what are fermented foods

What Are Fermented Foods and Beverages

Depending on what types of food you like, you might have tried fermented foods, but you might not have eaten anything like it before. Here we explain: What are fermented foods? Fermented foods are often included in Asian meals as side dishes to enhance the main dish’s flavor. You can find them in grocery stores and restaurants all around the world. They are also many benefits of fermented foods. Among them are that they help … Read more

best survival knife

Best Survival Knife of 2022 | Reviews With Comparisons

Wielding the best survival knife gives you the confidence you need to venture into the wilderness prepared. As one of the essential aspects of any survivalist’s gear, you must find the best of the best ones. With a multi-purpose design, the best outdoor knife can help you prepare meals, set up camp, and act as a self-defense weapon. Best Survival Knife Reviews 1. KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife If you’re someone who spends … Read more

how to sharpen a hunting knife

How to Sharpen a Hunting Knife – What to Know

Here we explain how to sharpen a hunting knife. We explain the best way to do it along with how to sharpen a knife on a stone. Whether you’re an avid hunter or just like to go with friends a few times a year, knowing what tools to take with you and what to do with them is important. A hunting knife will help you clean the animal and prepare it for cooking. It will … Read more

benefits of fermented foods

Benefits of Fermented Foods – List of Healthy Options

There are many benefits of fermented foods. Knowing what to consume to optimize health can help with certain health issues and avoid others. Even if you’re taking prescription medicines, doctors often suggest a change in eating habits. You may have heard before that fermented foods are good for your body, but you might not know exactly what are fermented foods and what they do for your health. We discuss the benefits of fermented foods and … Read more

can you freeze mason jars

Can You Freeze Mason Jars To Preserve Their Content

You want to preserve and save food. Therefore, it’s important to know: Can you freeze mason jars? Glass has many benefits over plastic. In addition, mason jars are convenient for many foods. You can use them for home canning, and to store jams, soups, sauces, bone broth, dressing, spices, and more. You can use mason jars in many ways. Freezing in mason jars, whether it’s food or liquids, is a way to preserve foods longer.  Here’s … Read more

Best Gun for Home Defense

Best Gun for Home Defense and What to Consider

What is the best gun for home defense? The answer is simple but not simplistic. The best choice is one you can handle. This means the best gun for home protection is a gun you can pick up, grasp, and operate under stress. It needs to be comfortable enough in your hand so you can use it as a deterrent and so you can shoot repeatedly, accurately and consistently. This means it needs to be … Read more

egg float test

Egg Float Test and Other Methods of Checking Egg Freshness

Using the egg float test is a way to find out if your eggs are fresh and safe to eat. You likely won’t be buying “farm fresh” eggs from the supermarket. Using this test will help determine if the eggs are expired. In most cases, the eggs you purchase will probably be a couple of months old. This is because farmers are usually given 30 days to pack eggs, and stores have the same amount … Read more

how to freeze corn on the cob

How to Freeze Corn on the Cob: The Three Best Ways

If you enjoy corn all year or have too much corn to use up, freezing is a great option. Learning how to freeze corn on the cob can help you to make the most of your harvest. However, it’s not as easy as putting the corn right into the freezer without prepping it first. Knowing how to freeze corn in three different ways can help you find your favorite method. How Long Can You Freeze … Read more

home canning

Home Canning Guide: Tips to Keep Your Food Safe

Home canning is an exciting activity for food preservation. It can also be a valuable resource to have in order to begin stockpiling food for medium- and long-term storage.  Ensuring you prepare home-canned foods appropriately can help you to avoid life-altering illnesses that come from the botulism toxin. Preserving fresh food properly is key. As one of the main concerns with canning at home, this guide can help to walk you through the steps to … Read more

best food dehydrators

Best Food Dehydrators in 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Food dehydrators are an asset to any household. Here are the best food dehydrators to consider along with their features. Dehydrating appliances are essential for creating emergency food options. In addition, they give your family a new and exciting way to enjoy their favorite ingredients, ranging from meats to fruits. You can dehydrate many types of foods. With your own, you can dry and dehydrate an assortment of meals and snacks with absolute ease. If … Read more