columbia sheep

Columbia Sheep ~ Excellent for Wool Production and More

Sheep breeders the world over raise sheep for different purposes. Some do so for meat production, others for milk, and many do it for wool production. The Columbia sheep are bred specifically for their wool production capabilities. That isn’t to say that the sheep don’t produce excellent meat. Sheep bred for wool or milk are also often bred for their meat production. The meat from the Columbia sheep is not only lean and soft but … Read more

ongole cattle

Ongole Cattle ~ Robust and Resilient

There are few beef cattle breeds so resilient and disease-resistant as Ongole cattle. This hardy breed is mostly found in India and comes from the Ongole region. It’s also often referred to as the Nellore breed. That’s mostly because Ongole Taluk is a division of a district once part of the Nellore district. It is, however, now part of the Guntur district, a part of Andhra Pradesh. Ongole cattle are so popular in India that … Read more

How Often Do Goats Go Into Heat

How Often Do Goats Go Into Heat and How To Tell

Here we explain how often do goats go into heat and the signs. As a goat keeper, knowing when goats are in heat will allow you to either get your does mounted, hopefully resulting in a bunch of young goats or kids, or keep the doe away from bucks if you don’t want them pregnant. Some farmers don’t want their does to get pregnant — maybe because of their age or their traits — or … Read more

how long do pigs live

How Long Do Pigs Live ~ What Factors Affect Their Lifespan?

On average, how long do pigs live? The answer to such a question in regards to any animal, not just pigs, is often dependent on a number of factors. Some of the key determinants of how long an animal lives are factors such as: Typical living conditions Types of food it consumes and overall nutrition Care it receives What are the threats it faces If the breed is generally disease-resistant Pigs come in two classes. … Read more

how to keep goats warm in winter

How to Keep Goats Warm in Winter ~ 6 Tips for Goats in Cold Weather

Have you ever wondered how cold is too cold for goats and how to keep goats warm in winter? While they are technically cold-hardy animals that can survive low temperatures, some temperatures are unhealthy for them. Frostbite and hypothermia are concerns for goats in winter, especially the doelings and bucklings. A healthy adult goat can survive in temperatures as low as 0° Fahrenheit (-18° Celsius) and as high as 100° Fahrenheit (38° Celsius). However, when … Read more

How to Get Rid of Hay Belly in Goats

How to Get Rid of Hay Belly in Goats

Learning how to get rid of hay belly in goats could help make your herd healthier. Although not quite as deadly as goat bloat, hay belly can be a nuisance and, without the right remedy, could lead to malnourished goats. Hay belly is a condition that is more common in Boer, Nigerian dwarf goats, and Pygmy goats. Even though Pygmy goats tend to have large bellies that make them look pregnant, it’s important to ascertain … Read more

how to trim goat hooves

How to Trim Goat Hooves

There are a lot of skills that go into raising healthy goats. Learning how to trim goat hooves happens to be one of those necessary skills. The best part is that once you know what to do, it isn’t that difficult. You should inspect and maintain goat hooves regularly, every 4 – 6 weeks. However, a lot depends on the breed, goat age, and types of surfaces the goat walks on. Below are the necessary … Read more

How Much Does a Sheep Cost

How Much Does a Sheep Cost and Factors That Affect the Price

If you randomly picked any sheep farmer and asked them how much does a sheep cost? There’s a good chance that you will get an answer as random as the farmer giving it. Many factors go into determining the price of livestock, and sheep aren’t an exception to this rule. Now, if you got a bit more specific with the question and asked something along the line of “how much do adult Suffolk sheep or … Read more

red wattle pig with dirty nose

Red Wattle Pigs ~ Everything You Need to Know

Red Wattle pigs, also known as Red Pigs, Red Wattle or Red Wattle hogs, are a pig breed that is unique to North America. That makes this pig extremely valuable genetically as a heritage breed (breeds raised by our forefathers). This reasonably large pig is known for its excellent foraging activity, hardiness, and rapid growth rate, making it one of the best species to raise for pork or meat production. For good reason, farmers across … Read more

how long are sheep pregnant

How Long Are Sheep Pregnant ~ What to Know About Sheep Gestation

As a sheep farmer, there’s a good chance that you want your sheep flock to grow in numbers for one reason or another. As such, asking yourself questions such as “how long are sheep pregnant?” and “how do I know when my sheep are pregnant?” is absolutely normal. The thing about sheep is that they tend to have extremely predictable breeding cycles and lambing seasons. In their natural state, sheep always look to give birth … Read more

