Duromax Generator ~ Features on 4 Models

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Here I discuss four small, medium, and heavy-duty power Duromax generators, along with Duromax dual fuel generators that are rated as high as 12,000 watts. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a powerful job site generator or a standby emergency power source for your home or RV.

You will certainly find a selection of quality Duromax portable generators to meet your emergency power needs.

Duromax boasts an extensive product line-up of 20 different generator models, including the Duromax dual fuel generators that run on either liquid propane or gasoline. We review the following single-fuel gensets:

  • Duromax XP1200iS
  • XP4400E
  • XP5500E

And this dual-fuel Duromax generator:

  • Duromax XP12000EH

Duromax Generator

Duromax consistently rates high in online generator reviews when compared to other brands like Westinghouse and Champion. Duromax products have a reputation for being durable and long-lasting.

And, this power equipment company makes its own engines, unlike other brands that will use generic or foreign-made engines for their portable generators.

Duromax is a subsidiary of California-based Duropower, an engine and power tools maker. The company’s name has always been associated with high-quality power-producing equipment like pumps, engines, and Duromax generators. If you’re looking for a made-in-America product, then you should certainly consider a generator from Duromax.

Here we conduct four Duromax generator reviews. They range in power output from a small 1200-watt Duromax generator up to the powerful Duromax 12000-Watt/9500-Watt Electric Start Dual Fuel Gas Propane Portable Generator.

You’ll see just how much equipment or home systems these units can power, so you’ll never have to worry about being in the dark during a power outage.

Duromax XP1200iS

Why we like it: It is a reliable, light and mobile generator.

  • Peak power – 1,200 watts 10A at 120V
  • Running power – 1,000 watts 8.33A at 120
  • Engine – 55cc, 4-cycle air-cooled spark-ignition, 4000 rpm
  • Fuel – Gasoline, 0.95-gallon capacity
  • Noise level – 61dB
  • Weight – 37 lbs
  • Size – 6″ L x 8″ W x 14″ H

The DuroMax XP1200iS 1,200 Watt Portable Digital Inverter is a small gas-powered generator that’s light enough to pack along for tailgating or camping trips. You never have to worry about your cell phone dying or keeping the kids entertained with their favorite DVD movies. Why? This very portable generator can run for over 9 hours on the 1-gallon fuel tank.

Duromax generator XP1200iS
Duromax generator XP1200iS

It features an easy-to-use power panel that displays all the important generator stats like power levels and fuel usage. The safety features include an automatic shutdown when the oil is low. Also, the engine idles down to save fuel and reduce noise when the generator is only being used intermittently.

For a smaller unit, you have a wide selection of power outlets for your various applications, including

  • 2 – 120V household GFCI outlets
  • 1 – 120V 30A twist lock outlet
  • 12V DC charging posts for charging external batteries

So what can this unit power at your next tailgating event with 1000 watts of continuous power?

  • 200-watt slow cooker for chili
  • 120 watts 42″ LCD TV to watch the pregame show
  • 500-watt space heater to keep warm
  • 500-750 watt small electric grill for hotdogs

Duromax XP4400E

Why we like it: It is ideal to power an RV or mobile home.

  • Peak power – 4,400 watts 36.67A at 120V
  • Running power – 3,500 watts 29.17A at 120V
  • Engine – 212cc, 4-cycle air-cooled spark-ignition, 3600 rpm
  • Fuel – Gasoline, 3.96-gallon capacity
  • Noise level – 69dB
  • Weight – 122 lbs
  • Size – 25″ L x 24″ W x 21″ H

If you own an RV, then you know that having a portable power supply comes in handy when the campgrounds are full or you prefer to dry camp and spend your time away from other outdoor adventurers.

The Duromax XP4400 which features both 120V and 240V outlets can keep your RV and your family toasty under the night stars.

The XP4400 is a versatile Duromax generator that should satisfy your power requirements of between 3000 and 4400 peak starting watts. It is a great way to re-charge your batteries and use some appliances in your RV. This unit has some neat features that are designed specifically for RV power: from season-to-season of fishing expeditions, family camping, ice fishing with your pals, or a cross-country adventure.

