creeping charlie

Creeping Charlie – How to Get Rid Of or Manage | Is It Bad or Good?

Fall is the time to get rid of creeping charlie. This insidious weed is often referred to as ground ivy. It’s a fast-growing, invasive vining ivy. It thrives and spreads in moist and shady areas. If you have plants nearby, removing it early is key, as it will choke out other plants. A creeping charlie plant will kill everything around it. It will block sunlight, overtake roots, and block water and nutrients to plants in the vicinity. … Read more

kaffir lime

Kaffir Lime – Useful Leaves and Fruit with Offensive Name

Kaffir lime and kaffir lime leaves are popular ingredients in Asian food and other cuisine. However, there is some notable concern surrounding the kaffir lime’s name. It’s offensive in South Africa. For this reason, some refer to kaffir lime as k-lime instead. People also call it kefir lime and kieffer lime. Kaffir lime fruit originates in Southeast Asia. There, it’s called Makrut. With unique health benefits and an excellent flavor profile, the fruit and leaves … Read more

sycamore tree

Sycamore Tree – Features, Uses, Types and How to Grow

The sycamore tree is a shade tree. They can grow 70 – 100 feet and sometimes higher. Sycamores need lots of space to grow. You’ll often see them in parks and lining streets. They are fast-growing trees, growing over two feet per year. With a deep root system, they are very sturdy. Sycamore trees are deciduous and provide shade with their large canopies. Because of their size and aggressive roots, they grow well in areas … Read more

soybean plant

Soybean Plant Growing, Uses and Needs

Soybean plants grow soybeans, which are legumes. If you live in USDA plant hardiness zones 2 – 11, you can be successful growing soybean plants. They are easy to grow in warm season months. The beans take approximately 80 days to harvest.  Soybeans are an annual crop, popular in the midwestern United States. According to the USDA, processed soybeans are the world’s largest source of animal protein feed. In addition, soybeans account for approximately 90% … Read more


Plumeria ~ A Beautiful Plant to Add in Your Garden

Commonly called Frangipani, plumeria is best known as the flowers in Hawaiian leis. Plumeria flowers are fragrant and waxy. Their leaves are green, long and leathery. You can grow them as small trees, shrubs, or houseplants. Growing in a container is ideal and makes it easy to move indoors in cold weather. For optimum flowering, plumeria plants should have a full sun, all day. However, with a half-day of direct sun, they will still produce … Read more

winter vegetables

Winter Vegetables List to Plant for Year-Round Growing

Winter vegetables allow you to get the most out of your gardens year-round. As you begin to approach the time of year where your gardens change, you’ll need to find cool-season friendly crops. Surprisingly, there are plenty of winter vegetables that you’ll love being able to grow and harvest. Even if you aren’t growing them yourself, knowing what winter vegetables are in season will help ensure you buy fresh produce. What Are Winter Vegetables? As … Read more

how to grow truffles

How to Grow Truffles – Requirements and Challenges

With this complete guide on how to grow truffles, you will be able to harvest these great little treats each year! If you have ever sat down at a restaurant and tried a specially-prepared truffle, you likely loved it. Truffles are often considered a delicacy or special treat for those who eat them. But do you know if truffles are difficult to grow? Could you grow them yourself? Can you sell truffles you grow at … Read more

best weed killer

Best Weed Killer of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Having the best weed killer can help you to achieve a perfectly manicured lawn more easily. With the ability to control undesirable growth, you can have a professionally landscaped yard that will be the envy of the entire block. Weed control doesn’t have to be an endless chore. There are many different types of weed killer to consider based on your property’s needs. To help you out, we narrowed down the options to the best … Read more

straw bale gardening

Straw Bale Gardening – A Beginner’s Guide to Strawbale

Straw bale gardening has grown in popularity over the years, especially for smaller homesteads.  Setting up a straw bale garden is a highly practical way to grow your favorite vegetables and fruits in small spaces. Also, it’s a useful alternative for properties that can’t be dug to create your garden. A straw bale garden is ideal in areas with poor soil. Straw Bale vs Hay Bale Gardening The gardening concept is the same and they … Read more

types of oranges

Types of Oranges | What Varieties Are Best for Homesteading?

Many types of oranges make delicious snacks and ingredients throughout the year. As they are widely available, it can be beneficial to know what they can bring to your homestead. Although there are many varieties of oranges, all of them come from two categories. You’ll be able to choose between bitter oranges (C. Aurantium) and sweet oranges (C. Sinensis). Sweet oranges are frequently seen as the better option, as they are one of the most … Read more