how to grow lettuce

How to Grow Lettuce The Right Way

Growing lettuce is easy when you know what you are doing. Here I explain how to grow lettuce from seed or regrow from lettuce. It grows quickly and is a cool season crop. See below for my videos about growing leaf lettuce and growing romaine lettuce from seed. Lettuce grows well in growing zones 2 – 11 as long as you plant it at the right time of year. Lettuce doesn’t like extreme temperatures. If … Read more

how to harvest basil

How to Harvest Basil So It Keeps Growing

Learn how to harvest basil to maximize growth. This warm weather plant will produce lots of leaves. The great thing about growing basil is you can snip leaves off to use in cooking as well as snip branches off to regrow more basil plants. You can also harvest the seeds. Before you know it, you’ll have several plants with more leaves than you know what to do with. There’s no fear of killing the plant … Read more

lime tree

Lime Tree ~ How To Grow Lime Trees Successfully

Learn about growing a lime tree. They do well in the ground and in containers. There are many lime varieties to choose from, depending on what you want to use them for. Some are more cold hardy than others. Whether you’re a key lime pie fanatic or love the thought of bringing the tropics into your home, growing a lime tree is a fun endeavor. You can use limes for cooking and baking. In my … Read more

indeterminate tomatoes

Indeterminate Tomatoes ~ What to Know to Grow

When you decide to plant tomatoes in your garden, there are two types from which to choose –determinate and indeterminate. There are distinct differences between the indeterminate tomatoes and determinate tomatoes and reasons you may select one over the other. Although we’ll do a comparison between the two types later in this article, our main focus will be indeterminate tomatoes which will give you mouthful after mouthful of juicy goodness all season long. What are … Read more

types of basil

19 Types of Basil to Grow and Enjoy

There are as many as 150 different types of basil plants, with sweet basil being the most popular for culinary purposes. Beyond sweet basil, cultivars like Thai basil, Genovese basil, Greek basil and lemon basil are also in demand. Easy to grow, basil belongs to the mint family, which encompasses a broad range of herbs including mint, rosemary, lavender, and sage. Basil is characterized by its distinct aroma which is both sweet and spicy, and … Read more

how to prune basil

How to Prune Basil for Tremendous Growth

Learn how to prune basil to ensure lush, vigorous growth. Pruning basil correctly will help the plant to grow bushy and longer. Basil grows easily. Taking steps to trim it properly and timely will enable you to use the leaves, grow more leaves, and propagate new basil plants.  Why You Should Prune Basil There are a few good reasons for trimming basil, including harvesting, spurring growth, growing new plants, and prohibiting it from going to seed. … Read more

stevia plant

Stevia Plant ~ How to Grow this Sweet Herb

Growing a stevia plant is a way to enjoy sweet leaves whenever you want. You can use them fresh, dried, powdered, and as a liquid to sweeten drinks and food. Stevia grows well in garden beds and containers and makes an edible houseplant. They are high-yielding plants that produce all year. They grow much like basil. We explain how to grow a stevia plant, how to care for it, plant uses, and more so you … Read more

Pomegranate tree

Pomegranate Tree ~ Grow Lots of Pomegranates at Home

Growing a pomegranate tree will yield mighty pomegranates in your backyard. They also grow well in container gardens and indoors. It’s a pretty tree with colorful blooms. These deciduous shrubs are easy to care for, drought tolerant, and typically unaffected by pests and disease. A pomegranate tree is a good choice if you want a fruit-bearing tree. They are suitable for beginner gardeners. Pomegranate trees are ideal first trees to start a small orchard. It … Read more

loquat tree

Loquat Tree ~ Grow Loquats at Home for Bountiful Harvest

The loquat tree, also known as Erioboytra japonica, produces juicy, sweet, tangy plum-sized fruits with a yellow or orange thin downy skin. Depending on the cultivar, their flesh can be white, orange, or yellow. The fruit is delicious, whether fresh or dried. It can be added to fruit salads or fruit caps or cooked and preserved. They also make excellent pies, preserves, and jams. It’s possible to grow a loquat tree in a pot. They … Read more

yucca plant

Yucca Plant ~ Growing for Food, Landscape or Houseplant

The yucca plant is a popular ornamental indoor and outdoor shrub. Although it’s easy to confuse the names yucca and yuca, these are two different plant species. We’ll be covering the yucca plant here, which doesn’t have an edible starchy root but has excellent medicinal properties and other uses. Yucca plants are perennial evergreen trees and shrubs. Most are in the family Asparagaceae.  Some varieties flower and a few produce edible fruit. They are not … Read more