Applying for Homestead Insurance When you Decide to Go Green

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When you decide to go green, it is important that you also get homestead insurance.

Going green is the in thing these days and in the US there are thousands of households who are resorting to producing their own supply of energy.

Living off the grid and Homesteading can be an interesting endeavor, especially when you consider the rising costs of fossil fuels.

Many people cannot bear the burden of paying their utility bills each month.

Many have to work 2 to 3 jobs each day just to make ends meet.

Let’s first discuss why you should consider living off the grid.

Living Off The Grid

First of all going green would mean that you no longer depend on the conventional systems that your government provides to you, for example gas, electricity, sewage, etc.

Secondly, you may end saving thousands of dollars by producing your own energy because you will be the one in charge of everything.

According to reports, when you pay a utility bill you are charged a percentage amount which goes directly to the faculty and maintenance people working for the energy company.

Applying for Homestead Insurance

Getting homestead insurance should also be on your top priority list but before you do that it would be a good idea if you do some fact-finding on your own with regards to what kind of coverage you will receive from your insurance company.

Living off the grid does not mean that you will have to live the rest of your lives sheltered in a cave with a fire as your only heat source and skins of cow or sheep as your clothes.

It does not mean that you will have to stop using technology that makes life easier.

In fact, living off the grid means using technology and techniques that modern science has discovered in order to adequately and sufficiently produce your own sources of energy.

It is entirely possible and easily doable.

You will be using the power of nature and putting it to good use, the power of sunlight, wind and rain can be harnessed and transformed into energy in various forms.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going green and like any other US citizen you will also have the right to get homestead insurance to protect you against theft, vandalism and property damage.

Living off the grid and going green can be a really good experience and also gives you the chance of giving something back to the environment.

It will allow you to help preserve the environment and be in harmony with nature and its wonderful gifts.

Plus, you can even grow your own food in your backyard and start a business.

There are many people in the US who have successfully turned their gardens and backyards into harvesting grounds.

You can easily plant organic seeds and harvest organic vegetables which are non-GMO.

Homestead Insurance

Through your homestead insurance and strategic planning, you can then market your products at twice the market rate due to the freshness of your produce.

You can even buy a couple of hens for producing eggs.

Fresh eggs are healthy and full of nutrients as opposed to those which are kept for a long time before being shipped and transported to supermarkets.

You can sell fresh eggs to those who enjoy good food, free of chemicals and artificial enhancers, at twice the price or keep them for your own consumption.

You can even keep a couple of goats for milk.

Goat milk has been scientifically proven to be good for infants who have problems digesting processed milk.

You can either sell the milk or keep for self-consumption.

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Homestead Insurance
Homestead Insurance

Homestead Insurance and the Purpose of Going Green

Living off the grid requires you to cut off any outside sources of power like electricity, heating, sewage and water.

That being said, many households keep one source of energy for themselves and use other sources through normal means.

For example, you can produce your own electricity but use normal water and sewage services.

Many live on state electricity but have their own water and sewage facilities.

The main idea is to minimize your monthly expenditure in forms of utilities bills and other state bills.

Paying for your homestead insurance and utilities every month can be really frustrating.

Instead, if you provide your own energy you can use the money you save to pay homestead insurance premiums.

You can even sell excess energy to energy companies.

You can harness the power of nature through various methods and technology.

Solar Panels

You can purchase solar panels and install them on your rooftop or in your front lawn to provide adequate sunlight exposure.

The solar panels will absorb the heat and light from the sun and break it down, creating energy which will flow through an AC switch and generate electricity.

You can also become self-sufficient in providing electricity for your household by installing a wind turbine.

Winds blowing in your locality will move the turbine and create electricity through an intricate system.

You can either install both solar panels and wind turbines or one of them.

Solar panels are relatively more cost-effective.

You can also invest in becoming self-sufficient in all forms of energy.

You can even use the excess energy you create to pay for your homestead insurance premiums.

If you desire to live off the grid in the US or anywhere else, it is also important that you consider creating a separate budget for backup generators and batteries that can store energy in case you experience any difficulties in producing energy through the alternative sources.

Homestead Insurance

Due to the steady increase in households going off the grid in the US, producing their own food and energy, there are many insurance companies which now offer insurance coverage deals and packages.

To save fossil fuels from being depleted, many households reverted to recycling and creating their own energy.

Also, for insuring farm equipment.

There are few homestead insurance companies which provide discounts to people who are self-reliant in producing their own food and energy.