Duromax XP4400E
Duromax XP4400E

The DuroMax MX2 technology allows you to choose between operating the generator at both 120V and 240V simultaneously, or at 120V only with full power. This makes it ideal for use with mobile homes. The powerful DuroMax 212cc OHV engine is a workhorse that generates plenty of power to handle multiple RV appliances or if you need to use heavy-duty power tools on a worksite.

The power outlets on this unit include:

  • 2 – 120V household GFCI outlets
  • 1 – 120V/240V 30A twist lock outlet
  • 12V DC charging posts for charging external batteries

Duromax XP5500E

Why we like it: Handy power for outdoor events.

  • Peak power – 5,500 watts 45.83 at 120V
  • Running power – 4,500 watts 37.50A at 120V
  • Engine – 224cc, 4-cycle air-cooled spark-ignition, 3600 rpm
  • Fuel – Gasoline, 3.96-gallon capacity
  • Noise level – 69dB
  • Weight – 122 lbs
  • Size – 25″ L x 22″ W x 22″ H

More and more, Americans are looking to outdoor activities and open-air events as a way to escape our technology-heavy homes. Commercial and community outdoor events are made better when safe power is handy.

This Duromax gasoline-powered generator with 5,500 watts of power is one of the most popular units on the market because it is considered very lightweight and quiet for the amount of power it generates.

Duromax XP5500E
Duromax XP5500E

With an overall customer rating of 4.8 stars, it’s no wonder this Duromax generator is popular for powering outdoor events. So, what type of outdoor events would this unit be extremely useful for?

  • Heat, entertainment, and lighting for outdoor dining and seating
  • To power lights and sound for outdoor concerts
  • To keep food cold or warm for summer food festivals
  • Temporary power for home tours
  • To run a food truck or other outdoor food kiosk
  • Standby power at fairs and carnivals

Keep in mind that the peak or surge power is the amount of wattage the unit will produce when all connected items are initially turned on. For example, if you’re using a bouncy house for an outdoor children’s event, you may need up to 2000 watts of power for the air compressor that blows up the unit. But once the bouncy house is full of air, it may only take 800 watts of power to keep it inflated.

Always check the power consumption of all your appliances, tools, and equipment that will be plugged into any Duromax portable generator. You simply must make sure your generator has enough power to handle the product with the highest initial power surge or peak power. Best Generator for Food Truck Reviews

When to Consider a Duromax Dual Fuel Generator

You can find a wide range of Duromax dual fuel generator styles of most all power capacities – from 4850 watts to the DuroMax XP12000EH and XP13000HX 13000-Watt 500cc Dual Fuel Gas Propane Portable Generators. The HX series of Duromax generators which includes the Duromax 12000-Watt/9500-Watt Electric Start Dual Fuel Gas Propane Portable Generator is the company’s crown jewel of generators.

These units will provide a similar power output as normally found in permanently installed home standby generators. But these workhorse generators are portable and much more affordable. What reasons are there for a homeowner or commercial property owner to consider a dual fuel generator?

After an extreme weather event like a hurricane, snowstorm, or tornado, open gas stations may be difficult to find when much of the city is shut down for a few days. If you have a propane tank already filled, you can always switch between fuels.

The Duromax duel fuel generator comes with a convenient connector that allows you to use the same 20 – 30 pound propane tank you would use for your outdoor grill. Also, propane has a much longer shelf life than gasoline. If you have a propane tank stored for years, it will likely still be usable for your Duromax generator, while regular gasoline has a shelf life of three to six months.

Also, the best dual fuel generator will be equipped with a carbon monoxide or CO alert. This advanced technology will keep your family safe if CO fumes if the engine starts to build up fumes in an enclosed space. A Duromax dual fuel generator gives you the flexibility of using propane or gas fuel while delivering a high-quality current that is clean and free of current spikes or power dips. These generators are safe to plug in your most sensitive electronic devices like laptops, DVD players, and flat-screen TVs.

