You will find the idea of prepping more and more in the news. Many fear our food supply may be compromised. Others fear civil unrest. Still others want to be self-sustaining in the event of a weather catastrophe or other emergency.

Prepping and preparing for "what if"

Whatever the motivation, it's always wise to be prepared. We can all learn some practical, easy-to-implement tips, just in case. We offer lots of great advice about getting started prepping as well as information for the experienced prepper.

Whether you live on a rural homestead or in a busy city, taking steps to prep can be invaluable. We discuss essential items to have on hand as well as what to start buying in bulk. Survivalists, preppers and those just wanted to have a bit of a backup plan can all benefit from learning from experienced preppers. It has become almost a hobby for some of us. It doesn't cost a lot of money, nor does your stockpile have to take up a lot of space. However, all of your planning will become invaluable should you and your family ever need it.