Some companies may also give up to 5% off on insurance premiums for households that have solar panels installed along with geothermal pumps.

Homestead insurance companies

Do not like to insure homeowners who live without heating and water systems.

They do not encourage insurance if such households depend on firewood and coal for heating and cooking because that is potentially dangerous and a mishap just waiting to happen.

But they are willing to insure people who at least have proper solar panels and geothermal pumps installed to become self-sufficient.

Secondly, insurance companies do not cover improper installation.

It is required that you get your solar panels and geothermal pumps installed at par with the company’s standard and you will have to hire an experienced professional for the job.

Also, many insurance companies do not insure wind powered households.

Insurance for Living off the Grid

Insurance companies over the years have provided their clients discounts for setting up environmentally friendly houses.

According to reports, there are some insurance companies which have provided a number of different products and services to households that are going green.

Many homestead insurance companies encourage environmentally friendly households and opt to invest in the renovation of old buildings using techniques which promote environmental safety.

Michael Barry, a spokesperson for the Insurance Information Institute, was recorded stating “Alternative energy coverage is a niche business, but as more homes are being built that are so-called eco-friendly, and as more homeowners take an interest in them and as more builders build them, you will see more insurers cater to this audience.”

How to get Proper Homestead Insurance

When you decide to apply for an insurance policy, you do not get any sort of additional coverage for geothermal pumps and solar panels and your umbrella policies will cover all of this.

You must determine whether or not your insurance policy covers the cost of replacing and renovating your home in case of any hazardous event.

According to research, many analysts argue that due to a considerable increase in the number of environmentally friendly homes, insurance companies would have to draft insurance policies for such households.

Over 250,000 households live off the grid in the US. Here are some advantages of having homestead insurance:

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Growing your own food gives you the advantage of eating healthy and you can avoid having to eat GMO food products as well as processed foods.

Plus, you can even sell your produce for a reasonable amount of money.

Generating your own power allows you to save money because you will not have to pay utility bills.

Saving the Environment

Self-sustainability will let you be in harmony with nature and will allow you to become more self-aware.

You will end up saving a lot of energy by making it a habit to turn off lights when not in use, saving water as much as you can, etc.

This way you will be giving back something to the environment instead of destroying it.

Insurance against Damage

Your homestead insurance coverage will allow you to claim damages for any issues with your solar panels or geothermal pumps and your household tools.

No Frustration, No Stress

By producing your own power and becoming totally self–sufficient, you will not have to pay hundreds of dollars in utilities each month.

What you earn you keep.

However, it is imperative that you take good care of your equipment.

Plus, you will not have to depend on anybody.

Long Term Investment

Living off the grid can save you tons of money but you will have to invest some of it to set everything up including your homestead insurance.

Initially, the cost will be high, the equipment and machinery is expensive and the time it will take you to recover what you have invested in the ‘going green’ process will take about 5 to 10 years to recover and after you have recovered your investment, you will save a lot of money.

Plus, you will not have to pay any tax at all on your utility bills.

Things to Consider When Living Off the Grid

There are pros and cons of everything but for living off the grid the only con is cost.

Though everything good takes a bit of cash and time to pan out, you might have to considerably invest in this way of life.

But rest assured, once you have recovered what you have invested you will not have to worry about anything else apart from maintenance.

You Own Your Own Power Supply living off the grid

Ever noticed that there is a small percentage of money charged in your utilities bills apart from the actual charges.

Well, that percentage charged is for the salaries of all the people working under maintenance of the power company.

You are paying for their salaries.

Going off the grid would allow you to save this money but you will have to invest your efforts and your time in making sure that everything is working according to plan


If you plan on going off the grid permanently and have made the necessary arrangements, then you will have to not only invest in the technology but also a backup generator and some batteries.

The excess energy produced can be conserved, even supplied back to the grid.

You will require a battery to save this energy.

The batteries are a bit pricey and need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years, based on its quality.

Plus, you will also have to purchase a backup generator.

Never compromise on the security of your house so before you do anything else it is better to first get homestead insurance so that you are protected against theft and wrongful products.

These days, homesteading has become a way of life and people are becoming more aware of what is harmful for them and what is not despite what is being shown on the media.

People have become aware of the destruction heavy industrialization is causing to the environment.

That is why nowadays most people grow their own food and vegetables.

Homestead insurance policies can be really ideal and flexible depending on the company you are getting the policy from.

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