Best Tools for DIY House Repairs

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Best Tools to Own, one of the challenges of rural living is having to do most, if not all, of the repairs around the house yourself.

It is a challenge, but one that lets you have a lot of fun.

Many of those who live off the grid actually have a full workshop for woodworking and general around-the-house repairs.

You can too.

There are several things you need to prepare before you can handle any repair you have to do.

Having the right tools for the job is one of them.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best tools to own for this purpose.

Best Tools to Own for DIY Repairs

Best Tools to Own for Around-the-House Repairs
Best Tools to Own for Around-the-House Repairs

The Toolbox

First, start with filling your toolbox with the essentials.

Pick up a claw hammer so you don’t have to use a stone or the back of a screwdriver to nail things to the wall.

It is also a good idea to have a set of pliers, particularly the needle-nose pliers, for getting nails out of the wall and other things.

You will also need a good screwdriver set.

Make sure you get one with a sturdy handle and a complete set of screwdriver heads.

If you can’t find a kit that fits all of your needs, you could also get several kits for different purposes.

This lets you have a smaller handle for smaller heads, and a bigger one for rigorous tasks.

The last three essentials you want to add to the toolbox are a tape measure, a flashlight, and WD40.

The latter is known as the lubricant to have for everyday repairs and maintenance.

It can handle anything from a squeaky hinge to getting your old power tools working again.

Power Tools

Depending on the size of your workshop and the kind of work you want to do, you can add several power tools to the arsenal.

If you want to do more work with wood.

Such as when you love working on your own furniture.

It is actually a good idea to invest in an industrial-grade moulding sander.

A power drill, a jigsaw, and a circular saw are the next power tools to look into.

They are also among the tools that will speed up your work with a wide range of materials.

If you pick up a molding sander, you can skip looking into a hand sander and a router; the molding sander is more than capable of handling any woodworking task you throw at it.

Don’t forget a generator to operate these tools around your property or in case of a power loss.

To complete the set, pick up some tools for doing electrical repairs. A pair of wire cutters and strippers can make your life a lot easier. Be sure to have some insulation tape in the drawer, spare wires, long-necked screwdrivers, and a test pen or a multi-meter (volt/ohm meter) in your toolbox as well. Complete the set, and there is no repair you cannot handle. Once you have covered the basics, you can continue by adding more tools such as a sledgehammer to better meet your specific needs and preferences.

Is Your Household Tool Arsenal Fully Stocked?

Household Tool Arsenal – Avoiding the crowds and the city lights, enjoying an abundance of peace and quiet, being closer to nature, and developing closer relationships with the few nearby neighbors you do have is part of the warp and woof of rural living.

But another aspect of living in the country is the need to be constantly prepared for whatever may come your way.

Stocking up on canned goods and bottled water in the pantry becomes a matter of necessity and not mere convenience.

Another example would be home security devices.

But here, I want to focus on keeping your home tool supplies fully stocked ahead of time, ready to tackle any home repair or renovation project. Extra trips to the town cost too much time and gas money.

Household Tool Arsenal
Household Tool Arsenal

Household Tool Arsenal

Here are some tools you don’t want to be without:


Backup generators provide power during outages and storms.

There will be times when power is out, and living in rural areas sometimes it will be slow for lines and pole to be repaired and the power to resume.

Having a generator to not only provide power to your home and critical appliances but also tools that you might need to use on your property that might be to far from an electrical outlet or supply.

Plug what you want to run with you generator directly into the generator or use a HEAVY duty extension cord into the generator.

Champion Dual Fuel 9000 Watt Gas and Propane Generator
Champion Dual Fuel 9000 Watt Gas and Propane Generator

Paint Sprayer

For both indoor and outdoor painting projects, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by investing in a high-quality paint sprayer.

Country homes, if anything, tend to take a bigger beating from the weather and the wear and tear, making painting a more frequent event.

Avoid drips, runs, spills, and paint spots on the floor and keep paint coats evenly distributed by investing in a quality brand.

To be sure you make the choice, Toolnerds gives you comprehensive household tool guides, including paint sprayers.


Simple electrical problems, whether with your outlets or your devices, can often be solved with a handheld multimeter and some “basic training” on how to use one.

Finding shorts, safely testing if outlets are live, and identifying a number of other electrical issues can be fast, simple, and easy with a multimeter.

Modern models often don’t even need to be calibrated before use, and the LED screens are easy to read and interpret.

Stapler and Nail / Screw Drivers

A staple and/or nail driver, complete with a compressor and a sufficiently long air hose are essential to a host of home improvement projects.

Siding, wood steps and railings, decks, wood flooring, carpet, structural repairs, trim and baseboards, and more will all be made much easier with a nail or a staplers versus hand nailing.

And with a long enough hose or extension cord, you can quickly nail fallen fence boards back to their posts.

Staplers…nail driver

Power Washer

A power (or pressure) washer will come in handy in country settings with relatively harsh climates.

Moss, mold, dirt, dust, and other undesirable elements will soon be plastered all over your home’s exterior.

Your decking and even foundation line may also become in need of a good washing.

If your home is sizable at all, you probably should opt for a larger, more powerful model.

And be sure it will handle hard water if you are drawing from a well or pump with high-mineral content.

Variety of Saws

Not only will you need a basic, corded circular saw, but you will likely use the full spectrum of saw types if you live in the country.

Many who live in the country will choose to build at least some of their own furniture from scratch, and it is not uncommon to run a small woodworking shop as well.

A sliding compound miter saw will make cutting angles on even wide boards fast and simple.

A contractor, or even a cabinet table saw will be powerful enough to handle all of your woodworking projects.

A jigsaw is essential for making odd-shaped cuts, and a cordless, lightweight circular saw is necessary for cutting in tight, hard to access areas.

Having the right saw for the job gives you a huge advantage.

Investing in more than just one or two saws is wise for country dwellers.

I shop for tools primarily online at and Lowes.

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