initiatives involved growing herbs in containers. When I … Read more

free land

Free Land ~ How to Find Free Land for Homesteading

Free land might seem like something too good to be true, primarily as most people are taught that property is one of the most profitable investments you can make. If you have always had the dream of owning and operating a homestead, looking into free land can quickly transform your vision into a reality. Stemming from the development of the now-dissolved Homestead Act of 1862, there are still states and provinces in North America that … Read more

is it illegal to collect rainwater

Is It Illegal to Collect Rainwater – Know Your State Laws

Before you plan for rainwater harvesting, it’s important to know: Is it illegal to collect rainwater? Many state, municipal, and regional agencies have laws regulating rainwater harvesting.  Rainwater harvesting or collection is setting up a system to capture, store and divert rainwater runoff and putting it to use. It’s a water conservation method to preserve rainwater runoff. It’s especially helpful in areas in which water resources are difficult to access or are scarce.  People use … Read more

Is it safe to drink rainwater

Is It Safe to Drink Rainwater – What Makes Rain Drinkable

There has been a lot of discussion about the quality of water in many places, and if you have watched the news, you’ve seen all the good and bad. What about rain? Is rainwater drinkable? Is it safe to drink rainwater? As rainwater collection becomes easier and more common, it’s natural to to wonder if the water is safe to drink. Though rainwater is great for irrigation systems and watering your plants, many are skeptical … Read more

how to start beekeeping

How to Start Beekeeping – Starting a Beehive

We explain how to start beekeeping and how to start a beehive. There’s lots to know before starting this exciting homesteading hobby. In addition to soil and water, bees are a major part of our global food production. They are essential to farming and backyard gardening. They play a significant part in keeping our food production up and running. What’s more, they also produce honey. This is reason enough to learn about starting a beehive.  … Read more

how to become a beekeeper

How to Become a Beekeeper – What Beginners Need to Know

Learning how to become a beekeeper can be a fulfilling experience. It’s a rewarding hobby and helps the environment as well.  Not only are bees essential to the planet, but they are also incredibly fascinating. Using the steps in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to understanding beekeeping. Bees play an essential role in pollination. Honeybees produce or collect a variety of products that benefit people. This includes: Honey Beeswax Pollen Royal jelly … Read more

how long do honey bees live

How Long Do Honey Bees Live

Answering, “How long do honey bees live?” can help you understand your hive better. As a beginner beekeeper, you’ll need to know your colony’s phases and the life cycle’s ins and outs. Honey bees are great additions to your homestead. Understanding the honey bee’s life cycle can help ensure your gardens are pollinated. How Long Do Honey Bees Live? There are a few vital characters that go into the healthy maintenance of a hive. Each type … Read more

best states for homesteading

Best States for Homesteading ~ Know Your Options

Are you planning on making a lifestyle shift to one where you go off the grid? If so, it’s important to know the best states for homesteading. A change this big requires you to leave the conveniences of the suburban or urban life. However, living a life of self-sufficiency is possible in the best states for homesteading. Once you find the right piece of land, you’ll be able to change the way you live by … Read more

rainwater collection

Rainwater Collection: A Complete Guide to Collecting Rainwater

Rainwater collection is a diverse area of interest, especially among homeowners who want to lessen their environmental impact when it comes to maintaining their property. There is an assortment of systems that you can use, ranging from the most straightforward method of using a barrel to more sophisticated systems that require specific manufactured parts. Fortunately, rainwater is incredibly useful for an extensive number of household and professional projects. It’s one of the most convenient water … Read more

reuse glass jars

Using What You Have in New Ways – Upcycling and Repurposing Ideas

Upcycling and repurposing can be easy and fun. Slowing down gives us time to reflect on some things we have been doing to maximize what we have. Using what you have in new ways means less waste. It also means getting the most out of what you own. Use these homesteading tips to conserve, reuse, and re-purpose. In these times, we are all trying to be as sustainable as we can. Whether you live in … Read more

