Silver Laced Wyandotte

Silver Laced Wyandotte ~ Productive, Beautiful and Hardy

Silver Laced Wyandottes have been around since the 1800s. They were bred in the US to lay consistently throughout the year. Today, they’re excellent chickens for both egg-laying and their desirable meat that bares yellowish skin. It’s a common breed that’s considered versatile thanks to their ability to live in cooler climates, while withstanding warmth too. They’re highly sought after by chicken farmers and backyard hobbyists. The Silver Laced Wyandottes are the origin of the … Read more

Dominique Chicken

Dominique Chicken ~ Hardy, Friendly, Broody and More!

The Dominique chicken is said to be one of the oldest chicken breeds in America. They are excellent dual-purpose chickens, used for their brown eggs and also as a source of hearty meat. Dominiques are also known for their thick, soft feathers, as they were used for pillow stuffing in the past. These calm, friendly birds are also used as show birds and kept as pets around the farm. Here’s what to know about them … Read more

Cochin Chicken

Cochin Chicken | All about Feathery, Friendly Cochins

Cochin chickens aren’t very good egg layers but they will lay during cold seasons when other breeds stop. It’s easy to spot a cochin chicken in a coop. These are big and fluffy birds. The hens can grow to 9 – 10 pounds and the roosters to 12 pounds.   A dual purpose breed, they have become favorites for farmers around the world for their adorable appearance and easy-going temperament. They highly inviting to cuddle.  They … Read more

Brahma Chicken

Brahma Chicken | All About These Giant Chickens and Roosters

Brahma Chicken – If ever there was a “king of chickens,” then it would be the Brahma chicken because of its great size, majestic plumage, and dual purpose as an egg and meat bird. But despite its massive size, the chicken is a calm breed and will make a great addition to any flock.  Here’s an in-depth look at the Brahma, from its appearance, temperament, size, and egg production to the official and unofficial varieties. … Read more

Wyandotte Chicken

Wyandotte Chicken Guide to Appearance, Temperament, Varieties and Raising

Wyandotte chicken is a dual-purpose breed. It’s best known for laying brown eggs and delicious tasting meat. It’s one of the most popular backyard chickens in the United States. Wyandottes are hardy, healthy and friendly birds that will transform your flock with warmth. If you’re looking for a striking chicken and want four medium-to-large brown eggs each week, then Wyandotte will be a great fit for your coop. Here’s what to know about keeping Wyandotte … Read more

salmon faverolle

Salmon Faverolle – Why They’re Great to Raise

If you love chickens, then having a Salmon Faverolle can be a great fit for you. They are fun-loving creatures well-known for their adorable and outgoing personalities. These chickens are always excited to see you coming and often hope you have some sort of treat for them. This breed is talkative and their fun demeanors make them great little companions. If you’re looking for a dual-purpose chicken or a chicken for exhibition, this could be … Read more

ayam cemani

Ayam Cemani – The Rarest Chicken in the World

The Ayam Cemani is a chicken breed like no other. Whether you’ve been keeping chickens for months, years, or decades, it’s unlikely that you’ll have come across this rare, unique and expensive breed before.  If you’re looking to add some wow factor to your flock, you’ll need to learn more about the Ayam Cemani chicken. Here we explain the breed, their eggs, and how to care for them. Ayam Cemani  This breed is thought to … Read more

Easter egger chicken

Easter Egger Chicken | Beginning Breeders Guide

Learn about the Easter egger chicken and if it’s a fit for your backyard. Perhaps one of the more difficult parts about keeping chickens is deciding which breed or breeds you’re going to keep. There are many chicken breeds to consider, but Easter egger chickens have quickly become one of the favorites in America. Let’s take a closer look Easter eggers to help you decide whether this could be the right breed for you.   What … Read more

quail eggs

Quail Eggs | Here’s What to Know About Raising Quail

Quail eggs may be a lot smaller than chicken eggs, but they have great taste and a good amount of nutrition. If you live in a city where keeping chickens isn’t allowed, or just don’t have space for larger birds, raising quail is a fantastic alternative. They aren’t considered game birds so they are often permitted in areas that don’t allow chickens. You’ll enjoy the benefit of quail eggs from birds that are easy to … Read more

how much space do chickens need

How Much Space Do Chickens Need to Keep Them Healthy and Comfortable

Raising chickens is fun, but it can be challenging to get started. Questions like “How much space do chickens need?” and “What do I need to do?” may be overwhelming. With some patience and a little bit of research, you can get started on your journey into successfully raising chickens. Here’s what you need to know to be sure your chicken coop is big enough.  You’ll learn what size chicken coop, number of chickens, and … Read more