Make Prepping Survival Your Way of Life to Be Prepared for Survival

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Prepping Survival, If you want to help your family, you need to learn to be prepared for survival.

Make it your way of life.

It is not a mindset you get into when you hear about a storm or hurricane coming, it is a mindset that keeps you alert and prepared 24/7/365!

This means you are prepared every day, of every month of every year.

That is what it takes to be ready for anything.

These skills are also good for off-grid living.

Prepping Survival

Being ready for survival is not just about hoarding bottles of water and canned food.

You need to be ready to protect your family.

When disaster strikes, it will come from all corners, through the front door, through the window.

You need to be ready to defend your loved ones.

Where to start Prepping Survival

Supply readiness is the best way to start prepping.

It is also easy as you only have to buy food from your local shops every other week.

Purchase extra items whenever you go out to buy anything and store them in a cool dry place.

Don’t keep them with the items you use every day.

Keep them separately, for instance in your basement.

But make sure they are off the floor.

Getting ready to get ready

Build shelves in your basement to keep the extra items safe from flooding.

Buy extra water, if you usually buy one case, get two.

If you buy a packet of pasta, buy two or more.

Store them on the shelves you made in your basement.

Whatever you buy, make a list with the date of purchase and keep the note on the same shelf.

This will help if something is near expiry, you can use it and replace with new.

If the item is non-perishable then you need not include them.

Learn basic hand-to-hand combat skills.

You never know when someone tries to steal from you or hurt your family.

Learn to use firearms, everything from how to keep them safe to keeping them clean and in good condition.

Some will want to learn to hunt and cook wild game.

This can come in handy when faced with a serious disaster situation.

Running out of stored food will mean you will have to hunt for food.

Preparing for Food Crisis

Document everything you learn on paper.

Make a photocopy and keep it separate from the original.

Disaster backpack ready with basic tools

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Duct Tape

Emergency lighting — this could be a collapsible solar lantern or rechargeable flashlight

Emergency weather radio


First Aid Kit

Having all these items will give you peace of mind knowing that you are ready in case of emergency or for a power outage.

Anyone who has faced a natural disaster or social unrest situation can tell you how being prepared can make such experiences so much easier to bear.

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When disaster strikes, things vanish from the shelves within hours and if you were among the smart ones then you did what every survivalist does, you didn’t wait until it was too late.

Prepping Survival: You prepared your mind and body for survival and planned ahead.

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Make Prepping Survival Your Way of Life to be prepared for survival
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Prepping Gives You Options for a Successful Trekking Adventure

Trekking is not only a fun activity which can be done alone or in a group to enjoy some adventure; it is a great option to work out to keep healthy while sighting beautiful scenes along the way.

Prepping gives you options on the road…Planning an on the road adventure for a good trek requires not only a trail but essential preparations.

With the proper preparations (prepping), a novice trekker in the midst of veteran trekkers can enjoy a hike up the Rockies or Everest.

The options are plentiful when good trekking preparations are undertaken for the diverse conditions and situations that may arise to challenge a trekker.

It is possible to camp out under the starry sky at night or enjoy the comfort of a warm bunk or luxury bed with an overnight trekking adventure.

The preparation list for a good trek adventure may be long for the novice trekker but the prepping gives you options that would secure satisfaction while creating a desire for more in the future.

Prepping gives you options
Prepping gives you options


The first trekking prep option is the destination.

It is crucial to decide on the best of trekking spots before starting off.

The myriad of hiking or trekking trails around your country is sufficient to kick start any trekking adventure for you.

The novice trekker should join more experienced trekkers or even the professionals from trekking societies or tour agencies that would provide reliable and experienced trekking guides for safety and success.

Health level

Another point of consideration in trekking preparations is your health level.

You may need to push through a few miles on your trekking trip on challenging terrains instead of the more comfortable cement or solid grounds.

With the right research on the trekking destinations, you can identify the types of terrains that would be confronted to overcome this trekking activity.

Researching on the best of trekking destinations and types of trails you should consider taking is a smart way of prepping that gives you options.

If you do not have the proper physical fitness to attempt a trekking trip, it is advisable to choose a simpler trail or perform the necessary workouts to prepare your body for some grueling actions.

The latter may take some time to get the body into good physical shape to handle the challenges of trekking.

Working out at home or the gym on the treadmill or stationary bike prepares the body with a greater stamina for enduring long walks.

This kind of prepping gives you the options to choose a simple path or a more challenging one.

You can also engage the assistance of a professional fitness trainer to build up your physical stamina to take on challenging treks up Mount Everest or the Rockies.

High altitude trekking differs greatly from low level hiking or walking on rough terrains.

The change in air can cause breathing difficulties in individuals who are not physically fit.