Building A Barn Or Animal Shed

Building a Barn or Shed for Animals ~ What to Consider

Building an animal shed – Rural America is attracting young professionals who are moving from urban areas to small towns to improve their quality of life. Less pollution and stress plus healthier way of life are driving urban folks to relocate to rural areas. If you’re planning to construct a rural home and raise livestock on your property, here are factors that you should consider before building a barn or shed for animals. Consider: What … Read more

Living Spaces Garage Conversion Cost

Living Spaces ~ Ultimate Guide to Garage Conversion Cost

Living Spaces Garage Conversion Cost Guide – Having a garage provides homeowners with weather-protected parking and storage space, which is incredibly convenient. However, sometimes the indoor living space is not enough. If you’re in this situation, chances are the benefits of having an additional room outweigh the perks of having a place to park your car. As such, you may be tempted to convert your garage into a brand new living space. It’s a great … Read more

Start Making Money

How Much Money Can You Really Make Selling Old Stuff?

How much money you can make selling old stuff depends on what you sell and where you live. Oftentimes, as we work to purge through our belongings, we find some things are better and easier to sell locally. You will be limited to your local area. This can include larger items. While people may drive a distance to purchase tractors, trailers, trucks and sheds, they won’t be as likely to drive to buy crystal, toys, … Read more

Tips Taking Care of a Wooden Floor

Taking Care of a Wooden Floor with 3 Easy Ideas

Taking Care of a Wooden Floor – Wood floors look amazing. They really add a certain character to the room. No matter what color they are and what wood they are made of, they can add prestige to the room like few other flooring materials. If you have a wooden floor, you are going to need to know how to take care of it. A well-maintained floor will add character and value to your home. … Read more

Rural Living

Which Fencing Is Best For Your Land?

Which Fencing Is Best For Your Land – Whether you have a house, a homestead or a farm, no property is complete without a reliable fence around it. It marks out your boundary, provides privacy for those living and working within its confines, and the right fence can also be an attractive addition to your landscapes. For those reasons, you could even find that adding fencing increases the value of your holding, but just what … Read more

Realistic Off Grid Power Sources

5 Kinds of Realistic Off Grid Power Sources

Realistic Off Grid Power Sources – With the rising prices in electricity, and the growing concerns of the environmental impact of power plants to the planet, more and more people are saying that they want to go “off the grid” and produce their own power. This kind of option is a dream for most people but sadly often times, that’s what it is- a dream. They want to do it, but they don’t know where … Read more

Fencing for Livestock

Wood or Vinyl Fencing – Which is the Best Choice?

Wood or Vinyl Fencing – When it comes time to replace your fencing or install a new fence, the question arises whether to install wood fencing or to opt for modern vinyl fencing? Thinking about a vinyl vs wood fence, it’s fair to say that wooden fencing used to be the automatic choice when steel or brass materials proved overly costly. However, with improvements to materials and production methods, vinyl fencing now has a lot … Read more

road covered with snow

Off-Grid Living: Surviving the Great Outdoors When You’re Not So “Outdoorsy”

Off-Grid Living – Almost everyone has seen the reality shows that showcase how to live off the land and surviving outdoors. The majority of us look at those and think there’s no way we’d be able to do that. Living off the land is definitely no easy task, and would certainly be a huge life adjustment to have to adapt to. So if you’re thinking about this lifestyle, really take the time to do your … Read more

Essential DIY Skills that Every Homesteader Should Know

3 Essential DIY Skills that Every Homesteader Should Know

Essential DIY Skills for Homesteading has always been a very hard knock life. It was hard for our ancestors who first settled on the frontier in the days of the American Colonies, and it’s just as hard for those who choose to live in some the most remote locations that the United States has. Sure – we enjoy far more advanced technology than our forefathers and mothers had, but for the homesteader, there are certain … Read more

Home Maintenance Tips that Will Save You Money

Home Maintenance Tips that Will Save You Tons of Money

Home Maintenance Tips – Just like your car, your home requires proper maintenance, or you’ll end up paying a big price with it coming back to bite you in the end. A house is the biggest purchase most people ever make, and regular maintenance helps to ensure that you protect that asset, avoiding expensive repairs later. One of the primary reasons a home doesn’t sell when it’s put on the market is that it’s been … Read more