Duromax XP12000EH for Emergency Home Power

  • Peak Power – 12,000 Watts 100A at 120V
  • Running Power – 9,500 Watts 79.17A at 120V
  • Engine – 457cc, 4-Cycle Air-Cooled Spark-Ignition, 3600 rpm
  • Fuel – gasoline/propane, 8.3-gallon capacity
  • Noise level – 72dB
  • Weight – 224 lbs
  • Size – 29″ L x 30″ W x 26″ H

Power outlets

  • 2 – 120V household GFCI outlets
  • 1 – 120V 30A twist lock outlet
  • 1 – 240V 30A outlet
  • 1 – 240V 50A outlet

The Duromax XP12000EH is marketed as one of the most powerful generators for construction worksites or emergency home power. Similarly, portable Duromax generators such as the Duromax XP13000EH and the XP10000HX (13,000 and 10,000 peak watts respectively) can provide emergency power to keep your home warm, dry, and lit during a sustained power outage.

As you would expect, this powerful 10,000 watt and above generators while marketed as portable are reasonably heavy weighing over 200 pounds. They are also a bit louder than smaller units. This Duromax 12000 watt generator has a noise level of 72dB which is equivalent to the sound level of an alarm clock, a vacuum cleaner, or a restaurant during normal conversation.

Duromax XP12000EH
Duromax XP12000EH

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider a Duromax 12000 watt generator:

  • You can keep your food fresh when the power goes out.
  • Business owners can minimize downtime during temporary power outages
  • You can keep your sump pump running to avoid a flooded basement.
  • Homeowners can start clean-up operations faster after a weather event.
  • These powerful generators run much longer than smaller portable generators.
  • Your family can remain sheltered during and after a storm.

For reference, it is a rule-of-thumb that the minimum sized generator to power a whole house is 12,000 watts of power. So, let’s take a closer look at just what this Duromax 12000-watt generator can power during an outage.

  • Central Air Conditioner – 24,000 BTU – 3800 watts
  • Furnace Fan Blower – 800 watts
  • Fridge/freezer – 20 cu. ft. (AC) – 1411 watts
  • Space Heater – 1500 watts
  • Oven – Electric – 1200 watts
  • Microwave – 1000 watts
  • Electric Blanket – 200 watts
  • Flat screen LCD TV – 150 watts
  • 5 lamps with 40w LED – 50 watts
  • Laptop – 100 watts
  • Mobile device recharge – 8 watts

As you can see, the Duromax 12000 watt generator is plenty of power in an emergency to keep your family warm, fed, and in touch with the outside world.

Keep in mind that the runtime for this generator is 8 hours on gasoline at 50% load and 7 hours on propane at 50% load. So, simply off-load those appliances or devices you don’t need to use consistently and you should have enough power to make it through most of the day before refilling the unit with gasoline or propane. Learn about using a propane generator.

When using a generator to provide backup power for your home, ensure you follow the operating manual for safety instructions. Do not set up your Duromax generator or any Genset inside your home, garage, basement, crawlspace, or any partly enclosed place.

Stay away from placing your generators close to your living or family spaces, and take care that these appliances are as far as possible from doors, windows, and vents that might be vulnerable to carbon monoxide diffusion. There are dangers to carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas.

Choosing a Duromax Generator

A Duromax generator is a great choice for people looking to be prepared for anything. It is also able to serve many different functions, so you don’t need to worry about making multiple purchases.

Duromax generator is an excellent choice for many reasons. Firstly, it’s on the market with the most power of any generator in its size range. Secondly, it has some of the longest run times available among comparable generators. Finally, its design provides some of the highest efficiency on the market. It provides a solid backup power supply for home use.

Duromax is a good brand to consider if you are looking for the best portable generator or a heavy-duty Genset. In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable generator, that can last for hours on end and is affordable, the Duromax is the perfect choice for you.

The Duromax generator starts reliably, runs smoothly for hours on end, and is affordable.

You can easily find smaller Duromax portable generators at local retailers, including Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes. The larger 8,000 watts and higher products are typically ordered from an online Duromax distributor like Northern Tool, Tractor Supply Co, or Menards.

Choosing a Duromax generator for your project and home will provide clean, reliable power that will keep you from worrying about an outage. Learn reasons to get a generator.

Linda D. Jones