Gain a better understanding of the types of attire required in a trekking adventure would be how prepping gives you options.

You can choose thicker clothing if high altitude treks are chosen or light sleeping bags if an overnight trip is planned.

Wicking socks, sunscreen, the right shoes or boots, dressing in layers, a hat, and other essentials will ensure you have a safe, fun trip.

On The Road – Always be safe

Driving on the road always calls for the best of safe driving measures that include not only great driving skills but also driving components in excellent condition.

It is imperative to have good driving experience in maneuvering any vehicle, large or small, 2 or 4 wheels to enjoy the ultimate safe driving on any road ventured.

The vehicle that goes on the road must be in safe condition to ensure the safety of its driver and passengers.

There are many components and mechanisms in a vehicle that can change the safety level when it is in motion regardless of the terrain.

One of the important components of a vehicle to offer a safe drive in reaching the destination is the tires which form a constant contact between the road and your vehicle.

Hence, the smart driver pays careful attention to the condition of their car tires before taking it out on the road.

Road statistics in every country reveal startling facts that more road accidents occur from improper tire conditions than bad driving skills.

Deflated tires can cause serious injuries while inappropriate tire pressure causes the vehicle to veer out of control easily.

Some drivers may tend to save money by using retreaded tires or used tires.

Many countries have certain road legislation that tires must be in a certain condition to be viable on the road.

It is against the law to allow your tires to be against the minimum safe conditions.

It is imperative for drivers or car owners to check on their tire condition before driving.

This refers to the proper tire pressure as well as tire tread depth that would help reduce road accidents.

Road users would be kept safe while tires would enjoy a longer life with a lower fuel bills.

Good tires ensure safety when the car brakes or turn the corner as well as driving in wet road conditions.

Car drivers should exercise discipline in performing regular tire checks which do not take much time.

Good tires are mounted on high quality alloy wheels with the correct tire pressure for a safe and smooth ride.

Another safety measure for drivers is to check their car tire walls; these should not be frayed or loose in thread.

Deep marks in the tires or grooves are signs of bad tires which can cause the car to be out of control more easily while driving.

Old tires need to be replaced regularly depending on the frequency of use.

New tires are preferred instead of re-con units which may be cheaper but do not offer the same degree of safety.

It is best for a driver or car owner not to compromise on their road safety with substandard tires.

Buying such tires may be an offence in some countries where the Consumer Protection Act applies as bad tires can pose a high risk to all parties.

Countries that have changes in weather need to have vehicles running on different types of tires at different seasons.

Winter months require snow tires that can withstand the icy road conditions as well as slippery rain.

Always be safe on the road for the benefit of all.

EcoZoom Rocket Stoves: Great for Camping and Emergency Preparedness

Tips on planning an On The Road adventure

Planning a on the road adventure is for the young and young at heart!

Only the nature of the Road trip makes a difference keeping in mind the age and personality of the group involved.

Planning an on the road adventure is great fun and at the same time a super way to de-stress oneself from day-to-day mundane activities.

More and more people are planning an on the road adventure as it can be done on short notice and of course cost effective at the same time.

The first and foremost thing is to decide the route which should ideally be one where the drive is smooth, presence of scenic beauty and primary amenities namely accommodation and eateries present on the way.

The latter is not mandatory, but definitely advisable if traveling with children or elderly.

It is always a good idea to do a research about the surrounding areas so you don’t get a shock once you reach there.

For the less adventurous, you could go to places which have been visited by friends or relatives.

Planning a on the road adventure can be arranged in two ways, either by planning every single detail or just going with the flow.

In today’s high end technology, planning the desired route is not difficult with the GPS in place.

One can just start the car and head out without worrying of getting lost.

The foremost thing for planning a on the road adventure is the group of people involved.

Definitely one needs to have like minded people with similar interest on board.

If this equation is not got right, the road trip may be bumpy as some people may like to stop at every point and click photographs while someone else may like a long drive with a stop only at meal time or the final destination.

So decide on the group wisely.

Many people who have pets are in a dilemma whether or not to carry their beloved furry family members with them.

This is not always a good idea as animals tend to get restless after a point.

Better option would be to keep them back home with a relative or friend.

Next thing while planning a on the road adventure is what to carry and what not to carry.

Keep the packing light and restricted to essentials.

Consider a way to cook food — look into rocket stoves — and to purify water.

A must is to always carry some primary first aid and basic medicines as you really don’t know what will be available in the place you are heading out too.

Carrying insect repellents is also necessary is you are planning to camp rather than staying in a motel or hotel.

Lastly, while planning a on the road adventure the journey is as important as the destination.

So make sure there are enough people to take turns at the wheel so everyone has an equally enjoyable experience.

So what are you waiting for…Get Set Go!

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