barbados sheep

Barbados Sheep ~ Everything You Need to Know

Barbados sheep, also known as the Barbados blackbelly sheep or just the Blackbelly sheep, is a domestic breed of sheep from Barbados. Raised mainly for its meat production capabilities, this breed of sheep can easily be found in South America and the Caribbean. It’s typically more abundant in Peru and Mexico. It’s believed that the Barbados blackbelly sheep is a direct descendant of the West African sheep that were introduced to the Caribbean island during … Read more

feeder pigs

Feeder Pigs ~ What They Are and How to Raise Them

Raising feeder pigs is one of the most profitable farming endeavors, provided you manage it correctly. Part of proper management involves acquiring the right kind of knowledge. This calls for answering questions such as what are feeder pigs? How long does it take to raise feeder pigs? And what are the pros and cons of raising feeder pigs? The global swine industry’s size stood at an impressive $236,112.7 million in 2019 and is projected to … Read more

fat tailed sheep

Fat Tailed Sheep ~ Everything You Need to Know

Even though the American Sheep Industry Association only recognizes 47 different breeds of sheep in the country, there are about 1,000 worldwide. The fat tailed sheep represent about 25% of the world’s sheep population. The fat tailed sheep is as unique as its name sounds. Unlike the thin-tailed European sheep, these sheep have a distinctive fat tail that makes up almost 15% of the animal’s body weight. It should be noted that, naturally, all wild … Read more

Black Silkie Chicken

Black Silkie Chicken Breed ~ All You Need to Know

Few chicken breeds are as highly valued as the Black Silkie chicken. Lovingly referred to as Black Silkies, this breed of chicken has a gentle disposition, great maternal instincts, and unique plumage. If you want to raise chickens but still don’t know which breed to choose, the Black Silkie chicken might be a good option. Here’s some information about this uniquely feathered chicken, including some characteristics and fun facts you might want to know. Origin … Read more

fly control for cattle

Fly Control for Cattle ~ 4 Methods to Consider Based on Your Situation

There are several good reasons fly control for cattle is important. Flies are pests that are not only bothersome to both cattle and humans but actually carry diseases. Biting flies can carry a multitude of diseases for cattle, such as bovine leucosis virus and anaplasmosis. The worst part is that different flies carry different kinds of diseases. Face flies spread Moraxella Bovis, which has been known to cause pinkeye in cattle, while relentless bites from … Read more

why do cows have hooves instead of feet

Why Do Cows Have Hooves Instead of Feet ?

There’s a popular Dad joke about cows: Why do cows have hooves instead of feet? — Because they lactose. As far as painful jokes go, this one is up there with the best of them. However, if you take the time to look at the joke, you will realize there’s a valid question. Why Do Cows Have Hooves Instead of Feet ? Let’s take a quick look at the anatomy of a cow’s foot and … Read more

herding cattle

What Is Herding Cattle and What to Know About It

What is herding cattle? Depending on who you ask, it could be all about the gentle movement of cows from one pasture to another. Or it could be a chaotic experience that comes with lost cows, exhausted cowboys, and a throbbing headache. Like most things that have been around for thousands of years, there are different ways of herding cattle. The technique you use will determine the kind of experience you have. Here are some … Read more

Shorthorn cattle

Shorthorn Cattle for Mighty Milk and Meat

Shorthorn cattle are a popular cow breed across the globe. Known for their high fertility and excellent mothering ability, this cow is reliable (in terms of milk production) and quite hardy. Having existed and grown in numbers for centuries, the shorthorn cow is now in a slow but steady decline. While this decline isn’t exactly attributed to any key medical concerns with this breed, agricultural changes over the past few years have unfortunately had a … Read more

Belgian Blue Cattle

Belgian Blue Cattle ~ Everything You Need to Know

Belgian Blue cattle go by many names depending on the circle. They are also known as Belgian Blue-White, Belgian White Blue, Blue Belgian, and Blue as Race de la Moyenne et Haute Belgique. These cows are unlike most other cattle. Originally, they were bred for their meat as well as milk. This is a massive cow that stands out wherever it goes. All you have to do is see one, and you’ll immediately know that … Read more

Rambouillet Sheep lamb

Rambouillet Sheep ~ The Breed, Origin, and Purposes for Raising

Rambouillet sheep, developed in France, was initially bred to produce wool and meat. However, it’s now frequently used as an exhibit animal. This breed has distinct traits, like its thick wool coat. If you’re looking to compare the various kinds of sheep breeds available, you’ll face many choices. Whether you are thinking about raising sheep, adding to your flock, or maybe just curious, here is information about Rambouillets and advantages and disadvantages of raising them. … Read more